So Arsenal FC are FINALLY reacting to fan frustration

There was some good news for Arsenal fans this week and for the fans of every club that will play in the Premier League from next season onwards and I am definitely not talking about this shadowy meeting of the so-called big five and representatives of an American billionaire who is apparently keen on forming some kind of European Super League.

Thankfully that seems to be a non-starter and Arsenal apparently were not keen at all. No, the good news was about the pricing of away tickets for Premier League games. After a lot of protesting at grounds the EPL and it’s clubs have announced a price cap of £30 on away tickets and that is good news, not just for our pockets but because it shows that the powers that be do realise that the fans are an integral part of what makes football so great.

That is not an accusation that has often been leveled at Arsenal and our fat cat owners and board members, as Arsenal is often labeled the most expensive club in England to follow. So the news reported by The Mirror that our club has taken the extra step of giving travelling Gooners an extra £4 discount which will mean that Arsenal fans will actually pay the least of all Premier League fans for our away tickets.

A small step maybe, but a sign that our club is finally starting to listen to us fans. So what do we tell them next?


    1. Arsenal was one of teams that was against the away price cap right? The 4 pounds off extra really don’t change the bigger picture too much, or they will be chopped off the transfer money, so Wenger will have an excuse like we reduced AWAY ticket prices, so no money for transfers, sorry

  1. So we finally signed a world class player, about time. Nwkali Kelechi, you better get used to this name because this lad is a true gem. Such a clever player, he turned down chelsea city Spains top clubs Italy’s and Germany’s too. He turned them all down to play for The Arsenal, you really can’t get much cleverer than that. Like I said, a super intelligent player, and the star of his winning International side. Brazilians Argentinians Spanish Dutch Germans they were all on show and our boy Kelechi stole it. Not a simple task, even at 17.

  2. One small step, from Arsenal…
    One Giant leap for Arsenal fan’s!

    * Neil Armstrong… Was a Gooner! ?

    1. If Alexis gets back to his scoring ways and Giroud/Walcott/Welbeck contribute more, its still possible. Winning 9 matches in a row is not impossible. Also Leicester and Spuds losing and drawing a few matches is not impossible either

      But all we can do is try our best to win every match and just hope the other two teams start dropping points

      ALSO BEWARE: Both City and United are at our backs and its not impossible either for us to finish 5th

  3. It’s funny how Arsenal fc announced the £75 million budget for this summer’s transfer window and now these ticket price reduction on away game’s. .. Since Wenger became under server pressure! ?

    These sign’s show you that the club has no intentions of replacing Wenger at Arsenal.

    #Keep the sweets coming!

  4. The thing they need to listen to next is the Wenger Out shouts. We need a manager with no boogey teams he can’t beat no matter what, plus even if we don’t spend so much, we can still improve on our game style. Regardless though those 4 pounds! I mean what a relief! I can buy more gum now! How about chopping home ticket prices by 30 pounds a game eh? That might make a difference.

  5. Is it against football regulations for a manager to buy shares in a club that he manages? ?
    Or to manage a club that he has shares in?…. Big Shares!
    Like, Mr Wenger has (secretly) @ Arsenal fc… sshhh!! ?

    1. @FBG
      Sorry Fatboy. AW doesn’t own shares in AFC. He declined citing it would be a conflict of interest, with some thinking his acquisition of shares would be a ploy to drive up share price and value of the club…

  6. Let’s have some balance eh Bob!
    Yes we have most the expensive seats in London but also the cheapest so please don’t keep on saying we are the most expensive team to support because it’s not true.

  7. No hard feelings you brits out there. But things would be diff if the english fans where somewhere close to the fans in germany.

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