Some Arsenal fans urging Odegaard to use his influence on Haaland

Martin Odegaard has emerged as one of best players in the current Arsenal team even though he just joined them in the last transfer window.

The Norwegian has been so good that most of the club’s fans have taken to him and they hope he stays with them for a long time.

While they wait to see if he will be a member of their squad beyond this season, some have sent him a message as he joins up with the Norway national team for the latest international break.

The midfielder was spotted in national team training with his friend and Borussia Dortmund striker, Erling Haaland, and the Gooners want him to bring the red-hot striker to the Emirates.

Players can influence their friends and national teammates in choosing their next team and Arsenal fans want Odegaard to help them land Haaland.

An image emerged on Twitter with both national teammates sitting together in training and one Arsenal fan thinks “agent Odegaard” might be at work.

Sun Sports reports on some of the responses with one fan tweeting: “When you pray he’s telling him to come to Arsenal but they’ll both end up at City.”

Another one said “You can only pray” and another urging “sign him up”

Haaland is being chased by the top European teams and Arsenal will have their work cut out if they move for him.

Firstly, they would have to secure Champions League football as he has thrived in the competition so far.

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  1. This is a pipe dream with not a shred of reality about it. Players do not make huge career decisons at a tender age based on what a teammate, present or former, says to them.

    Haarland will go where the money and club ambition is best for him. On both those counts it will not be us. Sad but true.


  2. To come and sit on the 10th position on the log for the whole season instead of playing champions league football and winning trophies

  3. We’ll be lucky to get Odergaard let alone Haaland. This optimism beggars belief, I read somewhere RM have a buyout clause of £300m on Odergaard, either way he won’t come cheap!!

  4. We missed our chance for Haaland when we were too busy trying to figure out how we could massively overpay for Pepe…I bet you if we hadn’t chosen the scoundrel Raul over Diamond Eye we might have been in the running…to make matters worse, Haaland went to Dortmund for about 60m less than we paid for Pepe, about 4 months earlier

    1. Couldn’t agree more RVL, our scouting and management has been poor for a number of years. Remember, we let Gnabry go for peanuts and he is now playing for his national team and Bayern.

      1. When will all these wailings over players who have since moved to some other clubs end? Please let us focus on how best Arsenal can move to where it belongs.

  5. I believe if we get ODEGAARD over the line and we have enough cash to pay Madrid what they want for him because to be honest players of his quality only come one ina few….I won’t over elaborate on the priority of adding him to our team….if we lucky enough to get ODEGAARD and have champions league football on offer then I think with a huge salary and a huge transfer fee we could get that deal over the line….they could make history together in the Premier league that is for certain and if both are in tune together they are devastating I witnessed this with my own eyes on many occasions before…we will all witness this later this evening tooo….I sit here dreaming as a Arsenal fan that we could get KING ERLING…I don’t mean we loose any of our current line up…Our front line currently is a dream on its own LACA/BLACK PANTHER/PEPE/WILLIAN/MARTINELLI/BALOGUN LOL I WISH/EDDIE AND NELSON…..BUT WE BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE REMEBER THIS….adding Erling would be amazing he could learn from some of the top strikers in the world because we have plenty in our ranks also…and I think he could also allow us to lift the PREM….200MIL POUNDS…BIG SALARY TOOO…but is our pockets big enough?….do we get a big take over bid from somebody who will invest and give our Coach a huge transfer kitty? I hope we doooo…cos we ain’t getting money from anywhere else at the moment….If we want to sign big big players we need a owner who will give the coach 300mil to spend…I could go on and on all night….from one of the realist Arsenal Fans you’ll ever meet Goodnight…..

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