So what happened to Mesut Ozil’s clean slate?

What is ÖZIL doing wrong in training!

Ozil is yet to make a start for the first team this season in a competitive game. He is clearly fit enough to be able to train so he has obviously got over the back injury he had a few months ago. He is ever present in training but he just cannot even seem to make the bench for Arsenal!

What is he doing or not doing in training that Arteta refuses to pick him even as a back up for the bench.

I am growing increasingly frustrated that he is present in training but not for team selection come match day. Arteta has reiterated many times that if he feels a player is working hard in training giving all they have and the player is showing they want to play and are ready to play then he will pick them for his team selection on the day of a match. Which is fine of course and I agree that if a player isn’t performing then why should they deserve to get into the team!

But what I fail to see is how day in day out Ozil and even Guendouzi now seem to be back in training and working hard to stay fit and show what they can do, yet Arteta is refusing to select them even for the bench! He stated the slate had been wiped clean and that every player now has a chance from the beginning, but somehow this fails to show me that he means what he has said. The spirit in the team is high, things are looking up and the players all have a good relationship with each other so why is Arteta not including certain players in his team!

I know it is early days into the season and we have a long season ahead of us but I hope he starts to integrate them into his team some way or another and he doesn’t wait for an injury to happen before he selects them! It is clear we have so much talent and rotation will be needed and given that it looks like they won’t be sold this season at least, I think it is about time Arteta swallows his pride and picks everyone at some point or another for the sake of the team if nothing else! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. The manager has a clear vision, maybe there are underlying problems with the individuals not showing the wide team spirit. It is impossible to know from the out side what that is. Mikle has shown he can pick a side that can win trophies, it’s up to the players to change and get on-board if they want to be part of the Arsenal. Both the players you have spoken about have had stories with money at the core. Maybe the money v football is the true story.

    1. Ozil just dont fit in the 3-4-3 system. We need a DM and a B2B, Ozil is none of them. Also he cant play in wing anymore.

  2. His slate is clean, but perhaps the other players slates are cleaner?

    I would be frustrated at him not playing if we were losing, but why bring in players to change a winning formula?

    1. well said. Correct answer to those wishing AFC and Mikel bad and cannot see the club rise again, those enjoying mediocrity and want to keep the pot water boiling.

    2. Would really love to see Ozil playing tonight, should Arteta keep on not playing this 2 guys I promise you the team spirit will fall apart and Arsenal will start loosing again like no body’s business

    3. I’m just coming from watching our defeat to liverpool. I think Ozil still the answer to our problems at least for now. We lacked creativity. 3/4 of that arsenal team are not world class. It was better losing now so that we face the harsh reality and fix things while the season is still in its infancy.

  3. It should be Ozil and Guendouzi swallowing their pride.. surely as professionals they want to be doing everything they can to play football as an injury can put paid to their career in an instant

    Arteta seems a strong character but also if he is saying it’s a clean slate then its down to the players…

    Disgraceful they are both getting paid a lot of money and cant be bothered to step up !

    1. His Ozil attitude isn’t good for a team that is on rebuild as arsenal…..Arsenal stood him on the Germany national team issue;They entertained him on comments on Chinese issue and his relationship with Turkish govt…Briefly Ozil thinks he must always have his way even today he should have looked for a team that could pay him £80k then arsenal pay the rest of his huge salary…Let arteta not play him even if we lose…Remember him telling ..OZIL MUST NOT PLAY FOR ARSENAL AGAIN HE IS TOXIC AND EGOCENTRIC

    1. It was quite yesterday and I thought to myself where is Mesut article to spice things up? The evidence says the majority love these articles.

      1. Opinion articles are probably the most popular ones on the site after Match articles. Mesut, I guess, has been part of the most popular articles, since the 7-8 years that I have followed this site.

  4. Just to clarify “Ozils clean slate” Arteta is being diplomatic “Ozil has screwed Afc for long enough both on and off the field and the sooner he goes the better” was the real truth,a view shared my many.

    1. Stan, I suspect from your post that we very much singing from the same hymnsheet! I would love you, please, to scroll down to my post below and give me YOUR opinion on my wider explanation for why MA does not pick Ozil.

    2. Contrary to what you say that’s NOT the real truth shared by many. A lot of us , while we respect MA decision even though we don’t agree with it, hold Ozil the person in high regards , love his game and most of all applaud his generosity and help toward the poor and needy. Nobody can take those way from him despite the vicious attacks and blatant lies..

      1. Icw, To read your wide of the mark post, anyone might easily conclude that giving towards the “poor and needy”(a virtuous thing to do, as all should agree) excuses lack of effort on the field.

        Of course the real truth is that YOU are both unwilling and unable to even see that truth about your hero not working on the field, not even remotely hard enough. There are none so blind as those who CHOOSE not to see!

      2. Icw your posts about ozil always makes me laugh, what has given to the needy as to do with ability on the pitch and the way you say it you make it feels like ozil is the only footballer that gives to the needy. Just last month that Nigerian player victor moses gave his former club wigan athletic a huge some so they won’t go into adminstration, and according to the club director of football, he said Victor moses insist that his name shouldn’t be mentioned but the club begged him to allow them show appreciation publicly, Ronaldo gave over 4million yearly to save the kids in asia, so many celebrity do charity but the fact that someone always make his own public doesn’t mean the rest doesn’t do any. And this article is not talking about Ozil the giver the article is about ozil the Arsenal footballer.

        1. Ozil was our most creative player last season while playing the least amount of games ever in his arsenal career that proves alot .i rate arteta but he is jus doing what the big heads tell him to do to try to push him out but the man is seeing out contract so why deny him game time and u all know its because he didnt take the paycut cuz he was playing in most of game when arteta was giving the job .arsenal is playing silly game here cuz if things start to get sour on field.u know what the fans will start to do it happened with emery when results wasnt going his way .

