So Arsenal CAN win Premier League with Giroud

Hello Arsenal fans. Although it may have been one of the most inspid performances in his three years in north London yesterday, But I would still take our domination over and victory against Everton in a very positive way if I was him.

Why you ask? Why? Alright then I´ll tell you. Do not let me stand accused of wasting time and spouting off when there is valuable information to impart and…oh sorry.

Back to the subject at hand and I do not think the French centre forward had such a shocker as a lot of Arsenal fans think. He was not at his best and seemed perhaps the most ring rusty of the Arsenal players (except maybe Arteta). But so what?

Here is the point Gooners, if we can turn in such a one sided game as that with Giroud being below par and with Alexis Sanchez on a beach somewhere, people will have taken notice. Plus you could say that both the second and third goal from Cazorla and Ozil were made possible by the big front man putting himself about and making a right French nuisance of himself.

Giroud´s main role as the central striker, believe it or not, is to occupy the defenders and give our fluid and ever changing formation a focal point. Of course it is better when Olly has his flicks and tricks head on but even when he doesn´t, Giroud is a real handful (now then ladies).

Giroud will want to do better and he puts plenty of pressure on himself but Wenger likes him and will not be hauling him off for a slightly ineffective first half. Especially not if Theo Walcott can keep it up and Alexis returns in good form. You tell me who has a better strike force in the Premier League.

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  1. shoot me in the head if we win either the champions league or the premier league with giroud as our front-man!!!…
    our top signings alexis was used to messi and ozil to ronaldo and then you give them giroud???…a guy whose at most has scored 21goals the whole season in an easy French league and to top it all up has never scored 20goals in an season for us…
    as far as i can remember, the last time we lifted the premier league we had a 25pl goal strikers…van persie would have delivered the league had he had a strong squad like we have today
    we have a strong squad, lets buy a top forward once and for all

      1. Maybe we should have a thread titled “Can Alexis fire Arsenal to a PL title?” rather than the tried and tested stock question about Giroud. Does it really matter that our 20+ goal striker is NOT Giroud? Spot the difference between these 2 lists.

        Sheringham (21 PL goals, 1993), Cole (34, 1994), Shearer (31, 1996 and 25, 1997), Owen (18, 1998), Phillips (30, 1999), Hasselbaink (23, 2001), Henry (25, 2005 & 27, 2006), Drogba (20, 2007), Anelka (19, 2009), van Persie (30, 2012), Suarez (31, 2014), Aguero (26, 2015).


        Hughes (15, 1993), Cantona (18, 1994 & 14, 1996), Solskjaer (18, 1997), Yorke (18, 1999 & 20, 2000), Sheringham (15, 2001), Lampard (13, 2005 & 16, 2006), Ronaldo (17, 2007 & 18, 2009), Toure (20, 2014), Costa (20, 2015).

        Yep, you got it. No-one in the first list of Golden Boot winners had a PL medal at the end of their season. The guys in the second list with 20 goals max, not all centre forwards, pocketed a PL title medal.

        The PL top scorer has only been in the title winning team in 8 of the 23 seasons. In 14 of the 23 Pl seasons the title winning team’s top scorer had 20 or less goals. The league has been won 11 times by a team without their centre forward being the top scorer.

        I have no argument with the fact there are better centre forwards than Olivier Giroud. I have a big problem with the idea that he is the main reason we cannot win the PL. If he scores 15-18, Alexis scores 15-18 and Theo stays fit then our season will hinge on our defence and general big-game attitude and the injury lottery. A minumum of 20 squad players have got to play to the maximum of their ability for 90%+ of the season.

        1. i agree with your last point,Giroud isn’t the main reason we can’t win the league.The main reason is the guy in charge the one whose kept him upfront for 3 years with no competition.Wenger is the main reason we can’t win the big trophies in this day an age

        2. so you are saying 20+ goal strikers are bad luck? you cannot use the fact that a golden boot winner not winning the premiere league as argument not to buy a good striker, that makes no sense.
          I’m certain I can make a bigger list showing 10 goal a season strikers did not go on the win the league.

          1. Don’t be silly – my point was solely that having a 20-25+ goal centre forward is not the only template to win the PL. History says it is the exception rather than the rule.

            1. I get your point, its not a requirement to have a 20+ goal striker but it doesn’t hurt to have one so why not, the club has money.
              Dont get me wrong I rate Giroud, he has his moment but he cannot turn and shoot, dribble or beat a defender, only scores in the six yard box from a one touch flick or tap-in.
              If Wenger tries and it doesn’t work then people like me will have nothing else to say. But I will always be critical when he sits around doing nothing and frowns in the technical area when players arent performing.

