Some Arsenal fans wants former midfielder to join in rescuing their club

Some Arsenal fans want Mathieu Flamini to become a part of the club’s ownership as they continue to ask for Stan Kroenke to leave.

The Gooners have become fed up with the American after he made their team one of the founding members of the suspended European Super League.

They have been asking him to spend money on top stars for years now, but he hasn’t, yet he joined the effort to break away from UEFA because it would make him more money.

Even though the club has withdrawn from the proposed new competition, their fans think, things cannot go back to how it was unless Kroenke leaves.

Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, has now signified interest in buying the club, fans are hopeful that he is serious about that.

Some, however, wonder why Flamini isn’t looking to buy their team considering that he has reportedly made a good fortune in business and is also a former player that understands the game.

Star Sports has now curated some tweets by Arsenal fans calling for the former midfielder to be involved in the next ownership set up of their team. Below are a sample:

One wrote on Twitter: “Why isn’t Ek linking up with Flamini? Better chance that way”.

Another quipped: “I swear flamini has net worth of like 30 billion, why doesn’t he just buy us”.

A third said: “Mathieu Flamini isn’t about to buy Arsenal – but he’s exactly the kind of person needed on the board. Understands football, has a background in business but most importantly, the UNITY company that he set up with Özil has a focus on sustainability and affordability.”

While one simply put: “Get us Flamini too and we’re set”.

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  1. Adega Olatunji says:

    Flamini alone can even buy the club if given opportunity



  3. Declan says:

    His net worth? I think you need to replace the b with an m.

  4. Argooner says:

    Flamini does not have a net worth of £30billion- this is the total value of the bio fuel industry his company is a part of. His personal networth is estimated at around £20-30 million. It all comes from one mistake in an article about him and he’s gone on record to clear it up numerous times.

  5. Joe. S says:

    Whatever his net worth, at last a real football man to administer and shape a club he knows well. Am doubtful tough, these days good things rarely happen at Arsenal. The Kroenkes are probably a negative karma sent to our club to avenge some past sins.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    even if Flamini has 30billion…..

    he was treated very badly by the fans….being called deadwood and all sorts of names, wanting him out of the club…

    do you think Flamini will spend 200m a season that the fans always want the owner to?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Flamini played for Arsenal over two separate contract periods. The fact that he returned for a second stint, shows he had no animosity towards the Club or fans.
      He may join a consortium if asked.

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