So what DO Arsenal need to do to SUCCEED?

I think it is safe to say that it has not really happened for Arsenal this season, so far at least. After the encouraging way that Arsenal led the Premier League table for most of the last campaign, we were hoping that a few key signings in the transfer market and a few less injuries, because of the new fitness and medical experts, would make the difference and offer Arsenal the extra level we needed to make a serious challenge for the title.

That now looks forlorn as we sit in 8th place and nine points behind the league leaders Chelsea, so what do Arsenal need to do and what should we have done in the summer?

I do think that Arsene Wenger identified one of the problems and addressed it, by signing Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck to give us more attacking options and more pace up front. And this has worked to a certain extent, as both new signings have shown flashes of brilliance and suggested that they will be great additions to the squad. But Alexis is new to the BPL and is still getting used to his new team while Welbeck is learning his new role as a centre forward.

We also have new players in Debuchy and Chambers and while the Frenchman is at the peak of his powers apart, the youngster is still raw although he does look to have fantastic promise and versatility. Then we still have Walcott out and because of the World Cup in Brazil, Wenger had a disrupted and far from ideal pre-season and our best player of last year could not rediscover that form for some reason.

All this makes it feel to me like Arsenal are a team in progress rather than the finished article, which always seems to be the case. And that is highlighted by Chelsea, who added two players at the peak of their form, Fabregas and Costa, to an already strong side and they do look the finished article.

The Gunners have had two great results against Aston Villa and Galatasaray and flashes of brilliance against Man City, along with a very encouraging desire and determination not to be beaten. I am sure that Arsenal will push on after the international break and come the New Year we will have Giroud and Debuchy back. Wenger might even sign Sami Khedira if the rumours are true, which could help us have a good go at the latter stages of the Champions League.

To win the league, however, Arsenal still need a fair few improvements, so are we looking at next season? And what do you think Arsenal need to do to turn from nearly men into champions?

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    1. I stand to be corrected (with statistics); Wilshere seems to be Arsenal’s problem. Wenger need to know that top teams don’t have time to be experimenting player(s).
      Arsene Wenger doesn’t look like a serious manager to me.

    1. 1. A top quality, proven, 6ft+ powerhouse DM
      2. Cover at CB
      3. To stop playing Ozil as a winger and use him only as a no 10.
      4. To stop trying to play Ozil and Cazorla together (one or other)
      5. To play our pacy, aggressive, direct wingers (Sanchez, Ox, Theo, Gnabry) and use the flanks
      6. A first team and player positions that are maintained for more than a game at a time.
      7. Consideration of the anthropometry (size) of the team being put out….we are on average 4” shorter than chelski and a stone lighter (and that’s without Lampard). At gk, cb and striker there all big enough so this all seems to be in the midfield area….great if no one is going to close us down or impose themselves and we can play like Barca….but not always going to happen.
      8. Playing more fast counter attacking football. With welbz up front and either Sanchez, the ox or theo on the wings, and with ozil releasing the ball we should be able to counter against anyone.
      9. Good old fashioned passion. A never say die, we will not lie down, will not be beaten attitude from the players…encouraging each other and being prepared to ball out anyone not pulling their weight. More on pitch charisma and hunger.
      10. Time…and some luck.

  1. new style enough of the tiki taka we need to sign player who are fast as physical the Bayern side under jupp hykenes was best it was perfect we need to built something similar 2 that

    1. Or maybe our current manager needs to be sure of himself, his tactisics, his team and his players. For e.g, why benching Oxlade-Chamberlain when he has played (against Totenham and Gala) like someone who has fire in his belly? Take a look at this:

      —-Alexis –Ozil –Ox-Chamberlain

      —-Alexis —Cazorla —-Ozil

      What is the difference between 1 and 2?
      Well for starters, the winning front four would have been left unchanged ( that front 4 partnership looked like they were building some understanding with each other). Also
      the Ox-Chamberlain would have provided pace and DIRECTNESS (as it was with Alexis) on the right wing. He would have occupied Azipilicueta the same way Alexis did Ivanovic and Schurle thereby rendering the later less effective than Hazard who had all the freedom in the world to drift into the middle and dribble right through our defence!
      You call it hindsight, I say these things are interconnected somehow.

