Some over the top and misplaced reactions to Ozil not playing

Saturday was a good day to be a Gooner, not only did Arsenal win but we saw a fantastic performance from Dani Ceballos and so you would have thought that everyone would be happy.

Well, that is not quite the case because, for some reason, it seems that the win and Ceballos performance is being used by some as a stick to beat Mesut Ozil with.

Anyone reading some of the comments on here or doing a quick search of Twitter will see for themselves exactly what I am referring to.

Now, I will say that the majority are positive but there is a sizeable minority that simply cannot help themselves when it comes to the former German international.

I am not sure why the brilliant Ceballos display reflects badly on Mesut Ozil, if anything the young Spaniard looked more a replacement for Aaron Ramsey than Ozil.

Then there is the brutal truth that we did not beat Liverpool at Anfield, who knows how Ceballos will perform on the road against a top-six team.

Don’t get me wrong, I expect him to play very well, I believe he is something special but one game does not win the Ballon d’Or.

No one has any idea how yesterday would have turned out if Ozil would have played, it could have been 4-1 for all we know and who is to say that Ozil and Ceballos cannot play together in perfect harmony, maybe the young Spaniard will bring out the best in the experienced German and visa versa.

I fully understand why so many fans have little time for Ozil, I personally do not rate him as highly as I once did but to criticise him when he never even kicked a ball seems a little misplaced to me.


  1. It’s not criticism for criticisms sake. Just like what happened with Wenger, fans who have dared to state the obvious about Ozil, consistently getting attacked. So I guess it’s nice for the speakers of truth to enjoy the moment. It’s about putting what’s best for the club first. Emery proved we were better off without Ozil last season, and that’s continued into this season.

    Ozil has been in early retirement for a while now. I think he’s missed almost three full seasons of league games, and is often missing when playing anyway! He badly needs the MLS, or the Chinese league to stroll about in, because you cannot get away with that in the EPL, as we constantly see.

    With all the security issues as well, a moved abroad would also make sense. Family is the most important thing, and if they don’t feel safe anymore, then a move would be advisable. I really hope they can get their security sorted out, whatever happens.

    1. Because Ozil has a strong competitor now, he has to work harder to regain his place

      If he can’t win the internal competition, that means he has simply passed his prime like Sanchez and needs to be sold ASAP

      We need a quick and hardworking creative midfielder. The old players usually can’t work like that for ninety minutes, due to their stamina

      1. Let’s give him 5 games in a row-it’s the only way of knowing if he will be good enough.If not play him as an inverted dribbler on the RW where his dead leg will do it for him.

      2. There’s nothing bad to have both players in a team, we need to think of hard time. Time of injury. Had it been we don’t have maint-land,what hiw are we going to cope without hector bellerin ,but for the fact that we have someone can replacevhim on bench. Look at man city bench.

        1. Remember Old is Gold, all I know is that we fans play good football without errors using our eyes, If I may ask, What happened to our champions league dream qualification last season? Who prevented us from making it to top 4? Was it OZIL, Our top scorer squandered many open chances last season which let to draws,
          From Brit, Tot, n defeats. Don’t hate Ozil coz of Dani

      3. thas true,Ozil has to burn the midnight oil in order for him to get back in the first team but I believe our midfield will be deadly when playng both ozil and Ceballos together.We will have showers of goals!!!!!!

  2. SOME of the negative comments against some players almost looks like HATE and not just CRITICISM. Some players will always perform better than others players, it doesn’t make those other players USELESS. In our personal jobs, we cannot claim to be the best employee that can possibly do that job, but still that doesn’t make us shit.

    For the records, I’ve never really been a fan of Ozil, Iwobi or Mustafi but I would never consistently describe these players with so much negativity. Firstly, that usually assumes that I know better than the clubs who pay for these players and the professional coaches who see their ability on a day-to-day basis.

    Let’s just enjoy the improved quality we’re beginning to see in the club, but should be a little circumspect with our criticism of other players.

    BTW, incredible performance from the Spaniard. So much energy, skill, commitment, passion, etc. I wish we can manage to keep hold of him in the end (but that I know that possibility is quite slim).

    1. Impennia how dare you compare iwobi with the other two players, firstly iwobi is not injury prone hasn’t gone sulking enough to put in a sickie like ozil doesn’t cost us to loose games like mustafi and frankly ozil is milking arsenal like we are fools with his massive wage he is simply taking us for fools in any business endeavour ozil would have gone in minutes

  3. Supporters are entitled to a point of view .Problem is if a player reads all this negative critical stuff will it necessarily bring the best from them on them pitch?
    The definition of a supporter has to be someone who encourages.To do otherwise is doing more to encourage opposition teams. So use a bit of savvy keep your negative views off social media. Otherwise go the whole hog and become a spud.

    1. Do you know what Sue-I reckon AdMart will use the same headline but with Ozil in a Home shirt.Its anything and everything to dig out Ozil.He couldn’t help himself when it came to Iwobi either could he?

