So what is really going on with Mesut Ozil – Something smells fishy….

I know there will be a glut of comments saying that everyone bashes Mesut Ozil but he is by far Arsenal’s best player, and he only gets criticized so much because of his massive wage packet, but surely even the biggest Ozil fan must agree that there is something fishy going on at the moment.

The last time the German played a full 90 minutes was against Liverpool a whole month ago. He was then ‘rested’ for the EUFA game against Sporting, and although he started against Wolves the following weekend he was taken off with 20 minutes to go (with Emery saying that he took him off to add more ‘aggressive attacking options’) and strangely enough we managed to get an equalizer without him.

Then he was left on the bench against Bournemouth, with many fans saying he was being saved for yesterday’s Tottenham game. He was then one of the playerss that were left at home when we travelled to Vorskla on Thursday. In yesterday’s programme there was an interview with Ozil when he spoke about the derby, and how much everyone, including his family, wanted to be at the game. He said: “Derbies are always special. You’ll have loads of friends and family wanting to come and watch it. As a player, you’re excited.

“It’s our job on the pitch to give everything to be successful, but as a player, these are the games you really get excited for. It’s always a tough game against Tottenham.

“They give everything against us, as we do against them. They have a good team, with good players, but the fans want us to be successful against them and we are determined to do that. If we do what the coach says, we can win today.”

But yesterday he wasn’t even with the squad for the massive North London Derby, and when Emery was asked about his absence he didn’t even know where Ozil was on the day, or even if he was at the game…

Read this strange exchange of what Emery replied to reporters when asked about our most highly-paid player……

Really? It’s Arsenal’s biggest game of the season, and you don’t even know whether a player you give 350,000 Pounds a week to is even at the game? Surely even an injured player would want to be at the game to cheer on his team-mates?

Does this not sound fishy to you?



  1. iffybright says:

    Point of Correction….
    Ozil is not Arsenal best player…
    Is totally nonsense for you to name Ozil as Arsenal best player…
    I can’t stand him as a teammate on the field of play….
    Imagine myself fighting for the team, fighting to retrieve the ball, putting my body on the line just for the team to be relevant and Someone as lazy as Ozil displaying lackadaisical attitude on the field of play….

    only Wenger can tolerate Ozil….
    Emery won’t
    pep can’t even imagine it
    klopp won’t even take Ozil for free
    Ozil won’t even make Pochettinho team…..

    Ozil was lucky to have signed that 350k contract before Emery came in
    if Emery had been around before January, Emery would have freed him or sold him….

    Now let me tell you this,
    No big Club will bid for Ozil
    he is not ALEXIS SANCHEZ…

    Very soon we shall see Ozil been forced out of the team….
    David Silva is much more smaller than Ozil
    But we all know he does everything on the field of play consistently….
    David Silva keeps the ball very well
    even if he does looses possession, which is very very rare
    he fights back and get the ball back….

    Emery want passionate players
    Emery want Warriors who can do a job

    1. John says:

      True…. but the coaches job is find a place or game to use his talent….. I think we are stuck with the notion that every or some players should play in certain games…..or all games…,…I think the coach has at his disposal a group of talented footballers to pick for each game…….Ozil like everyone will play in some games but not all of them……a few will be a fit for every game……Ozil earned that money based on the market conditions then….let’s support the team including those struggling ….

  2. RSH says:

    Since he’s gotten here it’s been question after question about his attitude, consistency, and effort. Just about done caring. Our squad looked more than good enough yesterday and Emery will continue to make adjustments and get create the squad he wants. United next boys, COYG!

  3. Trophygunner says:

    I heard the entire North London is red. That there’s blood everywhere. That Alli and Son that Kaned Chelshit the other day crashed at the Emirates. May I’ll stop flying Emirates *hahahaha*

  4. Simon says:

    I always thought that part of Ozil’s contract, thanks to our desperation for him to stay at the time, included a clause that meant that he would start all games other than those that he agrees not to, similar to Rakitic at Barcelona. I thought this because Wenger would always play Ozil without fail if he was available.
    Clearly not the case, and Emery is simply trying to make a point that no one player is bigger than the team and it is not okay to participate only when you feel like it. If he can change Ozils attitude then he could be turn him into a player we have dreamed he can be, pass master with passion and a work ethic. Bottom line is we cant lose both Ramsay and Ozil without some serious quality replacement. Dembele?

