So will Referees now APOLOGISE to Arsenal?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have been known to have a bit of a moan about the poor decisions by the match officials that go against us. And there are plenty of examples of that. I understand that smaller clubs feel that the bigger clubs get an unfair advantage from the referees and to be fair, it often looks like they are right.

But I don’t think that Arsenal get the same `generous decisions` that we have seen given to Chelsea, Man United and now Man City in recent years. I may be a touch biased of course. But maybe it is because Wenger may complain and point out the bad decisions but he does not go off on one and claim some sort of evil underhand conspiracy is being waged against the Gunners.

Maybe he should, because the recent rant from Jose Mourinho seems to have achieved just what he wanted, as a Daily Mail report reveals. Not only did the specialist in hypocrisy get an apology from the referee Anthony Taylor, for booking Fabregas for diving when replays show there was contact, Maureen has now made this an issue that is being talked about all over the football media.

So the next time one of his team of foulers, cheats and divers does something, the ref is going to have this conspiracy idea in the back of his head and it just might influence the decision. Fergie did exactly the same and the way that refs were afraid to give penalties against Man United and the extra time he got when necessary was plain for all to see and wrecked the fairness of the game.

But if you can’t beat them em, join em. So Wenger should be writing to the FA demanding an apology for all the poor decisions that Arsenal have been on the end of. Maybe he should start with the penalty we were denied at Stamford Bridge for the Fabregas handball, or the two footed lunge by Cahill on Alexis in the same game. Or maybe last season when Walcott was fouled in the box but we did not get the penalty that would have given Wenger his first win over the Chelsea boss. Maybe the Ramires foul and then dive. Maybe the Rooney dive that halted our invincible run. The list is long.

Keep watching Arsenal fans, and see what happens the next time one of Mourinho’s little angels does something wrong…. Should Wenger start kicking off as well?

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    1. All penalties should be reviewed.
      The video official should pass the
      information to the ref who should
      still have the final say.
      I think all goals should be reviewed too.
      I think all red cards should be reviewed too.

      1. should be like american football, 3 appeals throughout the game that go to video from different angles.
        Would clear up a lot of nonsense.
        Also need red cards for blatant dives wit the accompanying 3 match ban.

  1. No, Wenger should write the FA to reprimand the ref for apologizing and make sure the ref publicly states that he has nothing to be apologetic about. Decisions are made in the moment. These refs need to feel fully confident that the FA will back them when a bully like Maureen or the new Fergies of the world behave like whiney school girls.

    1. That’s ridiculous, the FA should NOT tell referee’s that it’s o.k. to referee badly and they SHOULD rotate out the referees that are not up to the proper standard (which I have to say is about half of them). Anthony Taylor should have been put into another league years ago and just because it’s Maureen who is pointing out bad decisions doesn’t mean he isn’t in the right.

      I don’t have a problem with the FA protecting the referees from public criticism (I don’t advocate referee themselves apologise because then they have to do it every time they make a mistake which is insane) but they SHOULD be the ones making sure the standard is consistently high and if it’s not possible then it’s time to bring in technology or extra eyes to improve it.

      1. From what I have read about Mikes comments, I would guess he would agree with you about the tech and that if a ref isn’t good enough then they shouldn’t be reffing in the EPL…

        They shouldn’t come out and apologise though, as you yourself said, if they do it for one then they should be fair and do it for all and that is insane.

        As far as I am aware the FA has to act within accordance to FIFA, this helps makes sure that the game holds a level of consistancy around the globe, those are the bodies we should be making demands from IMHO.

        Refs are just doing a job, they don’t want to get sacked do they? So I can immagine that they ‘do as they’re told’, they work within there role and it is not their role to introduce the tech… that is their bosses.

        In all honesty it sounds like your called Mikes post rediculas and then agree’d with what he said;

        “Refs shouldn’t have to appologise.”
        Mike just didn’t say “but tech can be used to help”.

        Gave you a thumbs up rating though as I fully agree with the tech, have you seen those smart watches which connect to a phone? I bet we could all imagine how that can be used to help give the ref a way of reviewing an incident in slow mo/ paused kinda way.

        1. yeh, you’re kind of right, I just reacted to the first part of his sentence which made no sense to me but overall the point was probably the same. Fergie did get an unbelievable amount of bias for his Man United and we wouldn’t want another situation like that happening but preventing an overall improvement in their crappy system should be the solution.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the refereeing has been particularly shite this season? Not only against us but in general in all matches.

    Clear reds not given, sending offs for nothing, non-existent offsides, no numerous hand balls inside the box..

    1. No your not the only one, I have been thinking that the level of reffing has been dropping year after year 🙁

      I like to see good hard tackles with good technique but at times any form of contact becomes a freekick while other times it seems like you need to do a wrestling move to get a card like Charlie Adams did.