      1. AdMart-here are a few headlines for you to write that have nothing to do with Mesut Ozil and that reserve squad player we just mugged Everton off for.







        There that wasn’t too difficult was it?

        1. nice one phil boy, you mentioned the drum, me thinks it is your possession , what do you think boy ?.

          1. Well Berk-where I sit I could not hear it.What about you Berk.Where do you sit?In the family section with your Mum?
            Tell you what Berk-save your pocketbmoney up and when you have ask for a club shirt with No10 and
            BERgKamp on the back.

  4. Ozil has seen the competetion for places and so does the others.
    obviously one player is guaranteed a start in this team anymore except maybe Leno and Auba. Every other position has at least two more players jostling for a place in the team. Going forward I think that would only be healthy for the team bringing out the best from the players or what’s left of the player(Ozil). I believe we’ve seen his best though maybe a little left in him.

    1. Ozil makes too much money to bother trying to compete with Ceballos. He knows his time is up and he is riding out his contract. Ozil has never fought for a spot in any team. He expects to start, and if he doesn’t, well, look at these mysterious sicknesses that conveniently pop up when he is out of favor. That is weeks worth of wages down the drain for Arsenal. Paid a fortune to feign sickness. It’s shameful.

  5. I’m sure there are plenty of Gooners that have been disappointed with Ozil’s performance in the last few years and I believe Ozil would react well in the field because of those harsh criticisms

    I don’t think Ceballos would be able to keep his high work rate and high risk playing style throughout this season either. The match at Anfield will be an excellent test for him

    I also don’t believe Arsenal would go far with the old 4-2-3-1 formation and the no 10 tactics. We had better switch to 4-3-3 whenever possible and I think both Ceballos/ Ozil would be good half-wingers

  6. OT.. Ramsey made his first appearance for Juve last night, albeit just 20 minutes. I thought he was still injured! Will defo be keeping an eye on next week, when their league starts!

  7. I don’t hate Ozil…in his Madrid days he was similar to David Silva in style of play……

    But for the past 3years he has been awful…..
    Ceballos is huge upgrade
    Willock is also better

    If Ozil fanboys can criticize Iwobi and Milkitaryn
    They must also accept the view of most Arsenal fans concerning Ozil

    1. @Onu/I do accept the Ozil criticism and there is no doubt the player needs to start producing better and more consistent performances.I don’t believe anyone had ever denied his form was not good enough.But the manager still picked him did he not?And why are some suggesting Ozil would not get into the team with Ceballos?Emery realised that by playing his Four best players last season in Ozil Ramsey Lacazette and Aubamayang he won five games out of five.Funny that don’t you think?Play your best players and you have a better chance of winning a game.Emery very badly at fault for not changing his pathetic attitude to Aaron Ramsey until it was too late.Leys hope he has learned from his mistakes this season

      1. actually phil, with regard to the drum, me thinks you have it in your possession, i mean you are always banging the mesut ILL drum on here. it is so noisy , sure you are deafening us all boy.

  8. We need to distinguish between constructive criticism and hatred. Some of the comments about certain players almost smack of hate. If a player is not outstanding that should not make him a hate figure. Even in our heyday of the invincibles there were some players who were not as good as the others. There will always be less gifted players who can improve. I remember when Alex Song joined Arsenal he was a very clumsy player but he went on to become our best holding midfielder. Several other examples can be cited. There are also others like Mustafi and Ozil who deteriorate with time. Let us therefore avoid hatred of some players and give credit where it is due and criticise objectively.

  9. Some fans have as much vision as intelligence!.Mesuit Ozil is not lazy or over the hill,he is still one of the worlds best creative players when it comes to unlocking difficult park the bus walls like Burnley!
    But now if you play Ceballos along side him you will see passing so tight in small areas that no defence will cope.
    Arsenal are developing a squad that will cope with ALL competitions at the highest level.
    Good times ahead Gooners!

    1. Yea but mate apparently they can’t play together according to some because Ceballos is only a number 10 ?.
      Apparently Ceballos can only replace Ozil because yesterday Ceballos played in a advanced postion and that’s the only postion he’s ever played in .

    2. Mate. What are you basing “he is still one of the worlds best creative players” on? Ozil hasn’t had anywhere near a consistent run of form since late 2017. And furthermore the furore over his national team failed to motivate him into having a good season. Fair enough, fans might be biased or lack footballing intelligence but a stream of ex-Arsenal professionals have also criticised him, don’t tell me they “don’t understand football”

      For him. Ze war is over.

    3. I believe its a bit myopic to Jump to the conclusion that Ozil should be sold simply because Ceballos produced a stellar performance in one match. Some of these harsh Ozil critics forget the lovely assist that found Aubameyang against a top class opposition at the Camp Nou. I however do not undermine the exploits of Ceballos long may it continue.

  10. Oezil is simply not suited to English football. Of course he has skills but hes comparatively slow and weak. He certainly doesnt have the physicality needed for this league. Its quite obvious that Emery has exposed this player for his liabilities.

