So obvious there would be complications with Arsenal’s Tierney bid

You start the day off with some positive Arsenal news and within just a few hours you soon start kicking yourself for falling into the trap of believing in fairy tales.

If there is one thing that is never straightforward it is Arsenal doing transfers. They are the masters of turning a simple situation into a melodrama.

The club haggled and hesitated over the William Saliba deal and now run the risk of missing out on the 18-year-old and rather than learn from their mistakes they appear to be doing exactly the same with the Kieran Tierney transfer saga.

The key phrase there being

“It is complicated by the breakdown and nature of the instalments Arsenal are proposing”

Of course it is, why wouldn’t it be? It is Arsenal after all.

This is the sort of messing around that let’s other clubs in and remember Napoli are interested.

Celtic want £25 Million, they want it all, they want it now, they do not want it in instalments with complicated structures.

If Napoli are genuinely interested and they see this going on, which they will of course, then they now know that to get Tierney all they got to do is pay the £25 Million in one go.

I understand that the club probably has little choice but to continue to try and seek to pay in instalments because of the dire state of the finances but Celtic won’t be caring about that and they will sell to whichever club is prepared to pay the money in one go.

Maybe I am being harsh here but in all fairness can anyone blame me, it seems that deal after deal is falling through the cracks because we just cannot seem to get a deal over the line.

We will not get Wilfried Zaha, we risk losing William Saliba and if we are not careful we will miss out on Tierney.

But, I will take some confidence in Ornstein’s final words.

“but there remains optimism that the transfer will be completed”

Just hope I am not setting myself up to have my hopes dashed once again.


  1. Except situations where a club meets a players buy out clause, when are negotiations not complicated? Even in every day business deals. Please stop feeding us with these fail to hype the “it’s gonna happen “part.

  2. Same old Arsenal. And to think that most thought this transfer melodrama will end with Wenger exit, only to now discover it was Kroenke all the while. Wenger was merely a man who acted as an accomplice by shielding Kroenke from the wrath of the fans, taking the blame on his own, and in return, was well paid by Kroenke and given a pressure free work environment where he mustn’t win trophies to stay put.

    In all, the fans are the real losers in this debacle. I’m in severe pains already. Oh my dear Arsenal, who bewitched you? The season is already looking like a disaster before it even began. Success loves preparation they say. Can we honestly say Arsenal has prepared for next season?

    How I wish I could just stop supporting Arsenal, but I just can’t. The heart loves who it loves, there is no telling it what to do.

    #Lamentations of a heartbroken Arsenal fan

    1. Melodrama? I hope you are not to Teirney payment plant because if you are you are not being fair to us. No club pay full installment anymore if there is willingness to sell. Even Celtic but a 3m player in installments this season I can’t remember the the player’s name and the club.

    1. Jim, times are tight?

      What about the money from the new shirt deal with adidas for starters?
      That alone should buy us Tierney at least.

      Not saying you Jim, but wasn’t the battle cry from the “vast majority” that top four wasn’t good enough for a club like us?

      Now all we read is how big a disaster it is that we aren’t in it!!

      1. As you stated Ken regarding the £60 million per annum from the Adidas kit deal, the question also remains where did the Champions League income go which came to Arsenal over more than 20 years?

  3. 18 M cash + 7 M in add-ons is pretty good for a non EPL-proven LB

    If Celtic are playing hard to get, Ryan Sessegnon is still available at a bargain price. Because his contract will end next year and Spurs seem to have given up on him

    We still have Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles and Monreal as LBs, so that position should be a lower priority. We need a new CB because Koscielny has gone AWOL and the other CBs cannot be relied upon

    1. Ryan Sessegnon is certainly a proven and practical acquisition for Arsenal.
      Paying in instalments is the normal way transfers are managed, except for top marque players like Neymar. This makes available transfer funds go further.

  4. I am Arsenal’s harshest critic but i cant blame Arsenal for this one , reliable outlets (bbc , sky) have said we have bid 25 mil , celtic’s asking price has been 25 mil , if they reject it then Arsenal should let this one go , agreeing to pay higher than 25 mil will weaken Arsenal’s negotiation postition not just in this deal but in all of the ones that we are gonna do this summer. Also bid’s structures and installments are only mentioned in Arsenal transfer news and not about any other club’s transfers while all transfer deals are in installments , thats how business works not just in football but overall. This agenda that media has against Arsenal is getting boring now and its time for fans to call the media on their BS.

    1. This supposed (using this term loosely) £25m instalment + add on bid has been rejected. It’s reality check time for Arsenal. You do not ask to buy a player & then say you’ll pay over 5 years!!!…. Come on!
      As for Sky, BBC as being reputable sources, do me a favour. Always the last to know more like.

