Some interesting facts about the man that wants to buy Arsenal – Aliko Dangote


This headline, written by Ruth Okwumbu in caught my attention, as it seems to most Arsenal supporters, the man who just might end the nightmare of Stan Kroenke, seems to be a bit of a mystery.

Here are the ten things she listed with a short description of her reasoning:

1. In 2011, Dangote invested a massive $400 million in the construction of a cement plant…and also invested R779 million to increase his stake in Sephaku Cement from 19.76% to 64%.

2. Back home in Nigeria in 2012, Dangote Cement moved to erect the biggest cement plant in Africa, in Southwest Nigeria. He spent $1 billion doing this, converting a century old wasteland of limestone and red dirt in south-west Nigeria.

3. Moving to assert his place in sugar production, he announced a 95% equity stake in Savannah Sugar Company – amounting to 2.14 billion ordinary shares at N1.00 each.

4. Signed a deal with Chinese company SINOMA to build factories for Dangote Cement Plc. The deal was worth $4.3 billion (£2.8 billion).

5. Due to the above, production capacity increased from 21 million tons of cement, to 34 million tonnes at the end of 2014.

6. The Dangote foundation has an annual foundation of $1.25 billion and has contributed millions to improve nutrition, health, education and economic empowerment in Nigeria. The foundation is also linked with Bill Gates Foundation to eradicate polio in Nigeria. There is so much more in this, to much for me to produce.

7. The year 2018 saw Dangote sign a $1 billion agreement with the federal government for the integrated rice production in six areas. This will, upon completion, process 16 tonnes of paddy rice per hour, totalling about 14 billion-naira worth of rice per year.

8. Dangote’s Cement Nigeria increased it’s the group’s revenue in 2018 by over 10%

9. 2019 was the year of consolidating on the refinery plans. Once completed it will separate crude oil into it’s components and in 18 months will be able to meet Nigeria’s demand and later, become the largest exporter of petroleum products in Africa.

10. Just recently he donated N2 billion naira to fight against coronavirus – weeks before he had donated N100 millions worth of materials to help rebuild destroyed buildings after a massive explosion.

The final sentence reads: “Keep in mind that the billionaire also plans to buy Arsenal F.C. and take the Nigerian flag all over the world”.

At least we know a little more about the man and it all seems to be pointing to a person who has a compassionate side, along with great business sense.



  1. i would love this man to buy arsenal. watching the incvicibles, i would want us to emulate that feat again. play breath taking football and this can only be possible with an investor who truly knows business like DANGOTE

  2. He seems a decent man as well as becoming a very rich businessman. That’s exactly the type who used to run Arsenal, before they all stabbed DD in the back and sold us down the river to KRONKE.
    While I would not wish physical and mental harm on anyone in these times, I truly hope that KSE find themselves over-exposed in the U.S. and are forced to look for a buyer to bail themselves out. And Dangote “could” just be the saviour of Arsenal Football Club.

    1. More than everything else, his capability to inject cash, his ban balance etc – he is fan. KRONKE was never a fan of the club

  3. A massive thanks to Ken for this heartwarming, intriquing and well researched article. Assuming all on here is true, which I do not doubt for a moment, Dangote seems to be precisely the sort of ethical minded capitalist that is so vital to run the worlds economy in so many countries. His own Nigeria has benefitted massively and so might we Gooners in the near future just all become sort of honarary Nigerians and our club soon run by a Nigerian with a massive influx, just possibly, of Nigerian players in good time, I ask myself!
    On this morning when Newcatle fans are overjoyed at the imminent ridding of their own club cancer in the Ashley creature, which only needs a so called tick in the box to complete THEIR cure, MIGHT WE be next in line to cure our own cancer in Kroenke?
    On an admittedly selfish front, I am even hoping the USA economy gets steadily worse , which it already is , under the imbecile misrunning it, so that Kroenkes sports franchises over there are ruined . He would then need to sell up, being the hope.
    What a glorious day that would be , could be and hopefully WILL be. So come on Trump, continue ruining your country for even longer than you already have and and so force Kroenke into selling us into the hands of a proper human! Something to hope for at this bleak time, my friends.

