Shakhtar announces that there is still no deal with Chelsea – And Mudryk has not signed anything yet

So the latest news is that Chelsea have agreed with Shakhtar Donetsk to pay €100m euros for Mykhailo Mudryk, according to Fabrizio Romano…

That was about an hour ago, but now Shakhtar Official (half an hour ago) have contradicted that by saying that the two clubs have still not finally agreed terms, but are “close”….

Fabrizio also states that Mudryk is on his way to London for a medical, but that could be at either Arsenal or Chelseabut unlikely to be at Stamford Bridge until Chelsea have agreed the transfer fee with Shakhtar, and then it depends on if Mudryk agrees to the personal terms of course, which will supposedly be discussed when he arrives in London.

But nothing will be certain either way unless Mudryk signs the papers, which is what Fabrizio said himself a couple of hours ago…

So the facts tell us that there is still a big chance that Mudryk will come to Arsenal, so we should all calm down and see what happens tomorrow shall we?


  1. Ah man it’s good to be positive but unless he turns the contract down . They won’t accept our offer unless he turns down Chelsea’s contract

    1. Money talks arsenal fc will never change they go in for these players but never sign them so arsenal will be left with egg on there face again this player was the difference of helping arsenal win the Premier league . I don’t think arsenal will sign no one at the same stage last season they were to sign a striker but didn’t and we all know what happened then they failed to get in to champions league it be same story this season they will fail again and if they do serves them right all because they want go the extra few million to sign these players

      1. Stop been so negative money don’t win games player do have good trust in your player more can cause more headache look what happened to man u with Ronald wake up gooners

    1. Shakhter playing double standards… The player has been clear he wants Arsenal… Why being so greedy with money without considering player’s desired destination….
      The player will be upset surely…

      1. Not really. Chelsea are paying him more, rumors of 100k more. He chose to accept this offer with these personal terms

          1. Bye bye to him
            He’s happy to settle for the spondulicks and not have CL or EPL football next year
            Am I bothered?

        1. For a u know he may fail the medical or he could be injured when racing towards goal.
          Arsenal could pay thr price if they failto wi the epl
          After the 3rd offer,Arsenal have said take it or leave it

          1. Why do we send leave it or take it at the final offer. The problem is we never learn and act amateurish every transfer window. We allow both clubs to use us. Look at Chelsea with Fernandez deal. They work away and never went back. But we went back with second and third deal only loss him to Chelsea. If we want him so badly why not start we the 90m offer from day one to show intent. It is not missing out on him that is the problem now but us been laughing stock of every other clubs and fans again. How long did liverpool to negotiate for Gapko. I just pray we maintain our position going forward from today otherwise we will soon start seeing our fans agitation and infighting again.

            1. @Adiva
              “act amateurish every transfer window”????
              Maybe you should take a closer look at what we have over the past 2 years in terms of transfers, compare it to what Chelsea have done, and maybe also look at the table?
              Just a suggestion.

              1. AndersS, you are taken my remark out of context. When we know we would go as high as 95m at the end why couldn’t we do that at our second bid. Where Chelsea are on the table now doesn’t give credence to the fact that we are setting ourselves up for mockery. Have u forgotten they won cl 2 season ago when we didn’t qualify for Europe competition for the first time in 20+ years. The whole world know he doesn’t worth what his club is asking for but we offered short of that because we need him so why not do that from the beginning.

                1. Still, you wrote “act amateurish every transfer window”.
                  We have built a young and talented team over the past 2 years by staying true to a strategy with letting our own talent gel with young and talented players brought in for 50 m. or less.
                  So we have in fact done extremely well with transfers lately.
                  If we stay on this course and add 1 or two from our own youth ranks and 2-3 from outside, we will look extremely good in a couple of years.

                2. There is nothing amateurish about the Arsenal negotiation tactics. There is no particular reason to go with your highest bid at the second attempt. This type of approach would be sensible if there was somehow a “sealed bid” process; which is not usually how the football world works. The real problem Arsenal have is that it is not a level playing field. So teams with greater financial might can gazump you whatever you do.

      2. The player can insist it’s Arsenal he wants, but if the rumours are true, then once again Arsenal have been caught napping again, and it makes you wonder how serious they are to win the league. Our first eleven only needs one or two injuries and we are truly f..ked

        1. Definitely. I seriously have doubt about our chances of winning the title That has always being our way until we end getting nothing.

        2. Napping? Again? Bruh where have you been?

          Are you suggesting arsenal have to spend all money to just 1 player?

          100m transfer with 300m fee?

