So did Arsenal fans’ protest work on Wenger after all?

It was a very strange season for Arsenal and everyone connected with the club, and perhaps the defining moment of it all was the situation with the protest that was planned by some Arsenal supporters towards the end of the season. But despite the fact that the protest never really got anywhere near what most of us expected to happen, it is starting to look like it has had a serious effect on Arsene Wenger.

Our long serving manager was clearly one of the people expecting more noise and a more widespread protest at the Emirates and he was obviously one of the most relieved man when quite a big portion of the crowd actively showed support for him instead of venting their rage.

But from what the club has already done in the transfer market since the end of the season, with the signing of Jamie Vardy from Leicester potentially hot on the heels of the big money transfer of Granit Xhaka, it does feel as though Wenger is doing things differently this summer.

I mean, he has not even said anything about how hard it is to find players, or alluded to one of our current stars on the injury list being like a new signing when they are fit again. It might be a little too early to say this for sure, but I am starting to think that Wenger has caught on and is determined to do something about the unhappiness of the fans.

What do you think Gooners? Is the boss finally ready to accept that he needs to spend big money and that he must change his ways if Arsenal are to end the long wait for another Premier League trophy?

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  1. Bring on ‘tha Vard-day’ and we all will forget the Emirates fiasco! By the way what happened to the Janssen/Moratta daily prayer?

    1. @NY_Gunner

      Pls,about the W.Silva where you said he is good…are you sure??
      Because the article pointed that he couldn’t get into the Bolton team as he always come in as a sub….

      So I thought if couldn’t make the Bolton bench,will he be good enough for us????

      1. @goonerboy
        Silva plays as a Striker. Neill Lennon favoured Heskey/Clough over Wellington. Then he got injured. But trust, lil dude id dynamic enough, if given a chance, to break into our 1st squad…

    2. You can never be so certain. No one can… except Arsene himself.

  2. I have taught about this and I have two opinions:

    1)Maybe Wenger won’t renew his contract afterall and he wants to do everything he can to win it this last attempt….

    2)Or maybe he wants to earn a new contract and to do that he needs to show ambition and do well next season….

    Having said that,it is still early to judge his performance in the transfer window….
    Yes,there seems to be strong rumours to good players,but they are what they are;RUMOURS…

    Let’s see if Wenger will FULLY address our needs and not the usual half job…
    So far, he has only done what is needed by replacing Arteta and Rosicky..he hasn’t added to the squad yet,just replacement for now…


  3. sadly its a little late but we appreciate his effort to leave on a high note.we all know he is gonna confuse himself with all the options he will have in midfield and end up playing people out of position but thank heavens it will be for only a season.
    all that said WE CAN WIN IT!COYG

  4. I dont mean to be hitting on him but i dont see Wenger’s hand in the transfers so far, I even had an argument with a fellow gunner yesterday but he strongly insisted the board is behind it all, but though Wenger as the coach will be notified about the players they want to bring in….even this Mahrez talk i heard Wemger prefers Miki but the board feels Mahrez is the right choice and for his low clause of £15 million and hell i see some sense and truth in it. The board fears the next reaction of the fans if they fail to do the right thing, why not please the fans and continue to enjoy making money off them??? havent any one of you notice Wenger has been completely silent about transfers?? Do people change overnight this fast?? I think the board is behind all these transfers

    1. I do see Wengers hand in Xhaka transfer, Wenger has wanted him for a while and even called him 12 months ago, it looks like the board got his 1st choice.

      I would guess that Wenger talks with Gazidis about potential transfers and Wenger has his ‘wish list’ and the board try for players on that list.

      a bit like;
      CM list
      1. Xhaka
      2. Kante
      3. Khedria
      4…. etc…

      I feel that since Gazidis has come in we have been getting the 4th or 5th choice on the list rather than the top choice, Ozil being the year the board started to change.

      It would also explain why we are linked to 30+ CM and 70+ CF… Wenger could have a long list of potential players who could do the job. Not all of the players on the list will be proven and some could be a gamble…

      Oh it also explains Welbroke, Wenger had him on the list and he only wanetd a loan deal but the board bought Welbroke.

