So why did Arsenal buy Lucas Perez again?

Arsenal spent quite a lot of money on bringing the 29 year-old Lucas Perez into the squad at the end of the transfer window, and everybody (the fans anyway) thought that he was to be challenging Olivier Giroud for the central striker position, but it would appear we were all wrong!

During the celebrations to commemorate Arsene’s 20 years with the Gunners, Le Prof had an interview with Thierry Henry on Sky Sports, and it appears that he had already decided at the end of last season to move Alexis Sanchez into the middle. Recently he also told us that he expected a new improved Theo Walcott this season, and with Theo and Alexis scoring 5 goals each so far, it would seem that Olivier Giroud cannot get a place in the team, never mind Lucas!

This is what Wenger said to Henry: “First of all I had big competition up front. I thought Welbeck could play there, Giroud was playing there with different qualities and I reflected for a long time at the end of the season.

“I decided to try Sanchez [up front]. He has similarities with Luis Suarez.

“At the start many people questioned that decision.”

“I must say the few times I tried him before, he was not convincing in this position,”

“You start to think is that a wrong decision or do I have to give him more time?

“In the first two games I was not completely convinced but know, game after game, he’s growing into this position and getting better and better.

“Where he’s strong is that he can dribble, finish and he can also give a final ball.”

“I’ve always thought he has the attributes to bring something different to the team because he has a different style of play.

“And what I like with him is he can see a pass too. That’s very important too.”

So he talks about Sanchez, Welbeck and Giroud, but not a mention of our new signing. So if Alexis and Walcott (and Iwobi) are our first choice front men, and we also have the Ox, Giroud and Ramsey in reserve (and maybe Akpom and Jeff as well), where exactly does Lucas fit into Wenger’s thoughts?



  1. I think Perez must be thinking the same thing.
    Surely he is not just going to be a Cup player until our usual glut of injuries?

  2. I don’t wanna believe we brought Perez to calm the nerves of fans. I thought he would compete with Giroud up front. We can’t complain because sanchez-walcott is doing alright. I believe most of us will be unhappy if the duo ain’t clicking and we have Perez on the bench. Hopefully Wenger will use him properly. He is talented and a late bloomer like Wilford, Ian and the likes. So hopefully we will see his quality. It’s a long season so I believe he is part of the plan.

  3. To be fair, remember that he is 28 years old with just one good season behind him
    I am not expecting big things from him

    I think that Wenger got him to appease the fans and hoping that he would bring last seasons good performance (17 goals and 10 assists) with him

    Also he is a left winger and with Welbeck injured and Alexis up front we needed a LW

    I would have preferred a big signing like Griezmann, Aubemeyang, Lewandowski etc but its just not going to happen with Wenger

  4. Our best line is Theo Alexis and Olivier. Every set piece we take we miss the threat of the best finisher with his head in the league. When our keepers drive a long ball down Alexis doesn’t win those balls for added possessions in the game. When a cross comes in no one can knock the ball down to our wings.

  5. What dumbfounds me is the amount of conspiracy theories that fly around on here regarding the fans power over Wenger and his transfers…
    Do people on here actually believe the financially prudent Wenger would spend 17million on a player, with the sole intention of quietening the fans??
    Xhaka who looks to be ready-made to dominate the prem and scoring screamers was still being phased in to the first-team despite his brilliant displays.. Give Perez time, he’ll have to work for his place like everyone else if he wants a chance.

  6. I have to say- I’m impressed with Wenger. It takes balls to experiment with Sanchez- and I for one thought it was z bad idea-

    Even after 2 games I was still convinced this wouldn’t work.

    But ‘if’ we carry on performing well, ill be first to applaud Wenger.

    I also would have given up on Walcott- but he’s full of energy so far this season.

    It also makes some sense why we were being liked with as many wingers as strikers during the transfer window.

    If we play with same hunger as last game, we’ll do well today 3-0 please

  7. Lucas Perez can come in to the team in any of the three positions, same as Sanchez. You should be worried about Giroud. He can only play in CF only. Walcott has upped his performance for the first time in who knows how many seasons, because now he knows There are better players in the squad who can take his position easily should they get a run of games. You can just as easily play Perez, Giroud, Sanchez in front three. Let’s see how consistent Walcott is this season.

    After international break Perez will start the first game at the weekend.
    What baffles me the most is that sometimes lazy Ox comes in as a sub instead of Perez.
    There is no benefit of getting him on to hold leads or to increase firepower upfront. He is just lazy. Should not even be in the squad.

  8. Tottenham and city I don’t know who I want to loose more ?. Tottenham can win today, they’ll still find a way to finish behind us

  9. Noo!!let them draw,if we win later on,we will be above spurs and 3 points behind City which is good….

  10. Simon. NO ! There is no reason on earth for an Arsenal fan to ever want the scum to ever win a game! I have never watched a game, with prior knowledge, of the scum winning, EVER.

  11. My heart says Spurs shoukd not win but my mind says Spurs should. Reason is if fro here City can manage to draw or win then they will be too high in confidence and almost unstoppable. They don’t have KDB so let them drop as many points they can. Hard to accept Spurs win but today City should loose if we want to have title hope

    1. Good Question ?
      He probably moaned about game time lol
      And I’m liking Wenger’s abilities to rotate the team lol ?
      With City and Utd dropping points this weekend, this is a good opportunity to close the gap on City. Let’s hope Arsenal take it.

  12. I wonder if City lose today will we see the following stat?

    City have failed to win any game they’ve been behind in this season (Celtic, Tottenham).

  13. He might be taking longer to adjust and get use to the team?
    Or he might not have been wanted by Wenger but it was all the board was willing to pay for after Xhaka and Mustafi…?

  14. 11 cows dead and 15 missing after a train full of Arsenal fans hits them on their way to Burnley… I guess that Hitting a Cows backside with a Banjo was to risky for some Gooner’s. ?

  15. He bought him to relieve pressure from supporters. Today he knew very well that Burnley plays defensive soccer but he decided to put 2 central defenders as substitutes! It made a lot of sense to have at least a striker to unlock some chances. Wenger will never change and Arsenal will never win anything with him!

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