Sokratis preaches calmness as Arsenal look to return to form

Confidence and calm will show Arsenal quality states Sokratis.

Arsenal defender Sokratis has asked his teammates to play their game with more calmness as they bid to return to form.

Arsenal has been struggling to get points on the board this season and they enter the game against Southampton with no wins in their last five league games.

Unai Emery’s side has struggled to break down teams and Sokratis believes with some calmness added to their play, the results will begin to change for them.

Sokratis claims that the team has time on their side as they bid to turn things around and achieve their goal of finishing inside the top four.

He also insists that the team has the right quality to be able to compete and achieve their goals. He also believes it is only a matter of time for things to get better.

“It is a season that has a difficult moment, but we have still a lot of time and we need to improve, we need to play better and of course we have the time to do it. We also have the quality to do it,” Sokratis told

“When the results are going good, it is of course very good for the team [that the players are all close] because it gives us confidence.

“The team needs confidence and calm to show the quality we have. This will give confidence also.

“I think we can get [into the top four] because if we find one or two games where we can play very good and have a good result, after the team will take confidence and after that we have the quality. The quality is here but I think we need confidence.”

I have to say what Sokratis has said does make a lot of sense, a run of wins will change the atmosphere. It will also lift confidence. It is, however, easy to call for calm when the fans are behind you, I am not so sure that is the case right now.

Sokratis was dropped in their last match against Leicester City as Emery decided to go with a new formation with three at the back. The Greek centre back will be hoping to get back in the starting XI for the Saints game.


  1. Restless says:

    The good thing about this game is that you still get paid even if you lose the game. What a job!

  2. I am sure about the fact that our team has the quality but I am not sure we have the time. Chelsea and Leicester are already 9 points ahead of us and it is only one or two games Man City will be out of sight. So top four will have already gone unless we put together a string of 10-12 games of success. Time is definitely not on our side.

    1. Sue says:

      9 points!! And to think not so long ago we were 1 point behind City!
      Absolutely shocking…….

  3. Grandad says:

    Calmness is not a word I associate with Socratis, who exudes panic and desperation at the slightest danger.By leaving him out Emery would be improving our prospects of keeping a clean sheet in what is turning into a vital match against Southampton.

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