So let’s discuss Wenger’s new contract extension…

Last season Arsene Wenger got a lot more stick than usual from Arsenal fans, despite finally ending up in second place in the Premier League. The protests eventually died down a little once Wenger bought Granit Xhaka and met the buyout clause for Jamie Vardy, as at least he is showing a tad more ambition than he did last summer when he bought ZERO outfield players. And of course most fans believed that this coming season was likely to be Wenger’s swansong as he enters the last year of his current contract.

But today Wenger has told us that he expects Vardy to remain at Leicester next season, so it is probably not the best day for unhappy Gooners to read that Le Prof is set to be given an extension to his contract by the Arsenal Board.

This is how Steve Stammers reported the news in the Daily Mirror:

Arsenal are ready to offer manager Arsene Wenger a new deal.

The Gunners’ 66-year-old boss will start next season with just one year left on his contract and the North London giants’ hierarchy want to extend that by an additional two years.

I personally think that this is a good thing, and that Wenger has earned the right to retire on his own terms when he thinks he has had enough. The great man has kept us in the limelight for the last 20 years, and I believe he is doing everything in his power to keep Arsenal competing with the much richer oil-fed clubs. I even believe Wenger can go one better and win the League next season if we can get the striker we desperately need….

Obviously I don’t expect everyone to agree with me….


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    1. Hahahahahaha……. So funny….. I was begining to wonder how I affect the nature of our football, transfers, signings {Directly} etc

      except standing on the sidelines and cheering for the team , being happy or sad

      then i realized u aren’t worth my time nor reply! L()L

      1. Hve cme to realize its us fans driving our club to ground.seriously in life success comes only after criticism I don’t get why pple don’t want wenger to be criticized who is he??? Is he the one who formed the arsenal? There will and will always be the arsenal.lets stop treating wenger so special that he is free from criticism.its time we criticize and want more for our beloved club.we were aiming to join the giant quota of clubs but its funny how we hve stride backwards and hve stuck in the development phase.just see atletico there project started late compared to ours and will u know it they are better than us.lets learn to criticize.there is no success with just relaxing and thinking all is well .lastly I believe the moment a coach or a player is to big for a club then it leads to a downfall of the club.I rest my case

    2. @SA
      The Palestinians need”Liberation”…AFC just need players who will fight from box2box & whistle2whistle.

    3. Hahahah guys lets wakeupppp.arsenal is losing its market and very soon world class players will not want to cme to us.I feel heart broken and I can tell u this before nxt season don’t expect epl title I hope am wrong 🙁 .arsenal as a club is going backwards all other clubs will spend millions to be at the top but we hehe are content with giroud and Walcott

  1. What did he accomplish to deserve a new contract?
    More than 10 yrs without a league title … never won CL … Too many dead-woods … Favoritism … Outdated tactics …
    The board was generous enough to see his contract out … No other club with ambition does this …

    1. You are conveniently forgetting the years when he had to sell his best players to pay for the Emirates. In the last four summers he has bought four TOP players to improve the team.Wenger plans for the long term, not for instant success at the risk of instability

      1. 1 good signing per 1 summer is not good enough, bearing in mind the weaknesses in the team. Better than before then.

      2. After Leicester city wining the league, these excuses of building new stadium and financial restriction and all bla bla bla are invalid …

        1. @sam need a strker
          Answer honestly. Had LC the CL, FA, LCup and the League to play in, would they still have won it????
          I’ll wait.

          1. That is in my opinion completely irrelevant. What is relevant, is what happened. Ranieri took the same squad that barely managed to avoid relegation to the top of the league. He made winners out of “nobodies”, thus Wenger blaming economical differences preventing him from winning the league is just BS, when Ranieri proved that you can win the league by non-economical methods.

            If we cant win the league because we play domestic cups and champions league, then… I’ll just leave that sentence for others to reflect upon…

          2. @NY Gunner

            Arsenal only make token appearances in CL themselves. Arsenal qualify, play group stages, then politely and meekly exit in round of 16. Very considerate honestly, to not hold back the ambitious clubs.

  2. he deserves it.
    Come on guys do you think we would be knowing players like henry van persie or fabregas had he not been here?.
    His stay has has been shrowded by injuries and sales of key gunners.
    I once said that had it not been for injuries to van persie cesc rosicky walcott sagna clichy diaby and even wilshere and ramsey we would have won the league in
    2008 2011 2014 and 2016
    he has all my respect

    1. @Jojo……….. Hahahahaha……….. I concur with u on that one

      the delusion is so very very strong …. Even a Laser can’t cut through it

    2. Also if Wenger had signed Suarez, Ronaldo, Higuain, Ibrahimovich, Arsenal would have had 5 more invincible seasons. As it turns out we’ve had 10 invisible seasons.

