Some Arsenal ‘fans’ need to get a grip on reality!

Stop wasting your time and breath by Sam P

All season long, ever since Arsenal lost their first League game to West Ham back in August, readers on JustArsenal have been calling for Wenger’s head. Every single defeat (or even draw) has produced reams of abuse on JustArsenal towards Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Per Mertesacker, Ramsey, and others, but mostly towards our manager, even though we were still up fighting for the title and winning more games than any other team except Leicester City.

Now we are still fighting for second place at least, and Wenger is still getting vile abuse from fans and calling for protests to get him the sack at the end of the season. Do you seriously call yourself Arsenal supporters? How can you when you spend the whole season attacking our players and our manager? Do you know the meaning of the word SUPPORT!

The reason you need to get a grip on reality is that there is NO WAY Wenger will be sacked. He has been assured of the support of Kroenke and the Board and he always will have. There is NO WAY that they are going to replace him. Wenger still has one year left on his current contract, and he himself has said he ALWAYS respects contracts and will not be resigning.

You are all wasting your breath and your time if you think that you can get Wenger out. It is a futile pastime and you would be better off going and supporting some other team that wins every game so you don’t get so stressed every week. Or perhaps ignore all football results for a year until Wenger’s contract is up, otherwise you are wasting your time and our time with your futile whining.

Either SUPPORT the team or go watch rugby.



  1. Stop wasting your breath on telling me to stop wasting my breath.

    I support Arsenal, I support labour too. So wasn’t happy when Blair decided we had good reason to blow bits out of the middle east (later proved wrong).

    So you can support an ideal or institution but when those at the said entity go against or prevent the spirit, ideal or purpose of that entity then you stop supporting the individual (for obvious reasons) unless you are a mindless droid type person with little intellect or reasoning.

    So Sam, breath deep my friend and clear your mind and notice the only certain thing there is: change. It’s coming!

      1. What we can do with our discontent is affect the decision of whether Wenger will be given an extension or not. If the voice of the supporters screams “NO”, it’ll only be Stan’s greed that will have this economical institution continue in the same path.

        But in the end – the problem lies with Kroenke just as much as it lies with Wenger. Or let me rephrase that – our problem is Moneyball and its supporters (aka Kroenke/Wenger)

        1. Exactly, pressure on the board/satan to remove Wenger can make things happier sooner rather than later.

    1. I think this writer is absurd how dare he tells us to go and ssupport another team.the hard truth has to be said and the players,the manager hve let us down.arsenal is our bloods we supported it in dry years.I hve to say cheers to my gunner mates for they r real fans.loyal for ten years,this article has no right at all to mug the is developing everyday the moment u stop ull find urself in all sorts of problems.we the fans r demanding more and hve a right to it.

  2. Dear Sam,

    Go f**k yourself.

    If you think that being thirteen points behind Leicester City in fourth place is challenging for the title then you are more of a deluded idiot than Wenger himself.

    Or perhaps “fans” like you are happy with fourth place every year.

    And for your information Ramsey, Giroud, Mertesacker etc. are given grief because they are rubbish – if they were good players playing well then they wouldn’t be given stick.

    You need to get into reality and expect more from a man who is given £8 million a year to fail miserably every year.

    1. We were not 13 points behind Leicester up to Xmas, but everyone was still calling for his head back then

    2. I don’t think its very polite telling another Arsenal supporter to go f··· himself because you don’t agree with him. His point is that whatever you expect from him, there is nothing that anyone can do about it for the next year. He does not say he is happy about the situation just that he will support the team whatever.
      I think you should apologise….

      1. I don’t really like being told what to do by people thinking they have the answer either. How about Sam apoligizes for being a tool first?

        He does have a point though… As if Stan would listen to the fans, hah!