        2. Where have you been. Many attack his character as being a thief, dishonest and immoral. Just read the posts.
          As for Ozil the football player it is a matter of opinion.

  5. I believe the Manager knows what he wants per match, and we the fans do not see what the crew see.
    That said, he is getting results and no flaws yet in his selections. So let’s trust his position and avoid bringing in sentiments and issues that will bring to fore what doesn’t exist.

  6. I don’t think it’s about how clean the slate is. It’s about the quality of the slate. MA wants to see individual performances improving in training. No improvement? No selection!

    1. As long as you, me or any other commenter here is not present at the training ground, I think we cannot say that they are not working hard enough. They may even be the hardest working because they want to get back in the team.

    1. Loool…. Aouar to be competed this new week. We’ll hear more after the game tomorrow. Updates should be out on Tuesday.
      Aouar is very interested in coming over.
      While doing that, we should be moving out a few players
      Like Edu once said, the problem is most teams that were calling to take our players all wanted to takes them on loan.
      If we move them out, then we’re going all in for Partey.
      Kev should be able to confirm it, though he gets his from ITKs.
      The page I do from ain’t a bunch of ITKs like I’ve been saying. Actually bunch of young men doing journalism.
      Unlike ITKs, you can actually see them talk.
      They’re called TransferEx on Twitter, their Channel on YouTube is called The KS1 just in case you want to see some of their content.

      1. KS1 TV to be precise… The main guy’s name is Kieron, very intelligent guy and knowledgeable bout football.
        Sometimes he gets to discuss football with other journalists.
        I think he’s done be with one the Athletic’s guy though

      2. Eddie it’s funny everything you say is reported in papers / online
        Saying we are close to.Aouar and would like Partey is well.known and has been for a month
        We should be moving players out ?
        Again everyone knows arsenal are trying to offload players
        I have sources as well
        We are confident Aouar will happen
        We will.only get Partey as well.if we raise funds
        We want to.sell Mustafi

        1. You keep saying these stuff ad if it was in the papers a month ago that Arsenal were going to bid for Aouar and Partey.
          While all the speculations are that Arsenal would chase one of Aouar, you keep saying stuff as if the fact that I’ve been saying it’s three midfielders Arteta wanted. You’ve seen it on papers before right?
          You’ve seen it on papers that we WILL sign Partey and Aouar right?
          You’ve been reading it on papers since for the past 5 weeks haven’t you?

          1. no
            zero paper has said 100 percent we are buying both
            So you saying we will get news on Aour this week is something read in the paper and also there is only a week left of the transfer window
            I read Mustafi might go to Lazio so if i said my sources told me Mustafi might go to Lazio might not , that’s not a source
            that’s just repeating a rumour
            A souce would be like , boom I been told Countinhio is a done deal before its been reported
            But all you do is report what is being reported
            If an agend frind told me ‘ you might be getting Aouar’ I be like yeah I know lol

  7. Saka not guaranteed to start, pepe struggling to get in. Willock getting scraps This is because the players being picked at the moment are delivering with the right attitude. Who would you rather get opportunities the names above the future and right now for arsenal or a player that simply wont work for the team. No one doubts ozil ability but we do doubt his attitude. He is a player that has outstayed his welcome but is hanging around like a bad smell because he knows the money is not going to be the same elsewhere

  8. To me he was given a clean sheet at the beginning. Played each game until Lockdown but it was the same old average performances from him. I also feel like Arteta was trying to just offer an olive branch to Ozil with this Clean slate thing. He knew the type of player ozil was but wanted to be more diplomatic about it. Can’t just drop him. Would look as biased as hell.

    I just feel like the lockdown changed everything as it gave ARTETA a mini Preseason to try out all kinds of formations and personnel. He tried different formations and found that the more organised/ solid / defensive one was the way to go considering the average players we have.

    And Ozil being real diva / queen that we have all come to know was not buying it. May be refused to buy into this pragmatic new system of hard press, fight, defensive work. And on top of that coming back unfit, refusing to buy into Artetas / Bellerin’s (Wage cut) suggestion gave Arteta the opening to drop him.

    I think these aspects might have opened Arteta’s eye more widely when it comes to the Ozil character. With Ozil I feel like he expects everything to revolve around his nonchalant attitude etc. He this “Can’t be bothered what you say” attitude.

    Can’t be having that at Arsenal anymore. Madrid and Germany had enough of it and got rid. We at Arsenal have learned a big lesson in his 8 years here.

    Never seen an individual Arsenal player have this much hype from his fanbase and yet so little to show for it.

  9. great article!, Its better to take things serious not to take any risks, but though ozil is applicable on stubborn weak sides.

    1. Ozil wont play for Arsenal again. Stop commenting on the subject . There is nothing Ozil or Arteta can do. They must fulfill their contractual obligations. End of season Ozil walks away.

  10. There is nothing sporting about the decision not to have Özil play. His contract must forbid them to put him in U17 or cut the grass otherwise they would have asked him to do it. Özil with 80% of his means is better than any attacking midfielder in our team. The idea is that the club wants to force him to leave without paying him and the guy doesn’t accept it. Everyone is talking about Özil and we are less focused on the level of the team which is not extraordinary. The last game against the Hammers was catastrophic and we continue to talk about Özil. I believe that his contract has provided for very high indemnities if the club fires him otherwise he cannot explain not having done so for a long time since his presence has become harmful to the group and the club pays his wages in every way.

    1. Ben, the issue is that Arteta for good reason believes that what Ozil offers with the ball in attack, doesn’t overcome the lack of pressing, tackling and ball winning Ozil brings to the team without the ball. Arteta needs every player to be putting in, with and without the ball; there is no room for passengers or “revolving doors” in midfield.

      1. ozziegunner good reply, Ozil might be one of the players that create but he can’t win or tackle or track back to defend.

