So which Arsenal stars are off to China for big money?

For years the Arsenal fans looked forward to every transfer window in summer or in January with the sort of dread that a visit to the dentist brings, as we all expected there to be more bad news in the shape of our best players leaving than there was excitement about the new signings that Arsene Wenger was likely to make.

But after the shock news this week that the Chinese Super League outfit Shanghai SIPD are paying Chelsea a massive £60 million transfer fee for their Brazilian international star Oscar, confirmed by Sky Sports, I wonder if that will change. Knowing the way that Arsene Wenger and our club do business I can see a few eyes being fluttered towards the Orient and as long as we are not talking about our very best players like Alexis Sanchez then I think it might not be too bad an idea if one of those clubs came calling with a ridiculous offer.

We are just coming up to the January transfer window after all and as long as any money went back into the transfer kitty I think we could benefit from any deal. So which Arsenal players would you be happy to sell, for a massive mountain of cash of course, to one of these Chinese cash cows? Ramsey? The Ox? Giroud?



  1. l am happy with the way our squad is and would not be willing to sell any players unless of-course we have already lined up replacements. l don’t think the Chinese clubs would be interested in our players with the exception of Sanchez and maybe Ozil, the Chinese clubs are only buying “names” i.e players that have been around and known world wide so that they can put their league on the map. l am sure they can even pay Zlatan five times more than Aubemayeng and how would you justify paying Rooney R700k per week…

  2. Ozil and Alexis. I’m not a fan of letting players choose their next destination, on top of that it will be rubbed in our face that they came free of charge. So if the worst comes to the worst, I’d sell them to China and break the world record twice over. If they’re offering 60m for that bag of bones, Oscar, how much would they offer for real genuine world class. The money then should be used to outbid for who we want. Offer it all and a little more to Bayern Dortmund and Atletico, I’m sure you’s know the one’s.

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