Sokratis takes to Twitter to take responsibility for shocking display against Watford

Arsenal defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos has refused to hide away following his terrible performance against Watford Sunday afternoon and has taken to Twitter to apologise to the Arsenal fans.

The 31-year-old has accepted the blame for the result and promised to work hard to help Arsenal achieve their goals.

Fair dues to the guy and of course his apology is accepted, but the truth is that while you can respect him for apologising and accept that apology, it does not mean that we cannot continue to criticise him.

The brutal truth is that he is not good enough to play for Arsenal and I doubt this will be the last apology he will be issuing, he is always one pass away from making an error.

But at least he did not do what Granit Xhaka did and try and deflect the blame onto the forwards or what David Luiz did and try to minimise a mistake and not apologise to the fans.

Sokratis has done the right thing and behaved with integrity, there is no BS from him and his conduct will be a good lesson for the younger players to take on board.

Just a shame some of his more experienced teammates cannot act in the same way when it comes to being honest and saying sorry to the fans they have so let down.


  1. Jagr10 says:

    It starts to feel like last couple of years of Wenger unfortunately. Our defense is just absolutely terrible but it’s not just the back 4, it’s the whole team. We look like an amateur team when we lose the ball.

    I told myself I would give Emery 2 years to see how he does but it’s pretty safe to say that he has not improved this team at all in over a year.

    Also, is it just me or does anybody else feel like when Emery speaks, its completely nonsense. He never says anything insightful plus I cant even understand what he is trying to say Haha

    Anyway, it’s very depressing, our team is just nowhere near competing for the title. Probably wont make top 4 either unless chelsea and Man U collapse.

    1. Agu Emen says:

      It is like the last couple of years of Wenger
      because 90% of the team is Wengers.
      Players come to Arsenal as promising talent
      but Wenger turned most of them into bumbling klutzs.
      Turning gold into straw is Wenger’s legacy to AFC.
      Wenger spoke nothing but nonsense all 22 years at Arsenal.
      To be fair all football managers and players like politicians
      speak nonsense from behind their deflector shields.
      If you expect different… more fool you.

      1. Jagr10 says:

        Half the team is new since Emery came in but our defense continues to be shocking. He is not a manager that will take us to the top.

        1. Agu Emen says:

          True 6/14 or roughly half of those who played today
          are new era players but Luiz aside they are players selected by Sven Mislintat and then Sanllehi.
          It is Emerys team just not the players he really wants.
          Wenger by comparison had total control over transfers.
          To be fair he knew that when he signed.
          Wengers 3 titles came in 2 team league.
          After Chelski and then Man Sheiki came in
          Wenger failed to win a title in 14 years.
          So Arsenal is now a 5th/6th club and if Emery achieves
          5th or 6th he is should stay manager 14 years like Wenger.
          If you want to follow a title challenging side
          Man Sheiki oil is your best bet.

        2. I will blame the coach for one reason, playing the ball from back when you know your players lack confidence with the ball, the goal keeper often initiate playing the ball from back, kick this ball out, your players are not skillful, they are not Barcelona,they play like kindergarten pupils, this is the terrible things Arsene wenger suffered from below average arsenal players!

      2. RSH says:

        CB’s & GK are his. Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballos are his, Pepe is his. That is a decent amount of our starters and a good amount of investment. The Wenger excuse is dead

        1. Bur says:

          Yes have to agree. Yesterday’s performance had f all to do with Wonger we have players that are just NOT good enough and a coach that cant see this. Everyone else can but he cant. UNBELIEVABLE Jeff!!!!

      3. David Rusa says:

        Which half of the team is Wenger’s? Let’s look at today’s team: Leno, Sokratis, Luiz, Ceballos, Guendouzi and Pepe are all post Wenger players. That is more than half. Let us stop dragging Wenger into this. Let Emery now bear responsibility for the amateurish way his team is playing. If Wenger had such a team in his last two seasons perhaps he would have performed much better. Whether one likes it or not Wenger remains our best ever manager in history

  2. Agu Emen says:

    Apology accepted.
    Now clean out your locker.
    Your fired.
    If only it was that easy.
    Another of the genius signings by Le Pratt.
    He may be gone but his mismanagement still hurts the club bad.
    Probably having a laugh.

  3. Innit says:

    Luiz and Chambers until Holding comes back. Put Sokratis on the bench and start him with Mustafi in League Cup matches

  4. RSH says:

    All these players are just so much talk. Should all be off social media until they get their heads sorted. Tired of the smiley pictures followed up by the horrible performances, and then the shameful apologies. Enough!

  5. John0711 says:

    No no no
    Emery is making them
    Play 5 yard passes from Goal kicks
    He is to blame
    Kick it long and fight for the second ball if we lose the ball there its a dam sight harder to score than 8 yards out

    1. MkeGunner says:

      Absolutely John. I’ve watched Sokratis for years at Dortmund–he isn’t this bad. It’s a symptom of not being coached. It’s like no one at Arsenal want’s to coach defense. Haven’t you noticed over the years that it doesn’t matter who they bring in, they just become below average players because there is no coaching or strategy. I’ve a bad feeling when Tierney gets in there he’ll become shite too. Emery is 95% to blame. He’s a fraud and should be let go. Give the job to Ljungberg for now.

      1. Samuel Ogungbayi says:

        There is no evidence of coaching in thevArsenal team. A Manager may be excused for the first season but not the second. We saw what ManCity and Liverpool became in their second season after new Managers. Arsenal still plays as they did under Wenger.
        * No intensity on and off the ball, poor physical condition.
        * Players backpedal towards their goal area when being attackedby opponents and this has continued under Emery.
        * Aresena players don’t close down opposing players, they watch them to take shots or make crosses.
        *No serious Coach fields two Centre Backs of combined age of over 60 years in a Premier League Match.

        1. Phil says:

          Tony Adams And Sol Campbell had over 60 as a combined age.But they were proper Defenders.Even they would look bad with this playing out from the back rubbish that Emery insists on

  6. whizzy says:

    Emery is garbage,he has offered nothng to the team,wenger used to posses n play beautifull football n still loose n it was better bt emery parks the bus against top teams still loose ,get possesed by small teams n loose against them playing shite football,tikitaka nolonger thre in arsenal,he only coach leno to play in his six yard thts the only thng he came to do,wthout our deadly attack we cld be tenth cz he keeps talking abt intensity instead of laziness

  7. Mikki says:

    Our defense is totally out of place but even if arsenal should get kouliabaly and van Dijk nothing will still improve because our midfielders are nothing to write home about….no protection from them arsenal have good attackers but who will get them the ball no good midfielder to do that…if messi should come to arsenal he will still struggle cos no services…and I don’t know where arsenal get their young players from lazy set of players…

  8. Declan says:

    All this playing out from the back is totally on Emery. Do you not think it is him who tells a player to stand on each corner of the six yard box at every goal kick and Leno to play it short? Course it is, he’s lost it and his nonsense tactics have the players confused.

  9. Bur says:

    “Fair dues” fair fn dues, apology accepted! He’s a 31 year old professional footballer on a out 50k a week what he done was inexcusable! And as for that Louis he is another clown, get rid! And for the manager well my patience has ran out with that man, coach my ass!!!!

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