So how do Arsenal get Lacazette going?

I am not going to be too hard on the new Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette, as he has only just joined the club and has not had too much time with his new teammates and we know these things can take time. Also we must remember that this is pre-season and when Arsene Wenger signed him from Lyon most people thought it was too soon for him even to go on tour.

Having said that, the clock is ticking and I am sure that the boss wants to be able to start his new striker when our Premier League season kicks off at home to Leicester City on Friday August 11th, so how does Wenger get his fellow countryman doing what he did to make him our record signing?

I would say that Lacazette showed some sharpness in the other games and that was promising. He took his debut goal well and was only denied a second by a great save from the Bayern Munich keeper. He has also showed some good link up with Ozil, Welbeck and Iwobi so that needs to be encouraged and worked on.

I believe the key is for him to be part of a slick side with passing and movement and unfortunately Arsenal were not that against Chelsea. The Frenchman also looked off the pace but that is just a fitness thing and there are three more weeks for him to sharpen up.

get Ozil and pulling the strings and Arsenal flowing and then we might start to see the real deal, don’t you think?


  1. GB says:

    He just needs to be played up front in the middle, not left, not right, not behind. He is a CF and that’s where he will perform best.

    1. Dalinho says:

      What’s Lacazette gonna do when team sit deep and drowned him of service?? Coz he don’t drop deep and pick up the ball and turn like lukaku or batsuaryi and he ain’t got the raw pace to play on the counter so aubamayung was the better option after mbappe unless wenger adds griezmann next summer to play with him! Either way he’s another mistake wenger has made in terms of prem league type player same as the midfield, it’s like wenger thinks we’re in the Dutch league

      1. Dee23 says:

        Bruv! The season hasn’t even started yet and you’re calling him Wenger’s mistake. You’re going to be eating your words once Lacazette hits the prem. Trust me! You need to see the bigger picture. Don’t judge our season before its started by a friendly where Chelsea played a strong squad against an experimental Arsenal team.

    2. neil says:

      Cant wait to see Sanchez Lacazette and Ozil link up as front three at Emirates Cup next week…. maybe Sanchez will be so excited he will sign a new contract…. oh did I just wake up! ?

      seriously would be keen to see how they play together as I doubt Sanchez will be sold before next week.. if at all !

  2. chinaka1 says:

    I still don’t understand how a team that won the EPL last season still goes out to sign
    1.Willy Cabellero-goalkeeper
    2.Antonio Rudiger-Defender
    3.tiuene Bakayoko-Midfielder
    4.Alvaro Morata-Striker
    while oh my Arsenal that finished 5th still thinks it has the best squad in the country already and so needs just
    1.sead Kolosinac-defender
    2.alexandre Lacazette-striker
    *. Lemar or Mahrez-midfielder
    with which will enable us to Challenge for the EPL. If i may ask; who and what are we even trying to challenge FFS!?

    1. Matt says:

      Because they are in Europe this year.

    2. A middle east Gooner says:

      yo r not alone bro,you are one among millions of Arsenal fans who think the same! one thing for sure dont ever trust wenger to avod being disapointed

    3. Midkemma says:

      If you actually watched all the games last season like a lot of supporters did then you will know why we do not believe we need to sign half a new team.

      Have alook at AFC pre Cazorla injury.
      Have a look at AFC after formation swap.

      Yes we imploded and when we implode we do it in style, it is sorting that implode out that is the real issue and if we can go a season in the form like pre cazorla injury or post formation change then we can challenge for the EPL title.

      It is also a reason a number of supporters are wishing for a CM signing, they know how we imploded after the loss of Cazorla and they see that as an important reason to our failings.

      1. John0711 says:

        Have a look a your thumbs down from fans who did see last season

      2. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

        This pre and post Carzola stuff is nonsense.

        He has played that position well but barely ever played it. I’m not sure how the majority of people have deduced that his absence is the issue given that – 1) he barely ever played as a cm and 2) his role no longer exists in the new system. It is his very role that gets sacrificed for the additional defender! Signing a Cazorla replacement equals signing a player with no position to play in!!!!!!

      3. Uk says:

        When would we start giving conte the credit for the formation change? Monsieur Wenger only had to copy a tested and trusted formula

    4. neil says:

      Transfer window is a long way from over my friend… happy to agree with you if by Sept 1st (is that date when window closes ?) we have not bought anyone else
      I am hoping that either Lemar / Mahrez will be added plus eg Carvalho ..
      I thought we should have bought Van Dijk from Celtic and still think he will be a good buy now especially as Kos seems to get regularly injured.. Kos Mustafi Van Dijk and Holding as 4 very good CB’s.
      So for me 2/3 more players will make us competitive..

    5. jonestown says:

      Over a month left son…. it is pretty obvious to anyone taking note that we are not done in this window. What you also don’t mention is that Chelsea have released or loaned out 26 players to date. Amongst them Terry, Ake, Cuadrado, Atsu, Begovic, Traore, Loftus-Cheek, Chalobah ,Zouma, Solanke all gone….Costa and Remy about to be added to the list.