        1. This is rich. The thief is screaming being robbed. You were clearly an ar$e in replying to a perfectly valid opinion. Not sure why you deserve more to be heard out when you simply can’t articulate anything meaningful. If I would be admin I would ban you all swearing at people here. Nothing wrong with attacking the idea but the person behind it? It just make you the tool you are so fond about. But then again, I assume click points are more important than quality so there you have it, we need accepting primates here too.

      2. Actually he said ‘either Support the team or go watch rugby instead.’ which really means support Wenger or do one so he deserves all the abuse he gets because he is trying to censor the fans and last time I checked we live in a democracy where if you don’t like the way things are run you can speak out. It’s like saying anyone who criticises the government is a traitor or not a patriot. It’s the argument a fascist would use to suppress free speech which is why it’s so offensive.

        1. ” ‘either Support the team or go watch rugby instead.’ which really means support Wenger or do one

          it means SUPPORT THE TEAM

          1. I don’t understand your reasoning, G-Rude. U really think if all the fans get behind Wenger he will realise he’s not popular or not doing a good job and leave on his own? I think that would make him stay another 20 years!

    3. @Me, I understand your frustration but no need for the insult, the rest of your post made your thoughts quite clear.

  3. Leicester has won the league exactly the same way I always wanted Arsenal to do…
    Good football when necessary,pragmatism,direct play,commitment,never say die, belief…
    That’s how the Foxes have won the league..they never show signs of nerves( as we always do)
    And they do not crack under pressure(again one of our trademarks)..
    And this has been there for years….
    Change is needed!

    1. We all want Arsenal to be like that, but the point is that Wenger is not going to be changed for the next year so we just have to accept it. Sam is right, we can only support the players and the manager in front of us or avoid football altogether

        1. Oh my! We have have an infant on the forum!
          Come back when you grow up and learn to discuss things like an adult

    2. Cracking under pressure? If anything we are cracking when we are comfortably running the show. When pressure mounts we usually put a darn good show.

      1. There is no time we have put on a good show when under pressure in the EPL…
        NOTE…In the EPL…

        I understand your view but the preesure you talk about are those ones we face in the UCL…
        How many hurdles have Leicester passed this season,where everyone will say..”Leicester will surely fall in their next fixture list” …
        Did they??? Remeber JUST ONE if their make or break fixtures where they face ManU,Liverpool and Chelsea and they won it all..that’s the pressure am talking about…

        We started failing when we had Liverpool,Stoke ansd Chelsea,,we drew two and lost against Chelsea…
        So when have we performed well under pressure in the EPL??

        1. You certainly don’t watch Arsenal so arguing with you would be just a waste of my time. Life’s to short for being spend on the likes like you. Wish you have a happy life but somehow I doubt it.

      2. We put on (occasionally) a good show when no one is expecting it anymore or when we are not expected to, but that is not the same as putting on a good show when there is positive pressure when you are in 1st place and you have something to lose.

  4. @Bearsenal..
    I think that’s what many fans don’t understand..
    Some are unconsciously supporting Arsene and not Arsenal…
    They do not see beyond Wenger..
    Even if stays for next season,he will leave eventually…
    Then Arsene fans will have a choice to make….Arsene or Arsenal…

  5. We are calling for wenger s head because we have now known that his management is not taking us anywhere.
    We have always respected h and even some of us thought he was superior to alex ferguson due to the success he brought with limited resources.
    But now even with the doors wide open for achievements he has decided to marktime in the same positions.
    Thats the reason we want change.
    For he is now no longer the man surely

    1. You have no clue what are you talking about. And saying you respect Wenger when everyday here you can’t abstain from bad mouthing him is just lame. Want change? Take a number, your at the end of the queue. Change has been called long time ago.

      1. You call it every day like as if it’s since 2004, no Budd. The specialist in failure was tolerated for a long time, but things are very obvious that this season we had a chance to do something, that’s when he saw no one to improve the team during the transfer window and we repeated the same stuff we kept doin for so long. This shows he has nothing new to offer, he just gets more deluded with time, no turning back.