      2. Giroud’s main asset is that mythical hold up play with his back to the post.
        I saw the real hold up with van pursestring always facing the goal.
        I see hold up play with aguero or ronaldo holding the ball while running at you.
        The only thing I see is our defenders lumping a long ball to giroud in the midfield . Something that would have been unnecessary with a real box to box midfielder.
        The only thing you need to neutralise is a big defender like John terry.
        Giroud is a mediocre striker and he has already peaked.
        No way we are wining get the league with him

    1. Yeah that season he ‘at most scored 21’ goals was a real let-down for the team. The way they won the title and everything.. Fans were furious, he should have done more!!

      1. Every one would score 21 goals if they have the likes of Ozil, Ramsey, Super Santi, Sanchez behind them. Even you.

        1. Curious to know who you would want leading the line for us; this isn’t an attack just a question. Benzema has the likes of Modric, CR7, Bale and Kroos and barely does a better job – yet a large proportion of fans seem content that he would be the answer to all our problems (not saying that he can’t be).

          The way I see it, we’re guaranteed more goals this season with Theo back – the wings miss him, and he is sure to get more goals and assists than whatever options we kept playing last year whether it be Ramsey, Wilshere or Ozil. A lot of people seem to be shouting spend for the sake of it because they see others doing it, but if the right player isn’t there – thanks but no thanks.

          For me, if you’re going to spend some money up top and want a guarantee of goals, either go for Lewandowski or Cavani. If you want to risk it go for Lacazette or Aubemeyang both of whom could be hit or miss. Bare in mind the availability of Lewandowski & Cavani is questionable, I’m basing this off pure speculation and newspaper reports.

          1. No worries, i dont see it as an attack. We are here to tllk about Arsenal topics afterall. A strikers job is to score goals. If they cant do it, find someone who can. I am not particularly interested in Benz. But i want a player who can do the job. By sticking with a player who could not fullfill our expectation for 3 years already is pointless. We could not win the leage last years, what makes you people think that we can do it now?

            By getting a new guy you at least try to improve. Competition brings the best out of a player. Giroud has none. If Theo plays on the wings, where do we put Ramsey then? Wenger will rather bench Walcott then see Ramsey off. Favorisem is big flaw Wenger has.

            Even a player like Benteke would be an improvment to us. When you stick with a striker for 3 years but later decide to find a new one, but you see your self in a poz where there is non to buy from. You need to ask as a Fan what was Wenger thinking for the past 3 years in the first place? Was he thinking that Giroud would improve and turn into a Van Persie. Or did he not care and still is not caring? Like i said. I dont blame Giroud for being Giroud, but i do blame the managmend..

            1. I actually rate Benteke quite highly, but his form is so on and off – this is most probably down to his age, as he gets more experience that consistency will come. I understand what you mean by competition, and I will fully agree with you that the weakest points in our squad are those that lack competition (DM and ST). The issue then becomes a matter of do we buy someone who is of a similar skill level as Giroud to keep him on his toes (i.e a Benzema/Higuain) or someone who has shown he is much better and capable of scoring more goals (i.e Lewandowski/Cavani). Yes I said Benzema is of a similar skill level, because aside from the one season under Mourinho he hasn’t got above 20 goals in the league, so I’m not quite sure what makes him a cut and above beyond Giroud – speed?

              I know it sounds daft – obviously you want the best option, but that is not as clear cut as the papers suggest. There is no indication from the aforementioned players that they are willing to leave their clubs, it’s pure speculation. In my opinion I’d rather we buy someone who is guaranteed to score the goals, than someone who may end up being rotation with Giroud because they are so similar to one another.

              1. Once i was beeing told that Suarez is not that better then Giroud, and now this.

                Giroud is inferiour to Benzema in many things. I dont think that its wise to name them bec there ate to many. To put it simple. Everything what Giroud does, Benzema can do much better.

                The competition Benzema faces at Real M is extreme and not to be compared to Giroud. Plz. Just dont compare it. Giroud would not even start a game at Real. M let alone scoe a goal. This is the truth you people need to understand.

                1. What competition does Benzema face at RM exactly? Jese the wonderman who can just about muster 4 goals in 24 apps? Don’t even say CR7 because he has never consistently been RM’s number 9. Benzema’s flattering 22 goals in 46 apps last season is mind blowing compared to the 19 goals Giroud managed 36 apps isn’t it? People need to stop creaming over Fifa ratings and get a grip. If we’re talking true number 9’s Suarez, Aguero, Lewandowski, Costa, Cavani are the kind you want to be at the highest level. Why else would RM want to replace Benzema? Heck reports saying that they’re even willing to try out Bale up top instead of Benzema. I don’t want us to settle for scraps, I want us to get the very best.

              2. Dont be childish to mention this Fifa bs of yours. You make your self look not quit serious with this.

                The fact that every player at Real M. would be a starter at Arsenal proves, what king of competion i am tllking about at Madrit.

                Even being average at Real M. You would be great at Arsenal bec of the lower quality. Like it or not, thats how it is.