  2. It will be a repetition of my earlier comment but since the topic is “So what DO Arsenal need to do to SUCCEED?”, here is my take:

    Wenger prefrence of wilshere (and playing him central position to make him look good) is destroying the whole structure of team. Ozil, the best No. 10 has been relegated to wings, cazrola and Rosicky are non starters and proper winger like OX, podolski and campbell never plays.
    His stats for attacking (Key passes, assists, pass completion in final third etc) is pathetic for someone playing at top level in middle position. His defensive stats are also not very good (tackle won etc).

    Just analyzing the past season record:
    1) our best wins like against Borussia dortmund away, Liverpool at home, napoli at home, where we totally dominated the opponents, came when wilshere was not playing. We even drawn Bayern at their home ground when he didn’t played.
    2) Our worst defeat like BD at home, Liverpool away, Manchester City away came when he played. (I am not taking chelsea defeat into consideration as we were one man down).
    3) In final phase of last season, arsenal won 9 out of 10 matches when he was injured and didn’t played.

    Even now our best wins, i.e. against Villa and Galatacsy came when he didn’t played.

    Ozil i he has highest assists in Europe for three seasons (more than xavi or fabregas). He didn’t became bad player by coming to arsenal. He played out of position to accomodate wilshere.

    Ozil was No 10 twice this season

    1)champion league: 1 assist and 1 indirect one and initiating 2 others

    2) aston villa: 1 goal , 1 assist

    in that position , this is what matters ,not tracking back or running with ball.

    1. Ozil played as No. 10 all last season and was average overall. Dont know why people completely forget last season when they mention Ozil underperforming. He underperformed for almost the whole season and especially flopped in big matches. Ozil just isnt cut out for premier league, doesnt have the effort required either. Best thing to do would be to sell and reinvest in the right player. Only reason Ozil was signed was to quiet fans. Even when the signing happened I remember a lot of ppl saying he was the wrong player for us. Turns out its correct. AW should take some blame too, but if Ozil doesnt put the effort in, he will always fail.

      1. @RSH.
        “Only reason Özil was signed was to quiet fans”.
        And all the while I was thinking the reason he was bought was because he had been tearing up and burning down the assists chart as one of the worlds most prominent No 10 the past 3 years. Hmmmmmm.

      2. “Best thing to do would be to sell”

        As early as January IMO. We need to recoup as much of the £42M as possible.

      3. no world class no 10 can thrive without a solid defensive midfielder.even zidane himself complained when GREAT MAKELELE WAS SOLD.FABREGAS HAS MATIC.THE SUCCESS OF A WORLD CLASS 10 IS DEPENDENT ON THE SOLIDITY OF THE DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER BEHIND HIM.OTHER EXAMPLES—-SILVA–YAYA TOURE,FERNANDINHO,DENNIS BERGKAMP—PATRICK VIERIA,ZIDANE–MAKELELE,.great 10s thrive better with a solid defensive midfield.lets get a ruthless DM AND SEE HOW IT GOES.

    2. mate i read your comments on Wilshere and don’t read any more! been consistantly easily our best midfielder this year! get with the programe!!

  3. A man that’s in charge at a club for so long won’t change his philosophy, morals or attitude. It’s not going to get better guys no matter who he brings.
    We need a change!!!
    And before anyone says anything I’m a AKB but I ain’t no parasite. Things ain’t the same as they use to be and they won’t change under WENGER fact.

    1. I agree.Wenger has shown his genius on and off the pitch over the years as arsenal boss, but Managers also decline as do players. Even SAF knew when to quit.

  4. Simple!! Getting new manager, some one younger than wenger and for that klopp fits the bill ane his tactics against big teams is excellent and he can play a gegen pressing style that will beat mourinho and kick his ass and other big clubs as well and his style of play is awsome eye catching and lovely to watch.. Love him(Klopp) to succeed wenger for next season and he will add talented and class playersfrom his own club dortmund like hummels top class defender on par with kompany at the moment, reus awsome player no need to explain his quality, Sven bender or gundogan.. Also he will add other talented hardworking young players from other clubs to win trophier he will do everything to make us a top top side once a again i believe and admire his tactics and passion for game… Thumbs up guys if u agree..

    1. Klopp and Dortmund have played pretty badly in the few games and this is why some idiots will crawl out from their caves to bash on him. Funny how Dortmund have been playing horrendously but still managed to beat us at ease.

