So who persuaded Gabriel to move to Arsenal?

The real reason why Gabriel has joined our ranks may surprise you!

As it has been revealed over the past few months, us lovely Arsenal fans have played a key part in getting some of our latest signings to the Emirates.

Dani Ceballos (re-joined) and Gabriel both revealed that it was fan messages that influenced their decision in joining the club. Of course, the conversations with Mikel Arteta as well the fans just tipped them over the edge. Our skipper Aubameyang also revealed that Arsenal is a family and the fans begging him to stay over social media also helped sway his decision to remain at the club and sign a contract extension.

But it has been revealed that in fact Nicolas Pepe assisted in the capturing of our new Brazilian defender. The Metro has revealed that Gabriel Magalhaes says he spoke to Nicolas Pepe before making his move to Arsenal and the winger helped make up his mind to join the club. Having played together alongside Pepe at Lille it now makes sense as to why he was one of the influences to Gabriel joining the club.

Revealing the communication between the two players, Gabriel stated:

“I spoke with Pepe before I moved. I asked him how it was at the club and of course he had an influence on my decision. Of course, I’m very happy it’s the best moment in my career so far.  Everyone has welcomed me really well, I feel at home here already, it’s a great feeling so far.”

So, I guess we can also be thankful to Pepe for assisting in the move of Gabriel to help bring him to North London. It just goes to show that even in football, sometimes it is not what you know it is who you know, hey Gooners? 😉

Shenel Osman

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  1. All these good relationships between the players gives the Club a sound foundation to build upon.
    As far as the support from the fans, all we require in return is their commitment to the Club, the shirt and the badge and their best efforts on the pitch to get a win for the Arsenal.

    1. It has been mentioned in the past both by Lille and Gabriel’s agent that Arsenal offered the least in terms of wages as compared to Napoli and Man utd who offered almost double what Arsenal offered.

  2. In this age of anyone, anywhere, being so instantly contactable, is is clear that pressure from fellow players must play a key part in why many players go to one club rather than to another (or stay where they are).

    As for fan opinion, WE do have a massive fan base across the world and a mountain of welcoming messages will surely HELP sway even the hardest of hearts, as all of us wish to be liked and wanted. That is natural, normal and thank God for it too!

    It also make us fans feel important, which we are and part of the club family. So true it shouldn’t need stressing but sometimes we forget that football without fans would die. This pandemic situation is here for a while but the players know we fans are still here, even if not in grounds.

    But take away fan interest and football will die in a week and we forget that at our peril. We have so much power and quite soon the world fan football family will need to come together to thwart these disgusting billionaires who want to further dominate and own all football.

    We fans will not allow that to happen and it will be US who save the game, ultimately.

    My article about this subject and in great depth, will appear tomorrow.

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