                1. Gee I could have sworn you said you turned your opinion on OG last year when he was scoring every game.

            2. I think after seeing a strikers job is to score goals and then I thought there it is. That is what everyone wants in their striker right?
              Obviously if that was the case OG would never see the pitch. But after reading he article about drawing defenders away and being a focal I hope more articles come out like that.
              AW loves what he brings to the table. On set pieces he is probably the best player in the league as an option to score. Defensively he also defends set pieces better than any striker as well. He is basically the best using his head in the league on both ends.
              I have no doubt like the article said that if we have Alexi, Theo, and Olivier firing our strike force would be the best. All offer something different and all are very very good using their strengths.

          2. for one cavani is no where as good as benzema if u like giroud for his support play for his midfield.
            And Alexis had messi, iniesta, xavi, dani alvez, fabregas, and he was scoring regularly enough. He has become a better player since his move to Arsenal. The same thing can very well happen to benzema. In fact i really think the move would have the same effect.

          3. Sm fans fascinate me…. we r all in aqe abt theo walcott but deep inside we knw he is injury prone, as is wilshere, but no lets nt buy a world class striker and God forbid Walcott gets injured for a couple of months and at the end of the season we all say, “Hey atleast walcott is fit again for next season!!” Utter crap

    2. Easy French league when two teams from that league, namely Monaco and PSG beat Arsenal and Chelsea respectively in Champions league last season? Let us get serious here. Arsenal can indeed win both competitions with Giroud and his colleagues leading the attack line. Football is not an individual game but a team one. It is not athletics or lawn tennis. It is the joint efforts of players that win games not single individuals. There is nothing that will stop Arsenal winning if we play as a team, attacking, closing down and defending together. Even if we were to say that Giroud scores ‘only’ 21 goals that would be great because other forwards like Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck and the midfielders like Ramsey, Cazorla, Oxlade, Wilshere would add the rest. In 2011-12 Van Persie alone scored 30 goals but how did that make us champions? It is not individual brilliance but team brilliance that makes the difference.

      1. Monaco weren’t a force when Montepellier won Ligue 1,and PSG didn’t have Zlatan or Cavani basically they werent the force that they are 2day.,So you can scrap that arguement.Lets be serious now we didn’t win the league when rvp scored 37 goals in all comps because the rest of the team wasn’t good enough mate.Every great team needs individual moments of brillance Barcelona are a great example,their whole front 3 are capable of individual brillance.Giroud isn’t so if we’re being serious at trying to win the biggest trophies,he needs to be replaced with some1 who is,otherwise we’re going into another season effectively handicapped

        1. Agreed.
          With the midfield we have now or for the past 2 years and with Van Persie at the helm, we would have one the league in one of the past 2 seasons.
          RVP basically carried the team on his own that season. He did not have the luxury of Ozil and Sanchez and cazorla to play with. Maybe if we had shown promise early in that 2012 summer transfer window by signing for example Ozil, he would have stayed.

  2. Giroud does not deserve to be arsenal’s main striker.It’s because he has not proven himself for three good years.Anyone can at least score a goal but as a player we analyze every aspect of your game.Thats why Gervinho was sold.Lets be honest Gervinho dribbles like a world beater and gave several assist to van persie if i can remember clearly in 2012 but his finishing was below average to be honest and thats why he is seen as a flop even Chamakh scored some goals but when analyzed is an average player.You must analyze every aspect of a player’s game.Giroud is not good enough he has done enough to deserve it.He has rather shown that he is not good enough in his three years here.

  3. Giroud does not deserve to lead the arsenal line next season.He should be replaced do u know why?It is because he is always going to miss a lot of chances and will cost us.people who support him to lead the line have not studied his game clearly.every season he will continue to cost us.But at least i wont say he is useless or something.He is on the pitch and gives his all so he is useful.He is not clinical and not good at all.He is a striker who is just above average but sometimes even performs below average in his 3 years over here.Be honest and say it as it is.Some people use stats to constantly defend him yet if you watch him you will be shocked.Walcott can lead the line he has everything to.but as i said he lacks the aggressiveness and physique to be the main man.that will go against him so many its better for him to remain on the wings.Giroud does not deserve it.We all know that.

  4. Arsenal win the Premier League with Giroud playing! You need a reality check. If we get a proper striker before the season has started we will challenge. Giroud is just not good enough. Henry is totally right.