      Klopp has the ability to build a team. Not like LVG or Mourinho who just spend 100-200 million on on-demand players. Reus, Hummels (brought from rival), Subotic, Bender, Gundogan.. they were all brought into the team while Klopp was in charge. He’s had to witness key players join a rival (a la Arsenal) and what I understand, BVB doesn’t have the spending power Arsenal now has.

      He’s got tactics, he got BVB all the way to the Champions League final and raped Real Madrid in the process. But most of all I love his passion; he looks like manager, he sounds like manager and seems like the type who would be furious at the players if we would perform as we perform against big teams. He seems like manager who could actually motivate our players and get the best ouf them and NOT play them out of positions.

      1. The question is will he come to Arsenal? Arsenal for a dortmund player would honestly be a step down! not sure about the coach- but definitely if Wenger goes, we have to do everything to get Klopp!

  5. The realistic target this season should be finishing in the top three and avoid CL play-offs next season. Philosophy doesn’t necessarily have to change, just tactics. First, players need to be played where they are most effective even if it means leaving on the bench one or two high profile signings who don’t fit the set up of the team on the day. Secondly, we need to learn how to play without the ball. Having possession is one thing, but when you lose it how do you get it back. Pep’s Barca were excellent at that. Wenger has lost the plot.

  6. Klopp will get us the required team to win trophies INSHAA ALLAH.. For next season hopefull with klopp in charge:
    Ospina/shesny debuchy/ chambers/schar (versatile defender to play at Rb,Cb,LB) hummels/per Koscielny/ Chambers Gibbs/ Monreal/schar Khedira or s.bender or scheniderlin/ chambers/flamini Ramsey/wilshere walcott/OX OZIL/CAZORLA REUS/SANCHEZ SANCHEZ/ WELBECK/GIROUD.. Formation: 4-2-3-1 style: gegen-pressing.. COYG!!..

  7. Why is JustArsenal in a toxic meltdown? You all expected us to lose, and lose we did. Shouldn’t you be cheerful or something?

    Like d*cks you all comparing Mesut and Cesc after one game? And the unanimous verdict is Mesut is sh*t and Cesc great based on one game.

    They were in LaLiga for a similar period of time. Tell me o you enlightened ones, who the fcuk had the better stats? Yes Mesut was sh*t yesterday. Erratic first touch and getting out muscled by Cesc from the ball didn’t make any pretty viewing. But he doesn’t deserve the sh*t you lot are throwing by the bucket loads.

    One goal and three assists from 7 games for a player out of form and in his least favoured position is not a bad thing from where i am sitting(4 against top oppositions).

    Like i said, our honeymoon period starts now till new year. Only Liverpool and United(both whom we can beat with full strength Arsenal team) are top opposition left to play.

    Yes we are 8th and 10 points with 7 games. But to reach half way mark, 12 games still left.
    From this 12 if we can get 30-33 points, it will be 40+ at the half way mark.

    Than we have a January Window, and we strengthen.

    So where is the problem?

    1. I agree, this site is full of fickle two faced idiots who cannot tell when a player has actually had a decent game and contributed. People need to remember and realize that it has only been one season since we have actually started spending again, in that sense buying world class players. We have won 2 trophies since then in a period of one season. 2 DECENT TROPHIES and some mugs on here want a new manager, new medical team, a new squad and while we are at it lets build f*cking new stadium….OH WAIT. If Wenger does not buy a top DM and CB in January, then I AGREE its time for him to go, but let us just have some patience and until then support the team, we have pretty much a whole season still ahead of us.

      1. What this mugs don’t realise is Wenger has forgotten more about the game and players than they will ever learn.

        Yes Wenger makes mistakes at times but yesterday was a clear let down by the players.

        Who knew Sanchez, Mesut and Danny after having such a brilliant game against Galatasray would be utter sh*t yesterday.

    2. @Sumo.. Cesc had the better stats.. The only stat Ozil can come close to Cesc is in the assist department.. And it’s not even that a big gap, when Ozil gets 17 assists a season Cesc will get 13 or 15 assists..

      But that’s the only comparison. In all the other important stats Ozil is miles off, if a game is hard fought for then Ozil goes missing.. Cesc will score, attack, tackle, defend, lead etc..

