So where will Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere be playing next season?

Arsenal fans are resigned to losing Jack Wilshere this summer, but where could he go?

The England international has been rather downbeat when talking about the Gunners this term, which is a strange stance to come from a player widely considered to be ‘Arsenal through-and-through’.

Wilshere had been tipped to become a long-term captain of our side, but has seemingly fallen out of love with the club, and even refused to acknowledge our sides FA Cup victory last weekend.

During the season, he admitted that he wanted Bournemouth to overcome his parent club, despite being unavailable for the encounter due to FA rules, and even praised rivals Chelsea instead of taking the opportunity to show his allegiance to our side.

The FA Cup snub appears to have been taken heavily with Gunners fans, who are now resigned to losing the former club favourite, and Wenger’s supposed contract will also have made his return all the less likely.

Manchester City have been linked with his signature this summer, but with his new injury highlighting his frailties, and with only one year remaining on Jack’s deal, I find it hard to believe that Arsenal would be able to agree a fee with the Citizens.

Bournemouth have previously claimed that they don’t expect to have a chance of completing a deal to sign him, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t try, with Wilshere believed to have enjoyed working under Eddie Howe this term.

AC Milan and Roma have been linked with a move to sign him over the past 12 months, and he appears to be keen on such a switch, and Serie A may well be his favoured destination to get his career back on track.

Wojciech Szczesny made the switch to the Giallorossi on loan two seasons ago, and seems very happy in Italy, and the pair may well have discussed life abroad.

Does Jack look destined to leave this summer? Is Italy looking more and more likely?

Pat J

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  1. Don’t know but can he take Wenger if it’s Italy.

    Can’t blame Jack really. He has been outed after all.
    Boy has skills but boy is he an injury waiting to happen.

    Too much of a risk for o build a side around or at l say have him as a core component of it. There are much fitter and therefore consistent players out there that can do his job better and more often than he.

    Shame for the lad. But thems the breaks.
    Like getting stuck with Arsene for another 2 years (if it happens):

  2. Bring in another high quality midfielder and let Coquelin and Wilshere go. Cazorla Xhaka Elneny Ramsey Oxlade and the new guy should be enough, six players for two positions. If Coquelin wants to fight and doesn’t mind filling in holes in midfield and fullback well then it’s ok, but Arsene might not consider another CM player if we don’t make some room, and I think we need a step up with some more quality in that area.

    I will say though that the positioning of Xhaka Ramsey Ozil Alexis is what Chelsea couldn’t cope with. Kante and Matic didn’t know whether to pick up Ozil Alexis, or Ramsey just ahead of Xhaka, or if to leave Xhaka as the furthest back. The positioning was excellent. Ozil and Alexis in those areas that CBs hate coming into, then when they did Welbeck was running in behind from angles. When their CMs picked up Ozil Alexis, it left Xhaka and Ramsey with the ball and their passing was top notch, when CM went to pick up Xhaka, Ramsey was in good space ahead, and Ozil Alexis in dangerous areas. Our positioning is what totally outdone Chelsea, we made them look poor, some of our players look ideal with this formation. Wenger has to be accredited on his tactics, positioning was top top notch stuff.

  3. Jack will play on the Arsenal bench at the start of the season,if he doesn’t get injured, then slowly Wenger would cement his place in the started 11,then the real question is,who would be sacrificed for that to happen.

    1. Ozil, injury less jack over ozil anytime anyway, Jack’s not a pussy, he’s creative, he gets free kicks. I just hope no more injuries for him. If only wenger can shuttle between him and ozil based on contributions to the team and not looking at name, it’ll be jack

      1. Jack is nowhere as creative as ozil. Look at there assist and goal return. Jack stats are shocking for a midfielder. Ozil had what has not had his whole career in one season so i dont get how you say he is creative. The only thing about jack is that he is a fighter

  4. We need a Top Holding midfielder
    If selling Jack or Aaron will help us get one, then I’m all for it

    Coquellin was good the last few matches but overall had a mediocre season. Eleney is not any better

    I’m worried about the rumored £100 million transfer kitty. A Top Forward alone will be over £50 million

    Wenger spent £100 million last season and we didn’t get a Top defensive midfielder or a Top forward (ie Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Dybala, Lewandowski)

    As for the other position in Central midfield, we have Cazorla, Xhaka and Oxlade

    I wish we could also get someone like Isco to cover both Ozil at CAM and Cazorla behind him.

    Minimum we need (assuming Alexis and Ozil stay)
    1. Top Defensive Midfielder
    2. A Top forward
    3. A backup Right Back
    4. A new manager (lol. I know forget that)

    Ideally we also need
    5. A top LB
    6. Another quality CM like Isco
    7. Another quality Centre Back like Van Dijk

    I don’t think we can get the first 3 let alone all for £100 million

    1. For a top forward ??You won’t get much change left over from £100 million.
      Mate, your shopping list is soooooo long even Wenger would struggle buying all that at Pound stretchers, with a £100 million.