  11. Ozil has been finished for 3years now but some are still deceiving themselves that he’s going to suddenly pick up form at 30? And please stop with the word ‘hate’. During iwobi time here we were told it’s not hate that he’s simply not good enough so I will use the same for ozil, I don’t hate him he’s just not good enough for arsenal.

    1. It’s quite a phenomenon the Ozil cultists mentality / attitude and hypocrisy.
      They are the number one bashers of our other players. Going back to Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott. Xhaka, Mustafi, Iwobi etc. Even managers, wenger, Löw and Emery get blamed or called all kinds of disrespectful names, all in an effort to deflect attention from their sweet-Prince nonexistent performances. Whenever ozil’s massive flaws keep getting exposed, then his teammates or manager will be the scapegoats for why he puts in these constant 4/10 kind performances.


    1. AJ I totally agree with Dyche there are fare too many diving going on in the game, recently Arsenal started it as well there was less of it with AW in charge all do we are not as bad as other teams last season but I think UE should put a stop to it and come out and support Dyche

      1. Hi Tad.

        I was at the game and honestly did not see that in our game.

        Yes, Lucas can be “clever” at times but generally we have probably been too naive over the years.

        Did Vieira etc not now how to handle themselves ?

        Remember Bobby Pires ?

        As for the Wenger shout, last decade of his reign we were undoubtedly too nice … “too soft”.

        It was O.K. for Burnley to “take their time” at 1-1 yesterday….but we kind of expect that don’t we.

        For once Talksport agreed this morning. If Barnes hit the deck for a penalty late on, Dysche would not have said a word.

        We all detest diving and cheating in the game…. bout Arsenal yesterday – no way !!!

        Dyche detests us, full stop.

        Don’t come to Arsenal, get beaten FAIR & SQUARE and hide behind accusing us of “cheating” !

        I take great pride in my club, and actually take offence at his comments.

        1. AJ I should of said i didn’t think we was diving in the burnley game i meant in the modern game of football there is too much diving last year we saw a lot of it hope it wont be the same this season might be a bit less now that Hazard is gone 🙂

          1. Dycheasour backtracking on his comments today !

            What a surprise, because the scenario he described ( clearly aimed at Arsenal Football Club) never actually happened.

            What could be seen as “cheating” Mr Dyche is sending up a smokescreen in defeat hiding your own shortcomings.

            On a more positive note, can we please find a way of keeping Dani C – almost at all cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            P.S. Tas. Sincere apologies for the mis-spelt name in earlier post.

    2. Ceballos played as a number 8 and later as a number 10 in the match against Burnley…i see him playing more often with Ozil….the combo should be so good.

  12. I have been saying for years Ozil dose not enjoy playing football or God forbid he has some kind of rare illness, no one with his talent can be so bad most of the time

  13. I used to love watching ozil play, he WAS magic. His form has been so poor these past seasons i can’t understand how anyone rates him anymore. His fan boys seem deluded to me and are living off his past contributions. Yet people still claim he IS our best creative outlet. His job is to create goals, here is a list of Arsenal players that made more assist than him last season
    Auba 4, lacca 8, mikki 4, ramsey 6, iwobi 6, monreal 3, bellerin 5, kola 5.
    Even sokratis, xhaka, torreira equalled ozil total. Hardly doing a great job at unlocking opponents! Lets not get started on his defending, attitude and salary.
    The problem is when people choose to defend him from his obvious lack of contribution to the team i find that then encourages people to criticize more aggressively(hate). But hey if we all shared the same view this would be a pretty boring comment section. Don’t get me wrong i would the ozil of old to be in this team now but being realistic i just can’t see that happening.

    1. Do you have the stats for the number of chances that he created but was wasted by our forwards?

      1. You’re perfectly capable of finding them. And if you are a “top play maker” and can only manage to get 2 assists with Auba and Laca playing in front of you, you are NOT a top player. In fact, you are not even average. Ceballos in one game made Ozil an irrelevant squa player. Auba and Laca must be so happy to have a real creative midfielder at last.

  14. Quite impressed with what I saw of Dani, and even though he played as #10 he later if slipped into his comfort zone at #8. Ozil and Dani are two different types of players and I can only see them working well together bringing out the best in each other. It’s quite lame for our fans to be dissing our boys and pitting one against the other. It is teamwork and that’s what I see with the front three backed by Ozil, with Dani and one of Torreira/Guendozi/Xhaka backing up. If in case Ozil isn’t up to it, Dani moves to #10 with Torreira and Guendozi backing up.

    To be fair, last season if Ozil was at fault, so was Emery who didn’t give him much game time, and instead tried to play through Iwobi, Ramsey and even Kolasinac to create chances. Plus the fact that several goal scoring chances were wasted by our forwards.

    We only need to be objective and back our boys, especially when we seem to have embarrassment of riches, though it’s so early in the season. We were all excited about Torreira and Guendozi last season and the boys did tire during the second half of the season – EPL does that to players, especially newcomers, so I wish Dani the best to keep up his good work

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