      All we’re asking for is results with the tools at hand – as Ranieri did at Leicester. If Arsenal can’t hack League Cup, Champion’s League and FA Cup at the same time as vying for the EPL, then prioritize. Leicester was in all the same competitions apart from CL, they did triage and reaped the result.

      Arsene can either buy players that back up ambition to not just be makeweights in the CL, or play his best 11 consistently in EPL and blood new talent in all other cups (aside from CL – as he once used to do). Not like our U21s could achieve worse results in CL anyway.

      Three more years of Arsene is almost too awful to contemplate unless he breaks form and builds a real Arsenal of attacking talent. Then we’ll only have his stubborn tactical naïveté and favoritism to worry about, not whether Broke Back Kim Kadarshian will shoot us to the league title!

  3. The board have no interest in the fans, or winning trophies..they are only interested in making money..and Wenger is superb at earning it for them…This is why they are content to sit on their fat arses, and rake it in..They have no need to look for anyone else to manage Arsenal, and are probably too lazy to do it anyway..that job will only happen when their meal ticket either leaves or dies..whichever comes first..

  4. OT: The comments on the last article is a prime reason why i just cant and wont accept soopa as a sensible person.. i know 12 year guys who could make more logical comments than him, i am not abusing him or slating its really just a constructive criticism that he should think a bit more before writing comments, yeah i know every one is entitled to his opinions blabla yeah thats true as long as they are thoughtful opinions some opinion just shouldnt exist…

    you cant really come in here and ask admin to delete his own comment.. yeah i know this is a public place etc. but this isnt a public property, i often give tuitions and the pupils have rights and we take some decisions together but at the end of the day its MY Tuition and i decide what and how to do it, if you cant accept that then create an own website..

    On topic: those are best news of this window yet 😉

    1. BREAKING NEWS: the above comment by Krish was aimed at Soopa only…..

      I sense some kinda beef or envy or probably i’m so good at ruining his horror show…

      I was only having fun with admin (and he knows it) …..can’t see how it affects u or makes u go silly and gaga L()L…..then again, the comment was meant for a previous article, why did he have to bring it ere?….. Halt Krish-krossing and respect boundaries!

  5. Why on earth should Wenger get the chance to retire on his own terms? Disgraceful comment, lacking in just the mere basics of footballing knowledge! Arsenal fans are charged more than any other football fans on this planet, for mediocre football, almost ZERO trophies in 11 years, and never within a million miles of a major trophy. Because Wenger achieved something more than a decade ago, the author of this article still thinks Wenger is the right choice.

    I respect freedom of speech, but a very simple question needs to be answered by pro Wenger supporters: Every football manager in the world is judged on results, why does this rule not apply to Wenger?

    1. LOL To zero trophies! In the last three years Wenger has won two FA Cups. This season we finished second in the League. Name me ONE team that would sack there manager after that????
      Wenger is trying his hardest to get Arsenal to the top within his budget, and last season he finished above every other manager except Ranieri.
      You are a prime example of a fan that has been spoiled by Wenger’s success, and now you expect him to win every game ever. Reality is not a computer game.

      1. spoiled by wenger’s success? Us Arsenal fans hardly know the term success anymore because of Wenger and the other “bosses”. I however, have been spoilt by the success Klopp brought to Dortmund, something I haven’t seen in Arsenal for 10-12 years. Wenger winning the FA cups only saved his otherwise poor seasons.

      2. @G-Rude

        Name one team that would sack their manager after season like that?

        Real Madrid comes to mind. But in all honesty they are ruthless in their pursuit of titles and champions league trophies.
        Kroenke didn’t get into ownership to win trophies remember?
        IMO at least wait and see if Arsenal win league or advance past round of 16 in champions league before offering contract extension.

        I wish Arsenal was willing to spend money on player transfers like they are on Wenger contracts. Imagine that for a minute.

        I expect muppet Gadis to say they inquired about other managers but no one was available to improve team. Sound familiar?

      3. @G-Rude

        Obviously you didn’t even read my comment properly! I said “almost ZERO”, not “ZERO” as you’re implying. Suffice to say that two trophies (no major trophies) in 11 years, is a pathetic return for what the fans have to pay. Yes, we did finish second in the league, and how did that happen? Despite the acquisition of three world class players in recent years, and Wenger keeping hold of his stars, we have gained less points than the previous three seasons, and have had the same amount of defeats (7). We’ve only moved up in the league because of the failures of our rivals, NOT because Arsenal are improving. Don’t even get me started on how bad we are in Europe!