    2. I say we sell theo and giroud. Then top it up on the 50 m that will be enough for a wc striker. Yea and its gonna be tougher for us to get a wc striker coz we will hve to pay

  5. Wilshere will go back to Arsenal, because he is a homegrown player and I don’t think there is a club that is willing to pay a lot for him. He seemed smarter to avoid injuries in Bournemouth, but he also didn’t show any improvement there. But neither is Gnabry.

    I feel he can compete with other Arsenal’s midfielders in the new system, but only if he can stay away from injuries. But if there is a big offer for him, Arsenal should sell him to make way for a more talented midfielder, like Seri.

  6. I feel sorry for jack.
    Sometimes wenger makes promises to players that he can’t keep that’s why many opt to leave.Jack had a very bright start to his career and its very sad to see how it has stagnated and regressed.He needs to find the right place where he can revive it
    .And he should stop having the mindset he had as a teenager while on the pitch and start behaving like a mature adult and use his brains more

  7. Wherever Jack Wheelchair is next season, you can be sure that he won’t be playing much. ??

  8. How many of you guys remember Joel Campbell? ?? Well, he’ll be back at the Emirates next season… Just in time to replace Sanchez lol??

  9. I reckon Wilshire should go out on loan or sell him i cant see him fitting into our new system with xkaka and ramsey doing well,
    I think we need a goalkeeper to back up Cech
    A centre defender
    A right back if bellerin is injured
    A defensive midfielder
    A attacking midfielder
    A winger and a striker
    I would sell coquellin, Jenkinson, debuchy, gibbs Theo Walcott and el nely all useless

  10. There’s plenty of players that miss out on the big time due to being injury prone. Jack looks like one of the ones who will always be a few feet away from a pair of crutches, but he’s been lucky to have lasted this long.

    Sell, and beef up the midfield.

    1. Somebody please tell me also what will be happenig with – joel campbell, carl jenkinson, yaya sanogo, kieran gibbs, mathieu debuchy, takumo asano and lucas perez.

  11. I love jack but we need to move on and let him try somewhere else. Unfortunately he is too injury prone and started holding the ball alot unlike when he was breaking into the team . He used to play one touch two touch max this days he wants to dribble 4 players. As a midfielder his assist and goal return are abysmal so it might do him good to move on

  12. please tell me also what will be happenig with – joel campbell, carl jenkinson, yaya sanogo, kieran gibbs, mathieu debuchy, takumo asano and lucas perez.

  13. Spain is more ideal for him. Its all about technique there rather than italy which is too physical and i dont think his body can handle it. Mighr be a good idea to send him on loan to a spanish club or i would love him to move there as he surely has the technique its just the physical demand of the pl that his body cant cope with

    1. Seville or Valencia would be best for him. But I’m not sure if he would go abroad.

      I can see Everton having a go for him, should Barkley leave.
      Positive style of play, he’d be in the play-maker role with Gueye/Barry/Davis behind and in support.

      Shame to see him leave (if he does), as he could have been a “World Beater”, but he needs to for the sake of his career.

  14. Do people understand that we are in the Europa league next season? The sqaud needs to be as big as possible, when u add to the fact that there is no xmas break or nothing I want a massive Arsenal squad. Joack should stay fit and compete cause one thing i know is that we shall be needing everyone.
    This is Arsenal after all, ramsey and cazorla can be out for 6 months at anytime. U just never know. Buy a ne CM as well. taking no chances.

    1. But wilshere is not cutting it. I think we should invest in bringing a player in rather than gamble again with him since it just takes one game for him to be out for the whole season. But if he can remain fit he might be a good backup to hve

  15. Jack to barca maybe? Bench player to bring on when iniesta is out of puff. He could do well there.

  16. i prefer jack leave and give extra spot to ox play central, while we need rotation for xhaka and ramsey, and we have kolasinac next season.

  17. to answer the question where will jack play next season the simple answer is in central midfield. unless wenger gets his claws into him and converts him into a wing back .

  18. I’m not even sure any club would want to take Wilshere.

    He’s a walking injury, a long term one at that. He needs to go, but does Wenger have the balls? He would be a massive risk for any club. Anyway, he’s not good enough for the current top 6. Who would you rather? Lallana or Wilshere?

  19. Loan move again within the pl.
    Everton, saints etc.
    If a buyer comes in then sell due to him being unfortunately diaby mk2.
    Shame I like Jack’s fiesty fighter attitude.

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