    2. That’s the delusion you Ozil fans have wrapped yourselves in.
      You overhype ozil while the guy himself can’t live to that expectation.
      That is why he has been a very divisive signing for our fan base.
      You have his long term admirers going back to 2010 that look at him as somw sort of god / cult hero. They overstate, overhype and overrate his ability which in turn makes him a target when this hype is not shown consistently on the field.

    3. You are right. Ozil had the guts to question the misleading wage cuts, followed by unexpected retrenchment. Ozil is a man. He stands up for things where others fear to tread, including Arteta who Kroeke”s yes-buddy.Not one anti-Ozil would ever be able to what Ozil has done as a person and footballer. On this coming Monday night a Ozil minute of magic could have been important for us.

    4. I wholly agree with you.
      To anyone who would rush into… I’M NOT AN OZIL LOVER – infact wanted him gone long ago, but his treatment at the club is obviously neither tactical nor football-related, and it’s really a shame too many people out of their dislike (and by an extension hatred for him) have chosen to pay a blind eye to it – it’s a shame.

  11. Not another ozil article getting very boring now it doesn’t take a mastermind to work out he has no future at Arsenal and Arteta has no intention of playing him so that should be end of story!!

  12. well i believe it’s the case of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks scenario with Ozil.
    For Ozil to completely change the way he plays and has played for the last 10 years of his career is just not going to happen, we’re not going to see an ozil that presses with purpose, no its not going to happen.

    1. Santi, Silva, Pirlo, Modric etc all changed their game to suit the ever evolving world of football.
      James Rodriquez at Everton is the same type as Ozil but he is willing to try. Moves from Madrid to Bayern. Then moved from Bayern to now Everton etc.

      Ozil reminds of of Mata at Man United. These 2 have found completely difficult to adapt. But Mata has at least tried. Same can’t be said of princess Ozil.

  13. Oh dear Shenel, how naive can you possibly be! You are among those who, in naive fashion, take as gospel – which wiser fans never do – ALL public statements uttered by managers, coaches , football admins, agents and even players!
    When you have the life experience that older fans do, you will, hopefully, learn that many statements from those in authority in ALL walks of life, including our own beloved sport, are issued but not necessarily the WHOLE truth. Or if you prefer, palpably untrue but issued for tactical reasons of keeping the masses onside.

    Whether that be government dictats, bosses in any field or even our own revered MA, wiser heads than yours can see the shades of grey that older people know FROM THEIR OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE, are common everywhere.
    This old and worldly wise head on my shoulders has known almost since MA first came here that he would NEVER tolerate Ozils disregard for full out hard work. I also knew, as you too ought but clearly and sadly do not, that contractually we are stuck with OZIL TIL HIS CONTRACT EXPIRES NEXT SUMMER.
    MA initially gave him several games to try changing his antipathy to working fullout on the field and having failed to change his work shyness, then clearly decided to drop him from the first team squad , barring a catastrophic injury crisis that no one can ever foresee. Contractually, he is still our player and needs to keep fit; hence he is involved in training every day.
    But that is all he will now do til he , mercifully for us, leaves our employ next summer, reviled by almost all Gooners as the laziest and most self centred player to have leeched off our club, , certainly in my lifetime of supporting over six decades.
    THAT is the truth. Up to you whether you accept or reject it!

    In life, if you never learn that sometimes people do not tell the whole truth – even for the noblest of reasons – then you will never learn much about life, my young friend!

    1. Now you are trying to downplay the popular argument why he played all games before the pause? Is he the only player who played bad? Why did we finish 8th then? If that is the reason Arteta should have dropped the whole team except 2 or 3 players.

    2. Jon, the problem with your personal attacks on Mesut Ozil is that they do not match what Mikel Arteta is saying about him.
      MA has never said he is filth, lazy, mentally frail or attacked him as a individual who is bleeding the club dry – so perhaps you should learn to realize that what YOU think, isn’t the truth about life, but just a simple personal opinion?


      The FACT IS that Ozil is training every day, as confirmed by MA – is fit and ready to play, as confirmed by MA – has conducted himself in a way that The Arsenal would expect its players to behave, as confirmed by MA -he is honouring a contract offered to him by the club – is not leeching off the club – is not at home on his computer and remains on great terms with the players, as can be seen at training sessions and his words of congratulations sfter the fa and CS wins.

      He did, of course, query why the players were asked to take a 12.5% pay cut to help out Kronkie…I would have thought you MIGHT have been behind him in that request?

      It is obvious that MA doesn’t see MO featuring in his plans anymore and that is his decision, just as it is with Torreira, Mustafi, Martinez and Guendouzi.
      The REAL fans, will accept that, just as they will if he changes his mind and move on, not keep using rhetoric such as filth, leech and thief to describe and inflame a situation.

      He is only a derisive figure, because “fans” like you want him to be – perhaps we should let MA get on with HIS job, by selecting the players he wants, let kronkie spend HIS money whichever way he wants at HIS club and YOU should get on with supporting The Arsenal, instead of raving on and on about a player who, it seems, will leave in ten months once he has honoured his contract?
      He isn’t costing YOU, or any other fan a penny, it’s kronkie’s problem, just as we agreed in a previous article…it’s something I have learned over the time Silent Stan has been here my young friend, so chill out and enjoy Mikel Arteta’s revolution!!!

      1. KEN, my slow to learn but quick to forget friend, how many times have I said to you(and others) on here , that it is not wise to take as gospel public statements issued often for effect or for tactical reasons.

        You have a constant tendency to remind me of these statements, as if they are written by God Almighty in tablets of stone and Ken, dear chap, they are NOT!
        I know as well as anyone what was said by MA but unlike some and being a deep thinker I ask myself “why did he put it THAT way and what is meant when reading between thelines”.
        But then KEN , I start from a more cynical position than do you about how and why those in positions of power issue public statements. Don’t tell me please that YOU believe everything Boris ever says! Even Corbyn then? That would not be worldly wise and I know you to BE worldly wise, so I then conclude that your asking me that same question(for the umpteenth time) is a tactical question by you!