  5. iffybright says:

    I was once a fan of Ozil starting from 2010 World Cup, to his days at Real Madrid….
    He wasn’t lazy like this
    He won’t even try that under Mourinho…
    He came to Arsenal and turned himself to god
    His place in the line up was automatic

    It got to a point where all Ozil Dogs will defend him and start saying Ozil job is not to defend or press….

    Which top or world class midfielders don’t work his socks off to get result for his team…

    I haven’t see anyone
    As stylish as Zidane was in his days
    He gave his all everytime…
    Even the greatest player ever, messi presses very hard….
    Messi hates been dominated…
    He always fight to get the ball back
    He gets angry when his team are been passed around….

    That is traditionally Barcelona style
    If Messi can press, who is Ozil

    Ozil fanboys just watch and see how Emery will force Your God Ozil out of this team….

    The only thing that can save his Arsenal career, is this;
    He must be ready to work his socks off and put his body on the line like Debruyne Silva Modric

  6. Innit says:

    I HATE hating on Arsenal players but just telling the truth or at least my honest opinion

    Ozil let me down. I supported him big time especially after his awesome 19 assists season that helped us finish 2nd place but then he just went back to the same old Ozil. The summer before that season he worked his butt off in the gym lifting weights which really helped him. That was the end of the improved Ozil. The old Ozil came back and he got a MASSIVE salary increase

    Not enough passion and work ethic. He wants the ball handed to him on a golden platter. Won’t defend or try to get the ball.

    This is NOT worth £300,000 per week and we could use this to pay new players

    BTW Torreira, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Monreal are more important to this team then Ozil sadly. We NEED another CAM. Mkhitaryan isn’t the answer either

    Ozil is a very expensive problem sadly

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    The simple fact is that Emery has exposed Ozil in less than five months, whereas Wenger couldn’t in five years!

    We look so much better without him, and we’re even more creative! So what exactly is the point of Ozil if we don’t need his creativity? I think that’s what Emery, and his staff have been asking themselves over the last few months.

  8. MikeSA says:

    This is getting beyond boring.

    Every halfwit loves to put their oar in on this.

    Conspiracy theories, every jealous wallet in love with hoofball and “passionate” running around headless chicken stuff jizzes all over every moment like its earth- shattering news.

    Is the Monreal injury perhaps some bizarre issue that he refuses to play?

    Or is Mavropanos actually a Martian invader and they’re just concealing the fact from us?

    Get a F’n grip!

    No wonder Ozil has got a sore back with every @rsewipe climbing onto his.

    1. iffybright says:

      One of Ozil Dogs spotted

      1. Sue says:

        Oh grow up mate… just because you don’t like Ozil, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow suit ?

        1. Seems Ozil gets a bashing whether he plays or not! Am of the opinion he will come in handy versus utd. We will need his creativity.

          1. Sue says:

            If he’s back QD… would love a masterclass against the mancs!!!
            So we have Solihull or Blackpool in the FA cup

        2. iffybright says:

          Sue, just watch how your God get kicked out next summer……
          By this time next year you will be rooting for him in Fenerbahce or beskitas colours

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Iffybright stop it already, I read every of your post and all your points were from the view of hatred… The way you talk about him is disgusting, I’m with Emery making his own calls but it doesn’t mean I spew hate and venom to any of our players. I’m not a fan of Ramsey but even I know, there are some games in which he’s very important for us.
            Right under Wenger the club came out clean and said Ozil has a recurring back problem which disturbs him from time to time.
            I don’t know anything else apart from that and neither do you, So if Emery rest him that’s left for him alone to decide why and when. And stop referring to fans on here as dogs cus they defend Ozil. Don’t bring such bullshît on here..
            Stuffs such as Barcadogs can stay on FB where madridstas and the rest do it.
            Referring to a fellow fan as a supporting dog is disgraceful, last time I checked. Ozil is still an Arsenal player

          2. iffybright says:

            Ozil is not good enough
            I don’t hate Ozil
            I just hate the way you Ozil fanboys defend him and over praise him….