    1. Yeah Henry. ..the guy who couldn’t score v Galatasaray and barza in our two of nals with a top team…is right

    2. There are a lot of non-deluded Arsenal fans here today. I like that.
      But I love to be controversial sometimes. And to satisfy the likes of @josh37, Gigi2, mohawk etc.
      I would like to issue a challenge or rather my support for Wenger to not buy any ST/CF this season.
      Let’s see if…….”When Giroud is playing and not scoring, he is like an oak tree, he is not made of glass, is not a sick note for most of the season making us weak, he gets hacked a lot AND makes sure the hacker gets hurt at the same time and all this makes him excellent at holding up the ball. Without this process, remove 5 of Sanchez’s goals and 5 Cazorla goals.
      What about crossed balls? This heavy and strong 6’5″ player rises above everybody while people try to pull him down, they also get hurt when he comes back own. If Walcott could stop being a sicknote along with Gibbs, our two best crossers, Giroud would easily be scoring 25+ league goals in a season.” ………………as written by Arsenal1again below in on of the comments OR all other mumbo jumbo nonsense that some people write will finally help us win the EPL and/or the CL.
      I really hope we don’t sign anyone so that maybe some of these fans can eventually get enough after 4 seasons of average quality in that position. Then again maybe it will take 9 seasons or 9 years like it took for us to win another trophy…so basically 20 years of not winning the EPL and forever for the CL to convince these people that Giroud is not what Arsenal needs to be dominant domestically and in Europe.

    3. It is you who needs a reality check because the same Giroud you bash and his colleagues have won us two FA trophies in a row and a Community shield while your favourites like Van Persie, Fabregas and others left before they ever tasted a trophy save for 2005 FA when they were substitutes! Like I said earlier, the idea of an individual scoring loads of goals and winning a trophy is utopian! Even Thierry Henry didn’t win the trophies alone. HTO e had Sylvain Witord, Pires, Bergkamp, Ljumberg, Kanu and Vieira contributing the goals. If Arsenal fails to win it will simply be that the team has failed to live to its billing and not because Giroud has not scored goals. Since he came Giroud has never scored less than 10 goals. That is more than Van Persie scored in the seasons before his last two and no one bashed him. Last year Giroud was injured for three months and yet managed to score 17 goals in all competitions, 14 of those in Premier League! What more do you want the man to do? When does our team do better, with or without Giroud? If anyone is honest the answer will be with Giroud. Why? The reason is because Giroud does much more than score goals. He holds the ball for others to do the finishing when he is surrounded, defends especially set pieces, wins aerial battles and is generally a focal point who will fight defences. When then do some fans detest him? Games are not about sentiments but reality.

      1. Corrections HTO was a typing error. It should simply read ‘We had———–contributing goals.”
        Last sentence first word should be “why” not “when” and should read ” Why then do some fans detest him?”

  5. Poor Giroud…only a new signin(striker) will save him,as much as i dislike him i think we must vent our anger to Wenger…even if its me wenger has signed to play for Arsenal will i decline jst bcoz am nt good enaf? All am sayin is that its nt his fault am 100% the next article will be Giroud related…we bash him but glorify the man who plays him mmmh!

    1. Vent your anger on yourself for imagining that signing one striker will cure all problems at Arsenal. One striker will be no panacea for all our team’s problems. The only panacea is team work, spirit, ethic, diligence, confidence and determination to succeed. The rest will follow. Had you ever imagined that Coquelin and Bellerin would step up and do such fantastic job for the team when the regular players got injured? What them succeed against all odds? I believe it is the issues I have enumerated above. Hence I will be the last to be surprised if Walcott, Welbeck and Akpom step up and score over 15 goals each. Nothing is ever impossible. Where there is a will there is a way.

  6. Occupy the defenders? The idiots have found a new meaning to excuse his incompetence in the pitch by claiming that he somehow has a role in our game by occupys defenders.

    Well let him occupy the likes of Terry and co, if the can, then we will tllk. But fack that. Me and all of you know that he against a half decend defenders is a nothing in the pitch. He cant run with the ball, he cant overpower others for the ball, his abilitiyes infront of the goals are non existent. I dont know why he smiles like a retard when he keeps on missing chances? I am not angry towards him as i know that he is doing his best. But his best is not good enough. The real question should be asked towards Wenger. Bec he is the one who insist in keeping him for 3 straight years as our main striker. This fact alone makes me question Wenger as a manager. This is lack of seriousness, that for i want Wenger simple to retire bec has has no drive in him.

    Take note at Van Persie situation. Van Gal is ruthless. So is Moro. So was Ferguson. All better managers compared to Arsene for a reason.

      1. Why is it when fans refer to ‘ruthlessness’ or ‘bold’ they usually follow it up with something incredibly stupid…?

    1. lol…”occupy the defenders”…it never stops. That is the new word for goals, skills, dribbling etc.

      1. Dear god… The system we use is not solely placed on our striker as the sole scoring outlet!! When you have players like Sanchez and Theo on the flanks, yes, getting the most from them is just as important!!
        A striker with an understanding with his other forwards and midfielders, good spacing, and intelligent diversion tactics is a must when you play the forwards we do.
        ‘Skills, dribbling’ who the f#@k cares?? if you can use your body as the primary tool in giving yourself an extra yard’s space as opposed to beating them with the ball at your feet what’s the difference?? Goals… Yeah 18 of them. While out for 3 1/2 months.

