So which players should Arsenal send to Palace in the deal for Zaha?

So, no doubt Arsenal’s preference would be to, instead of adding more money to the Zaha deal, seeing if there are any players the Eagles would like instead?

Here are my 5 most likely options

Iwobi (loan)

For the same reason some gooners give him ample opportunities is the same reason this would be unlikely. He’s one of our own, at the club since a child and therefore isn’t going to walk away from his dream without a fight. It would probably take Unai Emery to directly tell him he’s not in his thought process anymore. Yet, the Spaniard approved Iwobi’s new contract last summer, something he didn’t do for Ramsey?

Mkhitaryan (15 million or loan)

This probably would excite Palace fans in terms of the highest quality replacement they could expect. You still feel with the right man management he’s better than what he’s shown so far in this country. At Selhurst Park, the team could be built round his strengths while he could express himself more, without the pressure of expecting to win every week. Yet this is why swap deals can be so complicated. Even if both clubs were happy with the deal (and we might still have to support his wages) the Armenian might prefer fighting for his place at the Emirates compared to moving to a small club.

Eddie Nketiah (loan)

Whisper it quietly but the young striker can’t keep living off two headers against a Championship side in the League Cup. Judging by his body language I think he knows it. I remember Smith Rowe scoring in the Europa League and instead of Eddie joining in with the celebrations, he was berating himself for missing the original chance. He has a great record at Under 23 level but that’s his comfort zone, the senior level brings new pressure? It’s the club’s policy to loan youngsters out so they get a taste of playing every week. For his development, could be Eddie’s turn.

Chambers (10-15 million)

It is still hard to gauge Unai Emery’s opinion of Chambers. Did he loan him out for his development or does he simply not rate him? As Fulham’s player of the season, he’s not worse than what we have and by playing in midfield I think, like Holding he can be moulded into a ball playing centre back. If you’re looking for value and someone Palace might like, he’s an option. He’s made it clear he doesn’t want another loan, so he’s called our bluff, now or never.

Jenkinson (5 million)

This make sense as Roy Hodgson as already identified the full back as a replacement for Wan Bissaka. The right back’s been clinging on to his Arsenal career for years now, knowing full well the club would have loved to have sold him by now. To be fair if I was given 60,000 a week to sit on the bench at the club I loved my whole life, I would fight to stay as well. It’s time for his family/ friends to have an honest chat with him; does he want to get to 30 and regret not playing more football? He won’t find a bigger club then Palace and he would then get to stay in London.

Gooners, anyone else you throw into the deal? Be kind in the comments?


  1. None as we don’t need anymore attacking we need defenders! Plus why pay that much for someone who is half the player of either of our front two!

  2. Yeah Palace are going to take Mkhitaryan.You do know he is on £200k a week at Arsenal.More chance of Arsenal signing Messi

  3. The Palace fans weren’t too keen on Jenko being offered! Can’t see them wanting Eddie either… but they might be happy with one of the other 3 (just like I would be ?)
    Watching Wilf score earlier, has made me want him even more!! Oh heck, give them all 3 ?

  4. None I know he is PL proven but his asking price is way 2 high. Rather go 4 Ziyech and Malcolm/Bergwjin/Lozano. Or another option is 2 use the money 4 Zaha and spend it on Maguire.

    1. ? There is better value elsewhere and the defense needs to be the priority for marquee signings.

  5. How about just giving them the full £80m they are asking and another £20m provided they take Iwobi as part of the deal.Even then Palace will realise they are getting a bum deal and turn us down

        1. Well he makes the arsenal staring 11 ,so your saying palace are better than arsenal ?

      1. Zaha is a great player and he really worth up to that 80million they are requesting but Arsenal should never think of giving Iwobi

        1. If arsenal have 80m to spend, I’d rather they test Napoli’s resolve by bidding 80m + miki for koulibaly.

  6. What deal? Will never happen.its been Ryan Fraser all along.we’re shopping at Lidl these days….

      1. Nonny, who do Arsenal have with Fraser’s performance statistics in any season in the EPL?

  7. His stats last season were FAR from Average

    17 assists and 8 goals
    Now compare that to Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Iwobi

    He may not be world beater but he is much better than what we got

    1. Assists only count when they are scored
      Most of his assists are from headed crosses
      And why must we depend so much on stats stats
      Can be misleading I have seen Frasier play and
      I don’t see anything special but no doubt his a good player

      1. So he cant just provide low crosses instead of high crosses lol? He was no doubt told by his manager to give high crosses which suits palaces style, not hard for him to look for auba’s / Laca’s feet instead of head…. he contributed more goals than zaha last season but hes just not a big name with a big price tag so fans don’t want him, I really don’t get the zaha hype, good player dont get me wrong but 80 mill is extortionate especially as he has already flopped at a big team, we need too many players to blow most of our budget on one player.

        1. So has sale,de bryne,pogba all flopped
          And all are doing great…fraser is good
          BUT Zaha is far better is not hype is what
          I have seen with my eyes..zaha can terrorize
          Any defence on his day so strong quick and
          Have bags of tricks.. I can’t say that about
          Fraser I want players who can make a difference
          Not squad players we already have too many no.
          I want us to start adding quality simple…
          Forget stats most times they can be misleading
          As Mustafi’s case… ask any defender who they
          Would prefer to face Zaha pr Fraser then you would
          Know who’s better….
          Palace will sell below 80m for sure it’s a price tag
          It’s always negotiable

      1. Assists are assists nonny. The fact is that unlike kola he can actually put the ball in and find his man. The fact that he gets into this position so often to delivery these crosses is only a plus. Your nonsense about only providing headed crosses is nonsense. As stated this may have been exactly what he was asked to do for palace. Both Abu and laca are capable of heading the ball and I’m pretty sure fraser is able to cross on the floor also.
        Put it this way iwobi is told to shoot but seems to only manage to pass the ball to the keeper. Kola is told to deliver quality into the box but often fails by hitting anyone except our players. Fraser on the other hand was told to deliver and he did, what is the problem seems a massive upgrade on what we have to me.

