Sol Campbell says Liverpool or Man Utd would have more recognition if they went invincible

Former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell believes if Liverpool or Manchester United had gone an entire season unbeaten like Arsenal did in 2003/2004, they would have been more recognised.

The Gunners are looking to win the Premier League again this season, 20 years after that famous triumph, and Campbell reckons there has been no proper acknowledgement from the Premier League.

It is a feat that is difficult to replicate in any top European league, and Arsenal feels they deserve more recognition.

Campbell was speaking about that triumph and said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘It’s the only time this has been done for 100 years and I truly believe that if Manchester United or Liverpool had done it, it would have been recognised more.

‘It’s really embarrassing the players never received anything like that.

‘Maybe we will this year for the anniversary but something should be done.’ 

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Liverpool and Manchester City have both come close to replicating that success and failed, which just shows how massive that achievement was.

We may not get enough recognition for it, but every time people talk about unbeaten seasons around the world, we will be remembered.

That alone is a thing of pride, and we will always remember our players who helped us with that stunning achievement.

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  1. Think Campbell is using his own self as an example, there is no doubt Sol Campbell and the legendary Henry was two of the top three most important players during the year of the invincible.

    And having contributed so much for club and country, he was given a cold shoulder by the organizers of the new honor list.

    Was still not given a fair opportunity in the coaching arena as some of his colleagues now enjoy, donkey once said the world is not level.

  2. Totally agree with Sol and to take it further, if a British manager had been charge, said person would now be a “SIR”.

    1. Ken1945
      He would have been knighted I’m sure. I do recall that AW and A N OTHER getting gongs (was it Benitez?)

      1. Sue
        The French gave Wenger their equivalent of a knighthood, not for the invincibles, but for just being great.

  3. Your right SueP and the thing that really gets me is fergie was knighted!!
    Sol is so correct here and I bekieve going a season unbeaten, let alone 49 games, should have been recognised by the FA and / or the PL.

    Harder than winning the world cup!!

    1. Pele’s the only overseas football related recipient of an honorary knighthood.
      TBH I think that awarding a knighthood for a single accomplishment would have to be for something far more magnanimous than doing an undefeated football season, which is a team achievement anyway.

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