        So WHY do you automatically SEEM to believe everything that MA says in public is gospel truth?
        Of course the Arsenal manager has not the freedom to speak in public and to the point, as most fans do and I CERTAINLY DO.


        1. BUT JON, why do you always believe a statement when it agrees with your views, but question them when it doesn’t?

          Why do you say that MA cannot speak the truth?
          You believe him when he says that Ozil is unfit, not training properly etc etc, but then announce he is tongue tied when he hasn’t said, in any way shape or form, what you decide Ozil is all about?

          You have previously stated that you trust MA completely…so do I and when he says something I pay attention to him…not someone who has no idea of what the player does in training, what he gives to the rest of the team, his mental state and all the other things you accuse him of.


          I would suggest to you Jon, that it is your inability to realize that you are the one who is being “tactical” in your choice of what to believe and not believe.

          1. Le fox knows not, just rants.

            The truth is Ozil is unwilling to leave. And, he is good enough, but Arteta needs money and would like to ask Ozil to leave to then use that money on two players.

            If Ozil is just plain bad, and a terrible influence, Arteta would have cut his losses and removed Ozil by paying him off.

            Eventually, Arteta will need to use Ozil, as the player will be available. The time will come!

  14. Ozil wont play for Arsenal again. Stop commenting on the subject . There is nothing Ozil or Arteta can do. They must fulfill their contractual obligations. End of season Ozil walks away.

    1. But just because Ozil has a contract and won’t leave until it runs down does not mean we should continue to show our displeasure at his scrounger attitude.
      The club showed him so much love and appreciation by breaking wage structure in history. They paid him more than £300,000 a week hoping he will show the same appreciation back by putting in amazing performances for us. But from the day he signed it in 2018, he has been a complete disappointment, refuses to fight like his teammates, prefers social media propaganda and playing video games etc.

      No wonder the club, manager and some of us Arsenal fans are p!ssed off with him.

      He can scrounge off our club making it difficult for us to sign the players we need because he is taking a valuable position in the squad. But he should know that we will keep calling him out until his contract runs out.

      Either he shows fight like all his teammates or we will keep negatively criticising to the last day of his contract.

      Tired of his egotistical primadonna personality.

      1. Give him Sanchez and Giroud in the air… then see what happens.

        All this running, and running is not making us a much better team. Today Liverpool has show us up. Last week it was the Hammers.

  15. Ozil trains with the squad to maintain his fitness for the unlikely event of a transfer/loan. Why he’s not picked to play is a matter for the manger to decide and will not be resolved here, and please season ticket holders etc do not tell me that you’re paying a tiny fraction of his enormous salary and have a right to be kept informed.
    It’s a complete mess.

    1. Jax, Ozil is not interested in a transfer or a loan, the rejection of the big offer from Al Nass’r for Ozil to play in Saudi Arabia exemplifies that. He is quite happy not playing football, collecting his wages, playing Fortnight and living his life in London until the end of his contract.

      1. Ozzie, that’s most likely true, but he’ll have to pack up & go in less than a year and in the meantime will have to remain fit.

      2. No player is ever happy just collecting a check for not playing.

        There is more nuance to the standoff than comes off in the press.

        1. Jon, why not take the lucrative transfer, if you are a “professional” footballer and are guaranteed to play?

  16. The difference between Özil and Aubameyang:
    The argument was made that paying Özil 350000 a week was cheaper than buying a new “Mr. Assist”, and thus we broke out of the rigid preexisting wage structure, with the argument that transfer money could now be spend on wages instead.
    Özil was Wengers man, but Wenger ended up leaving shortly after securing him on high wages.
    Aubameyang is different in that it’s the young manager who secures his services, will most likely leave before the manger.
    Also: Özil seems to be stagnating in he later years, Aubameyang seems to be still developing at 31years.
    Point is these things are hard to predict especially in turbulent times, where decisions have to be made.
    I wish we had let Özil go back then, but back then people were already angry that we had let Sanchez go.
    I’m very optimistic this time around, especially if we could convince Özil to play for someone else. Even if they only pay 100.000/week it would still save us more than 3 million pounds until his contract runs out (ca. 32 weeks).
    He leaves a not a legend, not hated not loved, not welcome back
    Aubameyang will be coming back to the Emirates with his grandchildren to show them his statue.

    1. I disagree that Aubemayang is still developing. He has reached his peak and its doubtful that he will perform at the same level for years to come. Not every player is a Sheringham or Ibrahimovic. And there is a reason Messi and Ronaldo are very special players.

      Players who perform at the highest level even when they are older are very few. Look through history and you can count them with one hand. It’s not a norm like many are trying to argue it is.

      He will not a legend but he is loved by more fans than those who don’t like him pretend not to notice. Fans who don’t like Mesut are the vocal minority.

      Personally I will remember him as the player who ended our trophy drought.

      1. So true they all forget that it was when mesut was came our drought ended and if wasnt cuz of injury to ramsey and some bad decisions by players and manager we would of won the league title that season and member the season when he nearly break henry assist record in b.p.l but cuz of bad decisions and sanchez playing likkle below par cuz of injury that season but all we needed was a striker,defender to partner kos and dm that january and we would of beaten leceister to the title but u know it goes with our owner its still happening not investing in our side

    2. Rob, Al Nass’r offered Ozil tax free more than he is collecting at Arsenal, yet he prefers to stay even though it means not playing. No one will convince him to leave. He appears quite happy to destroy any reputation and legacy he may have had at this Club.

      1. I agree, but first to Highburz Hero, I think is besomming more clinical, he hardly leaves the pitch without scoring anymore and he is not playing central anymore. But lets be optimistic and saz he does reach a title and 100 pl goals and kees up the attitude, I can see it happen under Arteta, but lets wait and see after tonight, that*ll provide a much clearer picture as to where we stand

  17. We are far better without them, so as Arteta says, even with a clean slate, it’s extremely tough for them to get back into the team. I don’t see what the problem is?

