So Arsenal really could be after another centre-back in January?

The Arsenal boss Raul Sanllehi has already told us that he is not keen on the January transfer window except in emergencies, but it looks like that may be the case at the moment since Rob Holding’s season-ending injury occurred last week.

The new boss Unai Emery has said as much in yesterday’s pre-match conference, when he was quoted by the Express as saying: “If we can take one player to help us at centre-back, I think it’s a good option.

“A transfer is not easy and the possibility with Calum is maybe one option, but I don’t know if we can do that.

“Koscielny is coming back and for the team it’s very important he is coming back.

“Then we are going to wait and see how Mavropanos is improving with his injuries, because he is also a centre back who can help us.

“Nacho Monreal and Lichtsteiner can play in this position. But I prefer to use, if we can, a specific centre-back.”

This makes it even more important that Laurent Koscielny can prove that he is back to his best in the next few games to give Emery some breathing space in the search for Holding’s replacement. We are all well aware that if you go into the January market looking for an urgent defender, then other clubs will be demanding crazy transfer fees as they know we are desperate. It would be so much better if we could get Koscielny and Mavropanos back on track and get the rest back to fitness!

Then again, I wouldn’t say no to Gary Cahill either if Chelsea will let us have him on loan….



  1. Innit says:

    As good as we have been, I’ve come close to having heart attacks due to our defensive line.
    thankfully we’ve had Torreira and Guendouzi to help out but we need to strengthen our CB

    It could possibly mean the difference between 4th and 5th places

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    All the 9 senior defenders who are currently IN and not OUT at Arsenal are: Bellerin, Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner, Koscielny, Mustafi, Socratis, Kolasinac, Mavropanos and AMN who can play as centreback but less Bellerin, Kolasinac and AMN who can’t as they are more or less of full-backs/wing-backs specialits with AMN able to play in multiple positions at left-bac/wing-back, right-back and in the right side in the mid-field trio according to observation. Rob Holding the 10th Arsenal defender who can play as right full-back and as centreback is out of the season with an ACL injury as we are all awere. I think if Koscielny can hit top form as he comes back from a long term injury for Arsenal today at the Ems against Qarabag FK in the Europa, and if Mavropanos does come back strongly for Arsenal after been on the sidelines for months, would Arsenal need to sign another senior defender in January widow, even on loan? No Sir, I think Arsenal should be okay with the 9 defenders they have at club as of now to conclude the 2nd half of this season’s campaign. However, I think they need to do another top quality striker signing in January as a 3rd striker option to replace Welbeck with him since Eddie Nkethia doesn’t look he’ll break in into the first team squad soon to replace Welbeck.

  3. Sue says:

    Looking forward to seeing Mavropanos play again

  4. LENOhappy says:

    “Nacho Monreal and Lichtsteiner can play in this position. But I prefer to use, if we can, a specific centre-back”.Thats what you call a good coach,not using players out of position,yes I know sometimes you have to do that due to injuries and maybe suspension but when all is fit,use players in a position they are comfortable at.

    1. McLovin says:

      YES! Exactly this!

      He knows he can use fullbacks in central position if he has to. And we might to until January. But he knows he can bring in an actual CB.

      Wenger didn’t acknowledge this. He even used Elneny as a CB in his arrogance!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Mclovin, what a weird and biased analysis of two managers doing the same thing.
        AW trys a player out of position = arrogance
        UE trys a player out of position = a good coach.
        At least LENOhappy acknowledged that sometimes all managers have to look at his squad when injuries occur.
        So what was your opinion of Unai playing AMN at left back then, arogance?
        Still I am glad that, in his arrogance, AW tried Thierry Henry out of position aren’t you?

  5. LENOhappy says:

    @Samuel akinsol,you don’t think arsenal needs to but another defender because we have people that can play in that position but you want us to buy according to you “top quality striker “please sir are you sure you have been watching arsenal games this season,our problem is not scoring goals it’s the defense and also tell me how many “quality striker”will want to come to arsenal just to sit on the bench.i will be honored sir if you can reply me.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    A winger should be the priority in January, not a CB.

