So can Arsenal strikers fire us to Premier League title?

This first game back after the international break was always going to be a very important one for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, especially after the manager had let the summer transfer window close without signing a single outfield player, when many in the football world thought the Gunners were crying out for a striker.

Well they may both have missed chances today, but Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott both scored and they were good goals, while Alexis Sanchez was brilliant and hit the woodwork twice, suggesting that maybe Arsenal do have enough fire power.

But when you see that once again the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey created a multitude of chances and Arsenal had 29 attempts on goal, perhaps the doubts are still very much there. There will be much tougher tests for Arsenal than this and a team that wants to win the EPL will surely need to be more clinical.

Having said that, the Stoke keeper Jack Butland played a blinder and both our goal scorers came into the game short on form and confidence, so we can realistically expect them to keep improving, especially as they did both get a goal in the end.

What do you think, Gooners, do we have enough fire power for a title challenge?

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    1. just seen that anthony martial goal….that looked awful lot like thierry henry
      please buddhah, do not hand a douche like van gaal a new henry.

      but im unconvinced by our strikers, are they good yes, can they each get 15 goals in one season yes.
      but are they clinical no
      never have been

      1. I did lik how Walcott got a goal from getting in behind the defence with his speed and Giroud had a nice free header. We nkow our strikers strengths so cater to them. I thought Ozil had a good game. I normally find him uninspired but he seemed aggessive with his passes and looked great going over to the left.

      2. I wouldn’t sweat on it. After all Skrtel isn’t the most technically skilled CB out there, besides a lot of luck were involved. If he will come good, it won’t be this season.

        Where is Mert, by the way? He’s been sick for 3 weeks? Anyways, Gabriel and Koscielny partnership looks SOLID. Loved the facial expression of Gabriel after the floored that tampon boy Arnautovic. Even when we are being counter-attacked I feel so comfortable with the pacy trio Bellerin, Gabriel and Koscielny!

    2. @muff………if the martial kid comes good with time, he will have justified his price tag…………..anyways that’s for the future to decide…………

      . Um! still reminiscing bout gabriel:….. Am i the only one who thinks Mert’s slowly becoming a bench player?

    3. Kos was so confident going forward……. He was so rest assured and secured……. Today i saw reaL division of Labour between him and gabo…. He even managed a thunder bolt from outside the 18yrd box to stun butLand

      1. Wenger just said in a press conference that he will no play. Koscielny in our next game becuz he took a shot on target from outside the box at Stock.

    4. To be honest I AM NOT FULLY CONVINCED ABOUT THEO AND GIROUD even though I prefer Theo.

      — We have been crying for such goals for the last 3 years since RVP left.
      ——- There will not always be floaters to chase or free headers for giroud and Walcott during difficult games.

      1) POOR FINISHING. Arsenal is always one of the few clubs in the world that never sees quality in the market. I have seen a talented 19 yr old FRENCH score a good goal for Man Utd. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS OUR SCOUTING LED BY WENGER IS DEFINITELY SNOOZING. A talent has just been taken form his homeland!!!
      2)WE DONT SHOOT!!!!!!!! ALL THE TIME we keep passing around the box. OZIL is constantly guilty of this. WE NEED EVERY WINGER, ATTACK MIDFIELDER TO CHIP IN SOME GOALS. I wonder who instilled this passing around the box mentality to the players.


      1. We have 2 plans now. Walcott for the teams which have space behind. Giroud with his fist touch strikes for the teams who par the bus. AW has been using like this since last season and it appears to be working.

      2. Did you watch the first half? Both teams looked terrible. Martial got lucky with his dribble but the finish was pure confidence.

      3. Haha yeah… The way he took it on LW, danced a few players then scored.
        Wish we had someone like that on the left….?

      1. You mean that 22 year old Goalkeeper that has put in a string of performances like that against other teams in the top 4.. Yh man he’s crap, absolutely no time to develop.

  1. Again lets not get ahead of ourselves… do they have the capabilities of doing a competent job enough to keep us within the top four.. then yes..Win the league.. No.. they would have done it by now or at least shown the consitency or ability to be able to do so.

    1. Review the second half of last season and preseason. They ate get back to there best. My only worry is injuries to Walcott and Giroud. They can definitely score enough. We can now definitely defend. Can we start in definitely positively support our team. Bury all the negativity until the summer of at least until after the January transfer window. This squad needs ALL of US to build up our confidence . That is our job! Lets support them and see what happens rather that use every little thing to prove AKB or AO. A house decided is weaker the a house together. The Media is trying their beat to sell media space by keeping this devision going. Let stand together this season. The team deserve it.

    1. Same goes for Özil, just put your laces through it! My native sports legend once said “when you’re close, aim high!”

  2. Yes they can. If the others in the team like Ozil and Santi create each over 20 chances during a game, so Theo and Giroud can score one or two.

    You guys fail to understand what diff a world class striker would make in the team.

    1. We would all welcome a world class striker. I would say that 99 % ofbtje fans feel that would’ve great. The split is that I don’t feel our season is doomed because we didn’t buy one. This team can score. Ozil and Santi can create goals chances out of nothing. Our midfield players add a lot of goals and even our defence joins in. We also have a good defensive unit now with good depth. Support this squad and I feel if we get their confidence high we will challenge. Remember winning the league is still in our own hands.

      1. You cant tllk me into believing that we are good enough by throwing some lines like motovation and spirit in. Class makes you into champions and not fanboisem.