  18. Ozil is not fit to play in Mikel Arteta system.his does not have the stamina to be fit player unless you wana play with 10 men.

  19. Arteta is a liar,he needs to be honest with his players and tell that theif Ozil you are not in my plans look for another club like other managers do.But his outright lies to the media about Ozil are unnecessary.We will not be in the only club in the world to tell a player he’s no longer needed.Arteta where are your balls!

    1. Where is your evidence for this accusation? Have you been present at any of the meetings between Ozil and Arteta? I suspect not, so don’t make things up for effect.

      1. He is beating around the bush because he does not have a good reason. On one hand he says Ozil is training hard, on the other he sites fitness as the reason for not playing him.
        He needs to be frank and say what’s on his mind, otherwise he looses credibility.

          1. Finished 8th where it counts. The big boys qualify for UFEA champion league/. We qualify for watching them on TV.

    1. LD, I respectfully suggest that you scroll up to read my longer post for the reasons behind MA’s statement. Lies then ? Or tactics, as I firmly believe? There is far more nuanced thought needed in this situation than a bald accusation of “lies”.

      Sometimes inlife the truth needs to be tactically actually ENACTED,(as when Ozil was rightly dropped) rather than explicitly stated. Do you not think that all the other players will not have already noticed why this was done?
      On the other hand, sometimes, though not in this situation , the whole and plain truth IS needed. The true wisdom is in having the ability to see when and when not to say it unequivically. Shades of grey my friend, please!

      1. Anything than the truth is a lie.. Stop this semantics please! Arteta is not bẹẹ truthful about why ozil is not in the team… Simple!

      2. @Jon noted, the answer given by the manager so far doesn’t offend anyone both those who like Ozil and those who detest him,I guess even Ozil himself feels there’s shred of tenderness from the manager.But finally when Ozil leaves he will tell the story the way he want that’s why clarification on the true position is the important.

        1. LD and in good time after he has left us, the truth MAY or MAY NOT emerge. But by then it will be of academic interest only. The damage Ozil does to our club is NOW, while he continues to drain us financially and make new imports more difficult to afford.


            Since MO and SK AGREED the contract, we have signed over twenty players, including a club record £72,000,000 player and awarded Aubameyang a reported £300,000 a week with add ons.
            So don’t keep coming out with all this rubbish and blaming Ozil for all our problems. check the facts Jon.

            Was it only a day ago, you were saying that the buck stops with kronkie and it must, therefore, start with kronkie (unless it’s Ozil of course)?

  20. While Arsenal fans have different opinions on Ozil, the real travesty here is the waste of 350k/week that could be used to buy other players. Arsenal management committed the sin of falsely destroying Ozil’s character to a point where he can’t be sold or loaned. Call it ego, vendetta or pride but 350k/week is a big price to pay especially when the club is loosing money. The winner here and rightfully so is Ozil. The numbers don’t lie.

    1. Icw, Your own words betray your true suupport being for Ozil ABOVE the club you profess to love. I cannot speak for others but to me your betraying use of ” The winner here and RIGHTFULLY so is Ozil” stands out a mile as to which of the two, Arsenal or Ozil, is your REAL love!
      On a separate point, as you need educating in another area of life no one person, football club or company can destroy another persons character from outside.
      Character is formed from within and influenced in early childhood by upbringing, genes and experiences. It is then formed and cannot be broken by outside influence , only by lack of it being strong in the first place. I do hope that life eventually teaches you that truth.

      1. No one expects you to understand logic because you are full of hate.
        Nothing I said in my post resembles what you said.

        1. I quoted your own precise words and still you say nothing I said resembles what you wrote. Incomprehensible thinking or perhaps NO thinking Icw!

          I “hate” no Gooners on here but I have little time to debate further with dullards, so my posts to you end now!

    2. lcw, Al Nass’r offered Ozil tax free more than he is paid at Arsenal to play in Saudi Arabia, so your argument does not hold up that he “can’t be sold, or loaned”.
      Loan and transfer offers are few and far between purely because of Ozil’s wages. If he wanted to play he would have gone to Al Nass’r, with no loss of income. Better to get “money for nothing” or just training without the risk of injury playing.

      1. “Al Nass’r offered Ozil tax free more than he is paid at Arsenal to play in Saudi Arabia, so your argument does not hold up that he “can’t be sold, or loaned”.”

        So to begin with that’s only a rumor and second you got it wrong. For OZIL to be sold or loaned he must agree it. Ozil refused to depart because he was wrongly accused and demeaned. That’s a fact.

        1. If that’s the case, then as long as he trains he is not in breach of his contract. It is of no consequence then that Arteta doesn’t pick him if as you suggest that he was demeaned and wrongly accused. In his case is it now revenge being served up cold? How do you feel about Arsenal getting their just desserts?

            1. No HH, it’s not that simple to say I am.
              I was answering lcw and not referring in any way whatsoever to my opinions on Ozil as a player
              I choose not to put out my opinions on Ozil as it is pointless. He has been discussed to death and it just ends up both sides going over the same old ground
              I don’t think my reply to lcw offers any opinion at all

              1. There are pro Ozil and anti Ozil and for the regular readers I am sure we know each well by now. As you have correctly stated both sides goes over old grounds.

                I can quickly think of Ken whose wisdom always fell in deaf ears (purposefully), Mohsan who can’t let go of China issue, Jon Fox who has issues with Ozil wages, Ozziegunner and his bible quote, Lcw, Kstx.

                And you SueP who I have observed your comments in Ozil articles you always lend a supporting hand to the anti Ozil camp.

                When it comes to Ozil articles we just have to embrace what they have become. It is JA soap opera.

