Arsenal get slated but Man Utd are ‘resilient’? OK football media…

Does the football media in England have a slightly anti-Arsenal slant? Well maybe that is putting it a bit too strongly, but there are certainly more than a few pundits and journalists who are only too willing to jump on the bandwagon and add their voices to the criticism of the Gunners when something goes wrong.

I bet they were all sharpening their pencils (and knives) yesterday when Arsenal were trailing a very defensively strong Swansea City at the Emirates with less than half of the game to go. However, after the Gunners did in seven minutes what Tottenham, West Ham, Reading, MK Dons, Crystal Palace and Southampton collectively took six games to do by scoring two goals against them away from the Liberty Stadium, the silence has been deafening.

When Watford came back from a goal down to beat Arsenal it was the best thing since sliced bread and the talk of all the papers, who relished the derogatory and disrespectful comments from their striker after the match, but when we do the same and without the help of a dodgy penalty by the referee, where is the acclaim?

Yet we have Gary Neville on Sky Sports praising the resilience of his former club Man United after they beat Tottenham, who were lacklustre without Harry Kane and gifted United the only goal with some calamitous defending.

If any Premier League side showed resilience yesterday it was surely Arsenal was it not? Now tell me the football media is not biased against us.

Sam P.


  1. Durand says:

    Sam the difference is utd beat a great spuds side and never trailed in the game. Arsenal went a goal down to Watford. The difference is in the competition, of which you are well aware.

    1. Destiny says:

      Manchester United didn’t have pogba, ibrahimovic, rojo, Carrick etc. They won because they’re not a one man team

      1. Segun says:

        Why not just stop at Pogba? The others are not even starters at United while Ibra only got re-signed after running down his contract.

        I daresay Pogba is less crucial to United’s game than Kane is to Spurs’.

        But does that address the issue of how United are deemed “resilient” where Arsenal were maybe, lucky? Swansea is yet to concede 2 goals away from home; ask the “great Spuds side” how they faired when the swans came to Wembley.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    For umpteenth time, Arsenal defeats, and even draws at times, are magnified because it’s the same story every season with Wenger. Every excuse under the sun has been recycled year, after year, defending this man, and it just doesn’t wash anymore!

    If the results, and performances were exactly the same with a new manager this season, you wouldn’t see any antagonism, because the fans would give the new manager time. They would have the intelligence to realise that the new manager would be working mostly with Wenger’s squad, and would need time to make it his own, and to instil a winning mentality. The fans would also have a renewed optimism, and interest in the team. New players, and types of players, new tactics, new style of play, new formation, new attitude from the manager. Even with Kroenke in charge, fans would still be excited, and have a new hope looking forward, certainly in the short term.

    1. Segun says:

      So, what, You feel that the media bias should continue just because you need that “shiny new toy” of a manager instead of the one we have (who, frankly, has kept the club in a good place for so long), just so you “can give him time” to experiment?

      The object of the article was to point out a long standing trend with the English media and all you can post is blaming Wenger for that? Jeez!

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    SAM I understand where you’re coming from but learn not to give a fvck about it.
    It’ll do you a lot of good, we all know how the media treats us.
    But I wasn’t expecting you to be surprised or hurt.
    I’ll start caring about how the media treats us when apples start growing on orange trees, and that would probably be on a 30th of February.

  4. Akinlatun Oladimeji says:

    Even if arsenal end up winning the league, we will still be seen as not good enough for the title. The only thing we can do is to continue winning no matter what anyone says or not say.

  5. Sue says:

    As much as Arsene doesn’t change, the media doesn’t either!! They still hate us, always find something to slag off even if we win!

    ? to all of the haters


  6. Declan says:

    I really don’t get all this “oh dear the media hates us” rubbish. There are a few pundits out there who have agendas yes but in general we are liked by the media. Arsenal have always been seen to do things the right way, for the last 20 years to play attractive football, the media always say good things about Wenger too. The point is that we are very much underperforming and perhaps we deserve some stick for that!

    1. jon fox says:

      Declan, Congrats on writing the plain truth but writing sense is useless on this site which is peopled by Wenger lovers and who dislike ANY true comment criticising Wenger. This will now happen with my post too, thus proving my point. Despite these naive fools, fan polls show that 83% of those who attend games want Wenger out. In other words , five out of every six fans want him gone. BUT ONLY THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT AND WHO WILL LIKE YOUR POST AND MINE. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

  7. Ivan says:

    Hang on, let’s get real here. Swansea are a crap team who are fighting relegation and hardly ever score. You are making out they are world beaters!

    1. Segun says:

      No, not wold beaters but have been hard to beat away from home. Apparently, they had only conceded 1 goal, away from home, in the Premier league. Putting 2 past them should count as resilience, especially coming back from a goal down, don’t you think?

  8. Gasero says:

    Not only the media. .. but also some Arsenal fans here too. When we win u ll see them still criticising arsenal
    . As if we lost a the match

    All they want is 100% performance from the players and coaching staff. .. But they have that this people are human being like everyone of us
    More how much did we SPENT during the transfer window. … Bcos I couldn’t remember a team in the premier league this season that SPEND 52M THROUGHOUT THE WINDOW

    1. Xxnofx says:

      What do you mean ,arsenal I believe didn’t spend a dime in the window if u look at sales so your point is invalid ,and I’m pretty sure 4-5clubs spent heavy ,and where are they in the table ,oh yeA all above us

      1. Segun says:

        Everton isn’t above us though. Neither is Liverpool….Just saying.

    2. Ivan says:

      @Gasero we had a net profit of about £16mil this season not a net spend.
      People who grew up as Arsenal supporters care about the club deeply and cannot turn cartwheels like casual supporters such as yourself when we beat clubs who are struggling at the bottom of the table and cannot forget our caving in against the likes of Watford only 2 weeks ago.

  9. Bsquared Kagoro says:

    Arsenal all the way. Let’s support team Arsenal

  10. Segun says:

    Admin, for some reason, the comments I posted at about 11pm UK time, yesterday, are still “awaiting moderation”. What gives?

    1. GoonerP says:

      MODERATER…..I have no comments awaiting moderation except this one!

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