  5. IF (and its a big IF) we only have a £45 million budget, then I don’t see much sense in buying an inexperienced 18 year old LB. Even if he is world class, it still wouldn’t make sense.
    Surely, we need a CB as well. Mustafi is a liability

    I hope this is a sign that we actually have a higher budget than as reported

    1. If you mean Kieran Tierney he is hardly inexperienced has played in champions league has captained both club and country and one other thing he is 22.

  6. As a celtic fan I can tell you reports up here are indicating 2nd offer has fallen short again, I dont believe we would require all 25m up front, it’s common practice to pay in 3 instalments over say a 3 year period. Celtic are an extremely well run club with no debt and by scottish standards anyway,cash rich, the issue is not cash up front but more guaranteed 25m fee and not if buts and maybe’s depending on any number of factors. Let me tell you now if you do get him then you have got an absolute bargain by English fee standards. He’ll be wort 3 or 4 times that after a year in prem no problem. He’s also a fantastic kid, no billy big balls about him at all. You’ll love him, if and its a big if you sign him. All the best for the season ahead

    1. I agree completely with everything you said Liam.
      I’m still not convinced he won’t do a McGrory or McStay and turn us down to at least see out the ten with you bhoys, but your club did you no favours when they said flat out no to McGregor leaving and just not enough for KT…… Reckon that did more for our cause than any offer we could make

  7. How is this negative in anyway ?
    Have you seen the business we have done in this window?
    Let me refresh it for you
    Signed an 18 year old Brazilian from their 4th tier .
    Trying to sign an18year french kid just to Loan him back .
    Tried lowballing palace with a joke of a bid for Zaha (2weeks ago )heard nothing since .
    Spending 2weeks trying to sign Tierney and finally offer what Celtic told us what they wanted in the 1st place .
    So all in all we’ve signed one player and pissed off two clubs .
    Maybe you should aim the negatives towards the club because the way they try and deal in the transfer window is an embarrassment.
    The club is run by muppets and it looks like Stan as them on a short string

    1. With regards to saliba and St ettiene, the president and player himself wants to stay another season. They accepted the bud. So how is that pissing them off. As for crystal palace, zaha is their point man. If they weren’t pissed, wouldn’t you be surprised? It took Man Utd almost a month to negotiate 18 million pounds deal for James and also a month to get want bissaka over the line. Calm down edu just resumed his job. Geez. No way arsenal ain’t delivering on buying players. Emery said as much after the uel loss

      1. They say a lot of thing but rarely do they happen. This club have declined so much its difficult to take any rumour seriously because you know you may just end up eating a bs pie (again) if you believe the hype!

  8. I hear its not the amount or the installments per se that are the issue….. Celtic want the full 25 mill guaranteed not part performance related add ons, paying in installments is apparently not a deal breaker.
    I hope if it is rejected we go straight back in with the full amount no add ons….. I believe he’s more than worth it and he will easily transition to the EPL, this was the lad who was keeping Robertson out of the starting line up for Scotland until he picked up his injury and he hasn’t exactly been poor for liverpool

  9. Emery’s nothing but a yes man ,way out of his depth as Arsenal manager .
    We are half way through the transfer window and again we look like amateurs.
    I’m not talking about Man Utd I’m talking about this club ,why does it take us so long to get a deal over the line ?
    You talk of Edu coming in ,what’s so special about Edu ?
    What’s he done that sets him apart from anyone else ,
    We’ve been here before every window and this one is no different ,actually this is probably the worst I can remember.

    1. Dan I’ll tow your line if in 2 weeks we are still where we are or worse off. Until then all both you and I can do is stay calm. God knows you’re not as irritated about this as I am. I even had to pray about arsenal today in church. By the way everyone soares and zaha who would you prefer and why? I think the everton guy could be the real deal soon but why have Barça and Madrid not snapped him up yet. Madrid spent 40 million quid on an 18 year old rodrygo.

    2. Dan, “Emery is nothing but” a head coach, who is currently in the USA with the Arsenal squad. Isn’t it the role of Raul and Vinai to negotiate the contracts and get the prospective players to sign?

  10. Kieran Tierney is a very injury prone player and am not sure we should be after him. In fact he is out injured right now as we speak and is scheduled to return in 3-8 weeks. Anyway, am not particularly keen on this transfer and if it falls through I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

  11. You are not paying attention.

    Tierney’s valuation is WAY BELOW 25 mill. pounds. That’s why NO CLUB IS WILLING TO PAY THAT MUCH. If he IS worth 25 mill. pounds, however, WHY IS THERE NOT A SINGLE CLUB IN THE WHOLE WORLD WILLING TO PAY THAT MUCH?????

    Seriously, I don’t like using caps, but sometimes it feels like people are retarded…

    Napoli actually didn’t submit a single bid AS CONFIRMED BY CELTIC THEMSELVES.

    1. Look what we paid for Xhaka and Mustafi, were they valued that much, or what their clubs were asking?

      We paid £6 million for 18 yr old from 4th tier Brazilian football with how much experience? Tierney played CL for how many years now? How long in national team?