            Eddie Hoyte
            If Ozil is effective like all the World class midfielders we all know off, you won’t see all this from me..
            I don’t allow sentiments to be the deciding factor of my judgement….

            I don’t rate Ramsey either
            I hardly raise comments about him because you guys don’t hype or defend him…

            I hate partiality and sentiments

          3. ozziegunner says:

            Iffybright, I have never read anyone on this forum stating that Mesut Ozil is “god”.
            To make the comment that a player with Ozil’s record as a professional footballer “is not good enough” and to disparage people on this site who have a different opinion to you, says more about you than anyone else.

          4. ClassyGunner says:

            Exactly. Ozil is an important player to this team. Just like everyone else is. Everyone has a role in helping Arsenal. This kind of hatred on someone who is one of us is mind boggling. Sure, you can criticise him but the venom in each of these comments is sickening.

          5. ken1945 says:

            Sue, we were right about Dein weren’t we?
            A spud penalty that was a dive, Xhaka booked and so many biased decisions it was embarrasing!!!
            Amazed he sent vertongen off, but he really had no option, along with the penalty he awarded us.

            iffybright doesn’t sound very bright does he?
            I had to laugh at the “knowledge” he has regarding other managers views on Ozil, is he another one of those supporters who have inside knowledge of everything but nows nothing? I think so.
            As one of Ozil dogs, I wait with interest to see what Emery has in store for him, but of course, I don’t pretend to know what they are, along with his contract particulars I should add.
            If Emery decides to let him go, then so be it, that’s what he is there to do, but until the man himself informs us, the rest is just pure guesswork and, in the case of “notsobright”, BS!
            Iffybright needs to think about calling gooners “dogs” just because of a difference of opinion and should stop being a bitch trying to raise Ozil up to “God” level. He’s just a superior being!!
            Great game Sunday, just got home and still loving every minute of it!!

          6. iffybright says:

            The truth is always bitter…
            offer Ozil to Mancity for free of charge,
            Pep will reject him instantly,
            Take him to Klopp
            He will do the same
            Take him to any of the big clubs for free
            They will all reject him….

            No any big clubs can’t tolerate a liability
            Emery is just like this great coaches
            He admires Pep a lot and is trying to follow his philosophy…
            We all know Pep and klopp philosophy don’t tolerate luxury player….

            I can’t see Ozil getting back in Arsenal X1, unless he changes his attitude…..

            Just know this Ken, all top clubs doesnt have any luxury player in their team…

          7. ken1945 says:

            iffybright, your knowledge of pep, klopp and every other big club’s views on Ozil is incredible.
            In my opinion, strange as it seems to you, if Emery is the man you say he is, why not just do what he has done with Ramsey and say it as it is?
            Aaron has been told he is not part of the future plans, so why is that not the case with Ozil?
            Maybe that decision has been made, and if it has then I will back Emery, just as I have with Ramsey (who I wanted to stay).
            By the way, it’s much easier to debate with you when you are not calling fellow gooners “dogs” because they have a different point of view.
            Let’s leave those kind of insults to other club supporters shall we?

          8. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, I think you mean “Dean” rather than Arsenal icon “Dein”.

          9. iffybright says:

            Ozil still has 3 or 4 years remaining on his contract
            If Emery had been around before January,
            Emery would have taken the same type of decision he made on Ramsey to Ozil….

            Ken I want you to know this now
            If Ozil refuse to change his attitude
            he will be forced out next summer
            Am very sure about this….

            I can’t see him staying more than a year with his current attitude…

            Emery is not Arsene Wenger
            Emery want a group of Competitive players

            The reason why Ramsey is not valued is this
            Ramsey is not good on the ball..
            Most times I panic when Ramsey is with the ball..
            He disrupt the flow of the ball with his useless style of football…

            Emery will replace him with a central attacking midfielder that is very efficient with the ball
            An Artist and someone so skillful….