        The Striker problem is something you cant ignore. Every team has a good one or oftenlymore. How many times must a Monacco situation happen so you people will start to understad?

  3. I’ve got no real worries about our goal scoring, it’ll get sorted. What amazes me is that with all this introspection about scoring goals is that it has snuck up on us that we might just have the best defence in the league.

  4. ARESNAL STRIKERS are aweful


    chances upon chances wasted

    and the bitter truth is

    the possiblity of getting many chances in every game is low especially against good team


    we have average strikers, but it is not the strikers fault

    u cant expect an elephant to fly or a cow to swim

    they have their limits.

    our strikers are highly limited. and everybody attest to it.



    the failure specialist see things differently

    1. 2 FA cups on the last 2 seasons. After 3 good transfers windows the squad started to come together 2nd half of last season and preseason. We have moved up to top 3. Let stop the negatitivity and really get behind this squad. If they continue their form from the start of the year to now we will be challenging; the strikers will become more confidence and cohesion will co tinue. Strike life of confidence. Will your comments help or hinder that? I know you love AFC so please let’s all positively support the team. Anything else is not helpful. At the end of the season u can start you AO again.

        1. Most teams could win it as an exception. AFC is now beaten United as the most successful FA cup team. The next step is the league. Title. We are now in an era where the teams we compete against are going into the red to win or wasting £10smillions to try and win it. Look at the money the 2 Manx’s team and Chelsea have spent. At some point the Sugar daddy’s will move away and will some of these teams end upblike Leeds? I accept we have the money now to overspend on players butclook at United and City they are now getting ripped off for all their players. Chelsea has curtailed the prices they pay. They have spent more than us in the transfer window . money does guarantee a title.

    2. If Walcott or Giroud can score more than 20 goals this season in EPL,

      I don’t mind if Wenger stays and get another 1 year shot at EPL title in 16-17 season.

      But if not, and my haunch probably not gonna happen, I will still declare #WENGER OUT.

  5. Really happy with the display – it sucks that we cant score more chances as we will not get as many in most matches.

    Still not convinced why we have to play Ramsey on the wing instead of Ox.

    Manu easily beat Liverpool, a team that we couldnt score against at home. So my hopes for the season and the strikers are not very high yet.

    Call me unconvinced but hoping to be proven wrong.

  6. Walcott is a #### for missing soooooo many chances,
    I think Kos would have scored more,
    If he was presented with the same chances Walcott had lol

    Koscielny and Gabriel partnership is looking great!
    hope it stays that way!

  7. Arsenal don’t feed Sanchez enough chances. Walcott had 6 today and Giroud 3. It would be better to have him as striker. Even now I think Sanchez up top can get us 20+ goals in the league easily, with the amount Arsenal create. Conversion rate would be better as well.

  8. A good annex for this article would be the stats of an herny era game.i do remember seeimg him miss 4 chaces in a g,ame for france in wc

    If between him and others miss some …

    Did we actually miss 29 chances.?

    O r we had those chances and missed halfofthem? Goalue stopped or actual misses?

    1. Yes. I must admit since start of season our conversion rate is the second worst.however that is against the back drop of having the best chances created rate. As the strikers become more confident and hopefully stay injury free the team will svre more goals than last year and will let in less. This should have us challenging.

  9. NO…NO…NO,
    They will NOT fire us to the title BUT…
    they will fire us to 4TH place or 3rd.
    Good game today but very wasteful. I don’t need to say anymore especially one particular one from 7 yards out…smh.
    For now, with what we have…Theo is our best shot.

    1. I don’t mind wenger gambling on Walcott to be a future henry,

      but with our adequate finance resources, why so penny pinching for world class striker to buy,

      so our chances to win EPL title and UCL at least serious contender much…much more increasing.

      This is the Silent Stant faults to not to include hardline JOB DESCRIPTION for WENGER to win EPL or UCL trophy this season. It is a crime to the fans and he owes it for more than a decade. Are we becoming 4th place club? embarassing.

      Stan only cares profit, what a ………… ,you can fill it as you wish.

  10. NO. I find both theo abd giroud fruatrating as strikers, were predictable up top. I want walcott/ox on the right wing, ramsey/cazorla next to coquelin, and I’d like to see sanchez uo top once in a while. Hell I’d even give ox or ramsey a go up front in a game were winning. After all wengers hell bent on playibg ramsey that he puts him on thw wing, and a winger he isn’t. Ramsey has better positional reading and timing of runs than walcott at times! Not saying we do it all the time but the teams we play know our forwards all too well and how prepare pre match to control us, (generally). Id love to see us for once change formation and player positions mid game and I dont just mean walcott and sanchez occasionally swapping. Come on lets surpise the opposition. If after 10 minutes it doesn’t work swap back. Lastly harsh to say but im delighted that kos and gabriel are now paired, long may ot continue!

    1. He is significantly more affective on the left of the 3 front players. They will be rotating during games anyway.

  11. Really good game today; showed that our striker issue has been resolved (if ever we had a striker issue). Theo and Giroud are great strikers and they proved it today.

    Benteke’s goal though -best goal of the week for me!

    As for Anthony Martial. #WhatAwaste of 36 millions for an #OverhypedFlop.
    Anyways the season has still got a long way to go, lets watch and see.

  12. I really wish every1 here will just sopport da team n drop every negativity until jan atleast. We all want dsame tin “(a top stricker). Bt ryt naw lets jux support da team. We wont know wat eat it may do 2 em until we giv em our support.

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