          Or is it 16m for LOAN ?

      3. So why has he gone to Chelsea in an 85 million pound deal?, time to move on, lets hope Arsenal have a plan b, as we need players as our team is not equipped if we get two or three injuries

      4. For some.od these european countries, its all about human trafficking to the highest bidder, dont really care if u want or not.

  2. let chelski have the ukrainian twat , aint worth no where near that much , we could buy 2 world class players with that money , COME ON MARTINELLI !!!

    1. spot on mate, watch him flop with the shabbles that is Chelsea, greedy bastard, all that rubbish about wanting to go to Arsenal, greed, greed, greed

  3. Now we are even being trolled by Chelsea on Twitter…

    If reports are true that we stopped pursuing Danilo to focus on Mudryk and end up with neither, that would be really crazy. If we are miles off the asking price, I would understand that why it would take so long to agree, because you gotta have your principles. But to miss out because of a £5m difference, I can’t wrap my head around even though I still don’t think he is close to being worth that amount

    It was already bad to miss out on Felix, but this one hurts even more

    1. Imagine spending the transfer window with noise on one player only to lose out to bitter rivals…that’s not pretty…
      Now Arsenal will enter into panic buy mode because surely we need reinforcements…

      1. Not sure, I even read in 1 report that they offered even less up front then we, just offered more in total..

        Giving me some real Hazard vibes, when we were being linked with him for months and him wanting to join and then end up at Chelsea and being probably one of the best PL players of his era. If Mudryk ends up being the real deal, I’m not gonna forgive them for missing out, even though it’s way too much money. If you want someone that bad, you shouldn’t mess around too long over a £ 5 million difference

        1. Any sensible club does not need a scout.Just wait till Arsenal bid for a player.Then outbid them, the player is yours.Football is money, money is football.The club should be sold to Saudi billionaires.

        2. First off, we don’t know that the diff was 5mill. I’ve read that those reports weren’t accurate. But yes, I read wrong, they are paying less up front than we were going to pay, to try get around the ffp rules. But Shaktar can take it cos it’s really more money, and they’ve felt that they’ve lost too much money due to fifa’s ruling that foreign players in Ukraine could leave for free due to the war. They’re trying to recoup money, so it didn’t really matter what was paid upfront in the end. But Mudryk really did want to come to arsenal, until they offered to pay him almost 100k more than we offered, and Potter called to convince him on phone. Those were enough when arsenal decided they won’t match that offer

    1. So don’t support Arsenal, support money…
      Chelsea have been buying players so other teams don’t have them for years, nothing new. They don’t give a toss whether the players want to play for them and neither do the agents. He is good but not 100 Mil good so IF this is fact,then so be it. We will never enter bidding wars with suger daddy teams and thank God for that.
      Where are Chelsea on the table with all their money 💰?
      I support Arsenal not shiny new toys. Martinelli cost next to nothing, Pepe cost a lot, need I go on???

  4. Seems fitting that if anyone is to bail out Shakhtar for the losses they took due the invasion of Ukraine by paying three times the value of a player, it should be chelski.

    1. Well put.

      All their foreign players were allowed to leave by a FIFA ruling, for those who’re not aware – and they lost a bunch of Brazilians.

  5. It will be madness on the part of Arsenal if they ever miss out in signing Mudryk. Because they are too dull and are cowards. In fact, I can not imagine anything else happens outside signing Mudryk

    1. Well it’s done. He’s agreed personal terms after learning arsenal won’t match Chelsea’s offer. It’s done

    2. Its not a matter of being too full, we cant be held random for a players who hasnt even got as many goals or assist that martinelli or saka across even 2 seasons.
      We dont wanna go down that road again…. remember nicolas pepe???

  6. Buy Savic and Danilo. Strengthen the midfield and we look for a winger in the Summer. If not get Zhaa/Trossard to push for title

    1. Don’t you guys get updates at all via Sports news or so. Danilo has been secured by Nottingham Forest.

  7. As gunner fan, my hearth is beating faster right now, feeling bitter and angy with the story that Chelsea ave hijacked the deal for a player we ave been after alltru the opening of this transfer window, don’t know what to think right now 🙄

  8. Arsenal will be so stupid if they can fail us because the squad is not worthy to win the title with the current squad we need new and quality players to avoid dispointments as fans

  9. Why do Arsenal haggle so much over players they’ve scouted and made signing them significant? Arsenal procrastinate a lot. Whether it’s winter or summer, they spend awful amount of time, haggling over player prices. Look at how quickly and quietly Liverpool wrapped up Gakpo. All the top clubs don’t waste much time like Arsenal in player purchases.

