Some good news for Arsenal after Brighton debacle

The FA has spared Matteo Guendouzi a ban after he grabbed Neal Maupay by the neck at the end of Arsenal’s game against Brighton this weekend, as reported by the BBC.

The Gunners lost to the Seagulls at the Amex 2-1 despite taking the lead through Nicolas Pepe.

They had lost Bernd Leno to injury earlier in the game after Neal Maupay appeared to have caused the German to injure himself.

The French striker would eventually complete Brighton’s comeback in the game and Guendouzi was unhappy for his role in the Leno injury and decided to let him know.

The Arsenal midfielder had appeared to slap Maupay in the stomach when the striker was wheeling away in celebration when he scored, he would then grab him by the neck at the end of the game which caused a mini brawl.

Guendouzi was expected to be banned for his actions retrospectively, however, the Frenchman has now been spared after referee Martin Atkinson said that he didn’t see the incident.

The Football Association has now reminded both teams of their responsibilities in terms of their players’ conduct.

This let-off will come as good news to Mikel Arteta, who has already lost at least three of his senior players to injuries and suspension.

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  1. Strange one, im a Gouendouzi fan but he should have been banned. I thought if the ref saw it and took no action the ban cant be given but if he didn’t see it a ban could be. Still, Arsenal usually are treated badly with retrospective action, so any help is greatly recieved. Probably make no difference to our season though.

    1. not a fan of him. does a lot of nothing , rounds around a lot , no goals in him , sell and move on waste of space

  2. I’m absolutely gobsmacked they’ve let Guendouzi off, For the last 10 years Riley has been in charge at the PGMOL they’ve never give us any type of break whatsoever. Stunned, no other word for it, there must be a reason, they’re up to something, I’ll do some research, what can it be?

    1. Me too, Kenny! Even with Dermot saying he expected it to be left as it is, I still thought he’d get at least a one match ban!

      1. Riley and Dermot Gallagher conspire together Sue. Sky Sports run the game, not the FA, not The Premier League and nor even the PGMOL. You don’t invest £5 Billion without having full control .Sadly that’s why the game’s been crooked ever since they’ve been involved and has got worse the more they’ve invested

        1. I’ve finally done it Sue, cancelled Sky Sports, cancelled BT Sport, the Season Ticket has definitely finished, no doubts this time, cancelled my BBC direct debit and won’t be paying the licence fee anymore. They’ve brought politics into the game allowing BLM on the back of shirts but not allowing the Poppy. That’s me finished with paying anything towards game ever again. I’ll watch football, for instance, in the pub, streaming but won’t spend another penny on it. It’s not sad, it’s refreshing, nothing to do with Arsenal’s lack of success. The game’s been destroyed, mainly by Sky Sports and will never be the same again.

          1. Kenny I have felt like doing the very same with Sky for many years past. I do nor share your view on BLM and applaud its use on shirts, plus taking the knee, though I am angry that the Poppy is not allowed.

            In my life experience, once any once ethical business sells it soul to a rapacious and corrupt corporate like Sky(and FIFA and UEFA are also totally corrupt) you are on the slippery slope away from honesty and ethics and all that then matters is money and more money with greed becoming the norm. That has happened and so I share your sorrow.

  3. Is is not clear to all Gooners as it certainly is to me,that Guedouzi is an unpleasant, arrogant, immature,insecure and oafish individual whom I would like to see take his unwarranted anger elsewhere!

    I just do not want humans like him representing our club. That will be a minority view no doubt but as ever I will be honest about how I feel. YES, HE HAS PASSION , NO DOUBT, BUT HE LACKS ANY CLASS AS A MAN. He is not for me!

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