So who is deluded? The Arsenal fans or Kroenke?

Arsenal’s aim is to win the Premier League and Wenger is the best man for the job? by DN

If you had been reading many posts on here for the last few years, you would have thought that there were thousands of Arsenal fans that predicted that the Gunners would never win the Premier League again as long as Arsene Wenger was in charge, never mind get as far as the Quarter-Final’s of the Champions League.

But there is a couple of people who would disagree with all these protesters, and they are in fact the people who actually run the club! The majority owner, Stan Kroenke, said today after revealing that Wenger had signed a new contract: “Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe,” said Kroenke.

“It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved.

“Arsène is the best person to help us make that happen. He has a fantastic track record and has our full backing.”

The fans that have been protesting have based their objections to Wenger new contract on the fact that the club has stagnated in the last ten years, with us practically scoring the same amount of points in the League every year, and getting knocked out at the Round of 16 in the ECL. But there is one person who thinks we have ‘grown beyond all recognition’. Step forward the Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis. “There is no complacency anywhere at this club,” he said.

“Our goal is to compete for and win trophies here and in Europe.

“Everything we do is designed to make that happen and we will be working hard on and off the pitch this summer to improve and make a strong challenge next season.

“The club has grown beyond recognition in every aspect in recent years and we have the platform to be successful and meet the ambitions we and our fans share.”

Where is this growth? He MUST be talking about the club’s finances, because he surely can’t be talking about results on the pitch. They have hardly changed at all.

So, who is the ones that are deluded? The Arsenal fans? Or Kroenke and Gazidis?

Darren N


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:


    Can’t stand the guy

  2. Luckyville says:

    All i can say right now is lets wait till the end of the season to judge Arsene Wenger. But i tink the business of this transfer window will really go a long way to defining our season. Maybe Wenger has something up his sleeve for us. so my advice to us fans is to get behind the team and be positive.

    1. JPS_AFC1 says:

      It is the end off the season Luckyville and the mark for the year is a big FAIL. 5th in the EPL losing 10-2 in the ECL.
      I will always support the team but I can’t support this Regiem

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        14 years to win PL
        22 years to win in UCL

        Enough chances to build something you would have thought! Apparently he needs another crack if the whip!

    2. Quantic Dream says:

      We waited till the end of this season and the judgment on Wenger was the same as the end of the season before and the season before it…he needs to go.

    3. Tubby says:

      Dude, remind yourself how many times u have said this for the past 10 years, and tell me why the coming season should be anything different

    4. AY75 says:

      for how many seasons have we been waiting till the end of the season to judge wenger. I for one have run out of positive thoughts for this club, just gloom and doom from my perspective. The only thing that could have changed that was signing a new manager, I mean, Koeman would likely do better with our current squad, and his wages would be far less. kroenke has to be a klutz, for not knowing this. but what can I say, he is apparently not interested in the club’s progress, and shouldn’t more trophies mean more money, more publicity, tv money etc.
      Well, I already know I’m addicted to arsenal (please!!, let me know if there’s a cure), so I’ll still going to watch as many games as possible (from my home), while keeping my hopes at the bare minimum. and if the season turns out fine, I’d be happy, if not I won’t be too sad, but either way, I’ll still want wenger gone

    5. RSH says:

      A perfect example of a brainwashed fan. Wake up! They said the same thing last summer, and the summer before that, and the summer before that, and on and on and on! Have you realized the pattern yet buddy???

  3. G-Force says:

    No European trophy in over 20 years and no League trophy in 13 years and yet “Ar$ene is the best person to help us make that happen.” LMAO. To answer the question: The lot of them are deluded -Ar$ene, $tan, Gazidi$.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      In fairness it is the last four or five seasons people are judging him most, as the seasons previous to that after we first made the move, there wasn’t too much expectancy. The people who had the same expectations at that time really were deluded. This past five seasons though he looks to have lost his mettle. Certain words Arsene uses these days fill me with dread.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Leicester city

        1. Break-on-through says:

          That’s why I said he lost his mettle, if there was another time that the top clubs all dropped off please do tell.

    2. Man frm Africa says:

      I agree 100%.some arsenal are weak, spineless, pathetic by supporting the same manager that has made the club a laughing stock.I can bet that if we qualify for the Champions League, it will be described as a success! .where is our ambition to be counted among the best by winning the league. Screw u Wenger fans!