          10. Chabaloah says:

            The truth here iffybright is that you are like most of our British Pundits and do not watch enough of the likes of Hazard or Messi or Ronaldo or Silva to criticise.

            It’s well known that Neither of those three press, they will attempt a tackle if the ball is close enough too them, however they never press. never, Chelsea isn’t even a pressing team, Hazard doesn’t track back, Ronaldo, Messi, maybe Silva. The difference between City and Arsenal is that they have two creative midfielders on the pitch at the same time being Debruyne and Silva, much how it used to be Santi and Ozil, which hides a lot of Silva’s short comings in the defensive department.

            Ozil has his stats to back him up, in your own condemnation of him you’ve alluded to why AFC need him,

            in the games he has played he has ran a lot, he has made tackles, he has not wasted the ball in possession, he is still up there with the assists in the league.

            I’m not a fanboy but I am a fair fan, honestly, Ozil is not a player who runs at defences, never has been, he has added goals to his game but never a player who runs at defenders simply because that is not his style but his statistics in key passes and assists is telling.

            There have been games won with and without Ozil but all over the world they know his quality, if a defence is sitting tight and deep AFC always struggle and that’s because of the lack of movement upfront. you can’t thread a needle through a brick wall.

            you need players who will run at the defence to make them move but that is not his game and so you switch or get someone in who can but they are not always effective against games that are open as we saw with sanchez and his wasting of the ball so often.

            If Ozil is so unimportant why is it that teams will try and mark him out of the game? It’s because as luxury as he is, he is dangerous and all managers know it. When he is on the pitch you have teams who shut up shop against us and hope for the counter or for our midfield or fullbacks to gift them a goal.

            He bossed the final third against Liverpool and lets not forget he is a player who suffers from back spasms and crones disease, yet still has those stats even when we don’t have a winger to.

            Arsenal have suffered from not having a wide man and it is telling, yes Auba still scores but it’s obvious to see, if you put Ozil in Silva’s role, he’d have a lot more assists. Lets remember who Silva has had for partners and Ozil.

            Statistics can tell you anything you like and yes they can be misleading but objectivity where it is due means looking at every other player in that position, their assets (players around them ect) and then coming to conclusions.

            If you’ve got a creative midfielder who can come into the team and produce the same on return then by all means I welcome them.

            Ramsey is replaceable for his returns, Mikhi before his sale to United was fantastic, afterwards – he’s replaceable, Elneny, replaceable. Ozil, at this time is irreplaceable.

          11. Sue says:

            Excellent post Chabaloah ?

          12. Sue says:

            We were indeed Ken.. that was a shocking dive from Son.. I knew they’d get a penalty & I honestly thought we’d have someone sent off (Xhaka or Mustafi)…I bet Mike was gutted inside at how good we were! Awesome!
            Mark Clattenberg said both spuds goals shouldn’t have been! Surprise surprise!
            I was gutted I wasn’t there, was out with my daughter, recorded it & put it on as soon as we got back, it was brilliant.. that must have been some atmosphere – the Emirates was rocking!!
            I hope we keep it up, especially on Wednesday.
            Iffybright is sending me to sleep with the same old codswallop.. change the record mate!!

      2. MikeSA says:

        Does iffybright stand for “not very bright” by any small chance?

  9. Declan says:

    Would have thought the FA Cup draw is of more interest than bashing Ozil, again. We are away to non league Solihull or Blackpool by the way.

  10. @Admin you dare claim Ozil is on 350K a week?! Did you clear the figures first with Arsenal’s chief accountant @Ken1945?

    1. ken1945 says:

      Quantic Dream, so glad to see you are now looking for facts and not guesswork when asking for clarification of a statement.
      I have a warm glow inside me knowing that you have heeded my advice and, can I ask if you might even have taken on the fact that admin or anyone else come to that, have no idea what the clauses are in Ozil’s contract, as highlighted by Xxnfox?
      That brilliant piece of research from the german press, of course, goes for anyone who has/had a contract at Arsenal, but I don’t have to impress that on you anymore do I?
      That’s why I applaud your new and much admired theme of asking for facts over fiction. If I can be of any further assistance, and you don’t think I have been too Wengerized, feel free to ask.
      “Victoria Concordia Crescit” as we gooner say.