      £25 million is good deal for him with his experience, compared to Brazilian kid for £6 million with zero experience.

      You rather stick with Kola? Monreal worn out and slow, nothing much to offer at this level.

      Pay half now half next year for Tierney, we got £60 million from Adidas.

      1. QD Tierney is not injury prone.Last season he played through a Hernia problem because he is such a key man for Celtic but prior to that he was hardly ever injured.Obviously he needs to undergo a thorough medical before he hopefully signs for Arsenal but to suggest he is “injury prone” is misleading and incorrect.

    2. Kieran Tierney is easily worth 25 million. The problem is Arsenal are offering 25 million if certain conditions are met like Arsenal win the champions league and put a man on Mars. It’s not really a proper offer. Celtic don’t need to sell. Tierney will be more than happy to stay at Celtic so unless Arsenal meet the valuation the transfer won’t happen. I am a Celtic fan and don’t want to lose him but if he does go then Arsenal are a very fine team with fans who appear to be cleverer and more discerning than many in EPL. Arsenal fans will absolutely love Tierney and he will end up your captain.

  12. Thought we had kit deal worth £60 million per year from Adidas? We don’t have money? Unwanted deadwood taking up slots, we promoted Nelson, ESR, and Eddie (possible loan) with Chambers return how many open slots left in 1st team?

    Club is in a weakened position this window and not in position of strength to negotiate. Everyone knows where we’re weak and will hold us over the barrel in negotiations for players.

    Celtic know how talented Tierney is, and Arsenal can’t haggle much.

    I’m resigned to our business getting done last 10-14 days of the window. We’ll go to settled squads to get players they need to move. Club probably waste money on more mediocre players to plug holes, than pay for players to solve issues.

    I wouldn’t exactly trumpet 4th tier Brazilian kid as progress or good business. How many young wingers we already have?

    Could keep Amaechifor no fee, we know his qualities, but hey let’s spend £6 million on unknown quantity from 4th tier Brazilian football.

    Missing Sven dearly, rather have him back.

    1. Transfer fees are almost never paid in full up front, unless it’s to meet a buy out clause. It is common practice for the fee to spread out in installments over the duration of the player’s contract. This is not just Arsenal, it’s every club, particularly in the age of FFP.

      1. Don’t think anyone is arguing the point, think it’s more what Mark said above. FFS, all the cash in bank and new kit deal and we can’t offer half £12 million this year and another £13 million next year?

        I’m sure Stan has couple hundred in sofa cushions alone.

        At least we’re not being insulted with “if there’s talent in market to improve us we’re interested” bull$hit.

        Fans will be over the moon with 36 yr old Alves on a free just because we signed someone. No Cahill anymore? Raul and company busy soaking up LA sun and diggin’ on West coast girls can’t be bothered.

        Spuds have new stadium and spending like they just won lotto. Meanwhile Arsenal sitting on money to get few more pounds in interest.

        At least window closes August 8th, couldn’t take another 3 weeks of apathy from club, my soul hurts.

        1. Tottenham spending like they’ve just won the lottery? One player for 50 million and another for 9 that they’ve sent back on loan. Since Erikson won’t sign a new contract its highly likely they’ll sell and make that money back or have a very modest overall outlay. Apart from that they notoriously haven’t really signed anyone in the last few windows. City have signed Rodri and United signed James, but apart from that who else have the top sides brought in? Everyone is looking for value in the market since it’s so overinflated at the moment- United have apparently been quoted 50m for longstaff ffs.

          1. Man utd £80 million for Leicester CB, Chelsea under ban, City already stocked TBH. Ndombele more than £50million closer to £60 million.

            Meanwhile Arsenal still rolling pennies and playing pauper.

          2. Durand, please no Alves; he is 36,well past his use by date and just looking for a final pay day.

      1. I’d swap Sven for entire board too, ha. Swap Raul for Dein while I’m at it. Jury out on Edu still.

        1. I agree. What Sven did with a minimal budget was our best transfer period in recent memory. He was proactive and got things done.

          But he left and now we are left with raul supposed book of contacts which have amounted to nothing. It’s a joke, Raul seems to be Ivan 2.0.

        2. David Dein was indeed very good for Arsenal; but then he brought Kroenke to the club. Nuff said!

          1. I dunno Ahmad… was it Usmanov he brought to the club and the shareholders stuck two fingers up at him by selling out to Kroenke??

            Kroenke who is living up to his reputation, making little or no personal investment, remains in the background and taking the profits.Imagine a famous English institution now being owned single handedly by an American (his nationality isn’t the issue here), not even trying to maintain the position of such an institution.

  13. Admin, you mention in your post the dire financial situation at the club, are we to believe that this great and proud club is struggling financially and if so why, or were you referring to the fact that they have given Emery such a tight transfer budget.

    1. I meant that in reference to the transfer budget not in terms of the actual balance sheet at the club, assets etc

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