So why did Arsenal not try again for Cabaye transfer?

It is hard to argue too much with the comments from Alan Pardew about Arsenal this week. After all the current Crystal Palace manager was in charge of Newcastle United back in August of 2013 when Arsene Wenger reportedly place a transfer bid of around £10 million for the central midfielder.

Pardew was aware that Cabaye wanted to come to Arsenal as he dropped him from the starting line up until his head was right. And he clearly knows Cabaye well and thinks a lot of him, because he recently signed him for his new club Crystal Palace, who Arsenal face away from home this weekend in the Premier League.

Maybe the timing is a bit naughty, but Pardew has every right to talk about what Cabaye could have done in the Arsenal team. As reported by The Mirror, he feels that the Frenchman would still walk into our starting XI.

Pardew said, “He would have made a great Arsenal player.

“But let’s be honest, he has an abundance of talent in the midfield and I don’t think that if Yo had gone at that time, whether he would have got into that Arsenal team, he would have had to fight.

“He’s a fantastic player, we are honoured to have him and he is definitely the level of Arsenal players. I don’t think Arsene Wenger or anyone at Arsenal would disagree with that.

“We have a player who could definitely play in their team and that is a nice feeling for us.”

So considering that Wenger did try to sign him before, why do you think he did not do so again this summer? Is it because of the emergence of Ramsey and Coquelin, whose form since that August transfer bid has improved remarkably? Or is it just that Wenger was only trying to sign Cabaye then if he could get the deal done on the cheap?

And finally, with the Arsenal boss be left wishing that maybe he should have gone to PSG for Cabaye this summer?

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  1. Wenger is a joke Mr Bean 2 thats why. Wenger doesnt want to spend money. Wenger cannot scout world class players. Wenger doesnt want striker or dm because he loves average french
    c**s like Coq and Garoud who disappoint every season. Crystal Palace will beat Arsenal if Wenger picks Ramsey on the wing and Giroud upfront and the tax thief Mertesaker.

    1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
      Oh.. I seriously think you’re the only Arsenal fan in the world who would label Coquelin’s last season a ‘disappointment.’ Probably because it’s a stupid, stupid, did I mention stupid? thing to say.

      1. It’s my opinion buddy. I refuse to follow on the footstep of wenger who lacks ambition, tactics and bad management which has cost us Epl titles last 11 seasons. Coquelin was good last year but for how long just 4 months. This season he has looked awful passing and lacks height which cost us goal from set piece.
        I don’t need to stay anything about garoud.

        1. You really utter trash dud, If you refuse to follow Gunners and support Arsenal you are surely free to Join Sheafsick of Tootless.

          ONE LOVE GUNNER.

          1. The dude as a point and is entitle to his opinion who are You to tell people they are talking crap when what You aré saying makes no sense? wenger needs to f*cking go according to him no player thats available in the transfer window is not quality well the only thing we will win this year is 4 th place

        2. half your opinions are on point, the othet half sucks.
          but the ones that suck, suck real bad mate

  2. Where would Cabaye play? We already have too many players in his position and not enough quality dm and cf

    1. where would he play? anywhere deep. he would do carzolaz current job, linking defence to attack from deep, while carzola perhaps plays his no.10 role. that way, rotation within the midfield would be much easier during a game. In any case, he could also be coq’s backup for dm if need be.
      he can be a cam as well.

  3. DM Arsenal have missed this season Khedira, Kondogbia, Cabaye, Schneiderlin, Vidal and Inler
    ST Arsenal have missed this season Martinez, Bacca, Vietto, Icardi, Lewandowski, Benzema,
    Dybala and many more. Wenger Mr Bean 2 cant find top players. We will sign someone like
    Kallstrom and Welbeck flops on deadline day.

  4. Olivier Garoud fanboys dont be disappointed we wont sign any top striker. U can take it easy and perform poorly. There is no pressure on u.

    1. Dude.. F@#king stop. Like, seriously…
      It’s game-day and you’re more worried about what’s going on in the market and spreading your negativity everywhere over about 5 comments on each thread, each more pointless than the last.
      We get it, you’re upset, you want signings. Who doesn’t??
      But there’s XI Arsenal players playing tonight.. And if you don’t want to support the team because you think a few players aren’t up to standard that’s your business. But don’t fill the entire thread like an attention seeking school girl having a hissy fit!!