        1. @josh i know lets just play it to a RVP type goal scorer and have everyone’s goal total come down 50%. Let’s also have that guy take penalties maybe then we can have a 25+ scorer.

        2. But he doesn’t use his body to give him a yard of space. He can’t create his own goals. I have not seen him ever beat a man one-on-one and score. That isn’t Giroud.
          Your Suarez’s Aguero’s, Costa’s etc dribble, make their own space and take their chances. That is where skills and dribbling come in.
          I hate to say but you’re kind of stupid if you think that does not matter in football and “holdup play” matters.

          1. Henry and RVP used a combination of pace, dribbling, strength and skill to beat defenders. Adebayor also. Most times they didn’t need strength because they had excellent technique. Without pace, dribbling, skill, execution etc strength is unproductive on the pitch. All of them were stronger than Giroud and Giroud is bigger. Go watch Henry, he was smaller than Giroud but had deceptive strength. Use to shrug defenders off easily.
            Aguero, Tevez and the likes are deceptively strong and they use their dribbling and pace to make the most of it. Those are the kind of strikers that fit how Arsenal play and will take Arsenal to the next level with the current midfield we have.

  7. Yeah its true the writer needs a big reality check.Why try something that will always fail in the end.I mean are we really being serious imagine if you keep on trying something and you know it will as usual result in failure.Why keep trying it?I just cant understand.A striker who has not perform over three years needs to be replaced.Thats basically it.I mean its so frustrating watching him play because you can surely predict that he is going to have so many shockers in the season.I mean aren’t we tired of him.Do u keep approaching failure or you want to improve.He has failed and he knows it.He failed from day one and has never changed.We do not hate any player.No player is useless because they are on the pitch and put themselves on the line.But why should a player who has not performed for three good years be allowed to continually start for a team.Every player is justified by their performance over a period of time.Giroud as our main striker is a step backwards and shows that we have still not learnt from our mistakes.Sometimes you just need a clinical striker for yourself not even world class.Because he will finish off those crucial chances e.g Remy Charlie Austin Bony and more. Giroud has not proven himself and has failed each year despite his goals as we must analyze a player in every aspect and also some very average players have scored some couple of goals due to their very creative midfield.Giroud is not good.

  8. Aubameyang pay rise has been improved. It seems that the BvB doesnt want to see him go. Napoli are insane and Higuiain is not worth the money. Benzema is my only hope. Not sure if we can bring him in. I dont see any reason why Real. M would want to sell him. They only sell if they have a better player in sight who they could buy.

    Go for Draxler and make him into a Van Persie. But who the fack am i kidding? This will never happen

    1. it will take time for Draxler to become a RVP…at this stage hes not even a consistent goal scoring winger

      1. I know mate. Better we get the talent early on as missing the chance later on as they become to good and to expensive for Arsenal. Draxler is special. He is a player who can run into Chelseas defence without any problems and make something our of nothing. Potential of a Genius.

        Reus was at on point woth 17m. Lehmans called Wenger and urgered him to buy him from Gladbach, but Wenger was like. Fack you mad Jens. I will go for Gervingio instead. The rest of the story is known to us. Flop one of them became the other a world beater.

  9. The Giroud hate is alive and dandy this morning.

    I agree. We definitely need more diversity up front, but I’m not gonna slander Oli like that. Yesterday he looked like a deer in headlights but that’s why we have a pre-season. He’ll improve and be impactful, just like he was when he came back from injury last season. But alas, another signing would crank up the competition up front which will enhance our ST quality and talent overall

    1. Deja Vu from last pre-season.. Underwhelming first game back. The hate starts. First-half hat-trick the next game, they shut up momentarily.. until the next game he doesn’t score, or misses a chance.

      1. Or goes 8 matches without scoring, or does a Monacco on us which will see as being kicked out from the competition we never won

        1. OG didn’t come to play that Monaco game but neither did the rest of our squad. Weak performance by Everyone.

          OG went 8 games without scoring but I’m pretty sure he went 8 games of scoring. And he has an underrated assisting game too

          Look we need more versatility up front, I agree. But after being injured for a few months he still racked up a decent amount of goals. Give him credit.

          1. A striker has big responsibilities. Losing on sitters and such is for a big team suicidal. As long as Arsenal loses to the likes of Monaco i will give none. A player can have a bad day, its okay and forgivem, but if he keeps screwing things up way to often, then we do have a problem, and this problem needs to be corrected.

            1. Seriously… The Monaco game hate is out of control. You cannot concede three f@#king goals at home in the first leg. No one criticising Koscielny or Coquelin for some strange reason…….