  8. We lose to practically the best team in the league at their homeground and everyone is calling for a new team and management. What a fickle and disgraceful lot you are. Yet after we thrashed Galatasaray everyone was praising our manager and team. On top of that people are calling for Wilshere’s head, even though he did not play all that bad yesterday.

    1. Wilshere played a good second half yesterday. Unlcuky with his pass to Sanchez in the first half which Sanchez couldn’t get under control. His First touch also let him down when Cazorla gave him the simple pass inside their box, we could’ve equalized immediately, I think that would’ve shocked them for a whie atleast.

      Wenger should’ve played diamond with the same three CMF Wilshere-Flamini-Cazorla, but instead of putting Ozil on the wing he should have been playing in behind both strikers. I think that is one reason we didn’t see him create any goal scoring opportunity.

    2. @Big Gun.

      I’m claiming for wenger head. His unhealthy obssesion with wilshere and with having CAMS in all of the atacking position is making us look like sh*t in every match. The only matchs we win so far this season where the ones that arsenal played with wingers and with a no.10


  10. for starters instead of recreating that wilshere’s goal in every f**king match and have a f**king go on goal! seriously why are we soo f**king toothless?!…things could get better once theo’s back and when we have our strong 11 we need to milk 3 points from every f**king opponent we face.
    oh and f**k you mourinho! f*********k you!

  11. What do you think? If we didn’t take that quick free quick, few seconds later which got them the penalty yesterday, we could’ve drawn the game at least. Second goal wouldn’t have happened since defence would have stayed deeper still if it was 0-0.

  12. I completely with u dear juhislihs.. That is what i m trying to say about jurgen klopp because he is a real motivator, mentor lifts his players all the and a real manager with very very fine tactics to beat the big teams to win major trophies INSHAA ALLAH.. He is also way younger than arsene tn build a team for long term…

  13. Also our first teamers are returning slowly.

    Gnabry, Walcott, Ramsey, Arteta, will be up and running by the United game(22nd November).

    We still have Debuchy and Giroud to be back.

    Now the uncomfortable question you will ask is
    “Why are our players injured so often despite we hiring Shad?”

    And your assumption is “Must be Wenger training.”

    And your silution is “Wenger Out”.

    But the answer is it will take time for Shad to implement his style on our game. He is not a wizard who will stop out injuries by saying Repario nor he has Fakwes’s tears to heal injuries. It will take him more than six months.

    What would you have us do? Buy 9 players like Pool and than play Europa.

    We bought in 6 players.

    And three vital new players who has yet to understand each other (They don’t even share a common language).

    Our striker cant speak Spanish, Sanchez can’t speak English. Mesut can speak both. To form a understanding 10 games are a minimum bench mark.

  14. we know this have been arsenal achilles heel..a decent DM for god sake is there just spend the money..SOLID-PHYSICAL AND ATHLETIC KHEDIRA TICK ALL THE BOXES OR CARVALLHO or even FELIPE MELO will kick some a…. in the middle..DM gives soliditity to the defence and fluidty to Midfielders to join and attack without hesitation like ours..let’s get just the 20 or 25 millions plus stop insisting on JACK for the love of god..the boy has not live to the expectations for 5 years but some of you still defending him.CESC became the main leader at 16 having around VIEIRA..we play players out of position and believe me KHEDIRA-CARVALHO WITH RAMSEY as pair Wiwth OZIL-THEO-ALEXIS AND WELBECK we will get back to the pires-dennis-ljunberg-tierry era ..PACY UNSTOPPABLE BUT UNTIL THEN..WE NEED TO BUY IT…sooner the better i’, tired.we are tired

  15. And yesterday was Romantics vs Pragmatics.

    To think Wenger didn’t have tactics is not only laughable but pityfull to see your blind hate for him.

    10 attempts to their 4.

    0 shots on goal to their 2(both of which were converted).

    Yes i was depressed after the match, but we put up a fight.

    Listen to me you muppets-

    Yesterday Chelsea were a full strength team with Costa, Cesc and Hazard in form of their life (not to mention the cyclinal fouling).

    Being an Arsenal you learn to live with injuries but we had our best and experienced RB missing and played a kid. With out our star performer of last year Ramsey. With out Walcott (most consistent Arsenal player since RvP).

    We will beat them fair and square any day of the weak when we have our full strength team.

    Can’t you lot see not even one player is in form at the moment for us?

