Solskjaer needs to ‘take responsibility’ after being ‘outwitted’ by Arteta

Tony Cascarino claimed that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to ‘take responsibility’ for Man United‘s failings of late, and states that the Norwegian was ‘outwitted’ by Arsenal’s Arteta.

The Gunners left Old Trafford yesterday with all three points, after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s penalty was the difference, but the result was very much deserved.

Arsenal were in control throughout the match, and we appeared to be one move ahead of our rivals from the get-go.

Cascarino has now claimed that the United manager needs to own up to his mistakes.

“Ole’s got to take responsibility for the coaching and formations and how personnel play and fit into those formations,” Cascarino explained on TalkSPORT.

“What was quite clear yesterday is we all know how Arteta’s Arsenal play now and how difficult they make it for you as they don’t concede many goals.

“Gabriel read Marcus Rashford every time yesterday. You get the ball fed into you and the defender keeps trying to nick the ball; Martin Keown used to do it brilliantly and Gabriel did it to Rashford yesterday.

“But Ole has got to see those things, because I thought he got totally outwitted by Arteta yesterday tactically.

“And that is a bigger embarrassment than not actually playing well!”

Arteta certainly did get the better of the match, with our team offering little space for United’s stars, and the game always looked to be favouring us.

Solskjaer’s job could well come under threat in the coming weeks, although their form in Europe has been impressive.


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  1. “What was quite clear yesterday is we all know how Arteta’s Arsenal play now and how difficult they make it for you as they don’t concede many goals”

    I can’t believe this is being said about Arsenal. Arsenal don’t concede many goals, wow! Can’t wait to see this group gel more and more, Arsenal is gonna be too hot to handle!

    Who else thinks we are gonna be more Athletico? They don’t score much and they are so difficult to beat
    We are creating chances though, we are not just ruthless enough at the moment ,I hope that changes soon.coyg!

  2. Before we get too smug, didn’t Brendan Rodgers do the same to Arteta last match?

    A week is a long time in politics and sport.

    1. That was a different game Trudeau, Rodgers did not dominate Arteta at home, Arteta scored a good goal that was disallowed, Ole never looked like scoring, Rodgers respected and feared Arteta while Arteta took the game to Ole we created at least 3 chances to win the Leicester game but United never really got going but I get your point nonetheless, we just have enjoy this!

  3. Slightly OT, but Roy Keane said on TV, that this group of players willget Ole Gunnar sacked. I also do not see Solskjaer lasting the whole season.

    BUT if MA was given all Uniteds players instead of our own he would have them seriously challenging for the title and I have no doubt . This proves to me that the quality of any manager is by far and away the MOST IMPORTANT ASSET any club ever has.

    OUR manager -and therefore our team- is clearly destined for greatness and I FAIL TO SEE HOW SOME CANNOT SEE THIS. It is so blindingly obvious to those who choose to see what is clearly in front of us all.

    1. Jon
      I largely agree with you and think with the level of player power these days a cohort can very quickly undermine a manager if weakness is detected. For Arteta to get the players buying into his vision so quickly has been impressive to say the least. It riled me that he has been getting stick so I hope that stops. Constructive criticism plays its part but calling for his sacking after a couple of bad results shows a distinct lack of patience.

      1. Sue P, Oh, I so much agree! On Talk Sport just today they were talking about Jack Charlton(as Bobby has sadly been diagnosed with demaentia). Andy Townsend was saying how todays less mentally tough players would not have accepted being spoken to as JC used to do and Brian Clough and most other managers at times too.

        It was a competely different environment in dressing rooms back then. In many ways worse and in some better. But even now your comment about perceived “weakness” in a male is pertinent, with the mob turning against him, even in these more enlightened times.

        Males, in particular, so often confuse physical strength with mental toughness and that can be so harmful and painful for the recipient . AND the attacker in a different way!!

        That damn testosterone that causes male aggression and is the worlds enemy is the REAL culprit! I realise my sex needs it but it is such a cross to bear. Esp when left to run riot!

        Having my own harmful share of this damned hormone means I am far too much to the point at times and also means I can get extremely cross with those who don’t or won’t see MA’s future greatness. After all they cannot help being unperceptive! lol.

        1. I was listening this morning too.
          This generation have much less respect for their elders in general compared to decades ago. There is a vast difference between the earnings of players then and now. I was listening to either Parlour or Groves recently talking about wages, win bonuses etc. It’s almost laughable that 25 years ago a bonus amounted to £50. Arteta earns a fraction of the likes of Ozil, Auba, Laca and probably Partey. I wonder if in the GGraham and early Wenger years that this was the case. Money often implies status and young Matteo Guendouzi thought that he had that status. To be a manager and get these highly remunerated young men to cooperate with their authority takes a rare breed of individual

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