Some Arsenal fans show their love for Ozil as he turns a year older

Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil has just turned 32 and the German probably wishes he was in a better place in his career at the moment.

He is currently playing for an Arsenal team that doesn’t have him in their plans and they are keen to get rid of him.

But as he turns 32, the club has shown him that they still love him despite his contract situation there.

They posted a picture of him as they wished him a happy birthday on Twitter, and some of their fans took to the post to praise him despite his continued absence from Mikel Arteta’s plans.

Ozil has been on the downturn in terms of his form since 2018 when he signed his latest contract, but some of the club’s fans haven’t forgotten all the good times that he had with them and some even considered him to be one of the best players that has ever played for the club.

Some of the comments on the birthday post include: “You can take him out of Arsenal, can’t take him out of our hearts.”

“”No matter what happens from here, he will still be one of the best and one of the most iconic player to ever play for us.”

“Happy birthday to the greatest playmaker of the last generation. Now play him @Arsenal”

“Bring back Gunnersauras and Ozil will be happy, make it happen Arsenal.”

“The midfield maestro…… assist king…… Happy birthday King #FreeOzil #playozil”

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  1. Try as I might I can never understand the thinking – if there actually IS any thinking – of Gooners who will say they support the club but when push comes to shove , will always put this player, who is harming the club they profess to love, and HIS interests, before the interests of the club.

    Totally illogical and not the actions of true fans. THAT is why I call his fan club WEIRDOS.

    I have NEVER put ANY player, NOT Henry, not Bergkamp and NOT EVEN my all time Arsenal hero, Bob Wilson, before our club.

    I never could, because I AM A TRUE FAN and not a weirdo! Of course his fan club believe our club is harming him and not the other way around. But even were that true, which it’s obviously not, they should always stay loyal to the club and would do, IF they were TRUE fans.

    1. Interestingly Jon, Elneny feels the same way about weirdos who question Mikel Arteta’s decision to play him on a regular basis since his return – there must be a lot of WEIRDOS out there.

    2. So Jon, I believe this is where your thinking is so continually flawed.
      I admire Mesut Ozil as a very gifted and talented footballer. I have stated this many many times, and received countless derogatory replies, including you, for airing my views. What I have NEVER done, is allowed my thoughts on Mesut Ozil to come before the love of my Club. Not once. I can assure you @Ken1345 is the same, and has only recently accepted the players days are over at Arsenal, but this would never lessen his love for the Club.
      For someone whose obvious intelligence is so often told to this sites membership by none other than you yourself, you do actually spout a lot of very wierd rubbish at times. Making you every bit a Wierdo as me

      1. At least I can spell “weird” correctly Phil ! I say only this, because anything something of import to you about OZIL is pointless.

        1. Jon- if that’s all you have to come back with, then I find that a touch weird
          Thanks for pointing out the spell check though.

          1. PHIL Let me explain who those weirdos are. ! THEY ARE NOT YOU AND KEN, as you both always put the club before any player.
            But many younger fans -and many are the same fans who adored Iwobi above the club too and many of THOSE are HIS countrymen too – have posted very revealing posts, which in their naivety, show clearly where their REAL preference lies as to player or club.
            Some , not all, but a number of these fans are extreme nationalists for their country and it shows. You surely MUST have noticed them, though I know you are not now so active on here as you were. THEY are the weirdos I refer to! That is not normal healthy fanhood, in my book anyway!

      2. Bloody hell Phil, I’m getting older by the post trouble is I actually feel like it!!!
        Regarding your comment that Ozil’s playing days are over, I would emphasize that I don’t agree with the decision, but you are so correct when saying neither of us have put player before club (as we have discussed many times) and this endorses your point exactly.

        OT – SUE!!! I am unable to attend the game on Saturday with Sam (my daughter) as we are two separate households.
        This follows a notification by the club that I received this afternoon.
        It seems pointless for either of us to go to the game on our own and I wonder how this new government ruling will affect the attendance at The Emirates?
        I understand the club is following the rules, but it is so disappointing, especially having tried so hard to get them.

        Which makes MA’s hope that Tierney will be available for the game seem rather at conflict with the governments guidelines.

        1. KEN PLEASE READ MY REPLY TO PHIL ABOVE THIS ! Bad luck on the new restrictions and curse this damn Covid!

    3. That’s the problem though jon fox, we have so many deluded fans.

      Many even felt Wenger should leave when HE wanted to! Meaning he would still be here if they had their way, and one can only imagine the state we’d be in now! Now the same with Ozil. It’s irrelevant if Ozil is not being picked due to non footballing reasons, because he shouldn’t be picked based on his consistently dreadful performances, but his fanboys won’t have it.

      Hopefully when Ozil is gone, we can all start pulling the same direction, and make the club great again.

      1. We’re they the same deluded fans who kept telling everyone that the appointment of Unai Emery meant we got our Arsenal back and then, weirdly, insisted just weeks before he was sacked, that he was still the coach we should still support?
        As I said to Jon, there are plenty of weirdos around, the trouble is, nobody thinks it’s them do they?

        1. Not sure who you’re referring too, but it can’t be me Ken. I didn’t even know we were getting Emery until the last minute. Despite that, I still through my support behind him, given he was our new manager, and ANYONE was upgrade on Wenger at that point, which Emery proved to be in his only full season. Finishing only 2pts off 3rd, and our first European final in 13 years, with all those injuries, and the club left in a dreadful state, Emery had a good first season, before it all imploded.

          And I was heavily critical of him in his second season, and wanted him sacked before the International break.

          Whereas we have completely delusional fans like yourself who constantly backed Wenger to the hilt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d want a new contract for Ozil! The difference between us is that I’m a genuine fan of the club, whereas you prefer to back individuals first, out of misplaced respect. You think Ozil honestly cares about the fans or Arsenal?

  2. Elneny is now better than Ozil anyway, he tackles, he passes and press unlike Ozil. Arteta deserve to play Elneny ahead of Ozil.

    The so-called creator assisted only a goal after 18 games so is not as if he’s sonething special. His pocket is so full of money now that he can’t run anymore

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