      Too much inconsistancy 🙁

  3. the referees and the media may/may not Like us, but is that a deciding factor why we haven’t gone higher than 4th place?…. Aside, how’s our performances over the years?…… How active have we been when it comes to transfers?….. Are the refs and media responsible for our injury crisis or lack of cover?…… I know the refs are a deciding factor of how a game is played, BUT niether em nor the media can stop us from Lifting the EPL trophy or having a season we can at least call “Decent”

    1. “Are the refs and media responsible for our injury crisis”

      Could be argues that they have a large say, players dive into challenges which cause the injuries because the refs haven’t already clamped down on it…
      Arsenal are known for having ‘small’ and ‘light’ players and lacking in the physical side so we must be going down easy…

      Our final position is made up from a whole seasons worth of games, IF we can show that we would of finnished higher than 4th so often then how much extra prize money would we have gotten? Helping during our selling phrase to pay for the stadium so instead of selling stars we could of kept them… and then it is all theory to how well we could of done if we could of kept Nasri/RvP/Cesc (If we was winning then would he have forced the move to Barca? I dont know if he would of) Clichy, Toure…

      Small incidents MAY lead to a much bigger outcome, I say MAY as we just do not know.

      I do agree though that as a CLUB we could of done more, I don’t blame Wenger but I do blame the board, they are not strong enough and rely on Wenger too much and as such I do not feel he is getting the same support he did when he first came, with Dein.

      1. SoOpa AeoN and you not a fan of Arsenal ,
        Read the artical and understand what it is written.
        Why do only Arsenal have these crazy fans? Any one have any clue?

  4. OT: But these Cavani, Carvalho, Van Dijk and Perrin rumours keep popping up. Anyone has any info on these players regarding ARSENAL???

    1. I believe we’re truly interested in Cavani and Carvalho. The rumours have simply been on for too long to be false. However, I don’t see Wenger splashing out £50 million on a 27 year old.

  5. Chelsea have been getting away with plenty this year. Costa should cautioned the moment steps on the field. He throws defenders around all game. Hazard dives into contact(defenders always get sucksd into him). And the obvious dives and handballs. I can’t believe that ref apologized. They need to be embrace tech or get more refs.

  6. The FA and the press just love to hate Arsenal…I bet it’s been so since after the invincibles…they just can’t comprehend the fact that it was Arsenal who accomplished THE INVINCIBLES

  7. How wonderful would it be if Arsenal started showing the dives during the game on the scorescreen?

    I’d buy an extra Arsenal shirt a year to help with the fines >.<

    If all clubs did it then the official bodies would be forced to use more tech in the game… otherwise they wouldn't have a league to make profit from 😛

    Part of me thinks it can't be a coincidence that football is dragging it's heels with tech in the game while Media channels are bidding multiple BILLIONS just to have the rights for a few games a year, its not like they show EVERY game which they could if tech was the real issue. How much drama is caused? How much profit is made from it being so dramatic?

  8. Moaniniho should be fined for publicly requesting an apology from the ref. If this was the case.

    I agree with a few that say more referees should ref the game. Why should a wrong decision stick. Why not 2 refs one for either side. That way the ref can always be in a better position with more stamina to keep up with the pace of the game.

    Also like in ucl stick a fourth official behind each goal.

    And maybe use the tech to help make the final decision on a penalty claim.

    All this money but unwillingly prepared to pay to make it a fairer game.

    Maybe in 20-30 yrs time when our gen take over tv n big public corporations.

  9. I think everybody is biased towards his team when it comes to referee and media.Every Man utd, Chelsea and city fan would say the same thing regarding referee.I personally don’t think Arsenal is the victim of referees decision, there are calls that goes Arsenal away and at the same time there are calls that didn’t go Arsenal way.And I feel it is the same fire the other teams as well.
    For example during the Chelsea game Welbeck and Chambers should have seen red, so does Ivanovic.During the Man utd game Wilsher should have seen red and there was an offside call that went Arsenal’s way.During the Stock game, that fourth goal was not offside but it was given to Arsenal, which change the whole game for Stock.And again on the same game Adam should have seen red.On QPR a clear penalty is not given for qpr.

    Like I said there are calls that goes Arsenal way and there are calls that didn ‘t.It is the same for other teams as well.

    1. Don’t start on the “it all evens out in the end” because it’s already been proven on multiple sites that this is utter nonsense, some teams DO get unreasonable bias and some teams get the other end of the stick.

      Instead of brushing it under the carpet we should be demanding that these biased refs (for whatever reason) be moved out of the PL or at least feel consequences meant to change the behaviour so that it happens within a reasonable range.

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