So Wenger DID hurt Mourinho! The players should copy him!

So Wenger hurt Mourinho……Great! by By AondoaverK

I have to admit that my best moment during the last Chelsea vs. Arsenal clash at Stamford bridge was the touchline spat between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho. I felt like Le Prof won that round even though we lost the match by those two unreplied goals.

I think Mourinho was quite surprised at Mr Wenger’s firm shove and seemed to stagger a bit, such that he had to hold on to Mr Wenger’s tie to keep balance. It was a good thing that the match officials quickly moved to calm things down.

My pleasure did not emanate from accepting violence, but sometimes you have to stand your ground, literally. It has also emerged that Wenger instructed his charges to stand their ground against the Chelsea players and this they did well except for those two slips that proved so costly. Maybe next time, the players will learn to do the shoving. In a way that brings results!

Mr. Mourinho enjoys bringing out the worst of Wenger. Many times his actions border on disrespect. Majority of the times, Wenger ignores him, rightly so, but how could he ignore a man that was trying to physically restrain him from registering his protest at what he thought to be a rash challenge on his player?

At first, Jose said the incident was nothing. But watch this! When Mr. Mourinho says there is nothing, there is something. He has come out angrily to accuse the FA of double standards. Hear him as reported by; “Am I surprised he wasn’t punished? I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised.” He continued “..If it was me, it would have been a stadium ban!”

So Jose was hurt after all!

I like the fact that Wenger apologized after. The apology was a bit general though. Now that Jose is complaining bitterly, Wenger should apologize again, directly to Jose, just to rob it in!

Aondoaver Kuttuh

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  1. Today, it was clear to me the player we’re missing…

    ____Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    __Diame Ramsey
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertasacker Debuchy

    Thumbs up if you agree 😉

    1. No. Diame is not what Gilberto was. THAT’S what we need, gimme Luiz Gustavo all day. Then Howedes instead of Mert and Cavani instead of Welbz while we’re talking what’s needed.

  2. Wenger did confess during the confrontation with mourinho he kept hearing in his mind, his favourite rap “mama said knock you out” by LL COOL J!

  3. 1 Chelsea 22 pts.

    6 Arsenal 11 pts.

    Jose talks too much when his placement at the Premier league table tells it all. Look at that madness. Wenger is the one hurting.

    1. Mourinho is a tool. But what’s more hurtful, a petty touchline spat with handbags or parading the Premier League trophy at the end of the year?

      Wenger has, like other greats have before, realised his once unquestionable ability is on the wane, and he’s being surpassed by newer/fresher ideas…his only response is to lash out in desperate frustration where his ability can no longer match the best in the game.

      I hope he doesn’t tarnish the career he’s built at Arsenal, he deserves to go out revered. Can only hope some sense prevails and he walks away.

  4. Our goalkeeper is a good definition of a proper basket. Never makes any saves. Every shot on target is a goal

  5. Wenger out
    Mert out
    Monreal out
    Flamini out
    Arteta out
    Poldolski out (Wengers fault)
    Sanogo out
    Diaby out ( his mamas fault – did not give him enough milk)
    Rosiky out
    Jack (squad player or loan)
    Schez (back up at best)
    OG (squad player)
    Welbeck (squad player)
    Ox squad player

    Starting quality


    1. Chambers has hardly put a foot wrong, why is he not in your starting squad?
      Also Welbeck, a big fast strong player, is not being used properly, if he was he would score goals. Can’t expect him to score scuffling around in the box, give him the balls he can run with and use his speed and strength.
      apart from that agree totally with your ‘out’ list.

  6. The whole team needs an overhaul….


    In: Cech or Casillas


    In: Baines

    Out: Monreal


    In: Aurier


    In: Varane and Hummels

    A Mid

    In: Reus and Isco

    Out: Rosicky and Ozil


    In: Draxler

    Out: Podoski


    In: Rabiot, Kongdobia and Carvalho

    Out: Flamini, Arteta and Coquelin


    In: Pogba

    Out Diaby


    In: Cavani

    Out: Giroud


    In: Simone

    Out: Wenger

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