  11. Declan says:

    No one really knows how much Ozil earns or anyone else earns.
    As for Ramsey, he stood up to be counted yesterday, put all else aside for the cause, two assists and put that twat Dier in his place with a slap.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Declan so true mate, so true.
      Just the player, his agent and the club.
      We even have Quantic Dream asking for clarification of the salary, so perhaps the stupidity guessing someone’s salary structure is a thing of the past?

      Not only did we put Dier in his place, it’s the second time in the NLD at the Emirates that the other twat alli has been substituted.
      The look on his face when Torre tackled him was priceless.

      1. Sue says:

        Ken your comments get better & better… ‘the other twat Alli’ love it ??

  12. LENOhappy says:

    Even the best striker in the world “Lord bendtner”had his own fans when he was playing for us,so am not surprised that Ozil do have some who still believe that at 30 he will rediscovered one season 19 assists form that were mostly from free kicks and corners,most on here believe I hate him,which I did not,I love Ozil but hate the way he plays.To all those who always bash xhaka (me included)I hope we will not miss him against united,to be honest am tired of talking about Ozil,just like Jon fox said in a previous thread,am also very confident he won’t be here next august, if he’s not sick,he will be out injured,if he’s not out injured he will be on the pitch sucking.

  13. LENOhappy says:

    Some arsenal fans are hypocrites,you can bash xhaka,mustafi,bellerin,iwobi,Ramsey Cech but Ozil is untouchable?lol,if he’s world class he won’t divide opinion like this,just admit it,Ozil is a normal player,a “world class”player doesn’t go off form for 10 matches,and @ken1945,truly no one know ozil real salary but I think we all agree that he is the highest paid player at arsenal?

    1. Declan says:

      And your point is?

      To everyone else, nighty night Gooners

    2. ken1945 says:

      LENOhappy, happy to go along with your assesment that we all “think” he is the hgihest paid player, but that might be wrong of course.
      Do we know if Lacs and Abu have a clause inserted in their contracts regarding the number of goals scored?
      What about games won? If that is in Ozil’s contract, then he’s losing outwhen not picked isn’t he?
      Just two examples of what could be in every contract…who knows???
      I don’t believe any player has a salary without clauses involving performance levels etc etc surely you agree with that as well?

      I honestly have no idea, don’t pretend to know and have no reason to want to know what any one player earns.
      All I look for is players who wear the shirt with pride, respect the club and the supporters, use their particular god-given skills when playing for our club and give 100% while supporting the managers vision.
      Can’t really ask for anything more than that in my opinion.

    3. Tas says:

      I remeber when we heard that we signed Ozil I was so exited, I remeber thinking this is a turning point for Arsenal after years of seling our top players and here we are we bought a world class No10 and he didn’t let us down the first season it was Ozil this and Ozil that the word ASSIST and Ozil was the same word in our dictionary REMEBER? but for the life of me something is not right with Ozil I think he is suffering from Depresion or something similar there is no way a player that had his talent reduced to who he is now hope I’m wrong but as we all know we never know which Ozil will turn up to any game and we canot have that anymore

    4. iffybright says:

      That is just unacceptable
      They are all hyprocite…
      They can criticise other players in the Team,
      But Ozil is untouchable

      Ozil will work hard before he can get back to this Team…

      Emery is not Arsene

  14. LENOhappy says:

    Declan,my point is don’t get offended when people talk about idol,some wanted wenger out,even after he left some fans can’t still let him be,they still find a way to insult him,(the greatest arsenal manager)so please if you can do that to a man like wenger,please stop getting upset when people talk about Ozil.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think all that Wenger talk is not about Wenger, it’s not about being pissed enough not let it go. It is about the fans, it’s a way of trying to provoke fans into responding. Whenever you see mud still being flung, you need to keep in mind, that it is aimed at yourself along with all true fans of the Arsenal.

