Some favourable transfer outcomes Arsenal can enjoy post suspension

Whether you’re an Arsenal fan or the fan of another team, we expect that the world of football will have changed by the time we have recovered from the current pandemic.

There has been hardly anything like this for generations and it will take quite a while before the world is back on some sort of even keel.

Football’s financial vulnerabilities have been laid bare because of this pandemic and we can now see how close to destruction some teams are, financially.

Thankfully, Arsenal are not one of those teams that have been throwing money around in terms of wages and other financial irresponsibilities even though they just asked their players to take wage cuts.

Some changes will happen in the next transfer windows, how that affects teams we will have to wait and see but one conclusion that appears to being drawn is that the days of high transfer fees are a thing of the past, well for the short term at least.

Here are two of those changes that I think would Arsenal could enjoy.

First, teams will have limited spending power, which would force teams that want to sign our players to abandon their pursuit.

This is especially true for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, especially when his wage demands are taken into consideration.

Second, teams will be reluctantly prepared to sell their players due to the state of their finances, something that Arsenal should escape having to do.

Reports have linked arsenal with moves for several players and now could be the perfect time for us to get good deals on both transfer fees and wages.

Stan Kroenke just needs to come up with enough cash so that the club’s transfer budget can remain intact.

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