  10. I don’t know why am so sure that mudryk will not sign for Chelsea. Sharkter are just trying to pull Arsenal’s leg to know if they’ll increase their offer. But Arsenal will always stand their ground but because Mudryk is bent on going to Arsenal, He won’t sign that Chelsea contract . Mark my words .

  11. This is heart 💔💔 broken. Very bad night. I wasted my data reading mudryk saga hoping that he will will come to my dearest club all of sudden my dream turned to nightmare within the twikle of eyes. Edu and Arsenal board are so sluggish in transfer negotiation. If the kreonke family knows that they can competite like them give another person chance.

  12. for me as an arsenal fan i am very angry and heartbroken to hear that..but hey gunners lets move we need savic to strenghten midfield and trossard for wing otherwise bye byee mudryk all the best at chelsea.

  13. I never took Arsenal. Two or three bids all rejected. That’s nonsensical, that must have angered both player and club.

    1. Think we should have bought somebody by now in this transfer market to make us a stronger squad ,all this should have been put in position in December, Edu and Areteta will have to take the consequences of this if it goes pear shaped for us ,when you get into the position we are in now you have to sign quality players

  14. Anyone think that a 21yr old without any sensible experience is worth 100M???
    How much is Saka worth then? Marinelli.
    Lt Chelsea have him.. We will be laughing for years.

    1. The Mudryk deal is worth it. The circumstances are different. The war in Ukraine. Shakhtar donesk lost some of their international players. They need that money. It is not that simple. There are rumours we have matched the Chelsea deal..

      1. Skill, exactly what I said up there. Put valuation aside, do we/ Arteta needs the player or not. If we do, we should pay up and stop acting like victim. The player has set his mind first on leaving Ukraine and as much he loves Arsenal if we can’t provide that route for him he will go to a club that can. So we should abusing him. All we need to do is add the remaining 5m and everything will becomes clear to Arsenal if Mudryk is another machinery

  15. This is not arsenal’s first time to lose a close business like this. This happens every season so it will not make big news to me

  16. I’m gutted. But not because he was worth all of that money. We should have walked away from the deal earlier with enough time to focus on other targets

    1. Nah, we made the Russian club pay a fortune for him.

      And since they’re now owned by a business type, their FSR position will be hurt by that.

  17. Am not surprised ….i had said it here over and over, that he ain’t coming to emirate……..players can be funny though, it’s all about money, cos for sure chelsea offered more money, however with all his drama on the internet at the end , he ends up like a clown.

    Am waiting for his unveiling and what he got to say “I have always loved chelsea since i was a kid🤣

  18. I refuse to believe this one as if this is true the kid is worst than all those that diss us in the pass

  19. Hold your horses.

    By what I’ve read Chelsea are offering around 20mill more than arsenal, mainly in add ons.

    There’s nothing to say he’s signed for Chelsea.

    As much as I like the look of this guy, he could be the new Ronaldo, 80million never mind 100mil, is still a huge risk!

    Who’s to say arsenal haven’t or won’t match the offer? He’s flying to London, it’s not far from us…

    He’s openly many times said he’d like to join arsenal, it would be a “nasty” move to join our rivals.

    Do we need him, a question that doesn’t seem to of been asked is, if he joins who sits out? Saka or martinelli? Are you comfortable with that?

    I guess my points are there’s still a lot of questions.
    As a player I wasn’t a huge fan of Arteta, but I trusted wenger. He always said Arteta is going to make an amazing coach. And here he is now, proving most people wrong. Now I trust Arteta, I’m fully behind him and the team. Whatever happens with this transfer, with this month, I will be ok with it, We are where we are now not on Merit, but on a team of lads working together, I salute you all!

    1. Why is “a team of lads working together” adding up to their achievements being categorised as “not on merit” in your world view?

    2. You are spot on. Fact check; he hasn’t signed for Chelsea, he loves arsenal, 100 million is way too much for his age and experience. If he is worth that amount then Saka a proving winger both at club and international level will be worth 300 minus add ons. Personally I will prefer a Dmf (savic) over a winger. Gabriel Jesus is not out for the season, ESR Is back and only needs to be up to speed. A run of games and marqiunhos could be another martinelli. ‘ IF’ he ends up in Chelsh*t I would still back Arteta and the board. Come to think of i: let’s say we pay over the odds for mudryk and offer him a bumper deal, how much do you think we would have to offer Saka, martinelli, Saliba for them to renew their contracts that expires in less than 20 months from now? It’s a TRAP and I will be so proud of Arteta and the board if they don’t fall into it.