                1. Your comment has come up when I was typing a reply to SueP. Clearly there is anti Ozil and pro Ozil here. There is no room for sound argument anymore regarding Ozil it’s only personal preference. If I didn’t like the guy I would also be bashing him to the best of my ability.

                  Honestly I have nothing against SueP or anybody else in here. We can get it on in comments but that’s the fun of it isn’t it?

                  I think for some of us who English is our 2nd language there is some meaning lost in some of the things. For example I don’t see what’s bad about being called a fanboy or anti something. You can call me Ozil fanboy and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

                2. Fair comment HH
                  And you will do likewise
                  I could not subscribe to calling him names -it’s not right – just genuinely feel his time is done. I’d have liked him to find another club but he is absolutely entitled to stay. I can’t add more than I have done and harbour no ill feeling other than the fact that it hampers the club’s position to bring in new talent – again, in my opinion
                  You feel he has plenty to offer. It is all about opinions. Being rude only embarrasses the writer in the absence of common courtesy
                  There is just so much that none of us know but so many conclusions are jumped at. Lcw said there was evidence and I just asked him to clarify

            2. Anti-Ozil, thats as bad a calling someone an Ozil fanboy!
              SueP’s opinion is quite clearly defending him. This problem was ccreated by Arsenal AND then added to by Ozil, no?

              1. Admin Pat
                Historically I have to admit that I feel that Ozil is slightly past his sell by date. I’m confused about so many aspects of the saga but I do believe in the integrity of Arteta
                I could be completely barking up the wrong tree of course. He could actually be that dastardly flunky of Silent Stan
                I don’t believe that Ozil is not trying to get in the team; I just think that it’s entirely possible Arteta thinks that if Ozil has only the rest of the season left, then he might as well bring on the next generation instead.
                I just felt that lcw was on a mission to preserve Ozil as an icon of the club rather than what he is – a team member like every other player
                At the moment I can be accused of being an Arteta fan-girl!

                1. Admn Pat my reply to you has gone to the wrong place.

                  I have sometimes wondered how you will feel if he is proven to collaborate with the board to cast Ozil out.

                2. SueP:If you think I am defending Ozil then you did not read my posts. I said it over and over again that Ozil could be any other player. My beef with Arsenal is continued stupid and childish business decisions when money is tight.. Undermining a player under contract for 350k a week is not helpful to the club. Loaning him out and getting 100k/week is better than putting him on ice. If some people have a problem with my point of view than be it.

                  1. Lcw
                    If MO wanted to move on then there are/were many opportunities world wide
                    He has decided to stay
                    As far as I am aware the club have not commented on anything
                    Correct me if I’m wrong

                3. SueP, what a sensible reply and something that I can agree with nearly 100% (lcw point isn’t my issue), but with three extra thoughts for your consideration.

                  1. It doesn’t really matter what Ozil does, if MA doesn’t fit into his system. He has said that MO is giving 100% in training and is fit – but if the man doesn’t fit into his plans, then we all have to accept that scenario – no point in accusing MO of this or that, he can’t do anything, if MA doesn’t want him to.

                  2. I don’t believe MA is anyone’s flunky, neither do I believe that the refusal to take a pay cut can be dismissed as not being part of the issue.
                  3. I cannot believe that the inclusion of Matthew Smith was selected ahead of Mesut Ozil in the FA Cup final for footballing reasons – that just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and just this one incident alone, must surely indicate that there is some kind of influence/pressure/conspiracy from somewhere being involved.

                  Having said that, MO is not being selected, in my opinion, for the reasons you and I have stated.

                  1. Ken,
                    There are so many imponderables.

                    We both know that Ozil has stated that he intends to see out his contract. As such, there is absolutely nothing the club can do, so by being deliberately underhand in dealing with the issue, they will not get their desired result ‘of getting him to leave.’
                    I am not trying to look for excuses, as I still am not convinced by the so called conspiracy theories. If the club decided to let it be known that MO had resisted the pay cut then it has spectacularly backfired on them. He is staying put. I find it troubling that the other 2 remain anonymous, but so far nobody has named the ‘traitor’ in the camp – player, executive or otherwise.
                    Trying to find other ways of unsettling him, such as the putting MS on the bench, was also unlikely either to get Ozil to rethink his Arsenal future. This is why, I am reluctant to believe that the hierarchy went down that route and if they did then that would undermine Arteta completely and the fan base too.
                    We discuss the total lack of interest by Kroenke in the Arsenal story so why would the Kroenkes/executive, go through something so elaborate? There is a crushing silence on Ozil by them; just Arteta answering questions at press conferences.

          1. ‘How do you feel about Arsenal getting their just desserts?
            ‘That will happen when Arsenal comes clean and tell the truth. So far that did not happen.

            1. And at the moment it is all guesswork. You described it as factual
              You didn’t answer my question just deflected it

              1. No matter what comes out of it, there is no guess work in wasting 350k a week but if that’s ok with you then that’s your right.

                1. lcw
                  This conversation is going nowhere
                  Believe me wasting £350kpw is not ok with me or any other Arsenal supporter

        2. This so-called rumour is based more in fact than the conspiracy theories doing the rounds on here regarding Ozil. If he is being forced out, it is because he is not part of the project. Four managers have now decided they can’t build a team around Mezut Ozil.

  21. I think we’ve forgotten so quickly how the arsenal played with ozil in the middle… Ozil is a talented footballer but lacks the agility and tenacity needed to control the middle in MA arsenal setup. I feel ozil won’t play a day of football in arsenal ever again. This is to serve as a lesson to players who want to hold the club to ransom. Ozil should have left arsenal on good terms rather he decided to remain at the club that doesn’t want him cause of his high wages, issues caused by Wenger. Players need to start playing for the club not for themselves … Part of the reason I love Niles and saka amongst many. They play for the team. Any position and job you ask of them they deliver or try their best. Ozil should go. My opinion

      1. When did Ozil hold the club to ransom?

        He was offered a ludicrous contract by kronkie and he accepted it.
        If the club hadn’t wanted him to stay, they wouuldn’t have offered him a contract would they?