  4. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Well with the evidence we as fans can see on and off the pitch everything points to KROENKE, GAZIDIS AND WENGER being deluded. Not knowing who our manager was going to be next year derailed our seasin, our 2 best players are probably going to leave and we are looking at a 21 year old Winger/Striker from the Belgian league to replace our best player. Now this kid could be the next big thing but we can’t bank our future on potential, what other big club constantly struggles to keep its best players like us um none off them. We need big investment in W/C Players and we need to pay our best players what it takes to keep them. I can’t believe this shit maybe Wenger does still have it maybe he doesn’t but constantly losing our players renders him useless. KROENKE PLEASE JUST SELL AND GO AWAY. THIS CLUB WILL BE FOREVER GOING BACKWARDS AS LONG AS YOUR HERE.
    Please everyone in the UK please get behind the push to send this stupid Yank back to America

    1. HA559 says:

      He aint the next big thing, he is the next Gervinho, just wait for him to come to Arsenal, will play a blinder for a couple months before being found out.
      The only time you will see top quality player coming in (£60m+) is if one or both of Ozil and Sanchez are sold, it’s sad but it’s true.

  5. Robin van Bergkamp says:

    A warm welcome Arsenal fans and football observers, to more of the same.

    We have been here before and heard those expressions of glory that have never come to fruition. Why should the following seasons bring anything different? Will Wenger decide early in the transfer window on players we truly need and actually bring them in? Will our or rather his player selections, match tactics and team motivation change? Well, the record shows that the declarations by our majority shareholder and CEO are no more than hot air which have come our way before which have yielded nothing but consolation prizes while we surrender the change of winning big to the new breed of bigger clubs.

    No change of manager = No change of fortunes = More of the same

    By golly, you’d think we know the drill by now!!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Sums it up nicely Robin!

      It is called marketing speak. Remarkably many still fall for these spoken mirrors reflecting their dreams..

      1. Robin van Bergkamp says:

        Guess what AOT.

        I feared this two-year contract may not be the end and David Ornstein himself tweeted this afternoon that while dependent on what happens over the next two years, there may yet be life for the old fool here at the Emirates. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger has it in mind to finish his managerial career at AFC ( Arsenal FC or Arsene FC? ) in time for his 70th birthday in October 2020.

        Heaven help us all!!!

    2. RSH says:

      The club will keep reciting the exact same lines they have every summer. It has worked afterall. The stadium stays full, and the money keeps coming in. Why change anything? You have to live on a completely different planet to believe a single thing Gazidis or Wenger say. I would also include Kroneke in that, but he famously doesn’t talk.

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    Genius from the Arsenal board!

    Give the job to the same man who has failed time and time again to win you the league when it promises to be the toughest season (s) ever.

    What some fans are forgetting is that Wenger staying means practically the same backroom staff, same scouts, same under performing players, same tactics, same agents being preferred to do business with, same structures, etc. For as long as Arsene is at the club this club will never move forward! Not a prophet of doom but rather using the evidence we can all see.

  7. Tubby says:

    I am of the opinion that anyone who wants Wenger to stay is either an Arsene fan (Not Arsenal) or a chav or spuds troll, so I’m not even gonna deal with that lot. Then there are fans who think he should leave but doesn’t take action because he signed the damn thing already anyway. While I understand their point of view, inaction sends a message to the club that this is acceptable! Fine, you might not want to protest or raise banners, or even boycott games, but at the very least, stop buying Arsenal jerseys and merchandises!

    I for one, haven’t bought a jersey since 2014, something I used to do yearly. I still watch games and cheer the team on, but boy I am not giving that greedy board or the deluded manager any more of my money to squander. Have some self-respect, people, especially after the incredibly arrogant comments from our manager about forgiving the fans.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Kroenke was always going to keep him. Knowing the type of owner he is I’d say he’s delighted with Wenger. He doesn’t have to involve himself or try to get to know the sport, he has someone with a lifetime of experience making most of the decisions for him.

    I do think we should try to improve the atmosphere next season, and I’d prefer seeing the fans put pressure on the players when it looks like half them aren’t interested. I think that works better for an effect than aiming always at the manager. Even Steve Gerrard said you have to appreciate how thick skinned he is. I’m not saying people should do a u-turn, I’m saying the people inside the ground should do more to support the players instead of infighting and what not. Also people should try to enjoy the good spells more instead of waiting for the sky to fall down. After the season we had, with all the crap that came with it, all the bad play bad behavior, then it just pisses me off how some people don’t let you enjoy two good games against city and against che after winning a cup in the manner that we did. They rather say don’t celebrate it don’t celebrate it, it’s not the league don’t celebrate it, …F**k off.

