Social distancing could bring the end of VAR when football returns

When football finally returns, Arsenal fans who have hated the use of VAR will be delighted because the Premier League may put aside the technology for the completion of the season.

VAR was introduced to the Premier League this season, and the technology has been guilty of causing chaos in the English top flight.

Most fans would rather not have the technology because of the inconsistency in its implementation.

However, the Premier League has continued its use, but the coronavirus pandemic is set to bring its end.

Star Sports claims that UEFA’s officials will meet this Friday to discuss if it is possible for the technology to remain in use.

They are set to decide if they will still use VAR when the Champions League and the Europa League resumes after this break.

One measure being put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is social distancing.

VAR officials are usually placed inside a small room to make their decision on certain issues on the pitch after video review. However, if they return in the same fashion, then they could breach social distancing rules.

It is unclear if the Premier League would follow UEFA’s decision or maintain the use of the technology.

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  1. Which one make more sense?
    (a) Make an adjustment to the VAR room to abide by social distancing rule
    (b) Discard VAR altogether

    Or am i the one finding difficulty understanding the article?

    By the way, there are 22 players on the pitch who are constantly within touching distance of each other, 4 referees, couple of players on the bench, security personnels, tens of thousands of spectators BUT the writer’s concern is few people cramped together in a small room making crucial decisions

    As i’ve said, maybe i’m just having trouble understanding this seemingly strange post(English isn’t my first language)

  2. Var is brilliant and has greatly added to the fairness of the game. It also adds to the drama as the decision is been made. It also means fans players and managers have no excuses for losing.

  3. Social distancing as a reason to postpone VAR is ridiculous as the officials can just sit in separate rooms but access the same video replays through their own video screens …. 🙂

  4. Not only has VAR proven to be an absolute disaster, it’s the fans that pay the penalty.

    Why is VAR so bad? Well referees do get decisions wrong, but they only get one look at an incident, in real time, and are often surrounded by players screaming at them, possibly influencing the decision.

    VAR stops the game, for minutes on end if needed. Have no one pressuring them into a decision. They look at incidents from multiple angles, in slow-mo and real time, and yet STILL get it wrong!

    Even worse than that…VAR ignores incidents that everyone else sees! It seems to be completely random when they bother to get involved!

    Why do the fans suffer more than anyone? They spend all day travelling the country at times for games, pay a lot of money, and are seeing more and more time knocked off each game for VAR decisions, that are often not even correct!

    If VAR stays, they HAVE to stop the clock whilst a decision is pending. I remember just one VAR incident took almost 4 minutes to get made, during the Spurs vs Sheff Utd game, and even that decision was dubious.

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