        One could actually argue that the club held Ozil to ransom, by offering him a contract that he couldn’t refuse, in order to keep him?

        OZZIEGUNNER – have you ever thought that Ozil might not want to go to China or an Arab country, even if it meant him playing football?
        Different cultures, different values, different language, different religion, different expectations, different views regarding almost everything in fact?
        Why on earth would you expect him to do that, in order to solve a problem that kronkie created by offering him such a contract?
        Come July next year, he will have the opportunity to make his own decisions on his future and to keep asking why he won’t do what others want, shows a complete lack of the strength of this man in determining what is in his best interest – just as we all do in our life.

        1. Ken, is he a “professional” footballer or not? I have known plenty of people who have travelled across the world to pursue their careers, for a lot less money. After he’s retired, he’ll have more money than he can spend, but he can’t buy back those lost playing years. His choice (Mark 8:36).

  22. Ozil Ozil Ozil!!! Oh my dear Mesut. How poor things have turned around for him but if you ask me, I’d simply say MA knows best why he’s treating the club’s only better No10 such a way that is humiliating.

    I sincerely think there’s a feud between MO and MA considering their playing days together and kindly be informed there’s nothing happening between MO and MA other than pride.

    MO fails to realize he’s only enjoying his long glory old days and let him just swallow his pride and follow simple instructions set out by MA.

    Come to think of why MO decided to not take a pay cut; does he have two heads?

    At this juncture, take it or leave it, MA is doing the best for the team at large and all he cares about is winning and can’t tolerate any bagah to distrupt his plans.

    I love Mesut but his ego seems to be getting you in a shitty mess all the time.

    I see Arsenal win away at Anfield but we could settle for a draw.

      1. Mikel is the one winning because he’s the one getting good results and justifying not playing someone who is happy to sit on a bench for 300k.

      2. Losing money is one thing, losing games is totally different. Arteta is judged on results, which at the moment are in his favour.

  23. Icw
    Go support Ozil and leave us alone. Follow Ozil wherever he goes.

    The truth is Ozil has no hunger for the game and strolls in most games. Emery also dropped him for the same reason.

    PreCovid-19 he had only 1 assist out of 18 games so I don’t understan why you people continue to talk about Ozil the creator when in actual fact Saka is creating more than him.

    1. Emery had problems at PSG with Marco Verratti , Thiago Silva, Angel di Maria and Edinson Cavani so his problem with Ozil is rather expected.
      As for Ozil’s performance in those 18 games it was as good or better than nay other player at Arsenal. The team did not set the world on fire when he was benched. They finished 8th remember?

  24. If he serious he’ll go and play somewhere else like Sanchez has done but 350k is all that is important to him not football

    1. Has he told you that Howard? If that’s the case, then, surely, MA would inform kronkie and that would result in paying him off? Especially if he’ss this terrible bad apple, that is toxic in the dressing room and on the pitch.
      Wouldn’t you think MA would have stopped him training with the first team squad if he was such an evil, money grabbing, lazy, filthy, mentally frail thief?…Strange that wouldn’t you say?

      He’s serious about not going to China or any Arab country with their human right issues that’s for sure and if no other club can match his salary, then that isn’t his fault either is it?

  25. I refuse to comment on Ozil because it has all been said before.I am more interested in what is happening with Guendouzi for whom the “clean slate” does not seem to apply as he has yet to figure in Arteta’s pools this season.I feel this young talented player has been harshly treated,and if the idea is to sell him, that ain’t going to happen unless he is given the opportunity to show potential suitors how good he is on the pitch.This tough strategy with the young Frenchman is to me wrong and will prove counterproductive at a time when we are strapped for cash.

    1. More to this than you seem to realise though Grandad. MA is setting a clear example to the WHOLE squad that bad behaviour is not tolerated AND that there will be dire consequnces if it happens. Consistency of purpose is the hallmark of a great manager, , Witness how Fergie turned on ANYONE HARMING THAT CLUBS IMAGE OR RESULTS. He is correct to do so and I do not see it making a crucial difference in not playing Guendouzi , as to play him would indicate to all players that MA has forgiven arrogant behaviour and rightly he cannot do so. You are therefore mistaken IMO.

      1. Agree 100% with your views on Guendouzi Jon.
        By his actions, he has brought the club into disrepute with his actions – both physically and verbally.

        Just as fergie installed discipline, so is Arteta and I back him 100% in his actions, simply because we all saw what Guendouzi did and, we also have the reports of other players to what he said.

        Now, whether MA is REALLY prepared to give him a clean sheetor not, Guendouzi has realized that he has to be responsible for his actions – if he doesn’t accept that, then he can move on – his loss, not ours!!

    2. Yes this spells Vendetta, punishment and ‘I will show you’ all at once made famous by Pep Guardiola everywhere he went.

      1. Is that the Pep Guardiola who is arguably the most successful manager in the last ten years?

        If it is, I’m okay with Arteta taking his lead from him.

        1. You and I will be as successful as Guardiola if we had unlimited funds to buy the best players in the world.

          I’d rather be as successful as Claudio Ranieri at Leichester than Guardiola any day.

          Let’s hope MA does not emulate Guardiola because he will never have the funds to buy championships.

          1. I used to believe that but I think it’s selling him short. Lots of managers have failed with big spending clubs.
            As for me? A club could spend 1b on transfers but with me as their manager they’d still be relegation fodder.

            1. 😂😂😂

              I would win all trophies with 1b. I would just buy the best of the best and play live PES!