    1. Ken ? says:

      Wenger and management must be smoking same things which we can’t understand.The position from every goober is 1-wenger and kroenke out 2-New manager and Usmanov in.3 -New players in and whoever wants to go let go and Asernal will be strong like the invincible.After all this is the weakest team of the season

      1. Taxi4Wenger says:

        No, wenger, stan, and ivan and the boards were smoking out at each others manhoods.

    2. RSH says:

      Are you seriously suggesting Arsenal fans don’t put pressure on the players? Giroud at one point was simply despised. Ramsey is still despised. Ozil is not nearly as highly regarded as he was when he first came here. Nobody rates a single one of our English players either. Arsenal fans have endured over a decade of 4th place being treated as good enough, and have been very patient, but it’s just not happening. And Arsene Wenger is a huge part of the problem. It’s not just down to individual players. This club ran out of every excuse in the book the second that Leicester City won the title.

  9. Hmmm I know It’s been damn slow, but think about this: after seven trophyless years this arsenal team have won five titles in four years, and have a more competent squad than the last ten years, so there’s only growing ahead. The team and yes, the manager, are getting re-accustomed to high level competition, that’s why I think typical Arsene stubbornness where affecting the team. But he also knows when to get a pragmatic approach and he’s been (yes, slowly but now very firmly) adapting to the new tactical and managerial tendencies. Just think about it, after the Bayern demolition the team were going nowhere and after a tactical switch we’ve won a title beating Manchester Pity and rough Chelsky.

  10. TT says:

    Well, I think Arsenal fans are pretty much the laughing stock of other clubs, particularly the 200 or so clubs that hardly ever win anything. The idea that fans are pissed off that they only won 3 trophies in 4 years, or that they were the wrong sort of trophy just makes Arsenal the most hated club in England, probably rightly so.

    I think there are many more supporters though, rather like the non-voters in the election, who we never hear from, that are pretty happy with what they get from Arsenal. I suggest that any fan who feels unhappy at Arsenal perhaps should go and support Newcastle or Aston Villa for a year or two and try it.

    The idea that as an Arsenal fan you are entitled to win league trophies, just seems to everything that is wrong with the new entitled generation.

    The real reason why we go through this every year is that in the really barren years, no doubt caused by a money shortage and the stadium, a lot was said by some fans, and now that the trophies are returning, I don’t think that they can stand to have been proven wrong.

    We have a first-class owner, manager and business administration, that have taken us from the 80s and the second tier, into the top tier of clubs. It is still a work in progress, but really if you don’t like what has been done, you are the problem not the club.

    Either get on board or get out of the way!

  11. peter hos says:

    We fans have been arguing around the basic truth for years now. The board know that we cannot afford to make a genuine challenge for the EPL or the CL. This does not bother me too much. What does bother me a lot is the fact that AW and Kroenke earn a fortune while telling the fans we are competing with the best when we obviously are not. This is called being disingenuous or, to put it bluntly, lying. AW has done a great job to keep us near the top, but think of Walcott, Bendtner, Senderos, Santos, Squillaci, Kjallstrom ad nauseam and you realise that we have never been going for it seriously. P S I gave up my season ticket 3 years ago – I preferred watching AFC in the 60’s and 70’s – we knew what to expect from the team then – real commitment and 1-0 to the Arsenal.

    1. Rick says:

      Oh, give me a break. “1-0 to the Arsenal” wasn’t even a thing until George Graham was coaching the team and boring fans to death in the early 90s. Arsenal fans weren’t even doing the chant until 1994 when the Pet Shop Boys’ version of “Go West” was played at halftime of the European Cup semifinal against PSG (the original Village People version wasn’t released until 1979). And the fact is that relatively few Arsenal games in the 60s and 70s finished with Arsenal winning 1-0. So I have to question whether or not you even remember the actual “1-0 to the Arsenal” days, much less Bertie Mee’s exciting teams of the late 60s and early 70s.

  12. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    We’re all delusional in one way or another. So if the board and owner won’t let go of it (Mr delusional) then we all have no other choice but to Get Over It. ?

    Wenger knows that he’ll get even the most die hard hater on his side by pulling a WC rabbit out of his transfer Hat.?? wait & see

  13. mark says:

    Exactly, how many days/weeks are we going to keep churning the same old Wenger in Wenger out hokey cokey.

