Sol Campbell says fans need to embrace more diversity in management

Sol Campbell says fans have an enormous influence on the manager that their team appoints and wants them to change their attitude towards other races.

White managers have been favourites in the game for much of the history of the sport and Campbell is one of the few BAME coaches who are trying to make a name for themselves.

He believes that he would have been in a better position if he was white, although he admits that the mindset is beginning to change.

However, the fans also need to change their thinking and make it easy for managers of other ethnic groups to get jobs on their team.

He says they have to understand that talent isn’t about the colour of one’s skin, rather it can be held by anyone.

Campbell further stated that discriminating against a person because of the colour of his skin could see clubs miss out on good managers.

The former Arsenal defender said via Mail Sport: ‘I think for me the diversity in mentality is changing.

‘I think the hierarchy makeup is probably not changed as much but the mentality is changing.

‘I think the next step is the fans to kind of start to change in the ways of who they would like at their football club and things like that.

‘Because they’re a big part. [To] understand that talent is not held by colour – talent is held by whoever.

‘If you are overlooking someone because of his colour, you could be missing out on a great manager who could quite easily come into your club and be successful and be amazing.

‘At the same time, it might not work out. But don’t stop yourself employing or opening up to that idea of someone of colour managing your football club.

‘It’s so archaic.’

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  1. Victim mentality gets you nowhere Sol!

    If a manager is decent and shows potential I think 99.999998% of fans wouldn’t care what colour they are.

    Would anyone here complain if we hired a manager of colour? Show of hands please….

  2. Unsurprisingly, people not understanding Sol or being very naiive. How many former players are non-white and go into coaching, yet how many do we see in management. Very very few. Lampard does a decent job with Derby and gets appointed Chelsea manager. Arteta doesnt manage a single game and gets the Arsenal job, lol. It’s naiive to think that race doesn’t play a factor, even if it is an unconscious bias.

    1. What is stopping former players of colour going into management? Which law or regulation? Please tell me so I can stand against it with you

      Also if there is unconscious bias (a favourite buzz phrase at the moment) how do you stop that? Just a question as if its unconscious you are not aware at all even slightly

      1. Make a conscious effort to make it fair.

        The facts are i beleive there has only ever been 3 managers in the prem who are not white.

        Cant beleive that is by mistake ?

  3. I think what sol is trying to say is that fans could help to get behind kicking racism out of football.

    Alot of former players go into management and coaching but if we look at things most if the former players in football now are mostly white.

    I find it interesting that sol had to take a job so low down considering he was arguably one of England’s best ever cbs and played for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

    Lampard had similar credentials

    Gerrard too

    Artetas only credentials were being average and working under a great manager.

    Seems to me everything is not equal

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