  15. Durand says:

    Wow about the comments on here. Didn’t we just put spuds in their place back in our shadow? Not only outscoring them, but played them off the pitch quite frankly.

    And we’re having a go at one of our players who didn’t even play? Why not celebrate well deserverd victory despite Dic#h%&d Dean gifting them that penalty, and Son diving?

    Finally we saw fight with our guys; Guendouzi joining the fray from the bench, Kola the tank not taking any crap, and our boys hanging 4 on them leaving no doubt who’s better?

    How fickle and trite to go after Ozil when we should be celebrating the players, Emery, and his tactics. Why not have another go at Wenger, Ivan, and Kronke; they weren’t there either.


    1. Sue says:

      ? spot on Durand

      1. Sal says:

        I second that 🙂

        1. ken1945 says:

          I third that….but sometimes criticising our players incessantly really does wear one down.
          Staybright iffybright, let’s enjoy our fantastic win as Durand suggests.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            ?Durand, you have my vote too.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            With regard to Mezut Ozil, if he in fact has a back problem (and no one on here knows the situation for sure), then anyone who has experienced a back injury knows how debilitating it is. Performing at the elite level of the EPL with nagging back pain (“spasms”) would be impossible.

          3. Durand says:

            Ken nice to see numerous comments from you. I was tempted to enter the fray earlier in the thread, but your common sense take said enough.

            You have seen the good, bad, and ugly Arsenal over the years, and i hope to have such a measured attitude towards the club as I continue my support.

            Perhaps another time I may have a different take regarding Ozil, but I’m still relishing the NLD and our mistreatment of the spuds. The vocal support during the match, especially in the 2nd half, brought tears to my eyes.

            That match, that victory, that togetherness of manager, players, and fans reminded me why I chose Arsenal as my team. Perhaps a bit romanticized, but that one game did indeed encapsulate everything that drew me to Arsenal in the first place.

            On cloud 9 here in the States, and damn sure not coming down anytime soon. Hoping we paste Jose and his disheveled lot on Wednesday.

          4. ken1945 says:

            Durand, glad you saw the game and was able to join in the celebrations!!
            It was utter pandemonium when that fourth goal went in and we just knew we had them well and truly beaten.
            What Emery has done in just six odd months is unbelievable, not only bringing the likes of Bellerin, Iwobi and Xhaka to play the potential that made Arsenal sign them, but the sheer togetherness of the players on and off the pitch.
            How’s this for support? Although Unai has not yet got his team playing football at the level of the Invincibles, he has, in my opinion, got the kind of spirit that was part of the making of the Invincibles.
            Also, and just as important, he’s got the crowd believing in his players, his philosophy and his commitment to the club….again an important part of those wonderful years around the Invincibles.
            Of course it could go wrong at utd tomorrow, but we have seen just what this man can do, who knows where he will have taken us after two – three years?
            Any idea when you are coming over?

          5. jon fox says:

            On a point of order Mr. Chairman, can one “third that”? Just teasing Ken! I don’t agree that the players who won against Spuds have received much criticism though; opinions that one or other might have been better not starting perhaps but those are opinions I think, rather than real actual criticism. However, I do think Ozil in particular, who was rightly left out, has attracted much deserved criticism. If we won 10-0 EVERY WEEK THERE WOULD STILL BE DIFFERING OPINIONS ABOUT WHO WAS BEST AND WORST. THAT IS NATURAL AND THE NATURE OF FAN DEBATE AND NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AT ALL. QUITE THE OPPOSITE! And EVERY Gooner on here has clearly enjoyed our win. Massive understatement to merely say “ENJOY” too!! Even I who am a teetottaler, though only between breakfast and lunch most days, had the odd celebratory drink or seven on Sunday. Cheers!

  16. Tas says:


    Admin have you heard?

    Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin revealed City would discover “very soon” what potential punishment awaits.

    And the ban would be imposed as soon as next season.

