So how DO Arsenal hit boiling point?

Arsene Wenger made an illusion about the temperature that water boils at and compared it to the almost very good performances that Arsenal had been putting in at the start of the season, suggesting that the Gunners just needed a few extra degrees of temperature before we hit our own boiling point.

Now I know that many Arsenal fans will argue about how close the team really is to 100 degrees, but it is also clear that if the players could just click properly on the pitch then we would be very formidable opponents indeed. A little bit more composure in front of goal, a little bit more understanding and organisation at the back and a bit more incision from our creative midfielders and we would be scoring goals for fun and keeping clean sheets.

So how do we get there? I think that the manager has to take some of the blame, because he does tend to chop and change a bit as well as playing players like Cazorla and Ozil out of position. The injury situation has obviously not helped, but then the boss has been reluctant to use players like Podolski, Rosicky and Campbell that are desperate to play.

I actually think that the lack of confidence we have been showing comes from the top down and has built up as the results have been going against us. A confident Wenger and team would have taken Sunderland apart yesterday, but we are now getting a few wins under our belt and with two home games against Burnley and Anderlecht next up, there is every chance that our confidence and morale will continue to grow.

Add Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey into the pot and maybe we will soon start to hit that 100 degrees. What do you think Gooners? Is it just a few small things or have Arsenal got more fundamental problems?

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    1. Out of subject but I really feel sorry for Wilshere,the lad loves Arsenal heart and soul but he is made to be disliked by the supporters because of the foolishness of Wenger.
      Wilshere is not ready to be Arsenal n 10,he should be a squad player behind established players as Ozil and Cazorla.He should not be a regular starter but more a cameo substitute in the end games.He would have less pressure to perform on him and the supporters would get off his back.
      I feel sorry for Arteta,the guy came for cheaper than his original club and gave his best but was pushed in a position that does not suit him because of the obsession delusion of the coach with the barca model and his blindness to fail to see the real needs of the team.
      I feel sorry for Flamini,last year he really helped the team and he should now be a back up for a young powerful DM Kondogbia or Carvhalo style to release the pressure on him.
      I feel sorry For Metersaker,He tries his best but age caught him and he should not be asked to play all those games against young fast strikers who breeze past him,He should be a back up to a young powerful CB to release the pressure on him.
      I feel sorry for Podolsky,Campbell,Rosiki,Coquelin who cannot have a chance to play under the regime of Wenger.Physically and mentally destroying,more when you know that you could do a better job than those who play.
      I feel sorry for Wenger,He started as a great coach,builded for himself a legend statute but he s destroying it by persisting in his failed model of play.You can come with all the excuses of the world but one fa cup in ten years is a massive underachievement for a club of Arsenal stature.Age caught him.

      1. I once had a girlfriend who got fat, dropped her like a hot potato.
        I don’t have a sorry bone in my body, life’s though, man up or ship out!

      2. I feel sorry for you not knowing merts wins 67% of his one vs ones higher than any gunner. So who are all these fast young players that keep running past him

    2. For Arsenal Fc to hit boiling point first and foremost Remove Wenger and Bring in a good couch who will buy the right players and utilise them well…..Wenger Out still goes on

  1. Give “prince podolski” “little mozart” and joel campbell more games, stop leaving them to become bench warmers, they deserve the chance to get some playing time!

    1. Rosicky and Campbell i agree with you as they clearly deserve more games. However, whenever Podolski gets chances he doesn’t hesitate to waste them and performs poorly 90% of the time.

    1. Amazing you trust in wenger morons come out of the woodwork when we get a very lucky win against a poor side, and the other teams draw, muppet

      1. Shut up you twat I’ve been on here for years trusting wenger win lose or draw and always will be

        1. You can feel free to leave. No one want’s another blind retarded . Akb’s dont give a damn f*k about this club, they will eventually leave arsenal to follow wenger in his next job in another club

          1. Shut up little boy come and talk to me wen you seen our club finish outside the top 4 in your life time then you will realise how bad things are foolish spoilt brat

  2. I wonder what the future holds for Rosicky and Podolski. I actually see Rosicky playing for West Ham next season and Podolski back to Germany 🙁

  3. Some of our players are treated like children. Wenger persists with under performing players in hope of instilling confidence or avoid bruising egos and it’s affecting the squad. Mentality shouldn’t be such a damn issue, the team either loves to win or loves to be average. Under performing players need dropped. Favoritism by the manager needs to stop. The team needs to learn how to defend properly and attack with purpose.

