‘Some resources’ – Mikel Arteta gives worrying update on Arsenal’s transfer budget

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has seemingly downplayed his transfer budget when speaking to the press this week, giving fans cause for concern with some major holes in the squad needing filling.

We played out the season with very little cover in some roles after letting a number of players to leave without being replaced, while injuries highlighted just how trim the squad was.

After allowing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave, and with Alexandre Lacazette set to depart on a free transfer at the end of his contract this summer, a new forward or two has to be high on our wishlist, while other areas of the team also need addressing especially with a return to European football on the horizon.

Despite strong needs to invest in the squad, the manager has now claimed that he is working with a limited budget.

“We are going to have certain resources, not unlimited resources, some resources,” he is quoted in the Mirror as stating. “And with our resources, we have to play and do what we have to do in the best possible way.”

It certainly is worrying if we are now to have to work with a strict budget, especially if it was our failure to qualify for the Champions League which has had an effect on what we are to work with this summer.

It could well be that the manager is simply trying to tell other clubs that we do not have unlimited funds in order to play hardball a little over transfer fees, which is my hope, as we simply have to have a fair budget to work with especially after allowing both Laca and PEA to leave the way that they did/are.

Do you really think we could have to work within a smaller budget this summer than last? Could this be mind games?


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  1. A very good strategy, don’t let selling clubs believe we are able to pay whatever they want. Let’s hope we are able to sell some players as well 😉

    1. I guess we have £100 million which could increase if we are able to sell some players.

    2. true that’s a good strategy, and may the board keep Martinelli..may they address those holes and not to create some please! they must digest deeply some bids and do what is best for the club, surely I will be so happy if we keep our best players and offer those on loan. The future of arsenal is bright if we make good decisions..if we are to bring Arthur, let him come and play alongside Martinelli and push our team to a next level.

  2. If only I felt he were that savvy…if that were the case he probably shouldn’t have spoken in such a contrary fashion following our pitiful winter window…the lip service master is back to his old “talk out of both sides of his mouth” self

  3. Unless it’s PSG or City, no club is going to boast about all the funds they have. That said, I also don’t think it’s going to be an outrageous summer of spending either way.

  4. Yeah tell everyone we have £200 million to spend, great idea!
    Obviously however much you have to spend you don’t give the amount away.

  5. My worry is not the actual budget but how he will spend it and going by last season I wont be surprised if we see the same old same old and after that embarrassing end to the season I just cannot see how any top player would want to come here unless it’s for the money because it definitely won’t be for the breathtaking football on show .

  6. I believe we are going to sign not more than three quality players, and integrate some of the players that have been on loan into our squad. If we sell some we might recruit a few more.

  7. OT: according to L’équipe,Laca has agreed to take a pay cut to join Lyon.if true thanks and good luck to him.

      1. Yes he is out of contract,by pay cut I meant he has agreed to join Lyon on much lower wages to the one he’s getting at Arsenal.

  8. OF course Arteta and Arsenal won’t broadcast their budget to the world. We will already get mugged for any striker we show interest in; Jesus for the rumored 55 million is an example, Napoli jacked up their price as well.

    Europa and not CL may have an impact on the possible funds, but fair to say 1 big check signing has to be made (striker), and probably look look to save elsewhere.

    For example, Tielmans lower cost due to 1 year left, and transfers such as these. Moving Pepe for decent money would help, but Don’t really expect another 150 million to be available.

  9. After just a few drinks at the party, the girl you rejected at first is starting to look like a super-model. Nketiah could very well turn out to be our super-model signing of the season.
    (My retranslation of Arteta’s worrying update on Arsenal transfer budget).

    1. Maybe like a beer-googles version at 2 am in the morning. Like the song says, “Went to bed at 2 with a 10, and woke up at 10 with a 2.

  10. Arsenal always complain of budget but at the end they buy the players. We don’t need plenty players just 4 is ok.

  11. As ever, I tend to disregard the contents of all official statements, like this one , issued by so many football folk, UNTIL I HAVE THOUGHT THE SUBJECT THROUGH MYSELF.

    It DOES seem to me , more likely than not, that there is SOME degree of bluff towards other clubs being considered when this statement was issued.

    It does not mean that we have unlimited funds of course, but neither does it mean IMO, that we are nor going to spend ANY significant money at all this summer.

    As always, the shrewdest action we on JA can do, is waIt and see and not speculate too deeply and finally, only to be proven very wrong.

  12. I don’t believe a word of it personally.

    Kronkie has said that he is going to back Mikel to the hilt – hence the three year contract with a reported £8,000,000 plus salary to go with each year.

    I also can’t believe that it’s the club being cagey in it’s dealings.
    We have already shown our hand, by stating that we need players up front, defensive cover and a better squad.

    I appreciate it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where we need to strengthen and the Internet etc means the rumour mill is even more prevelant, but the day we announced that Sol Campbell had signed for us, was one of THE most satisfying moments regarding a signing that no one knew about.

    I wonder how many players we have been linked with this window?

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