    1. Yes, Trump, please continue to ruin the American economy—costing millions of jobs and sending countless ppl into poverty—so we can have a good football team! What an ass. (I do agree Kroenke needs to go. Admittedly, I’ve been hesitant in the past to blame him solely, but he’s clearly in it for money alone and only truly cares about the Los Angeles Rams—where he continues to try and short players their guaranteed contract money when they leave the team—all about the money.)

      PS the American economy was booming prior to COVID-19, in case you weren’t paying attention

    2. Yes, Trump, please continue to ruin the American economy—effectively driving up millions of unemployment claims and sending countless more into poverty—so we can have a new owner! Haha geez

      And, in case you weren’t paying attention, the American economy was booming under Trump pre-COVID19


  4. Besides the aforementioned Cement and sugar factories found in Nigeria, Dangote’s group has also a huge cement factory in Ethiopia, Eastern Africa, which is already made operation around six years ago by covering more cement’s market share in Ethiopia. As an Ethiopian based Arsenal fan, I love to see this gentle and rich man to buy Arsenal and take the club forward. He is really the right man to solve Arsenal’s financial problem as he is one of the rich men who support Arsenal club for longer time and need to invest on the club to enjoy his life.

    1. God help Dangote and decide as soon as possible to come for our rescue.
      These American investors have kill our club.i would want to see arsenal winning premier league once again and become a force in europe.Oga comeoooo.

  5. An Arsenal fan owning Arsenal football club would be fantastic but i will only be happy the day he actually puts his hand in his pocket and actually manage to actually buy the club back. Fingers toes and legs crossed 🤞🤞🖕🖕

    1. Sorry about the last two emojis lol, sausage fingers strikes again. They should all be the first two. Lol

      1. Unforgivable mistake Reggie, so off with your head! Shame really, cos it’s rather an intelligent head too!

  6. Nigeria’s population growth is a real worry.
    1970 55m
    1980 73 m
    1990 95m
    2000 120m
    2010 150m
    2020 205m.
    2050 400m (est)
    Dangote might be a decent man but his country is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.
    How will the global economic downturn affect Dangote ?
    Lets hope for the best for Nigeria but
    I would stick with the Devil we know.

    1. Stevo, You would actually prefer to keep Kroenke? I truly either fear for your sanity or, and which is less likely, you are not a Gooner at all. No rational right thinking proper Gooner could POSSIBLY prefer keeping Kroenke. You appear to be blaming Dangote for Nigerias booming population. WHY IS THAT?

  7. Nigeria’s population increasing. isn’t that enough market? how is that a pro to the trillionaire?

    1. One could look at the increase as more Arsenal fans – especially if they support the man himself and his club.

  8. Its really very sad as a person will come here and be criticizing Dangote for the increase in population,it’s more or less that you have something against Nigeria herself or Dangote, I wish Arsenal the best even if Dangote dont come but I dont for a seconds think kronke will spend his own money

  9. Best case scenario would be if the fans collectively owned and ran the club like Bayern and Barcelona. With Dangote, we will still be at the mercy of his whims.

    1. Exactly thank you, If we have a self sustaining model I don’t why fans can’t have a say on the decision making process just like How teams are run in bundesliga. Dangote might be a fan but he’s still a businessman first, he might maybe come to the stadium a few times per year and interact with fans and be a bit more involved and I reckon that’s about it. I can’t see what difference he would make

  10. Mr. Dangote is an Arsenal fan and a businessman, so he will insist that Arsenal becomes a success like his other investments. We need an owner to be present at match days, to instill a fear in the players like Roman does.Else we have little kittens purring on /off the pitch with some tantrums here and there. Also Mr. Dangote is a humanitarian too which also gels well with our club ethos. Well it might be worth the wait till 2021 till he makes his move.Lets keep the country of origin out from the debate as nothing stops any person from investing in any country. We have an exciting crop of young players, we need to rid ourselves of the wasteful experienced players and get players who play like men.

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