Some Arsenal fans worried about Aubameyang form after poor show against Rangers

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s form dipped last season and it was a major reason why Arsenal ended the campaign outside the Premier League’s European places.

The Gabonese attacker had been in the form of his life in the two seasons before the last campaign and that earned him a big-money new deal at the club.

After his poor 2020/2021 season, Arsenal fans had expected him to return for the next campaign in solid form.

But he hasn’t shown that so far and in their preseason match against Rangers yesterday, the striker gave Arsenal fans even more cause for concern.

The Gunners played out a thrilling 2-2 draw against the Scottish champions on Sunday and their fans had hoped to see Auba and other top players in fine form.

But they were to be met by disappointment with Aubameyang missing three sitters, including one that was from point-blank range.

The Daily Mail says the club’s fans are now worried that he could even do worse in the next campaign.

The report curated responses from some fans with one fan tweeting:

“Auba is carrying on from last season’s form. Worrying times ahead.”

Another wrote “Auba needs to sort it out himself before the season starts”

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  1. Love him but high wage increase was a big mistake.

    This will be another player we’ll be stuck with until his contract runs out

    Age + wage means it’ll be very unlikely anyone will buy Auba

  2. Can it still be a surprise that players such as Auba and Ozil can look like world-beaters until they sign their lucrative contract extensions. It’s too early to condemn Auba though, and, being charitable, I would suggest it’s more of a confidence issue. I still wouldn’t play him ahead of Martinelli though.

  3. Though he missed those chances against Rangers, I just want to believe he would come good again. He needs to believe in himself and stop thinking too much on the ball and play his game

  4. If Auba is missing a handful of chances, it simply means he’s putting himself in goal scoring positions regularly. It must be empowering us going into the new season. He just needs to get some match sharpness and the goals will follow. Needless to worry about such trifling things in games that don’t put points on the league table. As long as every player returns to kick-start the new season unscathed from our pre-season, it’s all good.

    1. This is just a friendly yes, but also the continuity of last year. 13 goals and 3 assists in 37 games. Not bad but not the level expected from someone earning 250k a week….

      1. I’m content with Auba regularly getting himself in goal scoring positions which shows the team is creating more chances than last season and Auba hasn’t lost his knack for getting in the right spots.

        Maybe, he’s not putting them in the back of the net for some tactical reasons. Normally, it’s not wise to show all your cards before the season kick starts.

        My real concern is his role on the pitch in the starting eleven. Is he playing as a lone CF or a LW or patnered up-front with another ST? If he is getting into goal scoring positions on multiple occasions in a single game playing in a certain role, he must be trusted with that same role in the team when the season starts.

  5. Had anyone watched Auba play in our pre-season games, can you please let us know which position he played? LW/ lone CF/ secondary ST?

  6. All the energy he would have used to player football he used it to haggle for the contract. Now the weight is upon him. He’s just a show man. It took big money to convince him to stay here. Not what we need going forward. The board should be thinking about replacing him even though it’s an impossible mission.

    Let’s face it even if he comes back to form how long before he’s finished. I’m sorry but any player who has to sign because of big money is not worth playing for the badge. He has proven time without number that he’s not captain material…

    Get rid asap no matter what. I love the player but i love Arsenal football club more.

    1. Agree. He would have go if it was not covid and if some clubs (especially Barca) would have had some more money last summer.

  7. Auba should greatly improve by next season since he has started showing some silly weakness although he has been a “goal machine” in our club.

  8. It was a friendly, they have just got back to pre season, its not a meaningful game, it doesnt matter a jot if he scores 50 pre season. It matters when the prem starts, then judge and dont be silly.

    1. Who would buy Auba? Take his age, salary and form into account.

      I can only think one of these Chinese teams could maybe afford him and would be willing…other that that I can’t think of anyone

  9. And all I ever hear is Laca needs to go. Matinez last season Laca this. You’s have lost your marbles. Sell Bangyang. If we can get anything for him

  10. There is cause for concern, as Aubameyang appears out of sorts. If he doesn’t get his act together Arsenal will have a lot of wages warming the bench.

    1. Agree Ozziegunner.
      Read a comment or two on here citing “it doesn’t matter – pre season etc”.

      Strikers are different animals, they live to score goals – almost selfishly in many ways.

      If you were playing in the back garden – they would want to score (you get my drift).

      No doubt whatsoever, Auba would have wanted all three of those clear cut chances against Rangers on Saturday ……….. no doubt whatsoever.

      There is the long standing argument that RESULTS do not matter in pre-season, and that is an entirely different argument.

      But individually players need to get their SHARPNESS levels up.

      Defensively, you work and teak what may be seen as lingering shortcomings – but your STRIKERS need to start putting away chances as early in pre-season as possible, thus rolling into the season snapping up those early chances.

      Far too “Asenaly” for me to say that your main striker missing three sitters in a high profile pre-season game simply “doesn’t matter ” ??

      And remember – not so much the RESULT, but that PLAYERS early FORM as a indicator.

      Just as “minutes under the belt” matters – so does “sharpness”.

      Do I personally think Auba will find his scoring touch again – yes.

      Does the absence of this matter (at whatever stage of preceding’s ) – of course.

    2. Hi Oz and AJ
      Auba is a tough one. First thing is that I’m sure we wont be able to sell him, so wagws tied up, no transfer income and another striker stays on the roster.
      Some similarities with Ozil therefore, but whereas Ozil came up with excuses not to play, Auba at least I think IS trying – just not succeeding. He is a languid player so it doesnt always show.
      I haven’t been a huge fan of Auba, not just for missing chances, but because his one-dimensional skill set didn’t fit the way the team was evolving (or NOT evolving!) tactically.
      However, in the Rangers game his involvement, touch and ability in tight areas seemed much improved, and his positioning superb, so I believe he’s making progress in adapting, much as Pepe did last season.
      So paradoxically, although there were three schoolboy misses in the game, I’m actually more encouraged than maybe I should be by Auba, and can see him starting centrally (I really dont think he gives us enough out wide, where we have far better options). He stays so I say give him a run.

      1. Hi Guy.

        Agree with much you say (as is often the case).

        Personally, I do feel we need to “freshen” up front. Not simply because of pre-season (bit hasty), but for me a while now.

        I hope to see a lot more of Martinelli this coming season, and see Balogun as being not ready – with the usual path of Carabo and possible minutes in the F A Cup (draw permitting) for him.

        I have never seen Nketiah as the answer, and if the Palace interest is accurate that would be an ideal move for him and some bunce for us.

        That leaves Lacazette.

        Given the contract we have placed Auba on, the letting go of one of our main two strikers would most likely seem point to Lacca – who now has gone into the “diminishing return” bracket.

        I would not be adverse to an upgrade here, but the word upgrade is key.

        You touch on Pepe.

        Towards the end of last season, and the pre-season to date, here is a player who is at last realising he is one of our “main men” and needs to step up accordingly (any credit due to M A here ?).

        As you say for Auba above – not always coming off, but he (Pepe) is at least constantly wanting the ball and trying his “thing” (which is in there somewhere).

        We await the outcome of the current window with more than interest !

        1. lol agree with your breakdown. Love Laca but currently have 5 strikers excluding Pepe, none firing on all cylinders for various reasons. Nketiah to go for sure but still too many to give them all games and bring in someone who is acually scoring, so only leaves Laca

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