    Or is Wenger somehow responsible for them being out of form.

    1. Injurys in arsenal are mostly wenger’s fault, players doesen’t train properly, i still remember an interview when he said that he prefers the players to train with a ball instead of WEIGHT. He has his own methods, wenger doesent believe in what other clubs do .Also i still remember when he said that hair products where responsabily of arsenal injurys. Open the eyes this man is clinical mental.

  16. Those dear friends who are saying that klopp and dortmund playing poor this season i agree u 100 percent but ht is mainly due to injuries almost half of their first 11 is injured and lost top striker to rival bayern and dont had enough resources that is financial means money to find his natural replacement and he will not progress with this but at arsenal he will definitely make us a powerhouse in europe no doubt about that with the kind of money we have now… They r way behind this season due to injuries and other factors but in a manner which he has guided them to trophies in past is remarkable achievement with very low transfer budget..

  17. What do we need, well here goes:

    1. New tactically aware, up to date, hungry to win manager – No other way around this Wenger’s time is over, we thank him for his time here and he has achieved a lot but time for him to go take a sit up stairs and allow the club to progress under a new manager

    2. New DM – No brainer here really, need I say more.

    3. New defenders – Atleast two who could easily displace and improve on Mert

    4. Get ride of fringe players and create space for better recruits – Flamini, Arteta, TR7 (sadly), Coq, Diaby, Poldi, Ryo.

    5. Selection of players depending on form and not the name – no one should be graduated first spot.

    6. Better training sessions because apparently our players look so clueless and lack energy in certain games.

    7. We still need to beef up our medical team

    8. New assistant coach if Wenger stays – Bould should be the 3rd man on that bench, we need someone who can pressure Wenger and actually teach him a thing or two

    9. New pants for Sanchez – the man clearly wants to wear old school shorts and now his spending time pulling his pants up (little joke).

    10. Improve our attitude, desire to wear our colors, and give 100% in each game for Christ’s sake

    Wait a minute, I think I said 9 out of the 10 things last season too and nothing has been done!!! Same old same old.

  18. Everytime we tries to do a counter attack yesterday Chelsea players kept fouling us. When we somehow negotiate through these cheap fouls referee says play on. If you see the reel on match of the day 2 analysis by Keown, there was like 10+ incidents of this. Apparently this is within the rules if you agree with Phil Neville on his analysis column on the match on bbc sports.

  19. The club needs fans that know what they want but it seems all the fans are satisfied with what is going on. If the manager is responsible kick him out, is it that hard ? no. Is the board responsible kick them out. is is hard? no. is the players the problem? sell them off. is it hard? no.
    This club is going down the drain year after year. In the next 5 years it will be tending towards liverpool and Newcastle( 20 years without league title) Since when did Arsenal not need World class players. Everyone here is saying CB and CDM. we need world class players in almost every position to compete. People are saying we had a good game yesterday, definitely any small team can have a good day against a giant. We played like a small team with big balls yesterday and we have been doing that for 14 years.
    Players like Giroud, Sanogo, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, cocklin( cant even spell) Podloski Debuchy, Wilshere are supposed to be playing for teams like Sunderland and QPR. Dont get me wrong, i love our players but some of them are at the wrong club.
    So where does the problem come from, FANS. We just dont know what we want yet because Wenger would be out and definitely the board would also be out. We pay the highest ticket in the world to be disappointed year in year out plus having the highest paid manager in the world.(hahaha)

    1. Completely agree, we have some very over rated players. The squad needs a good cutting down, realistically who out of our team would walk into a city or Chelsea team?
      If I was to pick out those teams there more than likely wouldn’t be anyone left. As far as I can tell Sanchez for the same price as Costa is a joke. Especially when forward was a position needed not particularly a winger.
      Dm issue has been one for years now, always linked never buy.
      Cb needed

      Far too many players in our team who don’t deserve to be.

  20. to listen to wengers post match interview is blood curdling . he does not realise that the entire world saw him attack the chelsea boss . he is denying it actually happened . is this who we want to lead us ? , is every wenger fan totally blind . how can we have a maniac like wenger representing us and physically attack an opposing manager . is this not a sackable offense . we are totally the laughing stock of the football world after yesterdays antice , when is it all going to stop .we have a maniac and a madman in charge of our wonderful team and everybody is afraid of him . he is destroying good players and nobody will dare say anything to him . even reporters are afraid of wenger at this stage . he is beginning to remind me of a small man with a moustache from some years ago who lost the plot and everybody was afriad of him too . shame on wenger and shame on his croonies who still think he is god , in fact guys if anything he is the devil .