            2. Ok Trudeau you have one more chance to rethink this. Man City job could open soon. I will even volunteer to be your assistant.😊

  26. Well done admin, you got a huge response. But the team is far more important than Oz or MG.
    Please move on!
    I’m sure Oz will next year😀

    1. haha, the very simple question nobody has yet to answer. Instead someone will say we should change entire team just to cater to him. Maybe in 2012 this would make sense.

  27. ‘Actually coach, you’ve got to work with this guy, you’ve got to get something out of him next season, you need to get him into the team and into a system whereby you can utilize him and use him’.” Tony Adams.

    Again and again, great football minds come to Ozil rescue because they know his value.

    1. Exactly is MA can raise the game of two of the worst players at club in Xhaka and Mustafi then Ozil was in way better position then both. If he can not get best out of ozil and can not get anything out of MG then it will be counted as a failure against manager. I don’t think it’s too much in MA hand, I honestly believe in case of specially Ozil it’s the board dictating things. MA is new and this is his first job so I don’t believe he can take a stand Infront of the board like most of our fans think. After all he does not own the club and club pays his salary. He is not AW or Alex Ferguson who were such a big influence in clubs that board could not just dictate things to them.

      1. Guys, if Ozil cannot play in the system MA wants, there is nothing either can do about it.
        At the moment, MA is willing trophies and games, has turned the club around from UE’s disaster of eighteen months and we have belief.
        Ozil is training hard, is 100% fit, doesn’t diss the manager or club, has expressed his desire to get back into the team and is going to honour his contract.

        That’s it – let the season unfold.

  28. This handball rule is just awful. As much as I dislike Spurs too, its just completely ruining games… Shocking. All you need to do now is kick or head the ball onto anyones arm now. Doesnt even matter how close they are to you or where their arms are…. Crazy!

    1. That was Newcastle’s only shot on target 😄 Maureen stropping off as usual…😂
      MOTD needs to be renamed Handball of the day!!

  29. I tell you what happend our so called beloved club is playing politics, he is being punished for not taking pay cut and for voicing his concern against China. If MA can bring back Mustafi and Xhaka from dead and rekindle their football career then Ozil is more talented then both and was in better position then both. He was also involved with the team under MA before this pay cut fiascos started. We lack creativity in midfield and MA would have gotten best out of him based on what we have seen with other Arsenal players who were signed off as dun and dusted. Looks like board has forced MA not to play Ozil and leave him high n dry.

  30. Firstly, Arteta has no pride to swallow. Everyone can’t be wrong except Ozil and his supporters. We play a 343 formation, I wonder where anyone who have watched Ozil in the past few expect him to play.

  31. ADMIN COMMENT – Hey Arsenalpopo, this comment is excellent and will be going up as an article for discussion over breakfast. I like your personal insight into the argument, and the readers need to discuss this too…

  32. Liverpool don’t forget that they’ve already lost twice against us in the past few months. They certainly can’t lose in the league as defending champions in the new season. Having seen who has won the “Battle of the A6” they know it’s their chance to leave a mark.

  33. Most of great players, take Zlatan for example are arogants and they think the clubs they play for raise and fall with them. But, what would football have been without their art?

    The only worth mentioning playmaker Arsenal had in the past 10 years is Özil. Yes, I also critisized him when he sometimes showed an attitude “why should I care when everyone else on the pitch is lazy..” but it was always a collective misbehave of the team

    I am not saying Arsenal shall keep Özil at every price, but until the club brings a world class playmaker or develop one (many years ahead), Arteta should at least pick him now and then. I beleive Özil might take the chance and does a great job, who knows

    1. “The only worth mentioning playmaker Arsenal had in the past 10years is Ozil”.
      kats, what did Cesc Fabrigas, Santi Cazorla or Thomas Rosicky do; just make up the numbers?

      1. @ozziegunner!, You are absolutely right about Santi, sorry! But Cesc was long time ago and Thomas was mainly absecnt due to injuries.

  34. Emery, Freddie, Arteta, Lowe, football experts and pundits are all wrong. And ozil and his fans are right and if you disagree you aren’t seeing the hidden agenda going on in the shadows. China is behind it all even tho Ozil played for several games after he originally made those comments. Have I got this right fanboys? Sounding like a Donald Trump conspiracy theory!

  35. Tell that to Chelsea – no trophy of any significance?

    You do the club, it’s players , the fa cup itself and our proud record of being the most successful club in the oldest cup tournament in the world, an injustice.

    Shame on you Jon, it’s the second most important domestic trophy on offer – pool one the first and city won the third – of course, AW stated that finishing ina CL position was the most important, but that was also viewed as of no significance, as we wanted to win a trophy,,,any trophy!!!
    Funny old game and funny old supporters.

  36. I think currently the solution works for Özil and Arsenal.
    He earns his money they choose not to play him and still win.
    Everything else is just speculation and ends up in long discussions with people guessing and trying to vent their emotions.
    Özil cannot be part of a rebuild. He is too old and his skill set doesn’t help Arsenal so much anymore.
    I’m a big Özil Fan but sometimes it is what it is and it’s a waste of time trying to figure out why.

  37. To be fair Ozil would be a good player in every league in Europe but the Premier League.
    Here he cannot feature as he does not work hard for the team when we do not have a possession so he is not picked for away matches and tends to miss in big games as well. I think PL is a bit too fast and physical for him and he would be a good player in the likes of Serie A and La Liga.
    His contract expires next year and is unlikely to be renewed so what is the point him playing instead of someone who will be here beyond the next year.
    What surprises me the most is that the club did not do what Real Madrid did with Bale and loaned him somewhere and get that club to pay at least some of his wages (even just £50K a week) which would free up funds to bring other players in.
    Pointless to have him around and constantly answer questions about him, also for the player as well to play elsewhere and get himself in a shopping window for next year when he is out of contract .

  38. Even with MG featured with MO in this article, it is the wizard of Oz who generated more divisive opinion. Doesnt that show that MG’s time with the club is well and truly up, based on the opinions of the posters here?

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