So what if Walcott does leave Arsenal?

I still call him an England player but he does appear to have lost his place in the squad, never ming the starting XI, under the new manager of the Three lions Gareth Southgate. And the main reason for this lack of international action is often said to be the fact he is not a first choice starter at club level.

Walcott still looks very young but he is now 28-years old and so there is a good case for him to be thinking about the end of his career and making the most of the years left to him as a player. The other side of this, which many Arsenal fans have been saying for years, is that Theo is simply not good enough, or does not produce his best on a consistent enough basis, to be in the Arsenal side.

So let us imagine that a lot of Gooners get their wish and Walcott moves on and let us ask the question of what that would mean to Arsenal? For one thing it would almost certainly force Arsene Wenger to make another signing to replace the flying Englishman and we all know how much players cost these days and how you can get one that has little impact.

Do not forget that, despite his off days, Theo has sometimes had a huge impact in key games and he did score 19 goals for us last season at a rate better than one every two games. which is even better when you look at his minutes on the pitch.

How easy will it be for Arsenal to find an upgrade? Should we even try? Is it a risk that simply has to be taken?



  1. He’s like giroud. He has insane goal stats (i.e. Goals to minute ratio) but simply adds nothing to the team performance – missed passes, bad dribbling etc. Apart from when he’s in the box it’s like playing with 10 men.
    He’s been loyal to us for over 10 years, so I wish him the best, but I think it’s time he goes.

    1. So just to address this he doesnt have the gawdy stats with take on and pass percent but overall he has the stats that matter most which is goals! That stat far exceeds anything bellerin, ox, welbz, giroud, Ramsey, iwobi, have produced over the years and his goal rate is higher in key games which goes to show that wenger doesn’t even consider that! And if you want to take his even further he has better stats than everyone on the England team outside of Kane! So it will be harder to replace than you think! Last he stopped the exodus that protected arsenal from completely collapsing after Nasir and Rvp.

      1. if his stats are that good when has he ever been top scorer for us or in the league? people like you are the reason why we are where we are now. can walcot fit into any other top team in the world? even no one would offer him 20m.

  2. So could someone tell me what club except Arsenal would pay Theo that rediculous salary? Also why would Theo leave Arsenal and go to another club where he makes significantly less money? Because he wants to play for England!!! Oh please.That article makes no sense.

  3. I think Mahrez would be a great improvement on Wallsottr
    . Scores goals too whilst laying on assists and contributing to team play effortlessly. Also their valuations should be quite close,making easier to do the deals.

  4. he is our worst starting eleven player. every one who came to meet him has improved more than him. when he is on the pitch,you have no idea why he is there he has no skill, no talent nothing. he has been there 10yrs yet those who came to the league 2yrs ago has done far better than him. we need real talents not managing players.

    1. What would arsenal get for Theo Walcott 20-25 million perhaps. Compare that with mahrez of Leicester which would cost 50 million . is mahrez really a serious upgrade- I don’t think so. We need to be careful what we wish for. I think arsenal should keep walcott.

    2. Me neither mate. I am actually lost for words on why people would want him to go, he is the perfect player to bring on with 20-30 minutes left in a game when chasing a win. He has pace and scores goals. What more do you people want? hahaha.
      Same people that want Giroud out yet is the perfect plan B. They are great players to have in the squad so maybe some of you should look at our starting team and see where Arsenal can improve there. I can think of three players that could be bought to improve our starting line-up.

  5. He won’t go, and isn’t the biggest piece of deadweight we have at the moment. Out of our British players, Jenkinson, Gibbs and Wilshere are the ones that are surplus to requirements. Also it’s impossible to get rid of Theo because of his high wages. He’s inconsistent and hasn’t lived up to his shirt number, but I don’t think he’ll be a focus this summer.

  6. He isn’t going to leave
    He will most likely take a pay cut if he leaves
    Also, he likes being a gunner
    He is liked by the fans
    Wenger likes him
    But again, he is getting a higher salary than he deserves. So, he won’t want to leave that for less money

  7. why the resale value on our players so low because they are average players none of our players can do the basic principal of football very well shooting passing controlling some have speed with no technique behind it some are supposed to be past master no other club want them no wonder why ae are out of Champion League

  8. i bet he can do better in a defensive style team that depends on counter attacks….i think he will be perfect in licester. he can not leverage his assets fully with us (now at least). yet he scored good number of goals….i cant be harsh on him. i dont mind him leaving or staying…..he should think about his future and decide if he wants to play on consistant basis or occasionally.

  9. Walcott shudpls leave and be replaced by mahrez…imo he is past his prime as he is so often muscled off d ball by his markers…he has even lost d pace he was acclaimed to have…why not sell him now for dose precious 20mil bucks and den get more consistency in mahrez, lemar or turan…if sanchez leaves, den get insigne on board asap…buy lacazette, keep wilshiere for cm, give coq his last chance (since he was once unplayable last season), keep sczesney and den get a good cb (more of d holding)…

  10. If he is fine with being a sub (that is when he makes his greatest contributions) he can stay, otherwise a good opportunity to upgrade with a good selling price.

  11. I’d like Walcott to stay personally. It’s true he isn’t a great dribbler and sometimes he has bad games, but he’s upped his game quite a bit this season by adding work rate and defensive actions to his play. I remember him defending staunchly against Hazard in our 3-0 win against Chelsea, and although he isn’t the best in the middle of the pitch he’s dangerous near the opponent’s 18-yard box. His runs throw defenses into disarray, he can make great passes into the box, and his finishing is starting to become as clinical as before his injury crisis. Walcott has the ability to surpass the 20-goal mark. If Wenger spends 130 million on Mbappe, there might not be enough money to replace him should Walcott go. Arsenal are still competing in Europe, you need a deep squad to challenge for 4 different cups.

  12. He is another player who is in a comfortable rutt of not really doing anything and getting paid huge sums for it. Trouble is he is one of Wengers merry bunch of non-achievers so it is likely he will stay as long as Wenger does..

  13. Wether we like it or not Walcott isn’t going anywhere. 1st point nobody is going to pay him that heavy check other than us. 2nd point he’s grandpa Wenger’s favourite.

  14. for me..he need to come back and help on defense..wenger need to tell him to used his pace on defense n not only on offense…he got excuse..he need to learn from sanchez on how to help the defence when in trouble..

  15. lets first fill in the positions that are in dire need of quality and then sell the Deadwoods..Honestly i dont really care if walcott leaves or not ,,i really care if Mr. oldskool Grandpa will spend money on quality players e.g Quality Striker A must.. Sanchez Contract extension a lets discuss important and serious matters first before discussing whether walcott should leave or not..which by the way will not happen under Grandpa wenger

  16. That argument about the inflated prices of players and having a great chance of buying a flop, while losing a player that does pitch in with crucial goals, regardless of his defensive absence(even though in 2016/17 his defensive work has drastically improved) makes a point.
    But then again, he’s on ridiculous wages and might not fit the 343 system that’s being pushed.
    I wouldn’t sell him in this transfer window, as he might improve in training by the start of next season. And should he fail to impress, there’s always the January transfer window. It won’t be too difficult to sell a guy that scored 19 goals last season.

  17. Guys on this site are quite funny….. You complain that Arsenal players are not good enough and should be sold, yet you also complain the negotiating team ain’t getting good prices for their sale.
    You run down your own players and create every negativity as much as possible around the team, and then say they ain’t handling things well…. Hilarious.
    Support the team and the players, let the management do their stuff,noy tongue lashing another man for his imperfections.

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