Some pundits still don’t think Arsenal can win the title

How was your weekend? How about that comeback? What a great moment to be a Gooner! Arteta and his team have every Arsenal fan on cloud nine. You can’t help but adore them. Arsenal’s 3-2 comeback victory over Bournemouth has many wondering who doesn’t think Arsenal will win the Premier League in 2022-23.

Strangely, as he writes in his Mirror column, Premier League icon Robbie Fowler does not see Arsenal becoming champions. “Yet that should take nothing away from United or their manager Erik ten Hag—or from Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, for that matter. Both of them have produced some compelling football this season and are where they are on merit.

“I admire what they’ve achieved, but in this situation, I think City have more experience and knowledge about what’s required at the sharp end of the season. United and Arsenal have that as clubs, but not with these teams. Yet.”

Many people would not comprehend Fowler’s claims, and why should they? Has Arsenal not demonstrated that they have a winning mindset and that they are in it to win it? Anyone watching Arsenal should take note of their comeback against Aston Villa and this match against Bournemouth.

Expect Arsenal to do something amazing until the referee blows his whistle to signal the conclusion of the game. Anyway, Paul Merson claims Gooners need to be patient, as if Arsenal go on to win the next three games, that’s when they can have all the confidence about walking away as league champions. Merson said on Sky Sports, “They’ve been brilliant and the next three games will be defining for me. If they win them, I don’t see how they don’t win it.”

As far as I’m concerned, Arsenal have fully deserved their lead at the top of the table, but some pundits will never accept we will win it until it is mathematically impossible for us to be beaten…


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  1. If we win it, great. If we don’t, no problem at least we tried, at least we were top of the pile for a good amount of time, at least we were fighting for the title rather than the “TOP FOUR TROPHEE HEHEHE”. There can be only one winner and 19 losers. Mikel has made us proud. Mikel has gone into the heads of the so called “pundits” and some of our fair weather fans. We will come back stronger next season irrespective of where we finish this season. We played some exciting football, what matters most is the attitude has changed on/off the pitch. A veteran like Erik tan Hag got rammed yesterday (I think the 7-0 is worse than 8-2),today’s football is unpredictable, unlike decades ago when it used to be a two horse race (and yet the veteran failed on 19 occasions to win it)

  2. Sniffy Fowler still on the old “ Marching powder” it would appear. As he demostates.A great football er doesn’t necessarily make a great pundit.😉

  3. I still have doubt about Arsenal being too this season. Because we have tougher run of games compared to City
    . Liverpool away , Fulham away , Man City away , New castle away , Forrest away
    Although we have won the last 4 . But we know 3 of them was very tight . We are leaking too many goals and we have now no proper striker .
    The only we we can win is if we don’t get beaten at City and Liverpool. Not easy

  4. For me, only Fulham, Liverpool and manc are the games that may scuttle our chances of winning the trophy. Howbeit, if we can get 4 points from those matches, the coast will be clear. Those pundits views are not in any way determine where we will finish. Let our players remain focused and answer them on the field of play.

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