    You put the Wenger in, the Wenger out, in out…


  14. Rick says:

    Fans who mouth off about Arsene Wenger on the internet or on Arsenal Fan TV are not representative of the fan base as a whole. They are a loud minority. Most Arsenal fans are reasonable and intelligent enough not only to appreciate what Arsene Wenger has done for the club but also to understand the perils involved in kicking him to the curb without a suitable replacement lined up ahead of time and a plan put in place. To hear the Wenger Out people, you’d think Arsenal had barely avoided relegation rather than finishing with 75 points (a total exceeded only once in the past nine seasons) and winning a third FA Cup in four years. The toxic atmosphere these people create around the club has been counterproductive. A real Arsenal fan would get behind the manager and the team and give them their full support.

    1. Nebsy says:

      It they wanted to find a replacement, a replacement plan would be there. They don’t need a replacement for a man who get’s you 70+ points, that usually guarantee the UCL money.
      Wenger isn’t fit to win a title. He couldn’t win the title in the season when manure, chavsky, mancity and liverpool were in the slums. Tells you all you need to know about the man’s capability to win titles.
      All Arsenal fans want titles. Some believe the well proven fact that Arsene isn’t fit to win us a premier league title anymore and some are complacent and satisfied with the Wenger trophy at the end of the day.

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      real arsenal fans are like brown shirts. they will not question, but will just carry out their orders IMO.

      If you dont like something you have every right to speak up and try to change it. Most Arsene [see what I did there;] fans are like this. They dont question the regime, or its modus operandi.

      No… we are Arsenal supporters and we will shut the £$£k up and pay our money into the pockets of those who are turning our club into a mid table sports franchise where ‘real’ [lets use that word here shall we?] success in the BIG competitions is not a consideration. well not as big a one as the profit share, markup and bottom line anyway.

      3 cups in four years are great but no european cups in 22 or premier league titles in 14 is not so good.

    3. bran99 says:

      You AKBs are so deluded just like your master, you saying there was no plan to replace Wenger and asking what are we supposed to do? Normal fans wanted Wenger out for some time now, but it’s you AKBs giving Wenger that ultimatum to say ‘judge me at the end of the season’ knowing perfectly well people will be waiting for that and will already be late to plan for any replacement.. so stop asking that silly question, if we are supposed to judge him at the end of the season, then he’ll never be replaced, when people starts their protests early, you start crying players’ abilities are affected. So stop acting clever when we know what you doing

  15. trav1 says:

    I really want Reus (Rosicky and Arsenal fan), Mahrez (unsettled and clearly would move to Arsenal if we bid for him) and Lacazette (Arsenal fan). With Ozil and Sanchez, we’d have one of the most lethal frontline and defo challenging for all possible titls. Please wenger, make it happen.

  16. bashman says:

    another 2 years looooooooool RIP WOB

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      you must be new here. ive been WO for many a year and im still here.

      so buckle up!

  17. RSH says:

    Of course Wenger blames the fan. “I forgive all you peasants who dared to defy me. Look I won an FA Cup, I was right!” Arsene Wenger would make a great dictator, has so many people fooled, and is a master manipulator to have lasted this long. Cheers to that, let the chaos continue! I’ll always remain WengerOut too and won’t just fly the flag in January-May. Every beginning of the year when we start off well I warn of the same collapses yet fans are still convinced we will win the league, beat Bayern in Europe, or something else ridiculous. Arsenal will continue to decline in these next two years. Unfortunately, all I can do is sit back and watch. Arsene Wenger is untouchable, and has complete control of Arsenal. And Kroenke will do nothing as long as AW makes decent money for him. This will not be his last contract.

  18. Wenger in Wenger out, shake it all about. says:

    Yes @Rick, this site has been taken over by complaining, whiners and moaners. I also wanted Wenger to leave but he has signed a contract for another 2 years so we must all stop this pointless bitching about him now and get behind him and the team. Kroenke is not going anywhere either.
    At least give them a fair chance next season and if it’s really going wrong, complain then. At present, you’re driving away true Arsenal fans from here with your toxic vitriol.

    1. RSH says:

      I refuse to lower my standards. You can choose so if you want to, but don’t be surprised when the club continues to rip off fans long after Wenger leaves. Fans have a right to voice their opinions whether you like it or not. I will not give Arsene Wenger a chance either, because he has had unlimited chances and has achieved very little in over a decade, and I’m not deluded enough to believe something is magically going to change in the next two years. Leicester City have won the EPL in the last decade. Arsenal have not. Flipping Leicester City! I will hope the team does the best they can, but to have any high expectations at this point means willingly fooling yourself and playing into Wenger and Kroenke’s hand.