      Calbellero is a downgrade on Begovic. An inform Costa is a better bet than PL unproven Morata – but I like Morata not knocking him. Bakayoko, could be a good signing but replacing an outgoing Matic. Rudiger is a good buy but effectively replacing 3CBs with Terry, Zouma and Ake gone.

    6. Dee23 says:

      Well, what happened the season Wenger only signed a goal keeper? Yeah, we finished 2nd. What happened when Liverpool and Totteham spent their Suarez and Bale money and bought lots of players. Yeah, they didn’t.

      Let’s see how the rest of the transfer window plays out and how our players work together before judging our season before the premier league ball has even been kicked. The way things play out just might surprise you.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    By not putting pressure on him
    He is a striker.
    He knows that he is there to score goals
    He enjoys scoring goals
    He is used to scoring lots of goals

    Once the season starts he will get his rhythm going. Just give him time

    1. Dalinho says:

      Lacazette is made for 4-2-3-1 so we have to go back to that if we won’t the best out of him! It’s funny how we only needed a lacazette to finish off our team last season then we changed to 3-4-3 which is more suited to welbeck and now we’ve brought lacazette lol what is wenger doing! We are a mess

  4. killamch89 says:

    FFS Not everyone is going to come to Arsenal and adapt immediately like Alexis Sanchez. He’s a natural goalscorer give him time and he will find his rhythm. Henry and Bergkamp took a while to get going in the Epl so just give him time.

    1. Dimmy says:

      It’s so easy for everyone to say give him time. But trust me, the moment he goes three games without a goal, the same fans will get on his back, and call Wenger delusional (i’m not saying he’s not)…and even suggest he should’ve gone for Lukaku instead. He may not or may hit the ground running, though i would wish for the latter, but We need to get behind the team, not just Lacazette… fans are supporters and should act as such. Yes they are professionals, but players thrive on confidence, and when you have an army of supporters behind you, your confidence soars, and so does your performance. That said, i expect lots of goals from Lacazette and I’m confident he won’t let us down.

      1. Dee23 says:

        Well he scored within 10 minutes of playing for Arsenal in his first ever game in the Arsenal shirt so I don’t see him having that problem. If he gets the service he will convert chances. It’s that simple. He is a clinical finisher. We may need to adjust the formation to get the best out of him but either way it still comes down to him being brought into the game. Once he gets the service deliver.

        1. Dee23 says:

          * he will deliver

  5. Midkemma says:

    The CM and Wingbacks was the real issue against Chelsea, they was not providing a service to the attackers and allowed Chelsea to put too much pressure on our def which was make shift.

    Ox was terrible, Nelson looks better as a RWB from pre season and although I know the Ox can be brilliant, he is inconsistent and it hurt us against Chelsea.
    Bramall was out of his depth but it doesn’t take away hope that he will soon be ready for the EPL, keeping in mind where he was playing not long ago… He looks promising still but not the man we need against top teams.

    If you look at how we attacked other teams in pre season then the wingbacks will be recognised as a big part, they was the players who was looking to get past his man and drive the attack.

    It was made worse by Ramsey not getting back and helping to defend as well and Xhaka being too slow in close quarters, that lack of snappy pace hinders his tough tackling. Coquelin has done the type of job Xhaka could benefit from playing next to in pre season, nippy tackling player to win the ball back and to release it to either a wingback or Xhaka to drive the game forward.

    I was not impressed by Ramseys def work and I feel that affected Xhakas performance to give AFC a weak CM against Chelsea. At the end of last season Ramsey was getting back to defend faster than against Chelsea… maybe the heat? More games recently so tired? Either way it cost us.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Meant to say at the end, we need to provide service to Lacazette and he will score goals, he may need a bit of time to adapt so we fans need to relax a bit and not make kneejerk twitter posts!

      Apart from time to adapt, he needs service, don’t get him the ball and how is he going to score as a CF?

  6. James Simmonds says:

    The fact is Chanaka Chelsea prob had the smallest squad last season in terms of big stars and only kept John Terry as a just in case. They had no European fixtures at all last season and didn’t play for long in the league cup. They needed at least another 6 players if they kept their current playing staff to compete this season. They have released Terry and in Costa will be losing a proven premiership class striker, replacing him with Morata. A player who is not really quick, physical and will take time to settle in a much more competitive league with better defences and no winter break. (Hence Granit and Skhodrans struggle towards and after the winter period).
    They need more strength and depth and the players they signed, their parent clubs were willing to sell for large sums of cash.

    We are after more etsblished key team members not fullbacks or centre defenders but key attacking players from clubs who don’t want to sell because one team in particular are having their guts ripped out.

    It will take time judge at the end of the window not now. Our problem is keeping players fit we have a title challenging first 11 which we have added 2 very good players too. If we do keep Wilshere and Chambers who was performing well at CB on loan we have good squad players already and have brought through promising youngsters.

