So what should Arsenal do about Aubz and Laca’s contract situations?

Anyone Else Worried About This?

While I don’t believe the seriousness of the rumours linking Aubameyang with a move away it did remind me about his current situation. Maybe gooners are distracted by transfer talk, or maybe we want to pretend it’s not happening, but our two best players have less than two years left on their deals. It means this time next year Auba and Lacazette can either run down their contracts or be sold for a cut price fee.

Essentially, we will be back in the Sanchez/Ramsey saga, one which we promised would never happen again.
In Raul Sanllehi ‘s own words, the recruitment team will be stricter with those with less than 24 months left on, unwilling to lose any more value on assets. So, by that criteria, if the Gabon and/or French striker chose not to negotiate we would have to sell now?

It would be a PR disaster to send one of our stars to a rival, but fear of criticism was the reason we preferred to lose Sanchez for nothing. The notion was having the Chilean for one campaign was better than any money we could have received. By the next January we were all taking about the 60 million we turned our backs on for 4 months work.

So, should we pay over the odds to keep the duo? Most gooners would say yes but how much stick have we got for doing exactly that for Ozil? The German has had supporters turn against him for his salary of 350,000 when he has zero resale value. Our forward line is 30 and 28 respectively and will be fully aware that someone the same age deemed not as important as them is the highest earner.

So, do we continue to write cheques North of 300,000 pound a week or (like Rambo) insist on a threshold? We either cash in now (fans will be unhappy), let them leave as free agents in the future (fans will be unhappy), or give them a raise (which upsets your wage structure). I was just wondering if anyone else was worried about this, and if so, what’s your preference?

My view is if Auba don’t say yes in the 2 weeks we have to sell, don’t we?

Dan Smith


  1. Lacazette’s contract will only expire in 30 June 2022, whereas Aubameyang’s will end in 30 June 2021

    Arsenal don’t have to worry about Aubameyang, because he will be 32 years old when his contract expires and he would have less bargaining power at that time

    We don’t know whether he would still be a good striker or not after two years, hence it’s also unwise to give him a contract extension with a pay raise now. However, I believe Arsenal would sell him if they receive a good offer

    1. He will be 32 with less bargaining power but by then most of the £56M we paid for him would be down the drain too.

      Best sell him and recoup something if a good offer comes along.

      Our return on investment in players is getting worse, which is a major problem that is weakening in the transfer market

  2. Extend their contracts because they’re so productive for us. The youngsters aren’t ready yet, but hopefully John Jules and Eddie can step up this year and prove their worth.

    Martinelli looks good, but is club planning for him to be a winger or striker? Martinelli, Saka, and Nelson could be a nice front 3 in coming years if they continue to progress.

    Presently I’m excited about these guys, and they are showing confidence and no fear in the 1st team.

    Now if we can get the young defensive players going we can save some money in the market. Use them as backups until they’re ready to compete for starts.

    Beliek can’t be worse than Mustafi can he? Surely worth a look right? Like to see him offered a chance to outplay Mustafi.

  3. Extend Auba’s contract. Didn’t we just say anybody who lets their contract go down to year gets sold now? Are we heading for another situation where we lose an opportunity to sell a player worth a good amount of money? Even at 32, if Auba is scoring a lot of goals, he will still go for a sizeable amount.

    1. Aubaemyang goals last season collected more points than any other player in the league ,meaning he scored vital goals .
      Hopefully if we add Zaha to Auba and laca and ozil starts firing and Emery doesn’t tinker all season we could be make top 3 .

      1. I was suggesting next summer when he is down to 1 year left. Isn’t going anywhere this window.

      1. Hi Thomas… Unai has said he’d like to bring in 4 players… 18 days left.. very interesting!
        Just for the record, I don’t want us to sell Auba or Laca

  4. I think Saliba and Ceballos are good as done. Ceballos said himself he wants to play for Real in the future, hence just the loan. This could be changed if he plays well and enjoys London and Real wants to sell.

    Tierney seems difficult because Celtic are playing hard ball. Ricardo Rodriguez will likely be a back up option as Milan bought Hernandez.

    Anyone else? Another CB no doubt. Might be that Senegalese lad from Olympiacos?

    I think players going out are:

    I’m purely speculating of course.

  5. Xhaka cannot turn and dribble past an opponent, like Joe Willock can. He can only pass the ball sideways or backwards most likely to the error prone Mustafi, who’s inclusion is making the rest of the team panic, unlike Beilik who is calm and assured.
    Please God” give the manager a pair of eyes and a brain.

    1. Is Bielik calm and assured in the EPL?

      Maybe Mustafi would be calm and assured in League One?

  6. Add 2 more years to their contracts. Keep the young talents as backup and for subsequent development. In the next 4 years, Arsenal would have been able to maintain a very potent attack line.

  7. Aubameyang

    Martinelli Lacazette Everton

    Ceballos Torreira

    Tierney Holding Sokratis Bellerin

    Subs: Martinez, Alves, Bielik, Nketiah, Willock, Nelson, Mavropanos,

  8. I believe the situation with Auba is Arsenal have offered an extension but Auba wants more money. If Arsenal refuse to increase and Auba refuses to sign, then yes we should sell him and re-invest.

    We can’t lose a £60m investment on a free transfer, especially considering how short of cash we are and when we already have Laca and Nketiah as backup.

  9. Sell Auba 60m
    Sell Mkhi 15m
    Sell Jenkinson 5m.
    Let Koz go free.
    Don’t buy any one.
    Promote Nketia (str) Martinellie (Str) Willock (M) Saka LB

      1. Well we bought
        Gabriel 16m Debuchy 16m Chambers 16m Perez 17m.
        Wellbeck 16m Podolski 12m Girvinho 12m Arshavin 16m
        Kept injury wrecks or over the hill/not good enough players like
        Djourou Wilshere Flamini Sanogo Chamakh Park Bendtner Asano and more.
        On average the club wastes between 50m – 75m quid every year
        on bad deals and over the top salaries.
        Its been like this 15 years and yes other clubs do it too.
        So why not try something new just coach who you have.

  10. Lets hope when this transfer window closes,they will then concentrate on extending our best two players contracts.

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