So what´s the REALISTIC goal for Arsenal this season?

I am not writing Arsenal out of the race for the Premier League title this season just yet, well not completely anyhow but I reckon it would take some kind of minor miracle for it to be Arsene Wenger and the Gunners who lifted the EPL trophy next May. So being realistic, what can we hope and/or expect from Arsenal this season?

I think you would have to say that getting back into the top four and back into the Champions League for next season is an absolute must, as the boss would look pretty bad having signed a new contract in the worst period of his long reign. We know what motivates Stan Kroenke and the board as well, so another year without the UCL riches would not go down well.

It is all very well setting that as a goal, though,. but how likely are we to achieve it? Lots o0f pundits are not giving us much chance and as we currently sit sixth it is hard to argue otherwise. I would point out that our away record of just four points from six games would be a lot better but for a few dodgy decisions and these do tend to even out.

I would also say that neither Liverpool nor Chelsea are looking particularly strong or consistent so for me, the chances of Arsenal ending as one of the top four are pretty good. That in itself would be just about alright in this fiercely competitive division but it would look a lot better with a bit of silverware to celebrate as well.

Clearly the big prize on offer to us this season is the Europa League but it looks like there will be some strong clubs dropping into it from the Champions League and it is never an easy competition to win and also tends to interfere with your domestic league campaign in the latter stages.

Being still in the Carabao Cup and with West Ham up next you would have to say that this looks our best chance of a trophy but it is the least prestigious of all and may not appease too many Arsenal fans who have been asking for big changes at the club.

I did say realistic, though, and for me that is a top four finish and any trophy at all. Do you agree?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Avoiding relegation

    1. gotanidea says:

      Hahaha, you could be correct. I would say the realistic goals would be the 5th position and another FA Cup, plus maybe a Carabao Cup this time.

      I think the author is not realistic, because Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham are more consistent than Arsenal. If they continue on having good forms, Arsenal could finish below them, which would be the sixth position.

      To avoid that, Wenger has to be braver to gamble. He has to change his obsolete “playing-safe” system and adopt a more adventurous system.

      The passes are usually misplaced and too safe (a lot of back/side passes) if the players are under heavy pressure from a tough opponent like Manchester City. This is the main problem that should have been addressed a long time ago.

      1. jon fox says:

        Your last sentence conclusion is of course, spot on but to take your realism to its deserved conclusion, we have to acknowledge that nothing will ever happen to change Wengers failed methods and unless we change Wenger for a proper manager; one who believes in coaching and in the concept of a defence, nothing will ever improve. Asking or expecting Wenger to gamble is like asking rain to become dry!

  2. Durand says:

    Take pride in Emirates cup, the new Wenger trophy.
    No real trophies this year, definitely no CL and real scrap for Europa. Thankful Everton and Koeman worse than Arsenal and Wenger, so we have a chance.

    Kronke + Ivan + Wenger will get us nowhere, Titanic with Arsenal badge

  3. Howard says:

    The most realist goal is to free ourselves from Wenger. The Board and Kroenke won’t sack him so fans should make his life at the Emirates difficult to force him to leave. Am afraid this is the beginning of drip drop to the mid table.

    1. AndersS says:

      Unfortunately that seems the most unrealistic goal of all 🙂

  4. Gooner Craig says:

    I would love to win the Europa League lol we’ve never won it before and hopefully never will be in the competition again? Plus, it’s European silverware, automatic champions league and can you imagine if we was to win the Super Cup ?

    But being realistic, I would probably say Carabao Cup and 4th? ? ? ?

    1. Sue says:

      I’d love for us to win it too… but it depends on Arsene. The further we get he’s going to have to put a better team out especially when the champions league teams drop out into it. Surely we can’t win it with Theo, Oli & the youngsters!
      I’d like for us to finish higher than last season & a trophy?
      Back to finishing higher than the spuds would be nice too

  5. Ivan says:

    5th and maybe a cup is the very best we will achieve. ????

