So which ex-Arsenal player should replace Wenger? Vieira? Thierry Henry?

The way things are going at Arsenal at the moment, it is unlikely that Arsene Wenger will have his contract renewed when this one finally ends in around 18 months as next season is looking to be even worse than this one when half our players either leave or are too old to play any more. But who would you really want to come in and take over the hot seat?

This has been discussed many times, especially when their was all the protests about Wenger leaving last season, but according to the Gunners legend Ray Parlour, we should be looking at some ex-Arsenal players that already know the system that Wenger has created. Parlour said: “If I was Arsenal now, I’d be looking in two years time, whenever it’s going to be, and see who is going to be interested in taking over.

“Try and put it in place now. Managers don’t hang around.

“Do you know who would be perfect one day? Patrick Vieira.

“He’s manager at New York, but now he’s probably in line for the Manchester City job instead of Arsenal. He’s part of their club.

“In the future, maybe Thierry Henry. He’s a very intelligent guy, he knows the players, he knows the dressing room and he knows how to attract big players.

“He could be perfect for it. Will he get an opportunity? Who knows. I would always look at ex-players.

“I know it doesn’t always work out like that with Tony Adams and such, but if they know the club inside out, which Vieira and Henry do, it gives you a big advantage.

“When you sack a manager you’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to tap people up.

“You’ve got to be asking their agents and getting something in place.

“Ask them, ‘Would you be interested if an opportunity came up to manage Arsenal?’”

That is obviously a sensible idea, but Wenger himself has recently stated that it is not his job to pick his successor, it is the Board’s responsibility. So should they be talking to ex-Arsenal players now behind Wenger’s back? Or do you think they would be too scared to rock the boat until Wenger actually tells them that he is going to leave at the end of this contract?

But back to the original question, which ex-Arsenal player would you choose to replace Le Prof? I think Mikel Arteta should be part of the discussion as he has already done his training under Wenger, but obviously Patrick Vieira is already gaining in experience. Henry appears to have fallen out with Wenger over his Sky Sports job but is definitely one of our biggest legends. Who would you choose?



  1. Sue says:

    I would LOVE for an ex player to become our manager…. whether it be Vieira or Henry…… Even Wrighty! Someone who is really passionate about the club & doesn’t just see it as a money making business

  2. locomotif says:

    chief coach : steve bould
    asst. coach : tony adams
    chief physio : lee dixon
    kit man : nigel winterburn
    spokesperson : martin keown

  3. kronologik says:

    for me the problem is you can never find another bergkamp , before him was alan smith style of no.10. too many instagram prima madonnas these days throwing tantrum without no.10 shirt? george graham wld tell him to f* off.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:


    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      Kevin De Bruyne

  4. the barrel says:

    Tony Adams have failed dismally. I would prefer Vieira or Bergkamp because they make it happen where ever they are. Henry is doing national team coaching which isnt busy week in and out

  5. Ivan says:

    I would prefer a young hungry manager who has had some experience and is looking to improve his career. If I was going for an ex Arsenal player then I would go Mikel Arteta who had the respect of his fellow players.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    None of them at the moment! Maybe in the future when they’ve got some experience working in a competitive league, but an ex-Wenger player who loves him would be the worst possible option. Everything needs to change at Arsenal, so would the likes of Vieira, and especially Henry feel comfortable ripping apart everything that Wenger had done?

    After Wenger, we need a manager that has no previous association with Arsenal, so that’s it’s easier to implement change, without having to worry about dishonouring Wenger’s legacy (what’s left of it!). It’s Simeone all day for me, because he’d bring a fear factor into the dressing room, and he’d dispose of this weak, and pathetic mentality that Wenger has cultivated over the years.

  7. ramterta says:

    I would have preferred arteta tbh

  8. Yossarian says:

    Definitely Patrick Vieira for me. I reckon he’d be excellent.

    Not only does he seem qualified in the tactics and motivational department, but he is a winner and somebody that would stand-up to the board of directors in a positive way.

    He is also a legend of a player and would be able to attract big names, and create a real buzz around the club.

    1. USAGooner says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. However, that is NEVER going to happen in my assessment. Vieira is managing at NYCFC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCFC. Thus, he would not go to Arsenal and MCFC would not allow him to go there. If Vieira does manage in the PL it will likely be for MC.

      That said, as part of my preparations for coaching for my kids’ teams this year (we had an excellent season); I recently watched an older video on YouTube of Henry breaking down Barcelona and other teams’ tactics. He was excellent in his analysis and thoughts on the game. In fact, I used many of the things he said in my team’s tactics this year. I believe that he would make an excellent manager. So, while on paper and based on managerial experience it may seem that Henry is not ready or experienced enough in coaching, I would take a chance on him. In all honesty and objectivity, hiring Henry is not that crazy of a notion. Keep in mind that some of the best managers out there currently had no experience when they took over big teams. Specifically I refer to Zidane who got the Real Madrid job after only 1 year at RM Castilla; and, needless to say, he has done very well. Similarly, Pep Guardiola only had 1 year as gaffer for Barcelona B before being handed the reins at Barcelona’s first team in 2008. Pep ended 2008 with Barca playing in the CL final. Both of these gentlemen were very inexperienced managers when they were appointed to RM and Barca respectively. Both did very well and are flourishing now. Also, the best manager in the PL currently in my opinion is Mauricio Pochettino. He too was relativly unknown with 3 years expierence at Espnayol before going to Southampton in 2013. Now look at him and Spuds. A well maanged team.

      Thus, I would bring Henry in to AFC in January as an assisant coach to work along side of Wenger or have him coach the U-23’s or some lower team while working with Wenger; allow Wenger to wind up his carreer at Arsenal in a respectful manner as he has earned and deserves. Then, Henry can take over in a smooth transition.

      If not, the only managers I would like to see at AFC are (in no particular order):
      1). Thomas Tuchel (unattached)
      2). Eddie Howe (Bournemouth)
      3). Marco Silva (Watford: slim to no chance)
      4). Julian Naglesmann (Hoffenheim)
      5). David Wagner (Huddersfield) and
      6). Tab Ramos (USMNT U-20 team).

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The Gunners manager job at Arsenal is not up in the air for grab. End of story!

    What should be of corcern to the Gunners and us the Gooners now is for Arsenal to bounce back to winning ways after our lose to Man City with a win over Tottenham Horspur at the Arsenal Stadium after the international break to start a 10 game winning run in the Premier League before the turn of the year.

  10. Oswald Carbonaro says:

    Bonaroca:- From time to time I come through some interesting articles regarding the replacement of Mr Wenger who I would say has now been upstaged. After 21 years a
    Manager’s age catches on and what honours one has won in the past will eventually
    could not be repeated.
    Mr. Wenger should really call it a day and should resign after this 2917/18 season and in my humble opinion Arsenal had three great players, Berkamp, Veira and Henry who I am
    sure together are able to develop so much talented players which we have recently been watching.
    Arsenal are a GREAT FOOTBALL CLUB which I am afraid has an un popular Board, who
    according to Arsenal Supporters are more interested in their dividends than the team.
    Many names are being mentioned to replace Mr Wenger, but Arsenal needs a good team of
    Ex Arsenal players mentioned above who could formed of a great Arsenal team for the future.

  11. GB says:

    Ex player, George Graham, sorted!

  12. Paul says:

    I’d love it to be Henry, Lehman or a crazy ex-gunner for the psyching part, as assistant…………M seriously sure Henry would do a zidane

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