    Senior figures in Uefa believe “sporting sanctions” are the only suitable rap for what is seen as deliberate strategy of flouting the regulations.

    The source said: “You can’t hit a club like City with a fine. It has to be something that hurts.

    Dose this mean 5th spot might be ok for CL next season? Those lucky spuds ?

    1. Tas says:

      Forgot to add the ban is KO for CL next season

  17. Babasola says:

    Unai said:
    “I left Ozil out of the Bournemouth game cos it was going to be physical”

    Some Fans Said:
    “Ohh! he’ll be back for Spurs game then”

    I said:
    “U guys kidding or something? If Unai counts Bournemouth match as too physical for him, he won’t even be on the bench against Spurs”

    Arsenal did:
    “Played another beautiful, creative, high-scoring game without Ozil”

    Same fans again:
    “He’s our best player and we need him for Man Utd”

    I again:
    “Whaaat?, based on contribution, he’s behind Mhki, who’s behind almost everybody. Yes, this season, In terms of contribution to the team, Ozil is behind Xhaka, Mustafi, Bellerin, Iwobi and even Smith-Rowe

    “All our DeadWoods are getting revived under this new era of fresh air”

    “Yet Ozil isn’t, so what was he? Way more than a dead wood”

    “U can’t keep doing things the same way and get the same result”

    “Wenger knew that above truism but wasn’t bold enough to do the needful, Ozil contributes too little to the team, assist is not enough, was never enough for Fab, Zidane, Silva, Cazorla…
    Never enough to be termed a good player”

    “Alongside Elneny, he’s our Worst player, just one that has a name and therefore gets to get a chance to play”

    If he plays against Man Utd, it would be only as a substitute for a player who played just 3 days ago

    1. iffybright says:

      I love your comment Bro…

      That is their way
      Ozil fanboys

  18. Adajim says:

    Just on the topic, I think the question we should ask ourselves, (going by the issue at hand) is, where was Ozil on match day? Did he trained with the team at all before Sunday?, when did he encountered the recurrent injury, ? Who access him and gave him permission leave? Why Was The manager not aware/knows his whereabouts? Agreed he is injured, was the injury that serious that kept him away from the stadium? Why was he not in d stadium to at least cheer his mates.
    I think this is admin line of thought, something is smoky, I hope it’s not another clash of ego between the manager and Ozil because that is really unhealthy for our team, we are just getting back our house together, this can really affect the performance.
    This are the debate we should get involved in, rather than abusing one another or joining bad wagon. Criticism are allowed for the player, it’s a way of trying to hold them accountable and justify their pay but that is it, shouldn’t be extreme, every arsenal player has had their ups and down this season except Miki, and everyone else has been critised except Torreira, it not proper to say a player is useless, players some have labelled ‘useless ‘ in the past have turn up in game this season, so it show everyone has their strength and weakness. Good day Gunners, hope we cheer again tomorrow at Old Trafford

  19. Aubamezzette says:

    The problem here is fans wont be too bothered if Ozil doesnt contribute defensively or in the pressing game if he keeps doing what he became famous for…
    These same fans wont mind Martial, Dembele or even Neymar at Arsenal… not because they too dnt support defence but cos their offensive contribution is never in doubt.
    Ozil had only had one game this season where he played like Ozil n a player worthy of 350k or the hype.. that game was vs Leicester.
    This season he has just ONE assist despite having Aubameyang n Lacazette, two lethal strikers ahead of him.
    In d same season where an outta form Ramsey has 6 assists, Kolasinac has about 3assists, Bellerin have 4assists ..
    Ozil now appears terrible at his own forte.
    Even his biggest fans cant deny this
    ….. if Emery can somehow get Ozil back to his creative best, even if he still doesnt press or support defence it ll be an added bonus to the armoury.
    But unlike Mkhitaryan who is also in bad form, Ozil lacks that drive to regain his form…
    Mkhi might be in bad form now but everyone can see he is ready to give his all even in his poor form .Ozil doesnt show this which is what makes his poor form even more obvious.
    …for the Utd game, i hope Ozil doesnt start, he should start against Huddersfield Town by the weekend.