  8. Hmmm. This is an intriguing ask. But at any rate, Arsenal could strike a deal with Crystal Palace during this summer transfer window. Whereby Arsenal will sign the Crystal Palace left winger Wilfred Zaha for £40m and give them a Gunner that is worth £30m in the transfer market if Crystal Palace are to sign him this summer. So, Arsenal could this summer window sign Wilfred Zaha from Crystal Palace for £40m and give them a Gunner who is worth £30m in signing fee to total £70m paid by Arsenal to Crystal Palace to sign their Wilfred Zaha. But that assuming Crystal Palace will buy this kind of transfer deal of cash plus a player payment transfer fee. But why shouldn’t Crystal Palace accept this kind of a transfer payment deal? More so, if Arsenal give them the likely to be surplus to requirement next season at Arsenal, Henrick Mkhitaryan who I believe should be worth more than £30m in this current summer transfer market if Crystal Palace are to sign him this summer. Therefore, Crystal should be happy to get £40m plus a top quality player in Mkhitaryan as the payment by Arsenal to sign Wilfred Zaha. One other thing Crystal Palace should consider before they start hiking the transfer fee payable to sign their Zaha this summer is, Zaha is not a hot cake in this current summer transfer window as no top club sides other than Arsenal are falling on themselves to sign Zaha. Save, the singular club side Arsenal who are showing interest to sign him.

    Crystal Palace who sold their right full-back to Man Utd this summer will ideally want to replace him by doing a RFB signing in the transfer market this summer if they don’t already have another senior RFB on ground at Selhurst Park to step in as replacement to their RFB whom they sold to Man Utd. But Arsenal won’t give Rob Holding to Crystal Palace as a part payment for signing Zaha. And I don’t think they give Crystal Palace Carl Jenkinson either because of the home grown issue as Arsenal have lost 2 home grown players of Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck at the end of last season’s campaign.

    Because of serious injury problem that could be suffered to any of our young players if they are loaned out this summer, I wouldn’t want to see Arsenal loan any of Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Eddie Nkethia to Crystal Palace as part of the deal to sign Zaha, this is because the near career ending injury that was suffered to Carl jenkinson at West Ham when Arsenal loaned him to them is still fresh in our memory.

  9. Sorry, I wouldnt buy Zaha, a balanced team is more important.
    As such Id rather go for someone much cheaper, Ryan Fraser if you want the prior Premier League experience or Hakim Ziyech if you want a talent who likes Arsenal.
    And then spend some of the rest of the money on sorting out the defence. The youngsters (Holding, Bielik, Chambers, Mavropanos,) may well come good for Arsenal, (if they arent loaned/sold,)but I would like to see one more experienced centreback to provide stability & leadership, especially given how likely it is that Koscielny will get injured again (if he doesnt leave) and Sokratis will get at least one disciplinary ban.
    (Obviously Im assuming that Mustafi is getting sold.)

    1. How does Fraser make arsenal a balanced side but Zaha does not ?they both play left wing .
      Then you go for someone cheaper?so then we would again be stuck with a mediocre player for the next 5 seasons .
      I’m sorry but Zaha is a lvl above any winger in this league barring a few .
      Seems like fans are now happy settling for 4-6th place. I’m not one of them.

  10. Arsena do not need Zaha.
    Like Ozil he will be good against poor oponents.
    Please give tge youngsters a go. Youngsters with something to prove.
    We can wait a year, whilst it all comes together.

  11. Yawn…….

    Boy, it’s boring being a gooner in a transfer window..

    Nearly as bad as watching them play;)

    1. It’s not boring

      Its a culture

      Don’t worry they

      Are looking for

      Bargain with low

      Price..we can’t

      Afford not to

      Record a profit

      This summer THE

      Players available

      Looks quite expensive

      Looking for bargain

      Like Socratis…we got

      One in Gabriel martinelli

  12. Arsenal sholuld try for everton from brazil and pulgar from chile…he is younger and better than zaha…zaha is not worth the money cp is asking, evenin this crazy market…dont try to take mahrez as an example because mahrez is too much better…zaha is tricky but without end product…he is a bit better than iwobi….is like gervinho

    1. I have heard it all on this site….

      Let’s keep linning up a host of

      Average players and be hopping they

      Deliver world class performances

      Fraser is good, but not above average

      And yet to see him convince me that he

      Can do a job for us thou his better than

      What we have, which is the problem what do

      We even have just no. Because we have no

      Natural wingers..

      Saying he flopped at United

      So has sala,de bryne,pogba all flopped
      And all are doing great…fraser is good
      BUT Zaha is far better it is not hype it’s what
      I have seen with my eyes..zaha can terrorize
      Any defence on his day so strong, quick and
      Have bags of tricks and decent shoting.

      1. It’s quite unfortunate how we fans think that we should go for Fraser instead of Zaha..
        Someone even said he would be like ozil..
        Maybe you all should be reminded that it was largely because of him that we couldn’t beat them last season.
        Go and check his game against all the Top 6 last season and then you would probably realize how much we need..
        There’s no one player in arsenal that is better than him..

        We should be keen on getting him instead of talking about him not worth the asking price. He may not be worth that but i wouldn’t mind adding Jenkins,chambers and Mustafi to what we have already tabled.

  13. I reckon Sue would trade in her husband to get Zaha ! ………………I`m willing to chuck in my wife aswell ! ……………anymore takers ?………….let`s get this deal over the line !

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