        1. Well, guess what! So did Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool and even Spuds. Last season ALL OF YOU said it’s over because City will strengthen, Chelsea will go for the kill, Liverpool will only go better under Klopp and LvG will slaughter everyone in MU’s path. This is the truth. You did not give Arsenal ANY chance for this season and now when you see a team coming out of nowhere battling for the title yo fscking dare to call it a failure? How dare you? How the fsck can you keep a straight face telling all these lies? Opportunist and good weather supporters. Sick of you all.

          1. Yes we said that but when all of our traditional rivals failed to turn up all through the season contrary to what we predicted your darling Wenger still found a way to fumble. Believe me even if all our traditional rivals plus Leicester fail next season Wenger will still find a way to struggle to qualify for the UCL.

  6. There is little doubt in my mind that Wenger will stay, I will give you that.

    Your reasoning seems overly simplistic and short sided.

    If this were a one off season, perhaps like Cheslsea’s current situation, many of us would agree with you. As it stands only a fool would look at this season in isolation. Looking at the past many seasons you will see why many fans started moaning at the first signs of a long lived pattern repeating itself. And those fans were right in recognizing the pattern. We will win nothing this season and that was quite clear from early on, never mind the many brilliant games we played, we all knew – and where proven right- that the brilliant games would be followed by inexcusable failures. No need to list them we all know them.

    As impressive as Leicesters PL season has been, with the quality of our squad we should have a lot more points than we managed to secure. With Chelsea, Man U and City struggling, we will still likely get fewer points this season than last season. Is this bad luck? Poor refereeing? Injuries? Mean opponents who push us around? We don’t think so.

    The manager has been the only consistent ingredient in the last many seasons and has to take responsibility, for a mentally weak, inconsistent team, year after year, which repeats the same mistakes, year after year.

    I don’t blame Giroud for have very little talent, or Mert for being slower than my grand mother, or Flamini having the control of a 2 year old in a bumper car, or Sanchez getting injured when he is played whilst being burned out, or Cazorla for getting injured and left on the pitch playing with knee ligament damage God knows prolonging his return date by how many weeks. It is Wenger who puts the team together, who makes these decisions, who picks the starting 11, who determines the tactics and substitutions. And Wenger has been very ineffective and unsuccessful in those management decisions and responsibilities.

    The fact that Wenger will stay on as manger is a result of an unambitious owner and does by no means imply he has done a good job and deserves a job without deliverables and accountability.

    Should we as fans support this lack of ambition and effectiveness? Why? Because it is the best we will get? Sorry but that’s a thin argument

    Wenger deserves respect for his age and for what he has done for the club in the past, based on what he has done in the past 5-10 years he does not deserve this job or to go unchallenged.

    For me true fans want the best for their club and are not sheep blindly following their billionaire owner. And to many of us Wenger is no longer the best this club can do.

    1. Every AKB here thinks that we have a better team than LC, but they don’t see why we crumbled to our trophy (4th) and the LC are champions to be very soon, it all goes back to Wenger, if Ranieri did what he did with the LC team, just imagine how could he have done with a more superior team, Arsenal.

  7. Point taken – perhaps the original post I posted was a bit over the top.

    But then again, when you post something like with the situation as it is at the club and how people feel about it you ought to expect a reaction to it.

    Telling people to either brainlessly support a club being led by a deluded manager or going an support another club is not the most intelligent thing to do is it ?

    1. I never like it, and see it as a point of weakness, when supporters are told to go support an other club. That suggestion never comes from a real fan IMO because they would know that your heart doesn’t allow you to change your club just like that. Best we can do is wait and suffer until Wenger retires of Kroenke sells, unfortunately a real fan knows his heart simply won’t allow him to change it otherwise I would be a Bayern fan this season and maybe a City fan next season.

