Some England fans calling for Arsene Wenger after disappointing loss

Arsene Wenger hasn’t been a manager since he was fired from that role at Arsenal in 2018, but some England fans believe that he should be the next manager of the Three Lions.

Their plea came after their national team were beaten 1-0 by Denmark in their recent UEFA Nations League game.

England has been on an inconsistent run of form so far with a win over Belgium only coming after they managed to beat Iceland 1-0 and drawing with the same Danish team in their last two competitive games.

Despite leading the team to the semi-finals of the Russia 2018 World Cup, Gareth Southgate is no longer looking assured on the sidelines.

The former Middlesbrough player and manager has tinkered with his selection far too much and his team now struggles to get decent results.

After their poor loss to Denmark, some England fans took to Twitter to call for Wenger to be appointed as their national team manager as published by the Sun.

One user said: “Southgate is useless, get wenger in #ENGDEN #southgateout”

Another one said: “Southgate out Wenger in”

Yet another added: “Sack Southgate and give it Wenger #ENGDEN”

“Another utter shambles. Southgate clueless. Sack him. Bring in Wenger to build a team around Grealish!” Tweeted another.

“How’s wenger sitting at home but Southgate is ruining England?” was Tweeted by another fan.

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  1. Southgate won’t be going anywhere but if he were to leave, I would love to see Wenger managing England!

  2. When they are all fit and available, England have an array of forward talent.Unfortunately, they will never fulfil their potential if Southgate continues with a back three system supported, as it was yesterday, by two defensive midfielders. In the unlikely event of AW taking over, at least he would revert to a more attacking set up which might well include the likes of Grealish.I would imagine he would hope to get the offer of the French Managers position some time? or has he already turned it down earlier in his career?

    1. Grandad, If I were England manager, Grealish would be the first name on my teamsheet after Sterling, given that all are fit. When Henderson came on – as was said “to protect a one nil defeat”, presumably and NOT Grealish, when the game was crying out for hiscreative skill, was probably the single most appalling Southgate decision since becoming manager. Such crass errors lose managers the respect of the players. It must not happen again Gareth!

  3. Since he resigned, there have been a few rumours regarding managing and/or coaching jobs, but I believe he is happy in the job he now has with FIFA.

    He is so much like the old Arsene we knew and loved, with his relaxed and smiling confidence returning to charm everyone around him.

    I ask myself why would he want to return to the unrelenting glare and criticism of a managerial position, even if it was at international level, rather than club level?

    Let’s hope The Arsenal offer him a Ambassadorial role at our club, before any other offer is made.

  4. Arsene- either stay where you are at FIFA where you are invaluable. I mean , who ever else considered changing how throw- ins are taken? Or, take the England job. The defence is full of pretty crap players so you should feel right at home recalling your last 10 seasons at AFC. In other words anything but stay away from Arsenal Football Club. It will be a decade at least until we clear up the mess you left behind

  5. I have already said Enland national Team needs good managerial system and only man can bring our lost glory is that French man call wenger plz give him chance let him come in and southgate out #wenger #southgate out#

  6. Arsene has always made his point clear been that’s the English national team should be managed by an English man. Harry redknapp should finally be given the job, Stevie g can also do a decent job or else legends like shearer, Neville, scholes, Sherwood, Ferdinand whom all have played under some great managers should give something back to the team

    1. Lol..
      Scholes and Neville that ran away from Oldham and Valencia jobs respectively 😂?
      Except you men Phil and not Gary..
      Lets see how Scholes does with the Salford job..
      Those guys are just good at talking in the name of punditry

  7. Sherwood? Tim Sherwood? A legend?
    Go and have a lie down my old son. Then book a doctors appointment first thing in the morning

    1. What’s wrong with that after all he’s an EPL winner. Get over the fact that he’s a spurs fan pls

      1. Well Austin- taking away the fact he once played for the Spuds, I would still question Tim Sherwood being labelled a legend. Would you call Chris Sutton and Le Saux legends? They played in the same Premiere League winning team. As did Tim Flowers and that bid blonde Scottish centre half. See, I can’t even remember most of the players from that team that’s how “Legend” they are in my mind.

  8. Fair point Phil, but if a man utd fan can label Chris eagles or tom cleverly an EPL legend then why not Tim Sherwood? Anyway your point taken sir

  9. Fired?? Who fired Arsene Wenger, as far as I know he resigned in 2018, the media definitely got this one wrong.

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