              1. You cannot also miss 3 or 4 good chances to draw or win the game.
                Kondogbia’s 1st goal was lucky. And I doubt much could be done about the 2nd goal and the 3rd goal was a mistake from Chamberlain at the end. But in-between those goals if Giroud had taken his chances it would have been a different game. Just like the the 2-1 loss to Chelsea in early 2013 or the 6-3 loss to Man City in 2013/2014 or the 1-1 draw with Everton 2013/2014 or the 0-1 loss to Man Utd away 2013/2014 etc It goes on and on. Enough is enough. Its been 3 seasons lots of crucial games lost, no major trophies, hasn’t won EPL golden boot or is nominated in the EPL player of the year shortlist like some of the most recent Arsenal strikers. He isn’t taking us anywhere.

                1. Are you sh@#ting me?? Berbatov had half the pitch to himself!!!! In what possible world is that unavoidable??

                2. The fact you are making up all kind of excuses for Girouds poor performance in that game is ridiculous. Are you his girlfriend or something?
                  Go watch the game highlights, exactly a minute before Berbatov scored Giroud missed a clear cut header and failed to equalize.
                  And I watched the Berbatov goal again is unavoidable. If the defence is pushed up that far off the pitch and a counter attack is launched, not much can be done to stop it. Most mid-table teams would score that. But the team pushed up because they wanted to score a goal and equalize. If Giroud had scored 1 or 2 minutes earlier the team wouldn’t have taken too much risk and put themselves in a positional disadvantage.
                  The only mistake leading to a goal in that game was the 3rd goal from Carrasco.

        2. Lol ‘the one eyed man in the world of the blind’….Costa went 8 with no goal for Chelsea and didn’t register at all in 7 cl games….we’re all so keen to have a pop at Giroud but 14 in 21 starts for AFC was not at all bad. The answer the question is we have a team who create goals from everywhere, more so that any other premier league contender.

        3. Or comes back from injury when we were sitting pretty tamely outside the top-4 and has a purple patch of form that guarantees CL football which was the only rational target upon his return??

    2. Mesut O-chill
      No one hates Giroud. Many like me didn’t even know who Giroud was until he came here. To be honest, one of my fellow gooner showed me a video highlight of him after he was signed by Arsenal and I was not impressed especially since we were losing RVP also who was very good and getting someone with inferior quality. But I said maybe this is just a video and let me see him in action. Some players satisfy the loss of other players just like Cazorla did with the loss of Cesc Fabregas. Its been 3 seasons now and Giroud has not changed those original sentiments I had. When he leaves the club eventually, I doubt he will be talked about a lot. I don’t mind him being at Arsenal as 2nd/3rd choice to a 1st choice like Benzema or someone with more superior quality. But I have a problem with Giroud starting for this club because for 3 seasons without anyone clawing at his heels or competing with him for his spot, he has not shown any promise that he can lead Arsenal to major titles. Giroud has been given a chance many top clubs wouldn’t be patient to give him. There have been many horror moments for him in an Arsenal shirt than glorious ones. The most recent being the painful display against Monaco at home. Giroud is a hard working squad player but Giroud is not good enough to lead a title winning side. With the midfield we have and without a superstar player that overshadows everyone in the squad like Ronaldo does at Madrid, Giroud should be scoring a lot more.

  10. Dnt think anyone knocks the effort giroud shows but it’s clear for 4th n maybe a fa cup he is ok, premier league title a big fat No.
    What do ppl think of benteke wouldn’t he have been a good solution? 42 goals in 89 app for villa settled in prem offers all the giroud cab physically but on top has pace and I’d say better finisher. Personally with who is available I would have snapped him up surely he could have become a even better player under wenger’s tutelage.

    What do you think guys?

  11. I like Giroud in my Arsenal. He fits, he works hard, he contributes when he is not scoring and the other players like him.

    It’s cool seeing other fans say they would like other players at Arsenal, I see it as their right and to be honest, only the opinions of Arsenal supporters, players, ex-players and any other staff of Arsenal are listened to.

    however a pet peeve is seeing a player like Giroud be SLAGGED OFF like he is scum. I would love to take Giroud out of the equation last season, remove his goals last season to show ignorant people what league position we would have finished in, a league position which makes all those fantasy players a pipe dream because they only move to teams in the Champions League. Petr Cech would not be Arsenal either.

    When Giroud is playing and not scoring, he is like an oak tree, he is not made of glass, is not a sick note for most of the season making us weak, he gets hacked a lot AND makes sure the hacker gets hurt at the same time and all this makes him excellent at holding up the ball. Without this process, remove 5 of Sanchez’s goals and 5 Cazorla goals.

    What about crossed balls? This heavy and strong 6’5″ player rises above everybody while people try to pull him down, they also get hurt when he comes back own. If Walcott could stop being a sicknote along with Gibbs, our two best crossers, Giroud would easily be scoring 25+ league goals in a season.

    Giroud has dragged back many balls from the touchline using his strength and putting it perfectly in the opposition area. Giroud to me is a cross between the graey Alan Smith crossed with the physical strength and determination of Keown … but hey, knock yourself out, go on saying all your UNPROVEN fantasies are better than him. Every one of them will be a sick-note and contribute less, plus need at least 2 seasons to ‘settle’.