  4. —-We have a good team but just two players short defensively. We can get the best out of this players only if arsene add a brilliant tactical approach.
    —-Our players are only not well motivated but also seems not to understand what type of game to play because I still couldn’t find any reason why a team keep passing in/outside box 18 and pass again to the flanks for a cross even as they all know we rarely score set pieces.
    —-Looking back at sunderland match the most beautiful cross of the game came when Nacho shifted to LFB, there are areas on the pitch where gambling will surely get you flogged e.g defense. An inexperience CB Hayden will be more efficient than a experienced LB turned CB few minutes to the match. Our opponents are not doing it Zouma of chelsea is gradually stepping into the first team JM will not put Matic at CB then tell Hazard to play CDM. Januzaj is not better than Campbell (I insist) but he gets his chances LVG will not put Mata on left wing and tell Januzaj a natural left winger to sit. We would have noticed all wenger’s tactical flaws against sunderland if we had loose/draw the game, we were 1 nil up and mr wenger was very okay he introduced the second sub around 80′ he left Carzola to keep fumbling. All these will not make your players serious as they will also be as relaxed as the manager.
    —-Why do wenger just sit down and not pass any instruction to the team? Is he also a spectator like me? And does steve bould have any say on the team? If he does please tell him to do a Giggs. They just can’t sit down and expect miracles to happen.
    —-Alexis aggressiveness and his relentless efforts do not pay dividends to him alone but to the whole team. I wish we have at least 2 DM with those attributes if the two CDM we use in our 4231 formation are very strong we will concede less goals and we stand a chance of dominating the game and create more goal chances. DM in other teams score goals but we don’t get that anymore because those we’ve got aren’t mobile.
    —-The man who has never won against JM should know that arsenal team today don’t play good football we can’t hold on to the ball for long and any loosed ball attracts a counter attack and result to goals especially against top teams. He creates no fear or respect in the players mind he does that by defending them too much even when its crystal clear that their performance is poor.

  5. Trying to hit boiling point with Wenger as manager is like trying to boil a 5 gallon pot with a single match.

  6. every year is the same shit….

    its about time to end this and put all misery away……

    and the one and only solutions is……………………………………….

  7. We are not far from having a nice team to at least compete with the big clubs. All we need is ambition and hard work.

    To make this club great again we need to grap the head first and not the tail which is the board, and head is Wenger, the one who pulls the strings. If Wenger is first gone the board will crumble like a paper house.

    I am happy that Wenger is not immportal, at least old age is going to force him to leave, bec like an dictator he is, he would never left the club from his own choice. Fat Usmanov for the powaaaaa!!!

  8. For you to keep quiet and hope that we improve,we both know that Wenger will “honour” his contract. Let’s hope that things change,we need more players to follow Sanchez’s foot steps and improving their game,regardless of whom is playing.

  9. We would have all that if we had a NUMBER 2 that would stand up to AW and tell him to take his finger out of his back side. BFG IS A BENCH PLAYER NOW END OF. CC needs to work with AK and start to get a good understanding then put MA and MF in front of them so we can keep a clean sheet. And when we play the big teams ffs close up shut shop coz we are just not good enough under AW. The game today lol omg it had FIX all over it. Teams have been kicking shit out of Man U but I bet when we play them same old story

  10. @ BLIGT…. Don’t mind the thumb down Arsenal fans are never honest that’s why the club keeps sinking…..just one derailed manger(Wenger) will hold over million fans to ransom and they all come here saying sh*t…..which top club can a manager do what wenger is doing and still be so comfortable with his job…barca, Madrid, man united, man city, Chelsea, roma, juventus, even middle clubs won’t take his sh*t….even at spurs he would have been long gone and forgotten… should match with banner “WENGER OUT” to emirate on a match and ask the club to change him or they will boycott matches and all activities of the club…..Sorry to say Wenger can’t bring back Glory to Arsenal Fc the better You fans start knowing this the better for the fans and Clubs cos the shareholders don’t care they are making million. Extortion is all I see at Arsenal”””highest ticket price and notting to show for the last 10 years but FA cup and community shield” lol……thump me down but that’s the fact……Wenger out still goes on

  11. thank bro,we should be united,if many supporters start to protest against the Wenger regime,the board will fell comply to act either by sacking him or putting pressure on him to make a real good work.Honnestly i don t think he s doing a good job right now since some time now.

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