    1. Kstix says:

      Best comment i’ve read about this topic so far. I’m an ozil fan too but let’s be frank. If a player like iwobi was in ozil’s shoes right now (getting big pay and played well in only one match this season) alot of folks defending ozil right now would be bashing him. Double standards. I’m a principled person and i don’t let sentiments cloud my judgments. No matter how much i love a player and believe me when i say i love ozil, you should know how to say this player is in bad form or played poorly when he does. For now, ozil has not shown consistency enough this season bar the Leicester game. I don’t like ramsey at all. But even I’m surprised at how he seems to have the highest assist in the epl right now. A player that doesn’t play 90mins and a job we expect ozil to do. Last season and seasons before that. I always defended ozil no matter what by saying he had an average striker in giroud and that was why he wasn’t always up there in the assist charts. But how can u have lacazette and Aubameyang right in front of u as a CM and not have regular assists? I however honestly hope he picks his form soon because I’m a huge fan of ozil and his importance to the team when he’s in form can’t be underestimated. But like someone said. When ozil starts a match these days. U can’t be too sure which ozil is gonna turn up. And for a team trying to win the league in a couple of years, you need consistent players from goalkeeper to striker. That was what won Leicester the league. They were consistent all through that season. And every team that has won the league. I want ozil at his best all the time. This would make me a very happy gooner.

    2. Sal says:

      OZIL is a better player than miki hands down, no debate to be had there mate! on his day he is unplayable i’ve personally seen it way too many times to have my doubts even before he joined us, the tactics and style might not suit him but i hope he will adapt becaue that vision and understanding of the game is not sold in the market or trained on the pitch, that’s natural talent which we should appreciate as passionate supporters of the game!

  20. Tom says:

    The question is not about Ozil ability. Its about his focus. When you are a top top talent, you can take moments out of the game and still be on par with the other 21 players on the pitch.

    With this new approach, it’s total focus for total minutes. Ozil can close down spaces and drop – there is nothing physically stopping him. Its all mental, and if he is on board with that I think you (including me) will see an Ozil taken to another level by unai.

    A side note on the derby win.
    We started 3-4-3 and when Poch changed to 3-4-3 We switched to 4-3-3 ; meaning we give them the same problems but with an alternative formation. Poch was perplexed by unai’s tactics. And for us to continue to switch it up when needed we need high intensity players.

    The Emirates Superdrome demands it.

  21. jon fox says:

    Mr. Admin, you assert that Ozil only gets criticised for his large wage packet. I say this is just an additional factor but that the ACTUAL REASON he gets criticised so much, including from me and many, even most other fans,is his sheer unwilingness to work hard and get involved in tre tough and physical nature of all PREM FOOTBALL. THAT IS THE REASON WE CRITICISE HIM; the wages are just an additional irritation in a man who is not working. WERE HE WORKING AS HE SHOULD, no one would mind his wages. Reality and truth!!! No one objects to your personal oipinn, at least I hope not BUT when you try to speak for ALL our fans, you open yourself up to those who fiercely differ and who can properly expolain why!!

  22. Harish says:

    You guyss are really too much…you change from one week to another week..One day Ramsey is shit and another day Ramsey is great, he should be kept instead of Ozil. The truth is Ramsey is a top player and always has been but inconsistent , there has always been a period of the season where Ramsey has been important to the team, you don’t need his display against Spurs to see whether he deserves a contract or not. He deserves a contract. But not at the price like Ozil. You guys like him or not, Ozil is the best player in the team. He is a world class footballer. These pundits are just people with amnesia, they see a team in one fashion and think that this is the only way..Ozil if fit deserves to be in the team..its as simple as that..any gunner will be up for NLD match..don’t forget the display Ozil showed against them last season when we won 2-0. He showed lots of fight and hell he even pushed Demble to the ground with his shoulder..and we all appreciated his desire then and you guyss keep continuing a cirlce of hate and love with not only Ozil..every player in the team..we are fans of this great them..if we had that much talent we would be playing for the club..

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