Sokratis reveals what he will do if he doesn’t play enough games for Arsenal

Sokratis has revealed that he would never sit on the bench at Arsenal just because of the money he is earning.

The Greek defender has struggled to get into Mikel Arteta’s team in the last few games as the Spaniard has preferred to partner David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi at the heart of his defence.

Sokratis joined the Gunners from Borussia Dortmund and he will have a single season left on his current deal at the end of this season.

According to Sky Sports, the defenders claims that he would choose happiness over money and if he ever feels that he wasn’t needed by the coach, he would leave the club rather than sit on the bench just to collect salary for the rest of his contract.

When asked if he would remain at Arsenal next season, he said:

“I don’t know,

“I have one more year here but me, I never sit on my contract.

“I don’t care. If I’m not happy, I don’t play enough or the coach doesn’t like me, I don’t care about the contract.

“For me the money is not important, it is important I feel good, I feel happy and the team is happy with me. If not, I take the road and I finish.

“I don’t think about it, I think every day to be happy and help the team and in the end we will see but what I say is that I am not a player who sits on a contract – I don’t need it.”

It is such a shame that there are not other players at Arsenal with such a level of integrity and that are only interested in lining their pockets.


  1. Which player are players Arsenal has sitting on the bench whilst collecting a fat pay check. What is it with just constantly taking a dig at our players.

  2. A very commendable attitude for a centre back who unfortunately is simply not good enough.

    1. I agree with you about his professional attitude, just wish his play was at a similar level. Guess he will be on his way out then, if he doesn’t want to sit on the bench and ride out his contract.

  3. I’m actually rather pleased that we have players who are willing to work under MA and, if dropped or substituted, they show that they are committed to the club and the vision of the coach.

    For a “seasoned pro”, he should take a leaf out of those players who are dropped for a cup game, never moan about it and are ready for the next game, if selected.

    As for the money not being a concern, I guess if your being paid a reported £90,000 a week, then being happy becomes a natural state – all things being equal of course.

    If he’s not happy being part of a vision, then let him find another club willing to pay that kind of money…bye bye.

    1. You somehow found a way to twist his words and change what he said just because you perceive he’s aiming a dig at your favourite player ozil and rather than see things from his perspective you decide to come after him without any actual point. He knows he’s not up to the standard the club requires anymore and knows he can’t play well consistently so rather than take the club for granted by just being happy not being played regularly and knowing he’s not young, it’s a noble thing to rather leave than keep adding to the club’s high wage bill unlike your favourite who doesn’t give us what we want consistently and would moan when he starts getting benched and rather than leave, he wants to Rob the club blind. One of the real reasons the club is in serious financial crisis now. It’s not his fault though, it’s the clowns that gave him the contract to begin with.

    2. @ken,you got it wrong,true he said if he isn’t going to play more game he will look elsewhere but he also said that while at the club he’ll continue to work hard and help the team and right now is not thinking of anything else and wait for the summer,I actually respect him for that and don’t forget he is 31 years old not many years left at the top level,I won’t name anyone but many players of his age would happily sit on the bench and cash in their wages,unlike them the guy doesn’t want to be a burden to the club and we would happily move if not wanted,you have to respect that at least no??

      1. Thats the way i saw it as well. I’m also sure he knows his contract is up soon, he will be moved on if a taker comes so he is paving the way for that day. I cant knock his commitment to Arsenal, he has just struggled at times.

  4. Firstly, Ozil is not my favourite player and I have said many times before, that if MA decides to bench, sell or not offer him a new contract, then he will get my support.
    I only defend Ozil, when he is blamed for all our ills, no matter what the problem is.

    Secondly, I have not twisted his words at all… he said “if I’m not happy, if I don’t play enough, or the coach doesn’t like me, I don’t care about the contract.”
    That’s why the headline to this article says:
    Sokratis reveals what he would do if he doesn’t get enough games for Arsenal:

    As for saying that we have players who would happily sit on the bench, or happy just to line their pockets… please enlighten me as to who those player are – and do you think MA would allow that to happen, no matter who they are and what they earn?

  5. I don’t fancy getting a pasting But here goes – I find the infamous Özil one player that is a happy -probably thrilled man to be at Arsenal. When Arteta started I felt Özil upped his efforts and I celebrated that. Now I think he is becoming less effective and seems incapable of showing anything like enough of what he was famed for. He is happy to stay and see out the remainder of his £18 million a year contract. No, it isn’t his fault on the contract but it is galling all the same. Whether he plays or sits on the bench he has shown absolutely no appetite to leave as Sokratis has said he would do and enjoy his remaining footballing years somewhere else on less money

    1. Sue, you wont find arguing with that. I think most would be happy with golden handcuffs like that. Im sure he will me more than happy to run around keeping things ticking over in training and on the pitch, just like he has been for 350 big ones a week, why wouldn’t he?

  6. Perhaps that’s because MA has selected him for every premier league game since he took over.

    Why would he come out and say what he would do if he wasn’t getting selected and playing games, when MA has shown continued faith him in – unlike Socratis of course?

    Perhaps you should be questioning Artetas judgement regarding his team selection?
    Of course, as we are now well in sight of a top 4/5 spot, his team selections seem to be working out quite well.

    As can be seen from MA’s message to both AMN and Ceballos, he expects commitment, both in training and during the game and if that is not the case, then he drops them
    Being with the players day in and day out, I’m sure he knows exactly who is doing what for him and, at the moment, Ozil is one of the players he relies on, so why would he want to leave?

    Sokratis doesn’t have that situation, so he can be as magnanimous as he wants and being on a reported£90,000 a week isn’t exactly minimum wages….which he has collected while sitting on the bench, being injured or not even selected.

    1. Ozil sat on the bench under Emery for weeks too. He didn’t ask his agent for a move to another club earning less money so as to increase his game time.

      You are obviously right that Arteta values his contribution but I just don’t see anywhere near enough on the pitch to warrant that confidence in him to start him week in week out. Perhaps he doesn’t feel any other player at the club is good enough to replace him yet

      1. Under UE, Ozil was captain one game, dropped the next, brought back the next, dropped from the squad the next, then back in the team the next!!!

        At no time did he cause any kind of friction, he just got on and bided his time, knowing, as most of us did, that UE would be sacked – now under MA, he is performing (at least to the satisfaction of MA!!!), so the continued barracking and accusations against the player by the fans, serves no purpose whatsoever _ he has clearly stated that he loves the club, his lifestyle and playing in team coached by Mike Arteta.

        If MA decides to drop him then so be it – just as he has done with Sokratis, the subject of the article.

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