  20. Come on Arsenal aren’t we at the level where we finalize things as big club? We are going to regret forever with this one for sure🥲

  21. To be honest, I won’t cry my eyes out if this Mudryk deal falls through. I have always thought that the amount of money being bandied about was too much to be paid for a player who may yet turn out to be a PL flop. That money can buy us two quality players in the summer.
    We should concentrate on looking for a striker, preferably on a loan deal to the end of the season. Or, as someone had suggested earlier in JA, we could recall Pepe (himself a costly PL flop) and Florin Balogun from loan

  22. Damn those scums at Stanford Bridge. They are always looking for deals to high jack at the last minute.
    They did it to Arsenal with Juan Mata. They did it to Spurs with Willian.
    I just hope that this Mudryk development will not affect our team in our NLD game tomorrow. We have a golden opportunity to put some real mileage between us and our pursuers on the PL table

  23. Stop fretting… if he joins the chavs so be it.

    The way I look at it is if we have that sort of money for a unknown left sided attacker in which we have two already, why can’t we just hold it and make substantial bids for either Rice, Ward Prowse or Bellingham. I think these positions are of the greater need.

    I see a lot of comments about us winning the league with this signing. C’mon let’s be real… the team we already have has put us top. I don’t think a player that is going to take a year to get used to the EPL is going to make much difference.

  24. I always dreaming this guy’s pace and skills with Odegaar passes my my my! We just miss unique flavor guys and I can’t see him thrives with chelsea either ohhh poor kid going to kill his football there

  25. To be honest…..worrying about what money the club spend or save is really not our job as fans…..worrying about showing ambition and the ability to compete with the elite teams in the league is our business….agree or not….we need depth in the team and quality from the bench to remain competitive across all the run of fixtures ahead….or risk injury or burn out of our stars…and ultimately the chance of a decent run for the league title…..I think the club is wrong for not pushing to counter Chelsea’s offer….which ultimately will give us fans the belief that we did everything possible to win the league….

  26. OH HOW I WISH we could have a JA site just for adults and those who CAN and DO think before posting hysterical reactionary tosh.

    It is so irritating having to read and reply to fans whose enthusiasm is many times worthier than their brain. Sigh!

    1. That’s their opinion learn to accept or oppose pples opinions.
      Am sure if iam the one that wrote this, admin would have, deleted, ban or even shoot me if he can.

    2. @ JON. i was waiting for your comment. I knew you would have a different and balanced perspective. I give it to you JON. You don’t allow your emotions cloud your judgement. Respect.

  27. not too fussed in missing out on him, however, arsenal need to stregthen the real adequate cover/competition for martinelli, saka or partey will come back to bite us like it did last season with partey.

  28. Its a bit like that turning point when we wouldn’t pay Ashley Cole 5k more and suddenly Chelsea got him and were elevated for 17 years to a top club while arsenal became losers for 17 years

  29. So desperate are Chel$ski that they have had to go out for a second time in a week panic buying & pay twice the value of a player. You gotta laugh.

  30. Good to see so many people realising that there’s more to it than just “Mudryk looks good let’s buy him and outbid everyone else” – the cost is important to the club’s present and future – and it got to be too high some time ago imho.

    If MA/Edu are seeing something I’m not then I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  31. This fella isn’t right for us. Far too much money for an unproven talent. I think he was game playing trying to get the chavs to pay the maximum. If you want to go to a club, money makes no difference as Vlahovic proved. We have learnt nothing from last transfer window, spending too much time on chancers. Should go in with one offer, if they don’t accept, move on.

    1. He gone to chelsea 100%. Then again I don’t want Arsenal to spend that much for a kid. Think again. We have Martinelli, saka as our winger. ESR and viera as cover. We need a ST instead. Should go for a ST

  32. Surely Am Not Happy About Mudyrak Deal May Be His Team N The Board Didnt Want Their Player To Join The Gunners But If It Has Happen It Has Happend Lets Wish Him The Best At Chelsea As We Prepare Not To See Chelsea Next Season Playing/partispating In Any European Cup,BUT ALSO Arsenal Should Take It As Alesson To Them Becouse Not Only That Has Happend To Them We Remember Cr7″ronaldo Joinning Man United From Sporting Lisbon So Let That Be Awake Up Call To Edu And The Entire Arsenal Board They Where Not Showing Any Seriousness In Spending To Hell Wth Their Transfer Stratagy

  33. The way this whole story has paned out, not interested in the deal any more.

    Fortunes were paid for Grealish and Anthony and the guys ain’t pulling no trees wherever they are.