    We added in key areas last season and have and will continue to do this year dont jump the gun.

  7. ruelando says:

    Just more game time at CF position and he should be ok. The problem lies with the other two in the attacking three, they have to be close to offer support and must be seen as goal threats so that the opposition defenders only have him to give their attention.

    The top 3 should be mobile and not shy to rotate positions in the game, it becomes harder to read and creates confusion in the opposition defensive third, which then provides more scoring opportunity, but as i have said needs constant practise.

    1. ruelando says:

      One arsenal biggest problem is the players who focus on them selves and not on the team. This focus on team or commitment must be for the 38 league matches and the other countless matches in various competitions.

      I with all my heart felt Arsenal had the best team in years to win the league and then crap started to happen, Cazorla injury, players/manager-coach contract disputes, media spotlight on anything negative with arsenal, arsenal ridiculous board and fans adopting the negative attributes of the media and running with it.

      We could and should have brought in a replacement for Cazorla in January not only for the sole purpose of replacing Cazorla but to give the team a boost and fresh ideas, the players, coach/manager contract and board should have gone out to the public to reassure the public everything would be signed at the end of the season (even if it was a lie).

      Presently arsenal needs to ensure no contract problem goes into the start of the new season if you are not signed by a certain time find a new club because that means you want to play for the club no more and the club can not allow you to stay because of the negativity that would be given off from that player situation.

      New players should not be allowed to mix with such individuals in the club, so move them on

      1. James Simmonds says:

        Completely agree and I think personally whether anyone else agrees with me Alexis has become the main culprit when you look at Henry and Bergkamp and even Suarez Messi and Ronaldo all use their team mates more effectively than Sanchez uses his or more lately lack of use.

  8. James Simmonds says:

    I might add at the end of season season run in apart from the palace debacle we were very strong without really playing well. We drew with city beat Man U and beat Chelsea in the cup final to throw into the mix this is not a poor team they just need to stay fit and the fans have to get behind them not jump on their back whenever times get tough.

    1. Dalinho says:

      All your hearts will be broken by the sound of things! Lacazette is not gonna be any better than a young Defoe! Wenger could save him by selling alexis and giroud to buy aubamayung and play ozil behind lacazette n aubamayung then we might compete with batsuaryi morata lukaku rashford aguro Jesus but as it stands lacazette will not work as a lone striker coz he still to small and immobile! Wenger could save our season with aubamayung carvalho van dijk then next season he’ll have a spine to build around

      1. jermaine bryan says:

        Totally agree with you we would add strength and height down the spine

  9. stubill says:

    Easy, he’s French.

    Wave a white surrender flag over the opposition goal, and he’ll head towards it.

    It’s in his DNA.

  10. Simon says:

    Jesus- give Lazarette a break. Only played about 15 sec so far!

  11. Jack reacher says:

    Mate told me that Sanchez will not be sold my mate is friends with Liam Brady he has always got things spot on wenger thinks he can win league this year as no champions league football the europa will be sqaud players and if we get in trouble or have win a game we will go full strength and he also told me if Sanchez does go arsenal are looking at two Napoli players mertens or insigne Italian player and van diik no go he wants Liverpool but wenger likes shawcross believe it or not

  12. Jack reacher says:

    Sanchez was like fat man we he first played for arsenal in emirates cup lacasstte needs get fit and settled and he will be hit can’t believe people are even watching pre season games players are more interested in beef currys at moment Jesus some fans haven’t a. clue about football

  13. Kris says:

    My biggest concern is lacazette definatly has quality but I fear he will go missing like podolski and Perez. Wenger never gives these types of strikers a chance unless they adapt to his style. Lacazette really struggled against Chelsea because he had very little support. Wenger needs to consider playing two strikers so lacazette can make runs off a player like giroud who can hold the ball up and bring him into play. I don’t see what’s wrong with 4-4-2 if conte can bring a 3 at the back formation back into success a formation we havnt seen to years in the prem why can’t we make the classic 4-4-2 work? With the players we have it would suit them. I just feel that it’s what podolski, Perez and now lacazette would prefer a big man up front with them to hold the ball up and release them in dangerous areas. Lacazettes goal can from a clever run Giroud made and he took two defenders with him. Really hope lacazette doesn’t turn into a 50mil flop because Wenger doesn’t want to play to suit him.

  14. Akan says:

    Sorry folks,,, This is a very very POOR team.
    If you need 2 players to do the the job of one midfielder you have BIG BIG PROBLEMS. We paid. NO Arsen paid 35 million quid for a defensive midfielder who cant run or tackle but can make the occasional long pass so he has to be backed up by a player who can tackle but who is unable to pass the ball forward (only sideways or back) or take a shot at goal, that is a serious issue. When you throw into the mix the lack of pace in key areas across the park you can see the problems. If I was the coach of a team facing arsenal and Per Mertasacker was on the field I would have my quickest players attack him all day till he got giddy.

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