    1. “shame on his croonies who still think he is god”

      Hello Muppet
      Did you see the interview or the incident?
      Let me narrate.

      Cahill made a red-carding (which wasn’t even booked) tackle to Sanchez and Wenger wanted to see if our star-player was injured or not. Thus he walked towards Sanchez. But Muareen made a gesture for him to get back to his place.

      So what did your want our manager to do? Fall on his feet and beg to Maureen to pass him so he could see that our best player didn’t get injured?

      I would rather have him slap Maureen.

      The stadium ban and the fine would have been worth it.

      If you think we(even if we support Wenger, we are still Arsenal fans) are croonies than i have nothing more to add.

  21. 1) Sign the right players which the squad is lacking Or for the weak positions

    2) play the right players at the right position

    3) make the right Subs

    4) Sub at the right time

    5) Spend some money and sign some quality

  22. As a fan of 44 years I beg you AW PLZ go and do deans old job and get fresh blood in. AW can’t win a raffle let alone a top 5 match. First thing play our best players in there best place. Or they will up and go coz contracts don’t mean crap these days. I beg you MR AW or at least get a number 2 that knows what he is there for

  23. A lot!! I wouldn’t mind of wenger started to address ba couple of issues but they all seem to continue unfixed. Why did he not complete the dm and cb signing we needed? Why late subs? Why sub players doing well and stick with ones who are not? Why are you not being decisively ruthless with players who are no longer good enough, (per, arteta, poldi)? Why play players out of position? Why still so many injuries? Lots of whys some could be fixed quickly others not. Wengers remedies none!Most simple fixes to me are diditch per abd buy a wc cb, buy kondogbia, play ozil at 10,. Don’t play ramsey, wilshire and arteta together. Sell joel campbell if hes not going to play.

  24. What did Wenger do wrong yesterday? Kos stuck his leg out and gave away a penalty. Chelsea go 1 up at the Bridge and it’s over. But what could Wenger have done about Kos? Nothing really.

    In fact, if anything, he sent out a well prepared team. The backlash is in huge part from people that have their panties in a twist that Ozil took Cesc’s place and basked in the glory of Cesc while their own team lost.

  25. Forget Attack for a bit and think, can we get clean sheet against big teams ?
    Jose’s Chelsea, Rafa’s Liverpool are built to defend. They are perfectly happy to get a draw against bigger teams. They could go to Munich, Madrid and barca and come away with a clean-sheet.
    Our success last year and year before that was getting clean-sheet(except against Big Teams). But this year everybody is capable of scoring against us.
    They performance level of BFG, koscielny have dropped. Gibbs was never reliable defensively. Chamber is a 19 yr old who is bound to make mistakes and I don’t even talk about the DM situation.
    If we can get clean-sheets back again then there is a chance we can get back on track.
    TITLE is far from our reach, I am accepting that now.
    We cannot compete with Excellently built Chelsea and ManCity squads.

  26. Get rid of the mediocre squad players.

    Buy a decent strong cdm.
    Buy a cb


    We are miles off city and Chelsea.

  27. 1. Play Ozil as number 10 (central) and NOT on wing.
    2. In January get minimum top DM and defender but a top forward like Cavani, Martinez or Reus would be awesome too.
    3. don’t use 4-3-3 anymore. Use the formations used against Galatasaray and Villa.
    4. Let Wilshere earn his spot on the team, if he isn’t performing well take him off.

  28. no world class no 10 can thrive without a solid defensive midfielder.even zidane himself complained and even struggled when GREAT MAKELELE WAS SOLD.FABREGAS HAS MATIC.THE SUCCESS OF A WORLD CLASS 10 IS DEPENDENT ON THE SOLIDITY OF THE DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER BEHIND HIM.OTHER EXAMPLES—-SILVA–YAYA TOURE,FERNANDINHO,DENNIS BERGKAMP—PATRICK VIERIA,ZIDANE–MAKELELE,.great 10s thrive better with a solid defensive midfield.lets get a ruthless DM AND SEE HOW IT GOES.


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