‘Some people were saying I don’t want to play’ Willian defends himself

Willian has once again blamed a change of teams and system of play for his current struggles at Arsenal.

The Brazilian moved to the Emirates on a free transfer in the summer after being released by Chelsea.

He had served the Blues for seven years and only joined Arsenal because they agreed to offer him a three-year deal.

The Brazilian was Chelsea’s best player during Project Restart and Arsenal seemed to have struck gold when they signed him.

He started his Arsenal career on a perfect note when he provided two assists in their opening league game of the season against Fulham.

But his performances dropped after that game and he only returned to better form at the turn of the year.

Fans and pundits have been critical of him and some have even suggested that he didn’t truly want to play for the club.

But he has come out fighting for himself again and claimed in a recent interview that he is committed to Arsenal and is only suffering from poor form because he needs to adapt to Mikel Arteta’s demands.

‘Yes, it’s been very difficult for me this season, one of the most difficult of my career,’ he said to BT Sport via Daily Mail.

 ‘I always want to do something special for the team but this is life.

‘The new philosophy of work, I think it’s taken time to adapt. It wasn’t because I don’t want to play or be good for Arsenal. 

‘Some people were saying I don’t want to play, no no no I always want to play well but sometimes you have difficult moments. 

‘When you play well people are going to say, you are amazing, you are the best in the world. 

‘When you don’t play good they say you’re the worst player in the world. Of course I want to be successful here.’ 

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  1. How can a experienced player of this league say he’s adopting to the same league? What will players like odegaard and likes say then..Willian your mind is at Chelsea. You d ppl not get in the box does also need to adopt? Scoring need to adopt too? Big salary for nothing.

  2. I dread seeing the team sheet each week
    Willian, Bellerin, Shaka , Holden, Auba, just 4 of the players not good enough or not playing for the team
    We would be better giving youngsters game time for the future of the Club,
    I rate Arteta but am surprised at some of his thoughts regarding Martinelli etc.
    Surely time is now right to bring back at least one of the centre backs we have out on loan, I say again Great teams are built from the back .

  3. I certainly don’t think too many people questioned if he actually wanted to play, the bigger issue was could he actually regain the form he once displayed at Chelski…to me he appears quite a bit slower and considerably more wasteful with the ball at his feet…let’s face it, he was primarily a “super sub”, which made way more sense considering his age and what is expected from him out on the pitch, but we simply paid him too much to logically have him assume that sort of reduced role…furthermore, he shouldn’t be talking in the past tense, like he’s back to his old self, as that’s certainly not the case

    what we should be doing is adopting some much more aggressive tactics for the remainder of the season, then take advantage of the new substitution rules…put Willian back on the bench and use him in his more familiar substitute role, then let some of the younger kids get some significant minutes together on the pitch…maybe a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-3-3, then have at it, knowing that if things don’t pan out you can change things up at half, not in the 75th or 79th minute…it’s time for some serious on-the-job learning for both our future prospects and our novice manager…we can’t afford to come out of this season with far more questions than answers or this will be considered just another wasted year at the Emirates…2 forward, 4 back, simply isn’t acceptable anymore

    1. Vieralyn
      So true about your last comment; ending the season with more questions than answers.

      Seems Arteta trying to tame Martinelli’s playing style rather than unleashing him
      Same can be said regarding Partey and Auba; even the team as a whole.

      Arteta prefers to micro manage everything rather than trust his players.
      Barking orders like he’s managing an U-16 squad.

      Time to play youth for the rest of PL season,
      1. Balogun getting 1 or 2 starts and subbed on for Laca at times,
      2. Lopez at LB for Tierney.
      3. Azeez in midfield 3 with Partey and Xhaka

      What’s to lose? We’re not making top 6 so it’s a proper decision and can answer questions about summer transfers.

  4. There is a difference between criticising his performance here or insulting him in front of the tv like i do and going to insult him on social media. Racial and family abused on social media is disgusting. Yes we care too much BUT it still a just a game.

    1. I have never seen ANY player racially abused on Just Arsenal. Whoever tried to do this would get a lifetime ban.?So what exactly is your point.?
      The headline comments on what Willian himself reportedly said, and is therefore open to comments who either agree or disagree with what he says.
      It provokes ZERO racial or family abuse.

      1. I’m talking about social media in generally. Willian has recently said he was subject to racial abuse. Xhaka has had his family abused as well. These were obviously done by arsenal fans and is dispicable.

    2. What racial abuse? Racial abuse was not even mentioned, his ability and more to the point, his effort was/is. There is no Racial abuse issue but an effort issue.

  5. Willian gets criticism for his rubbish performances. How he’s favored over Martinelli puzzles the greatest scientific minds.

    1. Lazy most times and half-heartily tracks back and defends
    2. Doesn’t take on opponents like he was known for
    3. Ball retention and passing subpar
    4. Offensive player not delivering

    Rarely puts in a performance on both sides of the ball. Complete liability on defense and passenger on offense too many times.

    Looks a monumental waste of money and roster spot. Arteta too busy trying to tame Martinelli rather than unleash him.

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