Some brilliant Aubameyang news for Arsenal fans to be excited about

Arsenal opens up contract extension talks with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

It has been a long time coming but according to the media, Arsenal is finally in talks to extend Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract.

The online press are citing Italian journalist Nicolò Schira via his Twitter account as the source of this info

I am not sure how credible Mr Schira is, he could be a tabloid specialist or a respected journalist. Whatever he is, his tweet is being highlighted as evidence that talks have started between Arsenal and the player.

It has taken a while to get to this stage, we have known about the clubs new policy and that Auba would be sold if he does not agree on a new deal by next summer.

If there is one player Arsenal cannot afford to lose it is Aubameyang. The Gabon international has basically been solely responsible for Arsenal being third right now.

Without Auba’s goals, the situation would be very different, in fact, we would be talking about whether Emery should be fired. The 30-year-old has single handily saved the managers job.

It will also send a massive message to other players in the squad if Aubameyang signs an extension. It will show the determination of the board to keep their best players and continue to rebuild.

This is good news for everyone concerned, let’s just hope that it is factual tweet and that talks are underway.


  1. Hopefully it is true. Aubameyang and Lacazette are our best senior players they should have been Captain and Vice Captain respectively.

  2. The club should do that immediately. It’s late already. Keep him and Lacca till at least Saka and Martinelli are up to 22.

  3. Great. But sell him at the end of this season if he doesn’t want to sign, because we have got Martinelli and Nketiah

    We shouldn’t let Aubameyang and Lacazette to grow into contract rebels like Sanchez and Ozil few seasons ago

    If a 26 years old striker like Welbeck could learn a few tricks from Aubameyang, I’m sure our young strikers would be able to get some too

    1. I completely agree, but others on here actually want us to continue the insane policies of the previous regime, letting players leave for free, or nothing. It’s crazy!

      I don’t care who they are, if they’re not going to extend, sell them, then reinvest.

    2. Martinelli could be as good as Auba in a 2 year’s time, possibly even sooner.

      My biggest worry is that he’s seen as primarily a winger which would be a shame because I cannot remember a single winger that was so good with headers except for C. Ronaldo (who precisely because of that ended more of a striker than winger.)

      Lots of good wingers, but CFs with Martinelli’s level of talent are very very rarely found. Fact is we don’t need either Auba or Laca as urgently any more now that Martinelli has showed how well he can deputize, but we sure need at least one of them. Meaning a decent salary should be offered to Auba and Laca, but we should be careful not to repeat the Ozil situation by offering huge wages (max. 250k for Auba and max. 200k for Laca and even that is above market prices – Sadio Mane for ex. – 100K, Firmino 180 K, Salah 200K)

  4. Contract offer has been on the table for nearly 6 months. Same for Lacazette. Not signed yet though…..

  5. Correct, as reported by the clu under the new regimes terms.

    By the way, let’s just remember that it was the insane policies of the new regime that let Ramsey run down his contract and leave for free – one regime’s mess up doesn’t mean the other regime can’t be called to task for exactly the same crazy situation.

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