      (I would have been happy with Pep – or Klopp for that matter)

  8. Football “fans” are fanatical
    so logic is not often a major
    influence in the “fans”
    view of the game.
    When the team wins the players and manager
    are feted and asked to live long and prosper.
    However if the next game is a defeat the same players and manager
    are asked to end their lives immediately in the most painful way possible 🙂
    Wins are attributed to the brilliant manager and the amazingly talented players.
    Losses are attributed to the clueless manager, hopeless players
    the blind referee and the cheating opposition.
    The season is a roller coaster of hope and despair with the fan
    constantly delivering advice which no one listens to because everyone
    else is too busy delivering their own advice to nobody 🙂
    Would we have it any other way ?
    Not on your life 🙂

  9. Sam you talk about respect , support, what respect does wenger have for the supporters? I’ll tell you………none! His arrogance has grown in the last 5/6 years to an unbelievable level. I have followed this football club for 50 years and these last 4 years have been unbearable. Paul Scholes summed it up when he said that he didn’t want UTD to be like Arsenal, superb elaborating the odd cup and 4th place in the league. That hurt. This is how top players and other clubs view us ………..4th? That will do! His antiquated systems and ability to blame everyone else else for HIS failing is sickening . Who would you blame for our exit out of the FA Cup this season? Me, Bradley Walsh, Piers Morgan? It has to be wenger, the FA Cup was the one realistic trophy we could have won but no. Thon manager we have had other ideas. Get real man stop making excuses for a horse that has ran it’s course!

  10. Agree with BUR

    Just because a manager helped a club win a few trophies doesn’t mean the supporters should blindly worship him as a God forever.

    Arrogance and stubbornness has lowered what fans think of him over the past 12 years but especially the past 5.

    Wenger even had the nerve of NOT getting a single outfielder last summer. Who does that? I can’t think of a top European team that did that. In fact very few PL teams did that last summer.

    It was almost like he intentionally did not want to win. I know that’s not true of course. But with a dm and striker (that’s all) we would be Champions. Same mistake with United. They didn’t get a top striker but at least made an effort to improve

    1. Spot on, when you look at the Barca for example, they won almost everything last season with a very strong squad, but still saw a reason to buy more players and they did, bt for Mr. Wenger, he always sees no one in the market that is better than what we have, but barca with their superior team saw a need to strengthen, how can someone who has over 20 years of management think that we have a very strong team that even the mighty barca are fools to add more players? Only one man is that insane, we all know him

  11. The players let us down badly. Gabriel has had three nightmare performances in three vital encounters. Wham was the last, manu the first and swa in between. Actually four performances that would be best forgotten, against che he totally screwed us. Alexis too has really suckered punched me. I was just about finished saying to rival supporters that Alexis is the player who will push us over the line, when all of a sudden he took a vacation. Really thought that he was the player who was going to sneak us our wins when we wee under-performing. But will I give up on him, not on your life. Gabriel, I am both surprised and not surprised how fans have totally ripped into him. Calling him Squilaci and worse. The same fans who were calling Wenger an idiot for not putting Gab in every team sheet, ahead of Mert, are the same ones who are writing Gab off and venting towards Wenger, for doing the very thing that they were asking to be done all season long. Go figure

    1. ….And now they are pretty sure about manager situation, no thanks, I think Ill make up my own mind.

  12. Arsenal fans all over the world are too negative or pessimistic.

    How do you expect this not to get to the players?

    When are we gonna ride with the players through difficult moments?

    I am a member of a whatsapp group called ” Gunners For Life” and it would amaze you to read the kinda comments passed any time we lose a game.

  13. A article written by a typical brainwashed AKB who has bought into Wenger mediocrity and lack of ambition. And yes we know that Wenger will never be fired by the board before the end of his contract but we are making certain that Kreonke and gang don’t ever have ideas to hand Wenger a new contract after the current contract runs out. Wenger out! Deigo Simone in!

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