  19. ks-gunner says:

    Fans for thinking Arsenal is a club for Fans, hehe

    Arsene is just good at making money, thats it

    21 year: 3 leauge wins, no cl, and some cup wins is simple underachieving

  20. Wenger in Wenger out, shake it all about. says:

    Just seen @Rick get 11 thumbs down while I wrote my post, pathetic.
    So I am out of here, fed up with the negativity, oh and by the way, it’s ‘deadwood’ not ‘deadwoods’ whether you are referring to one player or multiple players.
    Bye children, peace and Love.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Bohhhoooooo, go cry in corner

  21. HA559 says:

    To get you to renew season tickets, Arsenal will sign players this summer, if spending goes beyond £100m, Sanchez will play 1 or 2 league games, and at the very end of the window he will be sold to get some money back, just wait and see.

    All these quotes about having warchest is rubbish, We’ve heard the same so many times, just so that people renew tickets. Sad thing is people are willing to pay high season ticket price no matter how bad football we play how far down the league we are.

    If supporters refused season ticket renewal and those behind them in the lines turned down the opportunity only then will you see change.

    1. RSH says:

      Exactly. Everything you hear in the media right now has been said every year in the press. Arsenals’ “warchest”, only buying players that will “improve the quality of the team”, “we want to challenge for EPL and UCL”… It’s the same nonsense said every summer, along with a Higuain or Benzema rumour thrown in. When will we learn?

  22. HA559 says:

    So who are we losing in the summer window?

    Wenger said,

    “We have a very heavy squad at the moment so maybe we might lose some players. We will work very hard to find the additions of top, top quality. I believe that our squad is very strong and we will only look for top-class people who can strengthen our team now.”

    I wonder who these top-class people are.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      yes, like years gone past…

      “its so difficult to find anyone who can improve our squad”

      “we cannot compete financially”

      “there are just not enough quality players on the market”

    2. Jimbeam says:

      Top Top Top quality, nothing but the best for Arsenal.

      The TOP TOP TOP quality from the last 4 years….
      Kim Kallstrom, Yaya Sanogo, Mathieu Flamini, Calum Chambers,Danny Welbeck, Gabriel Paulista, Mathieu Debuchy, Mohamed Elneny, Lucas Perez, Takuma Asano.

      Around 110 Million wasted + Salaries + agent fees etc…

      The only real TOP TOP TOP Quality in the last 4 years
      Ozil, Sanchez, Cech

      The ones that can maybe be TOP quality
      Xhaka, Mustafi, Ospina

      Hoping for the Future
      Holding, Bieylik

      1. Jimbeam says:

        Arsenal Net transfer spending in the last 4 years ( since we publicly declared that we have money) Euro 250 Million!

        Chelsea Net transfer spending in the same period ( 2 time EPL Champs) Euro 70 Million.

        So what is Arsene’s excuse now? He out spend Chelsea 3.5 times and both Mourinho and Conte bested him in the last 4 years (Not to mention Ranieri)

  23. Robert Newton says:

    Arsenal will lose plenty of fans and money if they keep Wenger as manager. Every team is getting stronger by buying the best players and showing ambition. Arsenal will have no change and same ambition which is 4th place trophy. Players like Alexis and Ozil will leave and no top players will sign for Arsenal. Even the players with potential will leave once they have a good season like V. Persie once big clubs make offer.
    Two years of pain and likely more since Arsene Wenger is bigger than Arsenal???

  24. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Lukaku, Lacazette, Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Van Dijk, Matuldi, Mahrez, Mbappe, Magic, R Rodriguez will all change clubs or are available this summer but none will join Arsenal because Wenger will
    1. Not even bid for most
    2. Bid too low for a few
    3. Dilly Dally all summer

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Who is Magic 🙂

  25. Yossarian says:

    “…Stan Kroenke, said today after revealing that Wenger had signed a new contract: “Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe,” said Kroenke.
    “It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved….”

    The fact that Silent Stan broke his silence to say that is fantastic news. It means there is nowhere to hide now.

    Wenger must deliver to match these expectations during his contract extension, or he is out…. And Kroenke must deliver and come good on his word, or he will face repeated fan-protest, regardless of which manager replaces Wenger.

    So there is light at the end of the tunnel! (Although it might take a couple more years to produce results)

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