  6. Ogban says:

    It’d be great to win the Europa and finish top four. I don’t think this is unrealistic. ManC will probably run away with the PL but we can scrap with the rest for the other three slots. Getting one of these will depend on how we fare with our competitors, particularly at the Emirates. Let’s see how it goes on Saturday with Spurs – our first home game against the top six. Win it and things would really start looking up.

  7. Vlad says:

    Love my club to pieces but realistically speaking we’re not even a top 4 club anymore. City, United, Chelsea, Spurs, and Pool are all ahead of us as of right now. We could probably beat Pool and Spurs/Chelsea to top 4 but it would require a lot of work and commitment from the players. The way things stand I just don’t see it happening this season. So we might go after Europa League thought it’s gonna be difficult, and the Cup trophies. Truth of a matter is, I think we’ll end up without anything. Sad days indeed.

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      Liverpool has been much worse than us this season. How is there defence faring? Chelsea has been on same point until our last game. How these sides are better I just don’t understand.

  8. tatgooner says:

    a europa league position

  9. Geekaybee says:

    What’s realistic for Arsenal fans who love Wenger is the fact that the board will keep him for the following season and probably for the next two seasons after.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    The treble. Triple the dosage.

  11. rkw says:

    5th and a cup … problem is if wenger manages to sneak in 4th he will describe it as a great season and the 4th place junkies will be od ing along with him … sad state of club ..

  12. Maks says:

    Even if SyFy happens and we win a trophy (now it’s 5th place) we won’t be a team we all wants: consistent and competative against top teams. We have no chance for any real thropy anymore. FA cup is the last in some time.
    Wenger out!

  13. AndersS says:

    If we were to finish 4’th, it would surprise me, and I consider it unrealistic to aim higher. And what would be the point to finish 4’th? We would be facing another year of standing still or going backwards with Wenger. My x-mas wish is we somehow get rid of Wenger and start rebuilding.

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    To all those hoping for top four you know if that happens Wenger will be demanding another five year contract because as you know 4th is success to him and the board. I know it’s going to hurt but at the end of the day I think we’ll be better off with no cups and 7th or 8th That doesn’t mean I want us to fail, I’ll still be cheering every goal, every point, every win and every success like I have been for 60 years

  15. jon fox says:

    Kenny , You have stated my thoughts too, exactly. I find my self watching , only on TV these days, since I am pledged to give not one more penny of my money while this regime remains, and I am split down the middle. My heart always wants us to win BUT my head tells me ,that to force Wenger out the quickest way, we need consistent thrashings. Therefore after WE thrashed Everton I was initially upbeat but a few minutes later when I reflected that it was Ozils first real performance of the season so far(among other players) I found myself regretting that we were not heavily beaten by this poor Everton side. Beaten by poor teams does our quest to oust Wenger more good than just losing to top teams when we all really expect it anyway, in our hearts. It is for certain that nothing will ever improve while Wenger remains. NEARLY ALL GOONERS ARE ONLY TOO AWARE OF THIS TRUTH.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Jon. Like you I don’t wan’t to give this present regime a dollar and every year for the last five or six years when it comes to season ticket time I’ve been saying “I’m not renewing this year” because of Wenger and this board, but I always end up changing my mind. I still go with same six mates I went with in the late fifties when it was two bob to get in and would lose touch if I didn’t go anymore, great seats, behind the TV camera, a meal before the game, a drink after the game, so as you can see it’s very difficult to give up plus if I give it up with the waiting list for a S/T I’ll never get it back and the thought of not going to Arsenal every week I couldn’t contemplate. So I’ll continue to suffer this regime but for how long I don’ know but I respect your stance.

  16. Arturitou says:

    getting into champions league is overachieving.

  17. Tat says:

    Settle the ozil+alexis problem in January.
    Win Euro league and top 4, fan that say we are out of top 4 is being too pessimistic. We just need to beat spurs next week, we are back in

  18. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Giving you a thumbs up Tat purely for your enthusiasm

  19. Nothing changed says:

    top 6 is realistic, top 4 would be higher than my expectations, PL title unrealistic.

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