So Campbell’s gone, Ospina’s gone. Can Arsenal find any takers for Jenkinson?

The new Arsenal coach Unai Emery made it clear last week that David Ospina, Carl Jenkinson and Joel Campbell would be the only outgoing Gunners from the first team before the end of the European transfer window despite the new rumours about Elneny. Campbell has been confirmed as moving to the newly-promoted serie A side Frosinone, and it has just been confirmed that Ospina is in Napoli having a medical now.

Football Italia has just reported this….

Napoli will sign David Ospina on loan from Arsenal for €1m, but the option to buy will become obligatory if they win the Scudetto, it’s reported.

Multiple sources state this evening that Colombia international Ospina is on his way to Italy for a medical.

Sky Sport Italia note it’ll be a loan deal worth €1m for the whole season, with an option to buy.

That option will become obligatory if certain targets are met, but they are believed to be extremely tough ones to achieve.

These include winning the Serie A title or Champions League.

Napoli needed a goalkeeper with experience who was reliable, but not one so expensive as to scupper the growth of Alex Meret.

So that is two more players off the wage bill, and we really need to get Carl Jenkinson gone as well. I personally can’t see anyone, even in the Championship, willing to pay the defender his 45,000 GBP a week after only playing seven games for Birmingham last season.

He was so promising once as well……



  1. Durand says:

    Getting Ramsey off wage bill fast becoming a necessity as well. Easier soaking up £45k Jenkinson salary than Ramsey’s wages.

    Tired of that Diva, good riddance to bad rubbish, ungrateful mercenary.

    1. Phil says:

      Can not disagree with you at all Durand-this Club stood by Ramsey as no other Club would have done.He and his agent rate his value far higher than most of the fan base so if we get the opportunity to get him out then that’s what we must do.Doubt there will be too many takers.I know how George Graham would have reacted to Ramsey and his Agent-Ramsey would be training with the youth team and the Agent banned from the ground and training facilities.Would be nice to turn the tables on these players don’t you think

      1. Durand says:

        Phil I feel that Ramsey took full advantage of Emery’s comments and decided with his agent to hold out for massive wages. I would be furious if I was Emery, and would bench him immediately. Guendouzi has shown something, a willingness to have an impact. Torreria much the same when he was given a chance.

        That miserable wretch Ramsey couldn’t be bothered to help out the midfield while City ran amuck. Ramsey was further up than Auba FFS! More concerned about scoring a goal than balancing the midfield.

        Absolutely shocking anyone can consider him captain material after his mercenary stance towards this team in transition.

        Too bad Adams or Vieira isn’t around to tune him up, he would NEVER EVER pull this shit with them.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          ??Ramsey would pee his pants if he had to face McLintock, Adams or Viera in the change rooms.

        2. Sue says:

          Pure greed…. the more they have, the more they want. I really hope we don’t give it to him ?

  2. Innit says:

    I think we need to sell these players next summer:
    For these reasons:
    1. Free up wages for new signings
    2. Raise money for signings (Kroenke won’t want to fund transfers from his pocket)
    3. Some aren’t good enough
    4. Sell before they decrease in value

    Eleny (although I like him as he is a hard worker)

    1. Sue says:

      Akpom has gone

  3. Dutchgooner says:

    Honestly at this point I’d take Jenkinson over bellerin any day atleast he got strength on the ball and can cross

    1. Phil says:

      Not sure about that one-Bellerin has gone backwards in my opinion but is still a far better player player than Jenkinson.Not too many Clubs beating the door down to sign Jenkinson at the moment

  4. ade says:

    Keep listing ur players for sale when we all kno our club won’t replace them .

  5. sean casey says:

    the problem we have too many players on high wages/ 0zil; mkitarian; lacazette; aubemayang and now ramsey is seeking the same high salary. some of these players are average and they need to start performing or the club will have severe financial difficulties. as with ramsey he had a bad injury 8 yrs ago / shawcross injury and as a result he is constantly suffering from niggling injuries. how long was he out last yr. does he therefore warrant/ command a high salary?

  6. TS says:

    Think it willl be hard to shift Jenkinson now, obviously injured and out for 6-8 weeks, according to Arsenals website.

  7. Lucas Rox says:

    To me, Ramsey is overrated and needs to be off our financial book. We also need Ozil to play down the middle and not out wide. Emery was trying to accommodate Ramsey that was why Ozil played from the wings which to me is arrant nonsense. As for Jenkinson, he’s going to see out his contract. No club would waste money on such guy bcz he’s not a footballer.

    1. Namo says:

      Quite right Lucas. Emery Played Ramsey In his so called preferred central position and he couldn’t do Jack. Ozil was shifted to the wings to accommodate him and dis weakened our team. City got their goals from the wing.
      Ramsey has conned the club into a difficult corner. If we let him run down his contract and go for free, we end up spending £25m, maybe more to replace him. Spread it over a 4year contract and you’ll see that the new player Already costs us more than 100k/week (excluding his weekly paAy). The talk about reducing the wage bill might just be to free up money for a pay rise for Ramsey (very annoying).
      Arsenal should never let this happen again!
      As for Jenkinson, he’s out injured so, no buyers till January at least.
      As for Elneny, I think we should keep him for now. We have 4 competitions to feature in, so we need some squad depth.

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