    1. Shhhhh… Your comment was way too rational. They won’t listen. You’ll just get a response of ‘he’s not good enough to win us the league’ with the only back-up point of ‘Henry said so…. sort of.’

      1. surely the back up point is that we have never come close with him as striker…but dont let such a small point get in the way of sucking up to the frenchman

        1. Nor have we with the rest of the team… For some reason a lot of the fans put that solely on Giroud’s shoulders and the funny thing is it’s the season he was injured for three months in which we dropped the majority of our points. That’s called a scapegoat.

    2. Finally, someone who has balls big enough to say the truth that all of us don’t wanna hear…this comment is as rational as it gets..

  12. Giroud has said he would welcome a new striker at Arsenal.

    Wenger we have been waiting for one ever since RVP left. Get on with it !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Giroud can’t dribble, he lacks speed, he can’t create goals out of nothing by himself, he misses sitters, and there is no way we can win the league with him alone upfront, most annoying of all is his body language on the pitch makes me mad as hell sometimes. Anyone who thinks he is good enough is deluded. We need a quality Striker for God sake.

  13. In order to win PL/CL we need to perform on big days against tough teams and against those tough teams we get very few chances to score and giroud does not have those killer instincts to score on the slightest of hint of chance. Also he cannot create something special out of nowhere, he is just dependent on the people behind him to feed him so that he can use his nifty flicks behind keeper. Arsenal can only win FA cup with giroud nothing more. Look i personally like giroud but our style of play requires pacey strikers who can run behind defenses.

      1. Its true! can he create a chance out of none like Henry or RVP?
        Does he dribble? make chances for himself? Is he skillful? Does he have good technique and execution?

        1. What did RVP win us to deserve all that praise? Apart from his last two seasons did he ever score more than ten goals a season? How could he when he was permanently in the treatment room? Some of our deluded fans and opponents who were always singing how we had gone seasons without a trophy have now forgotten that! Why? Because of Giorud and his colleagues who have removed the shame from us and won FA trophy in a row, community shield, Barclays Asia trophy and possibly another community shield soon. And someone without shame dares mention Van Persie who betrayed the Club after all that we had done for him during his constant injuries and left without ever winning us anything? I think we genuine supporters owe it to the club to have loyalty and decency! How can any loyal supporter quote Van Persie as an outstanding Arsenal personality when he abandoned the Club after just one injury free season where he scored 30 goals? Instead of translating personal success into Club success he chose to abandon ship! Some shameless fellow quotes him as someone to emulate and denigrate Giroud! Really? This is sad indeed!

  14. Oh! goodness i can’t believe it people will still defend him.You know something when Giroud misses many chances like at Monaco i did not criticize him even based on that you know why?its because he has always not been clinical.The only way a team can improve is by indentifying its problems and solving them.Arsenal has Giroud as the main cf and Welbeck as backup to him.Giroud has done well scoring some goals some too important but collectively he does more harm than good.Do not use moments to judge a player judge him based on content.Giroud does not excel in many games than he excels in games.As a main cf you need to be consistent.I see people here saying Giroud cannot dribble he cant do this he cant do that but its a bit crazy to criticize him for that because every player has his own style.Giroud limitations as a player costs arsenal and will cost us a lot.Most importantly his poor finishing which has cost us several times.Not good enough.His style of play is ok for us but a striker who can take on players and run behind defences very well would make us very strong and also should be clinical.For Welbeck he needs to works on his finishing and composure by doing the basic things right.He rushes infront of goal too much.For now he is just above average.However he can excel if he works on improving.Giroud and Welbeck will always be a pain in arsenal’s neck for most part.Some will call me stupid but hey at least i want to analyze the problem.People may support Giroud or Welbeck to lead the line next season but as the saying goes if you fool me once shame on you but if you fool me twice shame on me.Will you let Giroud and Welbeck fool you again?

  15. Arsenal can win the EPL.
    Giroud 20
    Walcott 20
    Sanchez 15
    Wellbeck 10
    Ramsey 7
    Chamberlain 7
    Cazorla 7
    Ozil 7
    Wilshere 5
    The rest 7
    Total = 105 EPL goals.

  16. People keep using stats to defend him because that’s the only way to defend him.When you watch him most at times you he hardly wows you or is any special.Can i ask a question couldn’t Chamakh or Bendtner or Aliadiere score about 15-18 goals with this super super creative arsenal midfield.I mean lets be honest if Chamakh in his first season should have scored 20 goals in EPL many people would still want him out you know why because watching every aspect of his game and also analyzing every aspect of his game he was below average in his time at arsenal to be honest.So its not only about stats because stats dont tell me the whole story about a player though they are facts and don’t lie the eyes dont lie.And with this same eyes we look at players and say Aguero is better thab Bony,Costa is better than Remy,and so on .Don’t let stats deceive you.