  5. I don’t really believe the board dictates who to buy for Wenger..

    “If Wenger has a plan,
    we back”……………..

    That was just one of the many statements the board has made concerning Wenger and his influence in Arsenal..

    1. How long have you supported Arsenal?

      Was you supporting them when Dein was doing the transfers for Wenger?
      How about the 2 transfers Wenger made after Dein and prior to Gazids?

      See a change? If not then can I ask, are you blind?

      If Wenger was the cause of it then why did it change to cheap buys with Gazids?

      We had stadium debt and Wenger broke our own record transfer for a 28 year old Arshavin while he also payed handsomely for Nasri, Nasri had signed a new contract to get more money from Arsenal for the transfer and Wenger coughed up with the money.

      Why did it change when Gazidis arrived?
      Please explain to everyone how this new factor which co-insides with our change in the transfer market is not the problem.

      1. I’m not sure I exactly follow you, but Gazidis joined in Nov 08. We were aware of stadium debt well before that, & well after that- and frugal in the transfer market before and after he joined:. It wasn’t until 13/14 when we seemed to start to yield some fruits of labour from the new stadium and have some money again- able to compete with the billionaire backed clubs that had come into the prem, & buying some ready-made, expensive stars like never before.
        Summer net spends:
        04/05 £1.6M
        05/06 £6.8M
        06/07 £17.0M PROFIT
        07/08/ £13.4M
        08/09 £3.6M PROFIT
        09/10 £31.0M PROFIT
        10/11 £6.8M
        11/12 £17.5M PROFIT
        12/13 £8.6M
        13/14 £32.5M
        14/15 £65.4M
        15/16 £13.2M
        16/17 looking like it will be north of £50M

  6. “At Leicester, we just happened to play the way we did and he fit fine.
    “But even in a team that plays possession soccer, he has that sudden burst of speed and there are a lot of players at Arsenal who will notice that right away and play to that strength of his, like the way they did with Danny Welbeck.
    “He’s not someone who only tries to get behind the defence, though. He picks his spots.
    “Someone like me, I have to really get set up and then go but he can quicken instantly, go from zero to full speed. He can adjust to any style.
    “It is difficult to say what I would do if I were in his position.
    “Arsenal have not won the league for a long time and that is maybe a dream Vardy has.
    “He has won the league with Leicester and if he led Arsenal to the title rather than try and help Leicester defend it, then his stock would rise even further.”- OKAZAKI

    Damn!!! I believe he’s ours…i just saw a leaked picture of his photoshoot, in studion holding our new home kit and first thing i did was to study the body, bloody hell its Vardy’s body.
    maybe everything was done before he left for England?? maybe, but Okazaki’s interview and comment just plummeted my belief in Vardy being a gunner

    1. @eddie hoyte
      The pic is a fake. Someone photoshopped Vardy’s head on Xhaka’s body…

  7. Wenger may simply be looking at his retirement and legacy – just wanting to go out on a positive note. The best way to do that is to put together a title-contending squad.

  8. The board know that wenger is getting to his last days in the club. so they need him to leave behind a very decent team for the next coach to build upon. No body wants to make the same mistake as Fergie and ManU.

  9. I think it’s the Mourinho factor. Wenger will be determined to get one up on Jose, even if it means bending his principles.

  10. Though it seemed to be moving too slowly, it is now clear more than ever the direction Arsene Wenger is taking this team going by the type of players he has signed recently. It isn’t so much about how it looks as it is about how it feels:

    Petr Cech (seasoned winner)
    Mesut Ozil (seasoned winner)
    Mo’ Elneny (seasoned winner)
    Alexis Sanchez (fighter)
    Granit Xhaka (fighter)
    Jamie Vardy (fighter)
    Gabriel Paulista (fighter)

    Are these enough to make Arsenal into title winners in 2017? Well, no one knows. But it is certainly a good start.

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