      1. Why did we lose to west ham ? Are u Looking for excuse just like mr bean calling accident and west ham were better prepared than us. Say what u like about me but I give an honest answer. It’s not negativity it’s fighting for positivity.

        1. no.. West Ham game’s gone mate. Crystal palace in like six hours. Positivity would be looking forward to that game not dwelling on the last one

      1. Not aimed at you, just a general comment somewhat related. But it really irritates me when Giroud has a bad game and then scores in the next one with people, silent after Giroud’s woeful previous performace, suddenly springing up out of nowhere calling out everyone who criticised Giroud for being so poor the game before as if it never happened.

        Giroud is not good enough to be out first choice striker. He’s a very good player but he’s not consistent enough.

        1. Literally it’s my exact criticism of the opposite.
          Sorry, but 21 league starts, 14 goals and 3 assists. He had a lot more good games than bad last season. People seem to cling to the very few of his bad performances (Monaco, Chelsea) and act as if that was the benchmark… No, it wasn’t.
          When we were sitting outside of the four, he came back in after months on the sideline and was scoring at a World-Class frequency (Thumb me down if you like, but a goal every hundred or so minutes is world-class). But yet, when second place was on the line, the four games in which he didn’t score seem to be the only games he played..?

        2. Who ever is condemning Giroud for the first game should surely not do that for yet, Tell me, what did Costa of Chelsea did against Swans and what did Aguero did against West Brom?
          Please and please this is just the beginning of the season let support our darling Arsenal that still play the best football in BPL.


  5. Cabaye is not needed. We have Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky

    We need a dedicated DM
    Wenger missed the boat on Kondogbia and Schneiderlin.

    There are some left of varying quality

    We need a DM and Top striker asap

    1. I saw Schneiderlin in Friday’s game. I’d say he was one of the better Manure players in an otherwise unconvincing squad. He shielded the defence well, and did a good job cutting through the Aston Villa defence. On paper he looks like an ideal Wenger man – French, doesn’t cause trouble in the dressing room, was holding out to come to Arsenal, and provides a desperately needed shield to the defence whilst able to distribute and cut through defences. What on Earth more does Wenger want? And don’t say a discount……

  6. In other news….
    I have been told that “Cohesion”, “mental strength” and consistency arrived all arrived in London on Saturday night to undertake their medical.
    They will all sign after the Palace game. Good job Wenger.
    COYG!…Exciting 🙂

  7. A win tomorrow would
    see Arsenal on the same
    points as the team who
    cleaned us up last week !!!
    A marathon indeed.

  8. Cabaye would’ve been brilliant from a squad perspective.
    Move on Flamini, bring in Cabaye, no brainer!!
    But I dare say after his time at PSG he’d be looking for first-team opportunities.
    Coquelin and Ramsey are better defensively, and Ramsey, Cazorla and Wilshere contribute more to the attack. Hard to see him locking down anything other than a squad role.

  9. Cabaye wouldn’t start for us. No need for us to have bought him. He left psg to play regularly. He couldn’t play regulalarly at Arsenal. He refused to play at New as the to force a move to psg – not the type of player I’d like here. He’s already 29 years old, moving off of his peak. Good player but not an attractive proposition for me. Happy he’s gone to palace. I’ve always quite liked palace.

  10. He would have had to fight in a talented midfield.
    I think it’s a bit of sending the pressure to us from Pardew. I an elegant way not like Mou

    1. We can always rotate….provide cover and competition

      not to mention our players are injury prone and we will always have 2 or 3 players injured …..

      if by signing Cabaye can strengthen the squad….i dont see why not…

  11. @EmaGiulianelli says, Arsenal have signed Benzema and the move is expected to happen next week……..does this person hold any truth to this transfer??……your thoughts people !!

    1. Been keeping an eye on him for a few weeks, he’s called some things right, apkom on loan, doumbia back to cska weeks before it happened
      Hope he’s right again, seems pretty certain

  12. your not with it boys our management now we are going finish 3 or 4 and earn about 96,000,000 the champions get 99,000,000 so why spend 50,000,000 on a dm and striker that the whole world nows we need to gain 3,000,000 . all they are intrested in is their own bloody pockets.

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