  7. jon fox says:

    Surely we all know that keeper apart, the most vital position in any team MUST be CB. If we manage to be totally honest with ourselves and avoid over hyping mediocre or average players as far better than they are, we have not had ONE top CB , since Sol Campbell left, with the sole exception of the Kos of two years and more ago. It is not realistic to expect that same Kos to NOW come back as he once was. SO WE URGENTLY NEED NOT ONE TOP CB but three. Holding is promising but out till next season , Sokratis merely average and Mustafi rubbish. MAVROP IS UNPROVEN BUT LOOKS PROMISING, IN THE TINY AMOUNT WE HAVE SEEN. THAT, IN TOTAL, IS WOEFULLY SHORT OF WHAT WE NEED AT OUR LEVEL. Short term, ONLY, I would welcome Cahill, who is miles ahead of anything we have (and fit right now). In a fantasy world I WOULD LOVE KOULIBALY, but as a realist, I don’t ever kid myself we will get him. There are some on here who regularly write about who they would like and expect us to get, in their fantasy eleven. But I and most of us, live in the REAL world, where we remember that Scrooge Kroenke owns our club , not Father sheik mansoor Christmas!

    1. Invisible says:

      Call Papa average or whatever, but I’m loving Papa playing in beast mode.

  8. Tk says:

    Yes third man..a winger is d priority wonder why emery and fans can’t see DAT. Our attack suffers so our defence does a lot n suffer too. Save 4 torreira we would av conceded more . we need natural wingers ,no right thinking team do without dem av dem enough .eg barca Madrid man city Chelsea Liverpool even man utd got our only winger in sanchez so u see

  9. LENOhappy says:

    I think papa may not be world class but I think he’s more than average,he’s a good defender..

  10. Sydney says:

    Even before Rob injured himself, we needed a top class center back, Mustafi is below average, Papa average so far, and doubt whether Kos will reach same height. This season we have scored so many goals but have conceded many too. With a mean defense we were winning the Palace game, man u game and drawing Chelsea game.

    1. jon fox says:


      1. Break-on-through says:

        Put it to the test.

        If Sokratis is bang average, then name 20, PL first team CB’s, that are better than him.

        1. Mobella says:

          This is a reply to ACE

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I got ya.

  11. ACE says:

    A winger as THE priority January signing?


    The current state of our CB situation.

    Boss— 33 yrs young and returning from a
    horrific Achilles injury some six months ago

    Socratis— 30 yrs young who has been pretty
    reliable for the majority of the year but must
    be rotated to preserve his availability for the
    Europa knock out stages and possible EPL
    and Cup runs.

    Mavro— Still suffering from a Groin injury that
    has had him in the treatment room all season.
    No definitive timetable on his return

    Mustafi— Like Socratis has been fairly reliable
    this season, although has picked up a few
    knocks recently. Will also need to be rested and
    rotated for the spring stretch run.

    Holding—Out for the balance of the season.

    Jenkinson/Monreal— capable replacements,
    but shouldn’t feature in any significant fixture.

    Essentially Arsenal have 2 reliable CB’s that
    have featured prominently during the course
    of the season. As much as I love Boss and
    would love to see Mavro replace Mustafi in
    the starting 11 both there health situations
    Imho preclude them from being realistic
    choices to play significant minutes going
    forward. Bailly or Calero would make perfect
    sense here and provide a short term numbers
    fix as well as a possible ling term solution if
    either thrives under Emery.

    Would love to see the Kroenkes open there
    checkbooks for once and allow Raul and
    Emery to seriously pursue a winger like Unger,
    Bailey, Lozano, Pepe, etc but if given the
    opportunity to sign just 1 player in January
    Arsenal HAS to bring in a CB!!

    1. jon fox says:

      “Jenkinson/ Monreal , capable replacements but shouldn’t feature in any significant fixture”. What is remotely capable about either at CB and IF, as you oddly claim, they indeed ARE capable, why do you then choose NOT to play them in any important fixture? The truth is you wrote nonsense with no thought or even any idea how you have contradicted YOURSELF in the same sentence. I despair of brainless folk! NEITHER ARE REMOTELY GOOD ENOUGH . WE ARE SUPPORTING ARSENAL FC, NOT WIMBLEDON DONS!!

      1. ACE says:

        Jon I appreciate your input and opinions on
        this site but your response was completely
        unnecessary and borderline offensive. Many
        times you have expressed your divisive
        opinions on this board and the majority of
        us regulars have debated your thoughts and
        points with respect. I may have disagreed with
        you at times but would never stoop to the
        level of categorizing you as “Brainless Folk.”
        My above point was simply that if needed
        against lower league oppositions are at home
        in Cup ties where Arsenal is heavily favored
        that Jenks or Nacho could feature. They
        shouldn’t EVER see the pitch in important EPL,
        FA Cup or Europa League fixtures!!!

        I wish Arsenal would show ambition and sign
        a quality CB but sadly the Kroenkes approach
        such necessary and critical investments
        similar to lesser clubs like Wimbledon. I will
        always hold the badge close to my heart but
        will wait with baited breath until Silent Sam
        reciprocates such pa$$ion.

        Infer a little more and leave the name calling
        off the board. You can do better sir.

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