    The whole deal has too much drama for nothing and just wonder how MA and Edu fell for this nonsense

  34. Chelsea hijacks whatever is trending in the market.
    Leeds Utd was so brave that they followed Raphinah’s desire and they were not after big money even though Chelsea tabled a bigger sum of money than Barca.
    Arsenal still has time to sign a better player who will guide them to glory.

  35. Let’s be clear. If Arsenal are going to compete at the highest level, the club must be willing to buy expensive players upwards of 100mil. I am not saying Mudryk is worth that but both the club and fans have to accept this reality. All big clubs do it and has resulted in their success.
    Going forward, I will urge the club to be catious. The priority for this window should now be to secure our prized asset on long term contracts —Saka, Martinelli, Saliba and Odegaard— to prevent losing them on for peanuts. Also rather than panic and buy average players when we have a bunch of them on loan, we should start recalling our players to improve our squad depth. We have Balogun, Patino and Pepe out there and they can come and provide cover till season end. Hopefully, in the summer, we would have a few hundreds of million to buy at least 3 world class players.

    1. Last time I checked, we were leading the PL with 5 points, and how many of our players have cost around 100M? In fact, how many have cost more than 50 mil??
      No way, we should be spending 100 mil on a talent.
      I think we will do better continuing with our strategy. We still need to add, but for a 100m we could possibly get 3 players, whic can be developed in 1-2 seasons. Just like the ones we have bougt the past 2 years.

  36. It is true that I am bitter because of this thing that has happened with Mudryk, but I have not lost my brain either. If he goes to Chelsea, there will be quite a few lessons to learned from the whole episode: firstly, that the player, no matter how much he had said he wanted to join us, was never going to stay with us for long if he was to join us. He would have asked for a transfer to Madrid as soon as the slightest opportunity comes. Clearly, it should tell you that mercenaries work for the highest bidders, and I am sure that true arsenal fans don’t want mercenaries.
    Secondly, arsenal technical team will have to handle every deal just the way they did that of Viera- don’t even do it in a way that Fabrizio Romano will know about it- until you announce it officially.
    Thirdly, I can see that Chelsea are piling up problems for themselves, because I am finding it difficult to understand how they have not seen that they have a lot of similar players who, by logic, can’t play at the same time. Are their officials being paid to hijack players or to scout talents?
    Furthermore, it is true that every club needs good players to be successful, but it is also important to have a good coach to nurture those players, especially those ones whose careers have just begun such as Mudryk.
    To further buttress my point, I will like to state how vindicated we are now for not chasing too long after Vlahovic. The only thing that I regret about Mudryk is the quality of time spent going after him, and soon as an opportunity to go to Chelsea came he jumped onto the plane to have his medicine (not medical in my opinion because he has to be treated of mental confusion because of this irrational choice).

    Thank God we have Arteta.

  37. Arsenal FC has always been a joke in their recruitment department. I’m not pissed that we are losing Mudryk but I’m definitely pissed that Arsenal never bid for any other player.

    What’s wrong with Arsenal? Why concentrate on just a player you can’t get, meanwhile overlooking Danilo?

    We have positions to improve, why wait till the end of the window deceive yourself and say “we tried” just like last summer. So pathetic

    1. Yes, we are pretty hopeless.
      We are only leading the league with 5 points with a team, which has been built by hopeless recruitment over the past couple of years.

  38. Cool, we missed out on Mudryk, we can live with that but the problem is we have spent half the window chasing him which does not leave us with much time to pursue alternatives knowing how long we take to negotiate for players and close out signings, have not even address the Midfield yet! Going back to Mudryk for a second, my question is when exactly did we start negotiations with Shakhtar because there was a World Cup break and like I said we are now in mid January yet other clubs were agreeing fee’s and getting deals wrapped in early jan. We knew Shakhtar valuation of the player and they made it clear from early they would not deviate from it. So to miss out by €5M is a bit baffling. I just hope there are back up winger options because make no mistake if we do not sign at least two players we won’t be able to sustain a title challenge come April/May and that will be an opportunity missed just like the 07/08 10/11 13/14 and 15/16 seasons.

  39. It’s very dissapointing for the Arsenal supporters if Mudryk goes to Chelsea, remember we don’t have reliable support for Saka nor Martineli plus even Thomas party and the league is still halfway played we need to be serious even if we have a ceiling in our transfar policy we can risk to break it for sake of success as the player is still young

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