So Far So Good – Could this really be Arsenal’s season?

Many Arsenal fans are feeling quietly confident that the Gunners can go all the way this season after coming through the usual Nasty November unscathed, and one Gunners legend, David Seaman, is growing in belief that this could be our season at last, in fact he is desperate for Arsene Wenger’s side to go all the way.

“It’s a good title race,” Seaman was quoted as saying in the Express. “There’s a few big clubs that are up there now and they’ve all got a great chance of winning it.

“With Arsenal I look at them and I feel confident. When you look back at last season, we finished second – okay, we were quite lucky to finish second if I’m honest – but this season we’re playing better, we’ve got a better squad, we’ve got a better team.

“The next stage is to actually win the Premier League and that’s what all Arsenal fans are dying for – even I am as an ex-Arsenal player, I’m dying for us to win the league just to shut everybody up.”

Seaman may be feeling so confident as we are still unbeaten since the opening day of the season, but also we have the added confidence of topping our Champions League Group as well, also without any defeats. But obviously he is worried about Arsenal’s dismal record of getting past the last 16 in the elite European competition. “It could be [the season to win it], I hope it is,” he added. “We’ve been in this position quite a few times before.

“It’s all on who we get in the draw and then the round after that, that’s where we seem to have a little bit of a wobble and get knocked out at that level.

“It affects our league level and other things come in. We’ve got a very important period coming up in January and then we’ll see how it is after that.”

Well we got through November without losing. If we can get to the New Year still undefeated, including the Man City clash, then surely even the most pessimistic Arsenal fan must start believing that this really could be our season…



  1. Franko says:

    Play Perez, Sanchez and Ox/Iwobi in attack in the coming games with Ozil behind them. We need our best pacy, skillful and technical players in attack for quick movement and 1-2 touches to split defenses open. I love Xhaka’s pacy ground passes against Basel, such fast and pacy ground passes from defense/midfield to attack would result in more attempts on goal for Arsenal. He should be paired with Coquelin in midfield. Gabriel not Jenkinson should be backup to Bellerin at right back and Arsene Wenger should give Gibbs more playing time.

  2. dragunov762mm says:

    Our EPL campaign could be lie on our midfield axis. The area where defense and attack are interchanges. Quick transition is the key for us to utilize any front line that have been picked. So far, it was proven that Coquelin-Santi and now Coquelin-Xhaka have been carried this important job well. With Santi down injured, Xhaka is our main deep lying play maker. This is my worry, as long as I see, we don’t have anyone who capable for this job except those two. Ramsey is tend to delay our attacking flow and built the scheme around him. Elneny? He’s clueless on what to do on ball when it came to attack. My question is, what happen if Xhaka down injure?

  3. nikkogunners says:

    We got a good front 4 now settled in – Sanchez, Perez, Ox and Walcott. I would play three of these with Sanchez in the middle and Ozil behind them. We should then get rid of Giroud and get a Sanchez-risque striker. A player who can dribble, keep the ball, play from the midfield and bring players into the game with ball intelligent passes. The current Arsenal game is for players who can do this things and that’s why a new striker should be found to replace Giroud.

    We have sorted the defensive parts and now we know Gabriel can be backup to Bellerin and all in all we have a more compact defensive unit. We have also sorted the central midfield situation with Xhaka and Coquelin looking like the real partnership we have craved for. Maybe now it’s time to ask Wenger to bring Ramsey to understudy Ozil with a view to taking over from the passmaster in a few years and give Ramsey play time in this role, not spoiling the central midfield pairing trying to force Ramsey in there.

    And with the striking role sorting itself out as above, Perez taking over from Sanchez in the wings, allowing Sanchez to be permanently deployed as a centre forward…Truly, this could be our year…

    1. nikkogunners says:

      we actually have a 5 star forward…Iwobi is also involved.

    2. Zimbo gunner says:

      Why get rid of Giroud? He has more than proved to be a useful player this season with important goals and assists (man utd, sunderland come to mind), sometimes the hating on giroud is just too much. When Welbeck comes back we will have real attacking options, deadly!

      1. muda says:

        Exactly my taught, Giroud is what doctor ordered as Sanchez’s backup, because they play different style of football, so we can always change our tactics when required.

    3. gotanidea says:

      Player like what Sanchez is currently, a central forward and playmaker, is very difficult to find. The player that plays like what Sanchez does in the field currently, is Messi. Even Sanchez was struggling as a central forward at the beginning, and most Arsenal fans thought he was not good in that position.

      Most world class strikers are just a goal-getter nowadays. For example Lacazette, Suarez, Cavani, Higuain, Benzema, Ronaldo, Costa, Kane and Lewandowski. They are not playmaker, but scored a lot in this season. If we want to bring a Sanchez-esque striker, to compete with Sanchez, we have to find a forward that can be a playmaker as well. I believe some of our current players can be trained to play like that, under a right guidance.

      Also, Sanchez and Messi cannot always score or create chances. It is evident from some of our games and Barcelona’s matches. This is why a target man like Giroud is very important. When he was included as a substitute, Arsenal’s tactic changed. This is difficult to be anticipated by any teams.

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    Giroud should be kept with us as far as his performance is alive even playing him from the bench approach. He has his own unique quality and is a good sub foe us. There are some games which requires his presence in the team from the start of the game. His aerial ability and link up play is very vital for the team attacking option. As to me, For open and speedy games, it is better to use Ox/iwobi, Sanches, walcot/perez at front and Ozil behind them. For the slow games, where the opponents are sitting deep and defending with a number of players, it is better to use Giroud up front, Sanches and walcot/perez on the wing having Ozil behined them.

  5. jermaineBryan says:

    I am man excited this year.

    The xll has improved Sanchez is an upgrade at cf,
    Theo is an upgrade from his previous version
    ,mustafi is an upgrade from per
    Xhaka+elneny>arteta + Flamini
    Iwobi+Perez adds depth>inj Rosicky + wilshire

    We have squad players such as Mertesacker, Welbeck, Gibbs, ospina, giroud,Perez, elneny who are still very fresh in terms of game time this season

  6. G-Rude says:

    This is definitely our best chance to win the League for many years with the depth of talent we have. Maybe Chelsea have a slightly better starting XI, but they don’t have the same quality of backups if injuries start to kick in.

  7. Franko says:

    If you must start Giroud, I would prefer the OX to play from the right and Perez on the left with Sanchez playing behind Giroud as playmaker and second striker with Coq-Xhaka behind. Now that’s a strong midfield as Sachez has the strength to support Coq-Xhaka as well as attack and playmaking.

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