        You also want to use the budget excuse as well! Haha. Fine, let’s do it! Arsenal have one of the highest wage bills in the world, no way Leicester could have won the league if it’s all about budget, and look at what Simeone has been achieving in recent years with a much smaller budget than Wenger.

        I don’t expect Wenger to win every game, but they’re not even competitive anymore, seriously, just watch them! So as an Arsenal fan I’m guessing you’ll be forever content with Arsenal never doing anything, and paying top dollar to witness this nothingness! Personally, I prefer to live in a reality where people should be held accountable for their actions.

      4. With regard to finishing above every manager except Ranieri could this be why?

        Man Utd; Lvg even worse than could have been imagined. Mourinho now in charge
        Chelsea; Mourinho lost the dressing room, Chelsea imploded, Conti now in charge
        Man City; Ageing team and Pellegrini new he was going, Pep now in charge.
        Tottenham; First season for Pochettino
        Liverpool; First season for Klopp.

        All Premier League teams have more money then they ever dreamed of, so it’s going be hard to coax players away, as even with the added millions from the TV deals, Arsenal and Arsene seem to be sticking to their budget of the past 3 years

        Two FA cups and a second place finish in the past 11 years is not going to satisfy top players like Sanchez or Ozil, or attract new top players.

        If you add to the equation Koeman at Everton and Arsenal could be in for a very ruff ride next season, unless Wenger and the team pull a rabbit out of the hat.

        In my view, Arsene should go at the end of the next season and let a new younger manager take over, with new ideas and a fresh approach. I said previously that Wenger did a fantastic job steering us to CL places on limited funds, but he seems to stuck in his penny pinching ways to keep pace with the new managers coming into the league.

        I’ll never forget what Wenger has done for the club, and thank him for it, but all good things come to an end, he shouldn’t stay too long and sour what he has done for the club.

  6. well basically i agree with the last thing you said he should be judged on results, but the results are judged based on his targets and his targets were champ. league qualification, so who set the targets?
    but to say “mediocre football” is ridiculous.. arsenal normally plays the best football but yep last season the football wasnt always great but arsene wenger is a great manager

    1. Hahahahaha……..Jesus!… Oh Here’s another one with a strong delusion

      Targets judged by champions League qualification?

      Pls remind us when we got past the round of 16…… Don’t worry, u’d get a chance to smell the coffee when u are willing to come awake…

  7. I have to be honest, I bought the “move to Emirates stadium” excuses. I thought howzat Arsenal compete with man u, city and Chelsea whilst funding such a massive project.

    Finally in the summer if 2014 the shackles seem to be off, ozil, alexis, 2 fa cups, 2 community Shields and then Cech. I actually thought wenger had turned a corner, all he needed was a world class Striker a world class dm and a world class centre back. Surely, wenger wouldn’t miss what stevie wonder could spot a mile away.

    Bu no he missed that opportunity and to add to his woes a team called Leicester City, who were nearly relegated the previous season, showed that it’s not impossible to win the league and that you don’t have to worry about the city’s, United and Chelsea.

    Now for me he has one last chance, he has the money in the bank to buy lewandowski or aubemyang. He has the money to bring in a world class centre back and he could add icing to the cake by adding a couple more.

    He has now stated that there will only be two more maximum. Well for me it has to be one of those 2 strikers and a new partner for koscielny is a must.

    He must also keep ospina at the club and get our homegrown players (jenkinson, gibbs, coquelin, ramsey, wilshire, chamberlain, walcott and Welbeck) back to fitness and more importantly back to form.

    If he is to sign only 2 more then 4 will have to leave I expect and hope the 4 are Sanogo, debuchy plus 2 of the 3 homegrown keepers, szczesney, martinez or macey (on loan)

  8. I don’t understand why some fan’s are getting upset from the news of Wenger’s contract extension, Surely you all knew this was coming! ? Even Piers Morgan leaked this news, months ago.

  9. 3 year with no guarantees of any thing now probably we wont add any enforcement’s with a competition that going to get tougher with the inclusion of morinho conti and and guadiola among the rest and an opener with liverpool and a tough couple of weeks of the start of the new season it wont look good for sure if the issues we have at hand is not fixed

    1. Hahaha ?
      Unless “Da ‘Old ‘ MAN” polishes up on his Game plan, stability and cohesion blah, bull?, blah!! Then I’m sure that even you will eventually be Booing him without the “YA” ?

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