    1. Seriously… Where do you come up with this??
      ’20 goals and people would want him out.’ why??? if he’s in the team to score goals do you think anyone would be complaining that he didn’t dance five players before he put it in the net??
      This notion that just because you have creative players behind you anyone could score is absolute insanity……

    2. @kev,
      Well said. Giroud is not an Arsenal kind of player. Chamahk too and that’s why they did not succeed as the main strikers at Arsenal. He doesn’t have pace, technique, dribbling/skills, execution or looks natural like a Henry or RVP when playing to make up for not being prolific. They were excellent passers of the ball and fantastic with ball at feet especially Henry and scored a lot. They could score goals, make chances/goals for themselves and make for others.

    3. Haha. Did you ever watch Bentdner? It could be rolling along the goal line and he’d still put it wide…as he did! Chamakh was little better. No comparison.

  17. IMO I don’t want another striker until at least January or next summer
    I believe that we should give Walcott a full season up front with ozil Alexis Ramsey and co. Providing for him
    We won’t buy anyone until real barca or Bayern buy someone and therefore one of their current squad becomes available
    If Bayern do sign Vidal then gotze becomes available
    If real play ronaldo up front benzema may come available
    Realistically I think we won’t make any more additions unless we sell arteta or flamini

  18. Cavanis Agent
    “‘This summer, Edi has received interest from big clubs who are looking for a centre forward,’ revealed Guglielmone”
    he could ‘only be happy at PSG if Zlatan Ibrahimovic lets him become the main forward’.

  19. arsenal can’t win the title with giroud but benzema looks difficult /lacazette will stay don’t think wenger will pay 35m for him reus or maybe backup option dezko…………

    1. I would like Reus and then play an interchanging front 3 with Sanchez, Walcott and Reus or with Walcott through the middle and Sanchez and Reus on the wings.
      But I can’t see us getting Reus also.
      At this point, maybe only Dzeko is realistic and isn’t so bad. At least he dribbles more and is more mobile but not sure about acceleration/speed though. I would say no and push hard for Lacazette or Benzema. They are more what Arsenal need with our style of play. We are not a crossing team, we are more intricate.

  20. Almost everyone seems hellbent on us getting a world class striker,me included..but i think we are using giroud as a scapegoat for our shortcomings,its not like we defend too well either.we might get a wc striker but how many points will he be worth if we let in cheap goals?i know we got a good gk to help with that,but he alone cant do much..we need to focus on the team as a whole and cut giroud some slack.

  21. I see your point but must we wait that long.Can’t the boss get someone who is very clinical.I know walcott can excel as a main i have been saying he lacks the physique,aggressiveness and the battling character of a main cf.that will go against him many aint easy.but there will be matches where he can use his excellent positioning,dribbling and speed.However i think he needs to work on his defeciencies to be a the main man.He can but he lacks so much to be there.And we know Welbeck and Giroud aint that clinical thats why i advice Arsene Wenger to get a clinical cf to win those close games and tight matches and vice versa.The striker is much more of a need to arsenal since Van Persie left.We need a striker not want a striker but need.

  22. Three strikers committed to their clubs

    Lacazette: “I want to show those who think that I have my head elsewhere that I’m still here,” he told reporters.
    “I have already said that I want to continue with Lyon.
    “I have shown that I’m fully committed. It’s football that interests me, not money. I hope to have a strong season.”

    Cavani: “This summer Edi has received interest from top clubs who are chasing a centre forward,” the representative toldJournal du Dimanche.
    “He is ignoring them though because he was given guarantees about his position at the end of last season.
    “We have been led to believe that Ibrahimovic will play further and further away from the box in order totouch the ball more, leaving the striker position for Edi to fill, which was the case several times at the end of 2014-15.
    “In such conditions, Edi will be happy at PSG.”

    And Dortmund said Abumeyang is not leaving the club.

  23. Giroud scored 22 goals for Arsenal in 2013/14 season. And a 3 months-plus injury hit Giroud, got 19 goals for Arsenal last season. Stop underestimating Giroud’s goal scoring prowess and his contributions to cause goals to be scored by his fellow Gunners. I am taking Giroud to score 20, Walcott 20, Welbeck 15, Akpom 8 and Sanchez 25 totalling incredible 93 goals in all competitions by these 5 top Arsenal forwards for us this season. How about that?

    1. Agreed. But for some reason people will thumb you down and say giroud is useless.
      It’s like they only see messinronaldo and video games…

  24. From what I have read, Giroud and Benzema don’t get along very well..and the way I have known Wenger, he would never buy a player that will break the harmony in the squad..that means Benzema in ,Giroud out..Again Wenger can’t do that means Benzema is out of this for sure

  25. So many bull sxxt articles these days. Including the one that we should not sell Flamini…..

    No more these kinds of articles. We aren’t brainless like the authors….

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